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Jesse had no more compunction about cold-blooded murder than eating his breakfast.
— Joey Dillon, champion gunslinger.

Jesse James was born September 5, 1847 in Missouri. He and his brother Frank gained their skills as bushwhackers during the Civil War. When the war ended the two allied with former fellow soldiers and bushwhackers to form the James-Younger Gang.

The James brothers were most active with their gang from about 1866 until 1876. On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford, who was a member of the gang living in the James house and who was hoping to collect a state reward on James' head.

Battle vs. Crazy Horse (by Goddess of Despair)[]

A shot is fired into a ceiling; it is quickly followed by “Everybody get down!” The civilians in the bank panic and after a second shot hits the ceiling everyone quiets down and are crouched down on the floor. “Where is the money?” asked one robber, the banker responded “Over there let me get it.” The robber releases the man and one of the civilians stood up and said “Jesse? Jesse James?” Jesse turned and saw his brother and responded “Frank I wondered where you went.” Frank approached Jesse who offered him a revolver and some ammunition. The banker returned with the money and Jesse pistol whipped him and kneeled down before taking the money he heard a shot. Jesse stood up and looked around the bank; his gang was unharmed, same with the civilians. Jesse asked the civilians “What was that?” one responded “Crazy Horse.” James laughed and asked again, to be answered the same way. The civilian said “He is some Indian who won’t let us settle.” Another gunshot was heard. James decided that Crazy didn’t deserve to live. “Cole.” Said James as Cole approached him ready to hear Jesse. “You take two guys and keep the civilians here we will handle this Crazy Horse.” Cole nodded and signaled his brother. Jesse set out to face Crazy Horse. “I heard a loud sound and turned to see an Indian blast her in her head I went to attack him but was shot myself when suddenly that same Indian received a shot to his own head, his corpse fell off the horse he was on.”-Eyewitness of the fighting between Jesse James and Crazy Horse. Jesse James-7 Crazy Horse-6

Crazy Horse turned to see the James gang ready for battle. Crazy yelled loudly into the air, and his hidden warriors fired upon the outlaws, one shot hits a member’s leg another hits the man left to James in the throat. Jesse James-6 Crazy Horse-6

The gang retreated closer to the bank and the injured gang member (who was being carried by James himself) was laid down against a fence as a Indian rushed towards James. The Indian performed a vertical slash with his club James side stepped and smashed the back of the Indians head. A member of his gang shot the Indian in the head to ensure the kill. Jesse James-6 Crazy Horse-5

Crazy Horse sent 2 of his men to flank James and the other two followed him. James’ gang was near the bank, James signaled the men next to 2 men next to him to enter the bank. The injured man peeked around the corner of the house near the bank the gang was hiding next to. Suddenly a round hits his shoulder, he crashed down to the ground instantly blood spreading onto the ground next to him. Jesse James-5 Crazy Horse-5

Jesse heard footsteps and dropped his Winchester and as two Indians came into view he drew is revolver, the first shot hit an Indian in the face, before the second shot could be fired, a round hit one of his gang members in the middle of his chest. Jesse’s second shot hit the second Indian in the leg. The Indian fell to the ground, smashing his face into the ground. James shot one more round into the Indians head and reloaded. Jesse James-4 Crazy Horse-3

James signaled motioned for Frank to dash for the bank as Jesse covered. Frank nodded and sprinted at full speed for the bank and came under fire from Crazy Horse. His rifle is shot and hits the ground, unfortunately as Cole’s brother was leaving the bank. Frank drew his pistol and fired at Crazy Horse’s men and hit one in the lower chest as Jesse hit the same Indian in the shoulder. Jesse James-3 Crazy Horse-2

James sprinted for the bank as shots flew past his body but none hit him. Inside the bank Frank had the civilians into the back of the bank. James approached Cole and said “I’m sorry about...” A shot slams into Cole as he fell back into the wall. Jesse turned and blasted the Indian’s chest. Jesse James-2 Crazy Horse-1

James looked at Cole for a second and looked up to see a shot hit Frank in his leg. Frank fell over and roared in pain. Jesse acted on instinct and his pistol, a perfect shot to hit Crazy Horse’s head. The trigger was pulled but instead of a bang he heard a click. Crazy Horse grinned and drew his club and charged at James who used his pistol as a hammer and knocked the club out Crazy Horse’s hand but then received a punch to the face. Jesse stumbled backwards and drew his knife, Crazy Horse drew his tomahawk. Crazy Horse swung for James’ legs but James dodged and kicked Crazy Horse in the back. Crazy Horse slashed back at Jesse who dodged again and his axe smashed into the wall. Crazy Horse readied himself to perform a final attack, as Jesse closed in for the kill. Crazy Horse went for a horizontal slash but James ducked and stabbed Crazy Horse’s lower stomach. Jesse dragged the blade from right to left and Crazy Horse’s guts splattered onto the floor. Jesse James ran to his brother and asked the civilians “Anyone a doctor?” Jesse James-2 Crazy Horse-X


Expert's Opinion[]

Jesse James dominated in range due to having much more accurate long ranged weapons, as well as more combat experience that won him the day.

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Battle vs. John Marston (by Richard Starkey)[]

Jesse James Red Red Red Red Red

John Marston Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Jesse James and his gang ride out of Armadillo after a succesfull Rob on a bank. Back in Armadillo Leigh Johnson hands John a wanted poster "Can you help us catch this bastard?" John asked him "When ya gonna help me take done Bill Williamson?" The Marshal Answered "Soon. Just help me catch this guy." John Got up "Alright. Wheres he at?"

Frank Spots John, Eli, Jonah, Marshal and 2 lawmen "Jesse, We got the law on us." "Don't worry. We'll get em at this abandoned town up ahead."

After arriving at tumbleweed John took aim at Jesse with his Evans repeater, He pulled the Trigger but missed and hit Jesse's horse. The horse winnyed and fell to the ground Jesse scrambled to his feet as the riders sped past him. He pulled out his Winchester and shot a Lawmen in the back of the spine.

Jesse James Red Red Red Red Red

John Marston Blue Blue Blue Blue

The lawman Paused for a while, then slumped down dead, his horse still running. A gunfight erupted, Marshall shot a gang member three times in the chest with his schofield.

Jesse James Red Red Red Red

John Marston Blue Blue Blue Blue

John went looking for Jesse. Frank Dismounted to look for his brother, while the gunfight continued. The remaining two outlaws led Jonah into a trap, loading bullets into the Deputy with their colt revolvers.

Jesse James Red Red Red Red

John Marston Blue Blue Blue

Eli, Enraged at his friend's death blew an outlaw's head off with a shot from his Evans up close. Eli Tackled the other from his horse, battering the outlaw in the face. However the outlaw shot Eli in the stomach with is Colt Revolver, Eli stumbled back looking at his wound before the outlaw shot him twice in the face.

Jesse James Red Red Red

John Marston Blue Blue

Leigh Johnson Shot the Outlaw several times for killing his deputies.

Jesse James Red Red

John Marston Blue Blue

Johnson Dismounted, looking for Frank, They saw each other and both drew their pistols Johnson pulled his trigger with a click. His eyes got wide as Frank shot him in the stomach. Holding his gun by the barrel, He pistol whipped the Marshall ending his life. All of a sudden a Tomahawk buried itself in Frank's head.

Jesse James Red

John Marston Blue

John Walked out only to be met by Jesse. Both took out their knives "It doesn't have to end like James, just drop the knife and come with me." John yelled. Jesse just sneered and threw his knife into Marston's shoulder. Jesse tore his knife out "Any last words Marston?" Jesse asked smiling. "Ya know Jesse?" Marston said kneeing James in the stomach causing him to stumble back. John put his knife to Jesse's throat "I never was one for words." and slit the Legendary outlaws throat.

Jesse James

John Marston Blue

John held his injured arm and sighed at Jesse's dead body, then got on his horse Winner John Marston

Expert's Opinion[]

John Marston had a combat experience advantage over James, who was mostly used to fighting against other lawmen or outlaws. Marston, however, was capable of holding his own against professional soldiers.

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Battle vs. Ned Kelly (by Deathblade 100)[]

Jesse James:BlueBlueBlueBlue

Ned Kelly:GreenGreenGreenGreen

The batle starts in a Western hotel. Jesse James, Frank and two other gang members sit in the bar having a drink. They hear a series of four shots and two police officers collapse. Ned, Dan and the Kelly Gang enter the hotel, reloading their revolvers. The two gangs eye each other for a second. Jesse quickly draws out his twin Colt Navy 1851 Revolvers and fires at the Kelly Gang. The rest of the James-Younger Gang fire their Colts and a Winchester model 1866 rifle.

The shots ricochet of the Kelly Gang's armour. The Kelly Gang return fires with their Beaumont-Adams revolvers and Snider-Enfield rifles. One of the four James-Younger Gang collapses from the hail of bullets.Blue One of Jesse's bullets hits a Kelly Gang member though the eye socket.Green The James-Younger Gang quickly retreat outside, pursued by Ned and his gang.

Dan stops briefly to pick up a dropped Colt Repeating Rifle and hands it to a fellow gang member. Ned fires his Beaumont-Adams, hitting Jesse in the leg. A Kelly Gang member fires the Colt Repeater, just as the rifle's cylinders ignite. The blast blows two of the Australian's fingers off, just as he hears a cranking sound. The Gatling Gun fires several rounds into the bushranger's armour, killing him.Green The bullet that was fired from the Colt Repeater flies into one of the American's chest.Blue

Dan fires a shot from the Snider-Enfield at Frank, fatally wounding him. Frank fires his Winchester model 1866 and hits Dan between the eyes, befor succumbing to his wound.BlueGreen Jesse draws his Bowie Knife, just as Ned draws his Dirk. The two outlaws clash for twenty seconds until, Jesse drives the Bowie Knife throught Ned's armour just as the bushranger's Dirk goes through Jesse's throat.BlueGreen The two outlaws collapse from their wounds, just as police arrive.

Winner: Tie

Expert's Opinion[]

I called it a tie because my vote caused a draw.

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Battle vs. Al Capone (by LokoDito)[]

Jesse James: Red.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.png

Al Capone: Blue.pngBlue.pngBlue.pngBlue.pngBlue.png

It was a warm afternoon in a dusty city street, somewhere in the urban Midwest, United States. The air bend and wave as the heat made it dance. Moisture had become extinct and the pavement was dry and dusty. It was like hell had risen from the ground to make the people suffer. Then again, with the violence that had been a nature of humankind, hell might as well be the Earth itself.

Al Capone and four of his men were doing their usual business. Large trucks would come in from the Southwest bringing liquid gold from Appalachia. The trucks docked into the side of a street as men came in and strip it off its produce. The products were then hauled to a warehouse to be stored and protected from the eyes of civilians, police, and their fellow badmen. But heck, who would be dumb enough to mess with Al Capone's gang? The dreaded Chicago Outfit itself?

Unfortunately, the world would grant such request...


As the bootleggers worked, they heard the clapping of hooves. It was a peculiar sound, for they were born at a time where horses had left the city streets and migrated to the farms. Yet there was no denying it. Soon, they stared at a group of five men, riding horses like they were cavaliers, wearing slouch hats and white duster coats. The men out of time dismounted off their horses and tied them up a post, before going to a saloon.

"Who the hell are they, boss?" one of the bootlegger asked.

"How the hell should I know... those weirdos..." replied Al Capone. Still, curiosity did took a hold of him. Not to mention those braces of pistols and rifles they were carrying which could mean danger for his crew. "Does any one of you clowns want to check out them out?"

"I'll volunteer, boss," another bootlegger said.

Inside the saloon, the horsemen took no time in making the establishment their own. They grabbed a table and dropped all the cash they made robbing banks, trains, and stagecoaches. There could be hundreds of thousands from their adventures. "Waiter!" one of the men yelled. "Bring us here something to smooth our kisses, will ya?! And put some god damn music in this cesspool!"

The man who yelled was none other than the leader of the group, the outlaw Jesse James. His gang was the most notorious gang that had ever walked the Western territory: the magnificent yet brutal James Younger Gang. No gang was as charming, sophisticated, and bloodthirsty as they were. And they lived up to their name as well, leaving blood and weeping in their wake.

The moment they heard the screams of Jesse James, the establishment did their best to give their best whiskey and brandy. The musician did his best to play his Mozart right. Anything to get something out of that big pile of cash. Everything so these folks could get through this afternoon alive.

"Hey Jesse," one of the bandits said. "See that guy on the door?"

Jesse subtlety looked at the corner of his eye. There he was, the tiny peeping tom spying on their group. Jesse made a smirk and tipped his hat. He then said, "Check this out, boys," before heading out.

The gangster was busy staring at the table full of cash to notice James approaching him. Who were these people? He thought. That's a lot of money. Were they a rival gang? Do they belong to Bugs Moran? But as he continued drowning his mind in thought, the saloon door smashed his nose, making him tumble down. The bridge was wrecked from that slam, and he cried with a bleeding broken smeller.

"Oh, dang it! Didn't see you there, fella!" Jesse James said with a smile. "You alright? Friend?"

"Fuck you! You just broke my nose!" the bootlegger yelled. "Watch where you going!"

"Ah shitfire, I'm sorry. Here, let me help you out."

Jesse James then grabbed the man to his feet. And as he did so, he saw the others - presumably this man's friends - looking at them. They looked mean and tough, and many of them carried an assortment of arms. Jesse James felt the tingle of adrenaline; the sweet hungry tension of action. He gave the bootlegger one final smile before saying, "And you should look out for who you are spying at."

With a flick of his wrist, Jesse draw his revolver and shot the man in the kidney. The man went down yelling in pain and clutching his abdomen, now leaking red and yellow fluid. It was a death shot and a death sentence. Blue Before Al Capone and his men could retaliate, Jesse James emptied his revolver at them before retreating back to the saloon.

"Get your guns and smoke those sons of bitches!" Al Capone yelled as he loaded a fresh drum mag to his tommy gun.

"Holy hannah! Hahahahaha!" Jesse James laughed as the people inside went frantic. "The hell happened?!" one of his bandits asked.

"We're back in action, boys!" yelled Jesse as he ordered them all to grab their rifles and cover all windows and doors.


The Chicago Outfit unleashed their submachine gun at the saloon. The gunfighters’ poor beasts could do nothing but catch bullets as they tried to escape their leashes. While the brick wall withstood the fire, glass and other debris rained down on the James-Younger Gang. "What the hell?!" Jesse yelled. "Are those... handheld gatlings?!"

"What are we going to do?!" yelled one of the bandits. But as soon as he bellowed that powerful question, he accidentally lifted his head a little, enough for two bullets to enter his dome, killing him. Red "Ah shit..." remarked Jesse.

Al Capone loaded up another fresh mag after emptying his. He then yelled, "Get inside that house, now!" His men then charged towards the single door of the establishment, firing their weapon as they go. But it was a decent distance, just enough for the bandits to peek out and take aim. Their Spencer and Winchester rifles started to hit them home, making the bootleggers retreat. Sadly, one of them was hit by sniper in the neck, killing him. Blue

"No sand, boys!" Jesse celebrated. "No sands! These people can't even hit us accurately with them fancy guns."

"Dammit!" Al Capone cursed. As his men continued to fire, their submachine guns sprayed aimlessly while rifle fire poke at them from their cover. The syndicate leader knew he had to do something. Such a stalemate was bad for business. With people running away for their lives, gunshot filling the air, it would not be long before the law caught up with them and spell their doom. Yet again, as a man who practiced the ways of the Cosa Nostra, he would not let the deaths of his men be unavenged either.

"You!" Al Capone pointed towards one his capo. He then pointed him to one of the empty trucks that was used to deliver liquor. "Get in there and use it to ram that place. We'll cover you."

"Y-Yes boss!" the bootlegger said. He climbed up the truck and pressed on the accelerator. As he shifted gears, him and both parties could feel the speed increasing. Jesse James saw what he was doing and aimed his Winchester rifle. The bandit scored a direct hit to the guy's heart, killing him. Blue Yet it was too late, as the truck continued to move, crashing into the saloon. A poor bandit was hit by that truck, pushing him down and crushing his whole body flat on one of its large wheels. It was a painful death. Red

"Come on! We don't got all day!" Al Capone ordered his remaining man to charge towards the now open saloon. When Al Capone and his man finally got inside, they saw one of the bandits, his ribs cracked from a direct impact from the truck.

"H-Help... me..." the bandit pleaded as blood spat out of his mouth.

"Wanna do the honors?" Al Capone said to his bootlegger. The bootlegger shot the man with a healthy dose of buckshot to the face. Red Suddenly, Jesse James and his remaining bandit burst out of the second floor in a blaze of glory, yelling like crazy. Capone’s gangster was hit multiple times in the chest from the bandit's revolvers. Blue Al Capone managed to draw his revolver in time, shooting a bandit and making him fall comically from the balcony. Red

Jesse James then turned his revolvers on him. Al Capone took cover behind a wooden column and kept firing. As his revolver ran out, James jumped out of the second floor and landed to near to where Al Capone was, before hiding behind a table. All the money they'd made was scattered all throughout the floor. But Jesse did not mind. He only cared for blood now.

Al Capone, however, was prepared to propose something different. "You stopped shooting?" he asked. "Guess you also ran out of bullets, huh?"

"Shut up carpet bagger..."

"Listen to me! I have heard about you. Hell, I've used your name once. Maybe we can have a deal? You're a Southern gentlemen, are you not?"

"I don't make deals with plump bastards."

"Maybe you'll like this one. You see, I've run out of bullets too. Maybe we can settle this the honorable way instead. Let’s finish this like men!”

Jesse James once again, laughed at what he was experiencing. This day could not get any better. This will make a great story for Frank and his family. A carpet bagger, challenging him, a Southern gentleman, to a fair fight.

"Alright then..." Jesse James said as he drew his bowie knife and got off his cover. Al Capone himself grabbed a Louisville Slugger decor that fell from the column.

He then stood up and approached Jesse, his bat ready for battle. "Let's dance, cowboy."

Capone made the first swing, making Jesse back away as its superior reach almost got him. Jesse then made a thrust with his knife at Capone’s belly but the gangster dodged it. Capone countered by smashing the butt of his bat at Jesse’s chest, scoring a direct hit. Although winded, Jesse made a wild swing as Capone tried to get close, cutting him in the cheek. Pissed, Capone hit Jesse in the stomach, before wrapping the bat around the gunfighter’s neck.

“You are dead!” he yelled.

“Ha! Show it, then!” replied Jesse as he flipped Capone from his back and unto the ground. Capone quickly got up, making Jesse retreat. As he retreated, he tried to throw his bowie knife. Capone felt the sharp pain and blood gush out of his shoulder, but continued on as Jesse was finally cornered.

“Not so tough now are you, prick!”

“Woah, partner. Let’s talk about this…”

A hard swing to the temple got Jesse landing on the floor. As the young bandit bled, he muttered, “My wife… my kids…” But it was all for naught, as Capone mercilessly crushed his head like a watermelon with his bat. Jesse's body convulsed, rattled, before the remaining air finally left his caved chest. That’s what you get for messing with Capone's business.

Winner: Al Capone

Expert's Opinion[]

Al Capone won because of his 50-year tech gap against Jesse James. Although the bold robber has experience, Capone’s technology was too much for them to handle, not to mention the automatic weapons, superior mid-range weapons, and smokeless gunpowder advantage. In a battle where there are no quick draw bullshit, Al Capone won with his tommy gun.

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