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They told me, 'Son, you're special. You were born to do great things.' You know what? They were right.
— Jack

Jack is the protagonist of the first-person shooter video game BioShock. The survivor of a plane crash, Jack explores an undersea city and discovers his personal connection with it.

Jack was the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan, the visionary founder of the underwater city of Rapture. Sold as an embryo to the ruthless businessman Frank Fontaine, Ryan's archrival, Jack was subjected to genetic conditioning by Fontaine's scientists. He aged rapidly and was rendered obedient to any command prefaced by the innocuous phrase "would you kindly." Fontaine faked his death as he sent Jack to lived out a fabricated existence on the surface.

Fontaine reemerged under the identity of Atlas, igniting a civil war between Ryan and himself. Rapture fell into chaos, with most of its citizens being killed or losing their minds to addiction. Fontaine summoned Jack back to Rapture, with Jack unconsciously orchestrating his arrival through the crash of a passenger plane. Guided by Fontaine, Jack navigated the ruins of Rapture, using his genetic similarity to Ryan to access restricted areas.

Jack confronted Ryan and killed him on Fontaine's orders. Fontaine attempted to dispose of Jack, but he was rescued by the Little Sisters, genetic hybrids born of Rapture's twisted science. Freed from his conditioning, Jack sought revenge against Fontaine. He faced Fontaine in battle and emerged victorious with the help of the Little Sisters. Jack escaped to the surface, accompanied by the Little Sisters, whom he raised as his own daughters, giving them the family he never had.

Battle vs. Subject Delta (by A midget)[]

The battle starts with Jack Ryan harvesting a little sister, her cries awake Subject Delta, who sprints to the commotion and gives jack a powerful blow, sending him flying into a room. Jack gets back up, and draws out his buck shot, loading up the explosive buck. He blasts one into subject delta, who has picked up the little sister. Delta stumbles into an enclosed room, and injects himself with an incinerate plasmid. He fires it at jack, who expertly dodges, runs back and pulls out his Tommy gun, jamming a clip in and blasting away at Delta. Delta, holding on to the little sister performs a precise drill dash, successfully striking down Jack, who falls to the ground and backs away. A crazed splicer enters the room, drawn to the sound of chaos. He begins to shoot away at Delta, obviously being part of the Rapture Family. Jack takes this opportunity to go to one of the vendor things healing himself and buying some ammo. He then goes to a gatherers garden, collecting the hypnotise big daddy plasmid. He trundles bag into the battle, to see Delta helping a little sister harvest, and hearing the screams of dying splicers being caught by trap rivets in the background. Delta turns around, to see Jack Staring over him, trademark wrench in hand, cruelty lingering on his face. Delta calmly pulls out his spear gun, inserts a single rocket bolt, flips up the sights and fires off the ammo into the centre of Jacks chest. Jack is flung backwards, then even further as the rocket takes effect. Eventually taking Jack in to the high reaches of Siren Alley, the rocket explodes, causing Jack to use more medikits and ruining any chances of children he might have. Meanwhile Subject Delta has returned the little sister to her vent, and has revived her, sending her to freedom.

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Booker DeWitt (by 123chaseyoung)[]

The genetically-experimented man known as Jack stood and stared at a glass bay window, overlooking the deep blue ocean. Rapture used to be such a wonder to him the first time he set foot. Now he had seen everything inside and outside of this slowly decaying city. He needed to get out of here soon together with Tenenbaum and the little sisters. They needed to get back to civilization.

The alarm system inside Jack's office, which used to belong to his biological father, began to beep like crazy. "Someone new" had somehow set foot into Rapture. Who or what they were, Jack did not know, and so he decided to take a peek through the cameras. There he saw two people -- a middle-aged man and a girl. The man wore an archaic vert, holsters and pants. While the girl wore something as if she was going to attend a Southern ball. It looked like two intruders with unknown motives had entered Rapture...


"Dammit, Elizabeth," the private eye known as Booker Dewitt, cursed. "Where did you get us into now?"

"Hold your horses, Booker!" the young pretty girl replied as she walked on circles trying to figure out where her powers brought them. "Can you give me a minute to summon a tear to get us back into Columbia?"

"Okay but please hurry! This place gives me the creeps. I mean, just look at it! We're in a building under the ocean! I do not want you to be here."

Elizabeth smiled and blushed upon hearing the concern in Booker's tone. It felt nice to have someone, especially of your own blood, being there for you.

"Maybe I should stop calling you Booker. And just call you... dad. What do you think?"

Booker looked at her with eyes racked with sincerity and shame. "I know what the timeline said. But... I don't know. Do you really want me to be your dad?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

A warm feeling invaded Booker's heart that made him turn around and leave the conversation. Sensibilities had never been his strongest suit but god did they felt... nice. "I'm... going to check around this place."

Booker left Elizabeth and went through one of the automated doors that led to the glass tunnels. A sign saying Farmer's Market greeted Booker as he went through the tunnel and admired the manta rays, whales, and sharks that swam around him. Suddenly, he heard the noise of metal equipment falling on the floor from the other side of the tunnel. This jolted Booker, who then drew his paddywhacker cannon and ran towards the direction of the noise.

As he peeked out of the tunnel, he saw a silhouette of a man standing in the darkness. Booker quickly leaped out of his cover and aimed his pistol, yelling, "Halt! Who goes there?!"

What he came upon was something strange. It was a man alright, but something was off. It was frozen, unmoving, yet lifelike and breathing. It took a while but Booker eventually came to the realization that this was a decoy.

"Elizabeth..." Booker said as a sudden rush of worry filled him. He then ran towards where he left Elizabeth as fast as he could.

Booker's face contorted into shock the moment he came across his daughter. She was frozen stiff, her body encased in ice. The poor father came to her and tried to see if she was still alive. The eye movements she was doing and the shivering of some part of her body that was not frozen indicated that she was still alive. Though she had the face of shock and despair, begging Booker to save her. Behind her, however, was a pale man wearing a cream sweater. Her hand was encased in ice, spikes jutting out of his knuckles.

Booker wasted no time firing at the man. The bullet narrowly missed Jack as he ran to the opposite direction. Booker then ran towards where that bastard went, his pistol ready just in case. Suddenly, Jack Ryan came out of nowhere, having used his natural camouflage to hide, disarming Booker with a swift swing from his wrench.

Things had gone from bad to worse. Jack didn't know how his little recon on the two went so badly. He was supposed to disarm and apprehend these intruders, but now had put himself and the little girls in danger. Could he persuade them to be civilized, to not kill them, and to tell what they were doing here? Too late for that it seemed. This guy was far from the diplomatic mood, and Jack was not that fond of conversations himself.

The former pinkerton was not done yet. He drew his shotgun and fired at Jack, who narrowly ducked and weaved. "Stand still!" Booker yelled as he used a vigor, bucking bronco, to lift Jack up. As Jack yelled and panicked, Booker then used charge to ram Jack's body and send him flying like a baseball. As Jack got back up, he prepared his plasmids. He first used his sonic boom to blast Booker away into a small puddle, made by a small leak from above. With Booker lying in there, soaking wet, Jack zapped him with his electro bolt, stunning him and making him jitter. Jack followed up by drawing and firing his own revolver pistol.

To his surprise, a yellow thin cover protected Booker from the bullets. Jack then switched to armor-piercing rounds which forced Booker to back away. It was Booker this time who was in retreat. He drew his sniper rifle but found the close-confines of the place limiting. Jack finally dove into battle as he fired his machine gun. Booker took cover behind a metal crate before drawing his carbine and firing back.

"Oh my god! Booker!" Elizabeth yelled after deciding to chase Booker to give him help.

"Elizabeth! Stay back!"

"No! You need help!"

Elizabeth then opened a tear and a small turret with machine guns appeared in front of Jack. The young man could barely run away as the machine gun ripped and tear. Elizabeth tried to open another tear, this time summoning salts and a large steampunk RPG.

"Elizabeth, please..."

"No dad! I'm staying with you!"

Jack was pinned down by the machine gun, but was soon surprised to see a rocket flew above him and exploded, raining small debris on him. As he peaked, he saw Booker coming towards him. Jack quickly unlocked his telekinesis to catch Booker's rocket that flew towards him. He then redirected the rocket to hit the turret that was pinning him.

Two can play that game, Jack thought. He drew his grenade launcher and loaded his heat-seeking missiles. He let out a rocket which flew towards Booker, catching him in the abdomen and giving him a ride towards the opposite side of the market. "Booker!" Elizabeth yelled. Having had enough, Elizabeth opened a tear which swallowed Jack. That tear transported Jack outside of Rapture and into the depths of the ocean. Jack struggled and and swam, but in the end, succumbed to water pressure that made his body burst like an orange.

Elizabeth ran towards Booker, who was fine though wounded. "Thank god for that shield and those gears," Booker whisphered in relief, though it was obvious that he was in pain. Elizabeth then helped her father on his feet, saying, "Let's get out of here."


On the other side, Jack awoke from his death and got out of the vita-chamber. He had underestimated those two severely, and so he decided to be more cautious. A bouncer-type big daddy was patrolling the halls where Jack was. The man then used his hypnotize big daddy plasmid to take control of the it.

Booker and Elizabeth were still busy looking for a secured place to open another tear. However, they heard the low whale-like call coming from one of the halls.

"Holy... shit..." Booker gasped as he saw a hulking big daddy running towards him with a big drill. Booker pushed Elizabeth away and used his undertow to summon a giant water tendrils that proved ineffective. Booker braced the impact of the drill hitting him and pinning him against the wall. While his shield held up, it wouldn't be long before the drill penetrated him.

"Booker!" Elizabeth yelled as she pointed at a Rapture turret. Booker quickly used his possession to take control of the turret and used it against the big daddy. The big daddy let him go as it went to confront the turret. However, Booker summoned his crows to attack the big daddy, distracting it and allowing Booker to slip away.

Jack arrived and fired his shotgun, destroying the turret with an electro buck. Jack then took out his machine gun and opened fire at Booker, but the detective anticipated this and used return to sender to block the bullets. Booker then used his devil's kiss to try and burn Jack. But the latter rolled away and used his enrage plasmid at the still walking big daddy.

The plasmid caused the big daddy to go berserk. Booker was in shock again as the now monstrous thing came charging at him. "Look out!" Elizabeth yelled as he came between his father and the big daddy. She tried to open a tear but it was too late. The big daddy's drill ripped her into two.

"Eliz..." Booker said in shock. "Elizabeth!"

Booker then grabbed his volley gun and fired at the big daddy mercilessly. Even with its bulk and having turned crazy with enrage, the big daddy stood no chance against a grieving father with nothing to lose. The big daddy exploded into pieces as Booker fell down on his knees crying.

But his grieving was cut short as bees began attacking him. As he tried to burn them away with devil's kiss, bullets from flying security bots that Jack hacked hit Booker multiple times. It did not take long before Booker's shield went down. It didn't matter for Booker had had enough living. Now he only wanted to see his daughter again. Soon he fell down on the ground dead, his teeth gritting, with the last of his tears leaving his eyes.

Winner: Jack Ryan

Expert's Opinion[]

It was close! But according to the experts, Jack won because of the sheer advantage that Rapture possessed. He also had a slightly better weapons, powers, and the better physical prowess, leading to his victory.

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