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You can drink your last few hours away on a beach, which by the way is not a bad idea. Or you can follow me one last time.
— Jake Lonergan

Jake Lonergan is a wanted outlaw. Waking up in the middle of nowhere with no recollection of how he got there, who he was or what the strange wrist device on his arm was, Jake was soon set upon by three men who wanted to take Jake to see if he was worth anything. After killing them and taking their weapons and clothing Jake then went to the town of Absolution, it was there he was identified as a wanted man even though he still didn't know who he was and after getting knocked out by a strange woman calling herself Ella, wakes up in the cell next to a men he had put there earlier that day.

As he and the other prisoner are about to be taken to Santa Fe for trial, the father of the other prisoner arrives and causes trouble. It is then that Jake's bracelet starts to beep and strange flying machines come into town and start shooting and taking people. When their coach is knocked over, Jake finds out that his bracelet can shoot through anything uses it to shoot him and another prisoner named Percy out of the carriage, Jake manages to shoot down one of the flying machines with his strange bracelet device causing the others to retreat.

With his son along with many other townspeople having been kidnapped by the flying machines the father of Percy Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde forms a posse and decides to go after them, Jake however leaves later that night so he doesn't have to participate in the hunt with him. In the morning he reaches a cabin in the middle of nowhere and then has flashbacks back to what happened before he woke up in the desert concerning his lover, the gold he stole and where they were. Finding out that Ella has been following him, Jake ambushes her and asks her questions. Ella tells Jake that these demons killed her family and that Jake is the key to finding the aliens, though he doubts so. Jake leaves her and resumes riding alone when Dolarhyde and some of the townsfolk form a posse and find Jake and join him, despite Jake being reluctant.