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Isaac's Team is the player character's team in the original Golden Sun game, and half of the party, known as the Warriors of Vale in the second. Isaac's Team was initially Isaac and Garet, a pair of childhood friends from Vale who set out to rescue Jenna and Felix from the clutches of Saturos and Menardi. Additionally, they were tasked by a cycloptic rock known as the Wise One to stop the lighting of the Elemental Lighthouses, being told that doing so would destroy the world. Along the way, they also pick up Ivan, the heir to Kalay, as well as Mia, a healer in Imil. They consistently fail to prevent Saturos' team from lighting the Elemental Lighthouses, though they are able to defeat them in combat afterwards.

They then reunite with Felix's Team, and are then informed that lighting the Elemental Lighthouses is actually required to save the world from destruction. After being provided proof, they join forces to light the remaining lighthouses. After their success, Isaac is heralded as the savior of the world and the leader of the Warriors of Vale, unwillingly usurping credit from Felix.

Battle vs. Felix’s Team (by Leolab)[]

Isaac’s Team and Felix’s Team are squaring off in front of the Jupiter Lighthouse Aerie. “Isaac,” Felix says, “I tried to avoid this.” The two teams face off in a battle.

DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred Isaac’s Team
Black2Black2Black2Black2 Felix’s Team

Ivan attacks first, casting Spark Plasma. Jenna, Piers, and Felix all nimbly dodge, only getting some of the damage. Sheba was preparing her own Spark Plasma, and got the brunt of the blast. Black2. Piers casts Diamond Berg!, and a block of ice crushes Ivan. Piers then slashes through the bloodstained ice, downing Ivan. Darkred. Jenna then casts Searing Beam, and while Garet and Isaac dodge, Mia is not so lucky. Darkred. Her charred corpse hits the ground as Garet casts Liquefier! on Jenna. Despite them both being Mars Adepts, Jenna is downed. Black2. Felix attacks Garet, surprising the warrior and slashing through his throat. Darkred. Isaac then casts Stone Spire. Rocks fall, and both Piers and Felix are buried. Piers’ head is visible, and he is not moving. Black2. Isaac turns to Felix, triumph in his eyes. Felix, however, survived and gets up.

Felix casts Odyssey! Isaac is impaled by two ethereal swords, and can only watch as Felix slams another, much more massive one into his chest. Darkred. Felix looks around, and casts Revive on Jenna, Sheba, and Piers. He then throws the Jupiter Star into the hole in the lighthouse’s aerie, lighting it.

Winner: Felix's Team

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