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Jensen Garner Ames is a mechanic and former race driver, industrial worker, and the last one to hold the alias of Frankenstein in the gladiator-style race Death Race, in which prisoners are forced to battle for a chance of freedom.

Prison warden Claire Hennessey and her right hand Ulrich assassinated the Frankenstein after he came close to reaching the four victories needed to earn his pardon, but soon found that the popularity of Death Race declined without him. In need of a new racer to pick up the mantle, they framed Jensen for the murder of his wife Suzy and forced him to race in Death Race as Frankenstein with the promise of freedom if he won one more race.

After one of these races, Jensen confronts Slovo Pachenko for actively trying to kill him. During the confrontation, Pachenko admits that Hennessey was the one behind his wife's murder, causing Jensen to turn against the warden. Aided by Frankenstein's former maintenance crew, Jensen managed to escape the prison and later sends a bomb to Hennessey which she accidently activated, killing her. Now free, Jensen settles down the surviving maintenance crew and is reunited with his daughter, Piper.

Battle vs. Green Hornet (by KevlarNinja)[]

It's another night of patrol for The Green Hornet and Kato. Kato added a police scanner to the Black Beauty. Suddenly, a police officer sends a messege. "Calling all cars, calling all cars, need assistance takeing down one Jensen Ames. He's escapeing from prison in a modified Fifth Generation Ford Mustang. Last seen near the highway, over." The Green Hornet looks over at Kato. "Looks like we're hitting the highway, Kato." Soon there on the freeway, looking for the Mustang. Then, from the overpass above, the Mustang (Frankenstein's Monster) breaks though the rails, and flys onto the highway! The Hornet sees all the weapons on the car. He asks "Kato, have you been makeing cars for someone else?" "No," answers Kato, "I would never make something so ugly." The Hornet agrees "You got a point. The bumper looks like it was stung on by a bee." Kato adds "Let's put it out of it's misery." and they both chuckle. Kato presses a button and two M1919's come out. They shoot at the back bumper, but the bullets bounce off! Then the bumper, the Tombstone, comes off! Kato swerves out of the way, but it hits a cop car and a rookie leaning out the window with a shotgun falls out onto the side of the road, with a few scrapes.

Jensen Ames sees the Black Beauty in his back window. He heard about it in prison. Alot of guys in there were there because of him. "Let's do this." says Ames. He swerves around and starts driveing backwards and fireing his M134's at the Black Beauty. "Oh S***! This guy has skills! Let's see if there a challenge for you, Kato." says the Hornet. "Now all we need is some high-action music." he adds. Kato pulls out a record and puts it in the car's record player. "I got just the thing." Kato says as Guns N' Roses Welcome to the Jungle starts playing on the stereo. "Nice work, Kato." comments the Hornet. The Black Beauty drives up to the Monster, but Jensen Ames sends out a smoke screen. Kato drives out of it, but it causes a multiple car pile-up (no one is injured). Kato drives right beside Ames and turns the Beauty's spinning rim blades out on the side of the car. It damages the Mustang and one of the blades makes a small cut on Ames leg. He yells out and flips the two heros the bird. Then he drives ahead and unleashes an oil slick. For a few seconds, it looks like the Beauty is going to hit a cop car, but Kato regains traction at the last second. The Beauty catches up with Ames and starts fireing beanbags at his back window. Ames answers back by unleashing his Napalm fuel tank. It flies though the air, but when it lands and explodes, it lands on an condemned building, so no one is hurt. Kato drives ahead of Ames and starts driveing backwards like Ames did earlier. He starts shooting flames from the flamethrower at Ames, but he swerves out of the way goes back ahead agian. Kato turns around and sees a tanker truck ahead. This gives him an idea. He fires a rocket. The Hornet sees the rocket miss Ames and heading straight ahead for the tanker. "KATO!" he shouts, "What are you doing!?!?!? Your going to get us killed!!!!!!" Kato answers calmly "No we won't." He pulls the leaver that sets off the ejecter seats. The rockets blows up the tanker, causing that part of the freeway to collapse and Ames to crash! The Black Beauty, meanwhile, crashes into a police roadblock just ahead of the expolsion.

The Hornet and Kato land on the ground right beside the freeway. They check the car, but no one is there! The Hornet asks "Where did he go?". Suddenly, Jensen Ames runs behind the Hornet with a piece of rebar from the free way! "Quick, duck!" shouts Kato. The Green Hornet does so and Kato jumps though the air and kicks Jensen, sending him flying into a wall and snaping his neck. "I've had ants put up more of a fight then him." says Kato. As the Green Hornet and Kato sneak off into the night, the Green Hornet says "This will make a great headline!".

Winner: The Green Hornet

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