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Turns out, mess with someone's head enough, you can turn a scared little kid into an all-powerful bitch.
— Jack

Jack, real name Jennifer, also known as Subject Zero and Jacqueline Nought, is a major character in the Mass Effect franchise. The result of human experimentation by Cerberus, Jack was one of the strongest human biotics of her time, but also carried a fierce hatered of her former captors. She was a member of Commander Shepard's team during their campgain against the Collectors and became a teacher at Grissom Academy if she survived.

Like many human biotics, Jack was exposed to element zero while in the womb. Because of her abilities, she was abducted by Cerberus operatives and experimented on in the hopes of creating a biotic super soldier. During a riot at the Cerberus facility where she was held at, Jack managed to escape and fight her way out. Now wandering without purpose, Jack joined several gangs and was incarcerated multiple times. Eventually, she was locked up in the Blue Suns run prison ship known as Purgatory.

She was eventually freed by Shepard, who needed a powerful biotic to fight the Collectors. Though reluctant to work with someone connected to Cerberus, Jack agreed on the condition that she would get access to Cerberus data files to find the location of the research facility where she was experimented on with the intend on blowing it up as a form of catharsis. When she found it, Shepard could take her there to help her get over her difficult childhood. Should Jack survive the attack on the Collector base, she joins Grissom Academy to teach young biotics how to use their abilities for military purposes, her tough and unorthodox teaching style proving popular and effective.

During the Reaper War, Grissom Academy was attacked by Cerberus who wished to recruit the students for their own ends. Should Shepard neglect to save the academy, Jack is taken prisoner and brainwashed into becoming one of Cerberus' Phantom units, only to be killed during Shepard's attack on Cerberus' HQ. If saved in time, Jack and her students join the war effort against the Reapers.

Battle vs. Scarlet Witch (MCU) (by BeastMan14)[]

The ringing in his ears doing nothing to drown out the excited roars in the crowd, Kintaro retched a mixture of vomit and blood as his opponent’s mace collided with his chest, shattering several ribs with one strike. The mace swung at him again, but he managed to catch it, leaving him open for an uppercut from Battle Beast, who snarled as his fist collided with Kintaro’s jaw. The Shokan staggered back, hoping to create an opening, but Battle Beast simply presses the attack, smashing his mace into Kintaro’s mouth before he can breathe fire. The momentum of the attack carried him forward, and he drove his shoulder into Kintaro’s chest, knocking him to the ground. Before his downed enemy can recover, Battle Beast brings the mace down onto his chest again and again until it caves in completely.

Kintaro groans weakly, in too much pain to even writhe on the ground, as Battle Beast looks over the crowd, most cheering his name while a select few mourn the loss of their money in ill-conceived bets. His eyes fall upon the ringmaster’s box, high above both the fighting ring and the audience and tinted so that it’s occupant can watch anonymously, and he bared his teeth, eyes dark with a mixture of bloodlust and rage. He raises the mace, soaked in Kintaro’s blood, towards the booth and roars.


Not looking away, he crouches down and lifts Kintaro above his head, the defeated enemy lying limp in his hands, then roars again as he tears him in two, letting the blood and gore soak his snow-white fur. As the crowd goes utterly wild, Battle Beast’s fury only grows as the silhouette in the booth raises a glass to him. He pays no mind to the crowd as he stomps towards the exit, pushing past a handful of masked attendants as they go to collect Kintaro’s remains.

One spectator, Clint Barton, crinkles his nose at the gory display and turns back towards his drink at the bar. After taking a sip, he puts a finger to his ear and mumbles, “Sure you’re up for this, kid? Ain’t too late to back out.”

Waiting in a special waiting room off to the side for combatants, Wanda Maximoff rolls her eyes.

“I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself. Besides,” she replies as she digs at the collar around her neck, “I think it’s a little late to get cold feet.”

The collar, a supposed reverse-engineer created by the Wolves to force compliance, was entirely for show, but that didn’t make it any less irritating. Ignoring how it dug into her neck, she looked around the room, hoping to spot who exactly this “Jack” was. She could see a somewhat beat-up blonde man in a red leather jacket, who raised his cigarette respectfully, while a young man in a karate gi with a red headband meditated in the corner. She doubted either was her opponent for the night.

She sighed, sitting back in her chair to collect her thoughts, as in the corner of the room, an electronic screen with a list of matches put Battle Beast’s name in bold before erasing the match-up and moving the next one, simply titled “Wanda Maximoff vs Jack”, into its place.

Clint drummed his fingers anxiously on the bar and his eyes glanced towards his watch, stolen from Tony so he could properly fulfill his “high-roller” schtick. Apparently, being the organizer of one of DFederal’s biggest underground attractions didn’t require being punctual. His thoughts wandered to Wanda, the poor kid waiting God knows where for a fight against one of the ring’s reigning winners. The debate to bring her into an undercover operation had been contentious, but ultimately, she’d won out, partly because of his own lobbying in her favor.

As if to assuage his anxiety, he could see a recognizable motion of red through the glut of onlookers, and he turned to see Natasha, ignoring the lecherous glances cast her way, working through the crowd. She sat by him, declining any service when the bartender came her way, and Clint took another sip of his drink.

“So, late because you stopped to dig the cocktail dress out of storage?”

“Well, one of us had to get dolled up, and no offense, but-.”

“-I don’t got the hips for it? Yeah, it’s a real shame.”

He nodded towards the fighting pit, where the masked men worked to hose off the blood and leftover battle damage, and asked, “You liking her chances?”

Natasha shrugged and replied, “Whether she wins or loses isn’t our job. It’s just the cover story, remember?”

Clint started to speak, still uncertain, but dropped the issue in favor of nudging Natasha to draw her attention to their contact working his way towards them. She nodded and pulled two wolf masks from her purse, and the duo swiftly donned them as the muscular man with a beard and a distinct red glowing eye came to a stop. Leaning against the bar, Kano leered, letting his eyes travel up and down Natasha’s back before clearing his throat and speaking.

“Well, g’day, sheila. Don’t suppose you’re a natural redhead all the way down, yeah?”

Her mask hiding her disgust, Natasha ignored him, while Clint clapped him on the shoulder slightly harder than necessary and interjected, voice dripping with faux-joviality.

“Kano, right? I won thirty bucks off you getting your ass kicked by Little Mac. Heck of a loss. They retire you after that?”

Shoving Clint’s hand off of him, Kano scowled and let his hand rest on his knife, only for another (older) hand to firmly grip his shoulder, accompanied by a calmer voice ordering, “Calm yourself, Kano. I’m certain our guest was simply joking.”

Kano, still grumbling, stood aside as Shang Tsung smiled serenely and politely bowed his head, a gesture both Clint and Natasha returned. Stroking his beard, he looked them over, then said, “I do hope the conditions of the club were to your liking. My master welcomes any subordinate of Doom’s with opens arms, especially when you’ve brought us a fighter with such potential as this.”

He nodded towards the elevator that led deeper into the club and added, “Come, you must tell me how you pulled off such a feat as capturing an Avenger.”

Taking on her natural Russian accent, Natasha followed close behind as she replied, “It was no trouble. The girl, she has power, but she was easy enough to ambush. Lord Doom hopes that she proves sufficient for your master.” As they walked, Kano stopped to glare at Clint, a look the other man calmly returned, before trailing them closely.

Shang came to a stop by the elevator and pressed a button. The doors opened and he chuckled.

“Well, I’m certain he’ll be delighted to tell you himself.”

With that, the group stepped into the elevator, Clint and Natasha exchanging cautious glances as the doors slid shut behind them.

As her match is set into stand-by, Jack tosses back the rest of her drink and checks her phone warily, still waiting for the text that told her tonight would be the night she wouldn’t have to keep fighting in this shithole, that one of the assholes that ran this city would be in attendance. When it was clear there was no such text, she sighed and stuffed the phone into her jacket.

It had been almost a year since she’d ended up homeless, and while she’d been able to crash with a few people, having to take hand-outs had gotten under her skin awhile ago. So, when this Shang Tsung asshole came to her with some bullshit about an opportunity, she’d gladly taken the chance. And, sure, she liked a chance to crack skulls, but she was starting to get sick of doing it for nothing more than cash.

She turned away from the bar and surveyed the other fighters, who largely ignored her, then perked up at the feeling of her phone vibrating. A cautious glance revealed a text from Faden that read:

I spotted a few Users by the bar. Good luck :)

Jack grinned, making a mental note to invite Faden to her housewarming when this shit was over, and set her phone back in her pocket. If the Users were here, then it was time to put on a good fucking show.

The elevator doors dinged open and Shang Tsung let Clint and Natasha step into a large, ornately decorated office, far enough from the arena that the roar of the crowd was largely muted. Two chairs sat, empty, in front of a desk, while the rest of the office was similarly empty. Natasha noted with some interest that a loudspeaker was connected to one of the corners. As they took their seats, Shang Tsung gave a polite bow, then said, “Please wait here for my master’s arrival. I must go and announce the next fight.”

Kano sneered and mockingly waved at the two as the elevator doors closed, and Clint turned to Natasha, who continued to investigate the room.

“So far, so good, eh?”

“Something’s not right. I don’t trust-“

A slight creak in the room next to them gave them both pause, and they both leapt from their chairs as a large beast resembling a hairless dog, a series of tubes protruding from it’s neck to a metallic tank sewn into it’s back, crashed through the wall and swiped at them. Quickly drawing her handguns from her purse before tossing , Natasha opened fire, the rounds seemingly having no effect, while Clint rolled to avoid an attack from a gargoyle-like creature, half of it’s face resembling a metallic skull, as it smashed through the ceiling and drove it’s spear into the floor.

Narrowly avoiding each attack, Clint pressed a small blue button on his belt and grinned as his bow and quiver quickly enlarged and fella into his waiting hand. He nocked an arrow and fired, piercing the flying creature’s wing. He’d have to thank Scott and Tony for the tech later. Assuming he survived this, anyway.

Before he could fire again, a tail slammed into his gut and sent him tumbling towards Natasha, who deftly leapt over him. He grimaced and stood up as his attacker, a woman with the body of a snake and a drill at the tip of her tail, slithered through the hole in the wall and bared her teeth. The creatures advanced, cornering them, only to pause as the loudspeaker crackled to life and a calm, posh voice said, “You know, I almost admire your recklessness. Did you really think I wouldn’t contact Doom and ask about his supposed subordinates?”

Natasha cursed under her breath and tightened her grip on her pistols, which remained trained on the creatures in front of her. Chuckling quietly, the voice continued gloating.

“What an exciting opportunity you’ve given me! Instead of getting one dead Avenger, I get to experiment with three.”

With that, the loudspeaker went silent, and the creatures charged.

“Do you think the waitress is ignoring us? I swear to god she’s walked by our table three times and my drink is clearly empty.”

Holding his glass, Beast raised his voice to be heard over the crowd, while Cfp, not looking up from his phone, quietly nodded and Skully, through a mouth full of cheese curds, replied, “Nah, I think they’re just busy, man.”

He shrugged, setting the glass back down and resting his chin on his palm as he waited for service. He gave an annoyed glance at Cfp and cleared his throat.

“I thought you got all your work done early. Y’know, because Dudes Night.”

Annoyance hidden by his mask, Cfp sighed and finally set his phone aside.

“Apologies, last minute shit at the office. Some…unforeseen complications.”

Skully shrugged and gave a disarming smile, then said, “No worries. Honestly, it’s just nice to do a Dudes Night after Beast’s vacation,” which caused Beast to angrily throw his hands up in annoyance and snap, “For the last time, it was not a vacation! I was kidnapped!”

“Didn’t it have an open bar?”


His rant was cut off by one set of doors inside the pit opening, and the crowd hushed slightly as Shang Tsung emerged from the darkness, a confident smirk across his face. He held his hands up, calling their attention to him, then spoke, his voice carrying itself and commanding attention from all corners.

“Now that our reigning heavyweight champion has triumphed, let us move onto the next match! Our first combatant needs no introduction! A three-time winner who shows no signs of stopping! Master of the biotics, Jack!”

The crowd cheered as Jack emerged from one side of the pit, loading her Carnifex and paying them no mind. As she took her spot in the arena, Cfp chuckled and sideyed Beast, who was taking a sip from his finally refilled drink.

“Damn, now I see why Beast wanted to come here tonight.”

Beast, still mid-sip, flipped him off.

Letting the noise die down slightly, Shang Tsung smiled and continued.

“And her challenger is truly special, indeed. Tonight, Wanda Maximoff, an Avenger, fights in our arena!”

Wanda stepped out cautiously amidst a mix of cheers and boos. She had tried contacting Natasha and Clint to check their progress, but had gotten no response, which was very rarely a good sign. Now her objective was simply getting out of this alive. She walked forward, letting energy flow from between her fingers, and came to a stop at a spot designated on the floor. With her in place, Shang Tsung continued.

“And, in addition to our new challenger, this match is going to be a very special one, indeed. Our combatants will fight…in our Battledome!”

At the mention of their friend’s pet project, both Cfp and Skully turned to look at Beast, who sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeahhhh. The owner of this place did some contract work for me when I was putting Phoenix together, and I might’ve…let him borrow a Battledome prototype.”

Confident in the approval of onlookers, Shang Tsung raised his hands above his head and shouted, “Now, I must simply tell our fighters this: prepare yourselves!”

He brought his hands down, and the ensuing bright flash of light forced Wanda to squeeze her eyes shut…

…and when she opened them, she found herself standing in the ruins of a city. Raising her hands cautiously, Wanda looked around her new surroundings, trying to ignore the voice in the back of her head that felt reminded of her final day in Sokovia, of the chaos and violence all around her.

And, of course, of Pietro, his bullet-riddled corpse sprawled across the ground, a small, cocky smile still-

She shook her head. She couldn’t dwell on that, not when her life was on the line like this. Gathering herself, she walked forward, keeping a wary eye out for her opponent, this “Jack”, who had somehow vanished.

For her part, Jack, Eviscerator pointed forward, stalked through the rubble in front of her. This was her first match in the Battledome, or whatever this knockoff one was called, and she really was not appreciating having her head fucked with. She knew everything around her was fake, but at the same time it all felt very, very real.

‘’Let’s just hope it doesn’t fuck me up when it really counts.’’

The familiar sound of shoes on gravel sends her behind cover, and she peeks out to see Wanda, instantly recognizable thanks to her whole “doe-eyed newbie” look, walking towards her. Jack grinned and readied her gun, mildly disappointed in the apparent easy win, then leapt from cover and opened fire. Crying out in surprise at the attack, Wanda reflexively raises her hands, forming a shield that stops the spray of metal just inches from her face, and she flinches as Jack moves forward, firing shot after shot into the shield. She drops the shield just long enough to telekinetically grab a nearby piece of rubble and throw it forward, and Jack laughs as she tosses it aside with her biotics.

The two circle each other, each glowing with the contrasting colors of energy radiating off their bodies. As Wanda defensively raised her hands, keeping an eye on potential weapons in the environment, Jack sneered and called out, “So, you’re special too, huh? Good. I was worried my last fight was gonna be fucking boring.”

Before Wanda can attack, Jack casts Warp, and she lifts herself into the air to avoid the approaching shockwave, only to yell in surprise as Jack follows up with Lift, leaving her floating helplessly through the air. She grits her teeth and manages to force her powers to overwhelm the biotic hold on her body just enough for her to raise an arm in time to block another shot. As the Lift fades, Wanda rights herself in mid-air, then telekinetically grabs Jack by the leg and throws her down the street, the bald woman cursing as she flew through the air.

In times, she wished she had asked Faden, or even Samara, for lessons on how exactly you could float with your powers. Not that she would ever willingly ask for help, anyway.

She grunts as she hits the ground, rolling to a stop, then staggers to her feet, stopping only to pop her shoulder back into place. As Wanda floated towards her, eyes glowing red, Jack grimaced, realizing she’d dropped her gun, then formed a biotic barrier to block a hail of rubble being thrown her way. Digging her heels into the ground as the barrage pushed her back, Jack scowled. If this kid wanted to have a superpowered fight, fuck it. Jack could play that game any day.

Wanda slows her attack as it seemingly buries Jack’s barrier in rubble and she slowly floats to the ground, stopping as it starts to shake. She can barely throw up a shield in time as the barrier bursts, and the young Avenger cries out in pain as a barrage of biotic energy and debris overwhelms her, tearing at her arms, legs, and face as she’s thrown back. Jack charges from the rubble with a roar, then throws her hands forward as she casts Warp. Wanda falls to her knees, screaming as hundreds of miniature mass effect fields tear through her body, and she’s too in pain to defend herself as Jack slams a piece of debris into her, the rock piercing her side.

After several agonizing seconds, the warp fades and Wanda sucks in air, still shaking from the lingering pain, only to find herself lifted again as Jack closes in on her. She struggles to move, feeling the biotic pressure on her throat, and Jack grins sadistically.

“Alright, enough of this shit. It’s time for me to tear you apart, bitch.”

As her vision faded, Wanda’s eyes glowed a faint red, and she weakly lifted a hand, Jack too focused to notice as the wreckage of a nearby car begins to shake. Just as the biotic prepared to finish her foe off, the vehicle, engulfed in red energy, hurtled towards her, and Jack yelled a surprised swear as she dropped Wanda and focused on catching it. She managed to redirect the car, only to catch an energy bolt to the side of the head, staggering her. Wanda uses the distraction to her advantage and levitates away, still clutching her side, leaving Jack standing by herself, and she chuckles slightly.

Honestly, if this weren’t life or death, she’d have been impressed with the car trick.

Rolling to avoid a burst of flame as it burst from the dog creature’s mouth, Clint grinned wearily as he found himself back to back with Natasha, who fired a few shots in the direction of the gargoyle.

“Still glad you wore the cocktail dress?”

“Well, can’t exactly change now, can I?”

He nocked an arrow and fired it over his shoulder, smirking as it pierced the eye of the snake woman, then replied, “I mean, we’ve fought in less.”

Before Natasha could banter any further, the two leapt in opposite directions as a large paw slammed down in between them and the dog creature shoulder charged into her, knocking her into the wall. She groaned in pain and tried to stand, but froze as the creature came closer, smoke wafting through its teeth as it snarled. Before it could fry her, the elevator dinged, drawing its attention seconds before a red, white, and blue shield smashed into its forehead, followed by a knee to its face as Steve Rogers leapt forward, catching his shield as it flew back to him and capping his attack off by driving it into the beast’s jaw.

Surprised by the attack, it whined in pain and retreated slightly, Steve positioning himself between it and Natasha. He gave her a concerned glance over his shoulder and asked, “You alright?”

She nodded, picking up her dropped guns, then answered, “Yeah, and thanks for the assist.”

He tightened his grip on the shield as the creature stalked around him, looking for a weakness in his defenses.

“Would’ve been here a little sooner, but the elevator had a delay.”

The creature screeched and breathed fire, the shield holding back the flames, and Natasha leapt atop Steve’s shoulders, then boosted off him and raised her guns to fire a round directly into the tank atop it’s back. Recognizing the shrill sound of a pierced tank, it cried out in alarm seconds before being engulfed in an explosion, consuming the snake woman with it, and Clint used the momentary distraction to pin the gargoyle to the wall with an arrow. It writhed and struggled for a moment, only to cry out as the arrow gave a loud beep, then blew it to pieces.

The threat gone, Clint nodded gratefully to Steve, who sheathed his shield and surveyed the chaos of the battle around them. He crouched and lifted the smoldering remains of the snake woman, then sighed as he let it fall.

“Just like the ones from the Wolves hideout we cleared. So, we can confirm these things came from here. I just wish I hadn’t had to let you fall into a trap to find that one out.”

Wiping guts off of his sleeve, Clint shrugged.

“I wouldn’t sweat it, Cap. This ain’t Nat and I’s first ambush, probably ain’t gonna be the last either. Personally, I’m a little more worried about Wanda.”

Steve gestured for them to head back to the elevator, explaining as they walked.

“We’re working on an extraction for her. She just needs to hold out another couple minutes.”

Having lost Jack, Wanda floated through the window of a half-destroyed building and sat down, leaning against the wall of the building as she took her blood-covered hand away from her side. She winced as she let her telekinesis close the wound, then breathed a sigh of relief as the bleeding stopped. The fight had been much too close for comfort, and she doubted she’d be so lucky unless she formulated a plan.

As the sound of Jack’s footsteps drew closer to her hiding spot, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her thoughts gathered, she stepped out from behind cover and flung an energy bolt. The attack caught Jack off-guard, slamming into her chest and bringing her to knees. As her kinetic barrier recharged, Jack gritted her teeth and punched the ground, forcing the pain out of her mind and standing back to her feet. Wanda descended from the ruins and onto the street, and the two stood completely still, eyes locked in quiet determination.

Jack broke the silence with a mocking, “You done hiding?”

Wanda said nothing, choosing instead to throw out a rock, followed by another, then another, and Jack stumbled back, using her powers to toss each attack aside as quick as she could. She braced herself as the attack tried to force her back. The kid was smart, trying to force her onto the defensive, but brains wasn’t going to do her much good. She reached out, stopping the newest projectile, then tossed it back, countering Wanda’s volley with her own ammunition. As the girl deflected the counter, it gave Jack an opening to close the distance, coating her fist in biotic energy and driving it into Wanda’s shoulder.

Wanda screamed, feeling the sheer force shatter her clavicle and knocking her against the wall of the ruined building. Eyes watering from pain, she fumbles out, desperately feeling the wall behind her, then concentrates, trying to ignore the agony of using her arm as it shakes to it’s very foundation, then falls forward. As the shadow of the falling building loomed over her, Jack can only let out a frustrated, “Oh you gotta be shi-“ before it collapses on top of her, sending up a massive cloud of dust.

Letting her forcefield fall, Wanda stands shakily, her arm hanging limp at her side, and cautiously creeps towards the rubble. Her eyes widen as the dust begins to clear, revealing the distinct blue of a biotic barrier. Jack unleashes the barrier, the biotic force overwhelming Wanda, then follows up with Warp. As the fields leave Wanda helpless, Jack quickly draws her Carnifex and fires, and the round blows a chunk off Wanda’s head, sending the Avenger to the ground, dead.

The fight finally over, Jack takes a moment to catch her breath. She’d underestimated the kid and whatever the hell her magic shit was, but in the end, she’d pulled through, and now, hopefully, she finally had a goddamned house.

Her celebration is short-lived as the sky seems to shimmer and shake before splitting open entirely, and a red and green humanoid with a fluttering yellow cape slams down in between her and Wanda’s corpse. Jack glared and raised her Carnifex, but the figure simply fired a yellow beam from its head, the energy smashing into Jack’s chest and knocking her to the ground, out cold. The threat neutralized, Vision’s cold expression changed to one of guilt and concern as he looked at Wanda’s corpse. Cradling her body in his arms, he murmured a mournful, “Forgive me, my love. I was too late,” then lifted back into the air, ascending through the holes made in both the Battledome and the roof of the fight club.

As Vision vanished into the sky, Beast, along with much of the crowd, stared, dumbfounded, his notebook left open and his pen hanging limply from his hand.

“Huh,” he mumbled. “Does this mean…Vision…wins?”

Cfp took a sip of his drink and replied, “Fuck if I know, man.”


Shang Tsung swallowed nervously as the elevator doors opened, revealing his master waiting, patiently tapping an ornately decorated boot as he waited for his subordinate. Bowing his head in respect, Shang stepped onto the elevator, standing behind as the pale-skinned man pressed a button labelled “Lab”. Clearing his throat, the master spoke, cutting through the silence.

“Status report, Shang. Give me the bad news.”

“Yes, well, we lost three of our fighting force in the skirmish, but the Forgemaster assures me they can be easily replaced. On top of this, Jack has informed she’s quitting now that she’s secured a home.”

“And the Avengers?”

Shang winced and answered, “Gone. Maximoff’s corpse was taken before I could secure it, and the infiltrators, as you know, escaped. My apologies, master. I will not fa-“

His master held up a gloved hand, silencing him, then said, disdain dripping from his voice, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Shang. All in all, it’s not a complete loss. After all, we got to witness these Avengers in action, and that sort of up-close knowledge is hard to come by.”

The elevator came to a stop, and the master went to step off, stopping to turn and calmly give instructions.

“Make sure the arena is repaired within the hour. We wouldn’t want the crowd to wait too long on Durden versus Belasarius, now would we? And on the topic of Battle Beast, I noticed he's getting particularly unruly. See if you can wrangle Zodd into a match with him. I suspect that'll satisfy his tastes.”

“It will be done, master.”

Satisfied, he stepped off the elevator, only to stop as if reminded of something and turn back, black lips curling into an arrogant smile as the doors started to close.

“Oh, and Shang? You can drop the formalities. A simple “Mr. Essex” would suffice.”

The elevator doors closed, and Mister Sinister turned and walked through the lab, stopping to survey his various experiments. Some of the creatures floated quietly in tanks full of a yellow liquid, while others, forcibly restrained on operating tables, screeched in pain as robotic arms grafted mechanical parts to them. He kept walking until he reached the back of the room, where a bald, dark-skinned man gently worked to sew Kintaro’s corpse back together. Surprised to see him still working, Sinister clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“I had assumed you’d be long done with this one, Isaac.”

Not looking up from his work, Isaac replied, “It is remarkably difficult to create a night creature from half a corpse, Essex.”

Sinister shrugged.

“I suppose. Regardless, I came down here to check your progress in rectifying our recent losses. I assume it’s coming along well?”

Isaac finished the last stitch, then turned away from his handiwork to face Sinister, his calm expression betraying no emotion.

“Yes, it is. And I must say, the creatures are growing unruly. Your…experiments are disturbing them. It is a defilement of their nature.”

At this protest, Sinister laughed heartily, catching Isaac off guard.

“Yes, well, they serve you, and you serve me, so they’ll just have to live with it. Now, I expect three new creatures completed by morning. I assume a man of your talents can accomplish that?”

Isaac sighed, then replied, “Yes, Essex. It will be done.”

Sinister grinned, then turned on his heel and headed back to the elevator, leaving Isaac by himself. The Forgemaster frowned, then turned back to his work, stopping as he felt his phone vibrate. Opening it, the text brought the ghost of a smile to his lips.

Isaac-san, would you care to join my friends and I for tea tomorrow? They would love to meet you! :D

Smiling to himself, Isaac set the phone aside, making a note to reply later.

I think I would enjoy that, Haru. But for now-

His smile vanished as he brought his dagger down into Kintaro’s chest, causing the body to vanish in a burst of flame. The newly created Night Creature roared, it’s cries echoing through the lab and being returned by a dozen more.

-I’m afraid I have work to do.

Expert's Opinion[]

Wanda had more raw power and options at her disposal, but it didn't count for much when Jack was a much more experienced fighter who had a better understanding of her own abilities. Add in her arsenal of weaponry, and she ultimately forced Wanda into a defensive game, leaving her with no way to truly bust out her stronger abilities.

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Battle vs. Asajj Ventress (Legends) (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

Ventress ignites her lightsabers just as Jack pulls out a M-6 Carnifex and opens fire at Ventress. Ventress dodges the shots and as another round heads towards her she puts up her lightsaber to block it but the round passes through the lightsaber disintergrating going through and puts hot lead into her face. Ventress yells in pain and Jack sees that Ventresses weapon can't block her weapons and is about to fire when Ventress puts up her hand and pulls the Carnifex out of Jack's hand and cuts it destroying the pistol. Ventress charges at Jack but Jack uses her Biotic powers to lift Ventress in the air and then blasts her back this time Ventress hitting the back of the wall with a huge force. Jack takes out her M-9 Tempest and fires at Ventress but Ventress jumps behind cover. Ventress sees a explosive barrel and uses the force to toss it at Jack, Jack quickly ducks down and the barrel explodes behind her destroying the one way mirror. Ventress jumps out of cover and force pushes Jack through the hole, Jack lands on her back but quickly fires at Ventress forcing Ventress back into hiding. Jack gets back up and retreats into the facility and Ventress gives chase. In the room of the facility once used as a gladitorial like arena Ventress careful walks through the remains of the room looking for Jack when she senses something behind her and quickly tosses one of her lightsabers towards the direction. Jack jumps back to avoid the lightsaber but receives a small cut on her arm, Jack gets back up just as Ventress catches her lightsaber and begins to fire at Ventress again but Ventress proves to be quick and agile dodging some of the shots until receiving a shot to the right shoulder. Ventress combines her two lightsabers to make a lightstaff and uses the force to jump onto the ramp Jack was on, Ventress uses the force to launch two crates at Jack but Jack creates a Biotic Sphere protecting her from the two crates. Ventress begins to charge at Jack but Jack lowers her sphere and then using her Biotic creates a shockwave which sends Ventress flying in the air and landing on the ground below. Jack reloads her M-9 Tempest and fires at Ventress but Ventress uses the force speed to get away from the shots and heads exit the room. Jack gives chase tossing her Tempest for her M-22 Eviscerator, she enters a hallway that onced housed all of the other children of the facility. Jack begins to check each room but sees no signs of Ventress anywhere, unbeknowest to her Ventress lies in wait on the ceiling above Jack, as Jack passes her Ventress silently drops to the floor raises her hands and lifts Jack into the air and begins to choke her. Jack reacts fast and powering up for a Biotic attack uses a Biotic pull to send nearby debris flying at Ventress who is force to release Jack to block the debris with her lightsaber. Jack quickly gets up and charges at Ventress in a rage of terror lighting up with Biotics and Ventress tries to use the Force on her but Jack quickly runs and throws a powerful Biotic Punch towards Ventresses stomach area sending her flying and crashing through the hallway door and up the stairs to the morgue area. Jack walks up the destroyed stairs and sees Ventress heavily injured from the blast. Jack walks up to Ventress points her M-22 Eviscerator at her head and says

"Now get blown to h*ll like the rest of this place will be."

Jack pulls the trigger and blows up Ventresses head. Jack then puts away her shotgun and yells in victory. Jack then calls for the Normandy Shuttle to come pick her up.

Winner: Jack "Subject Zero"

Expert's Opinion[]

Jack won this Battle because she had the better weapons, and was more deadlier with her Biotic powers. Ventress may of been trained in both Light and Dark Side Force powers she was short tempered in Battle and this often lead to her defeat where as while Jack was also short tempered becasue of her ferocity with her Biotics she was even more deadlier then.

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The battle was declared invalid because Jack was given an SMG. While she is seen carrying one in some cutscenes this is due to constraints of the game engine rather than part of the story.