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The Jamaican Voodoo Posse is a minor antagonitic group from the film Predator 2. The Voodoo Posse was voodoo cult and drug cartel located in Las Angeles lead by King Willie. They were rivals of the Colombian Scorpions.

As part of this ongoing conflict with the Scorpions, King Willie ordered a hit on one of the their rival's leaders Ramon Vega, who was subsequently killed in ritualistic fashion in his apartment by several Voodoo Posse members. However, the City Hunter began preying on Voodoo Posse, eventually killing King Willie himself, beheading him and claiming his skull as a prize.

It's unknown if the Voodoo Posse survived the City Hunter's rampage and their turf war with the Scorpions.

Battle vs. The Cartel (Breaking_Bad) (by Deathblade 100)[]



The battle commences with five members of the Juárez Cartel in a warehouse planning their next move. Outside, five of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse sneak up. One of the Jamaicans raises his Ruger Mini 14 and fires it through one of the windows, wounding a Cartel operative. The Cartel return fire with their M4A1s, and kill one of the Jamaicans.Red The Jamaicans retaliate with their Ruger Mini 14 and LF-57 submachine guns and kill the wounded Cartel operative.Blue The Cartel fire their M4A1s and wound two of the Jamaicans and kill a third.Red The Jamaican leader, now out of ammunition for his LF-57, pulls out his revolvers and fires three shots at the Cartel operatives, wounding one. The Cartel's leader draws and fires his M1911 wounding one of the Jamaicans. A burst of gunfire kills one of the Cartel leader's remaining men.Blue The Cartel and the Jamaicans fire at each other, killing one man on each side. RedBlue The Cartel boss drops his M1911 and draws his machete, just as the Jamaicans' leader draws out his knife. The Cartel boss thrusts with his machete and kills the second last Jamaican.RedHe hears a muffled scream and sees his last soldier drop with the Jamaican leader standing behind him. Blue The two bosses rush each other with their melee weapons and duel. After three minutes, the Jamaican leader thrusts with his knife but the Cartel leader pulls him off balance and stabs his machete through the Jamaican's throat.Red The Cartel boss smiles and stabs the machete into the Jamaican's back repeatedly. 

Winner: Juárez Cartel

Expert's Opinion[]

The Juárez Cartel won because they had better and more numerous weapons as well as having the domination of X-factors.

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