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Watch out for its axe attack! It hurts a lot! Strike when it drops its guard!
— Navi

Iron Knuckles are recurring mini-bosses in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and its sequel The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They appear as large, heavily armored Gerudo warriors equipped with a giant two-handed double-headed axes. They possess superhuman strength and animalistic intelligence, only being capable of grunting.

In his quest to stop Ganondrof from conquering Hyrule, Link encountered five Iron Knuckles. The first Iron Knuckle was guarding the Silver Gauntlets at the end of the Spirit Temple. When he returned to the Spirit Temple as an adult, he encountered another Iron Knuckle on the opposite side of the Temple. Shortly before facing the witches Kotake and Koume, Link faced his brainwashed Gerudo ally, Nabooru, who was turned into an Iron Knuckle by the witch sisters, though she came back to her senses after Link bested her. The last two Iron Knuckles Link faced in his quest acted as guards in Ganon's Castle.

In his journey through Termina, Link encountered three Iron Knuckles. Two of them he found within tombs of the Ikana Graveyard, with one on the first day of the time loop and one on the second. The third Iron Knuckle was encountered in the Link Dungeon inside the Moon during the hide-and-seek game Link played with the Moon Children.

Battle vs. Darknut (Twilight Princess) (by Appelmonkey)[]


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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Kyoko Sakura (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Sakura Kyouko walked through the door of the mysterious "witch's barrier", which unbeknownst to her, was identical to the Spirit Temple of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The room had a row of columns leading up to a throne in the center, on which stood a suit armor, apparently empty.

Kyouko walked up to the suit of armor. Suddenly, the suit of armor rose to its feet and swung a massive battle axe with a four-foot handle. Kyouko ducked just in time to avoid being sliced in half, and pointed the shaft end of her spear into the ground, extending it and using it to jump backwards a across the room, like a backwards pole vault.

As Kyouko jumped, the Iron Knuckle took a swing, shattering a stone column with its massive axe. The Iron Knuckle turned to face Kyouko and slowly advanced across the room, axe at the ready.

"Ha", Kyouko said as she forcefully bit off the top of a stick of Pocky candy as though demonstrating the improper method of pulling the pin of a grenade, "Bring it on!"

Kyouko extended her spear and slashed sideways with the large triangular head, only for the Iron Knuckle to block her attack. Kyouko countered with a thrust to the "torso" of the Iron Knuckle.

The axe-wielding animated statue raised its weapon, and made a downward slash. Kyouko sidestepped the attack, and the axe got stuck in the floor. Taking advantage of this, Kyouko ran around the back of the Iron Knuckle and thrust her spear into its back, creating a hole in the back.

The Iron Knuckle swung its axe wildly, with Kyouko only narrowly avoiding the blow. The attack sliced two columns in half. Kyouko towards the other end of the room. The Iron Knuckle ran after her, faster than before, but still rather slow.

"Your pretty tough", Kyouko said, "But is that the fastest you can go? Come on, I'm right here!"

Kyouko's spear turned into a chain whip and swung it at the Iron Knuckle, the chain wrapping around its feet and tripping it up. Kyouko the turned her weapon back into a spear and extending it, pole vaulting across the room and pushing off the opposite wall with her feet, diving downwards with spear in hand, straight at the Iron Knuckle.

The spear drove through the back of the Iron Knuckle and came out the other end. The magically animated suit of armor disintegrated. Shortly afterwards, the chamber similar to the Spirit Temple changed into a room in an abandoned warehouse in Mitakigahara.

Kyouko took the "grief seed", the remnants of the monster that masqueraded as an Iron Knuckle, and placed it next to her "soul gem", cleansing the darkness from her gem, she got out a stick of Pocky and place it in her mouth.

WINNER: Kyouko Sakura

Experts Opinion[]

Kyouko's greater magical abilities and longer weapon gave her the edge in this match. The thing that really finished off the Iron Knuckle, however, is Kyouko's high speed, the Iron Knuckle couldn't land a hit on her.

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The battle was declared unfair for the Iron Knuckle because it can't compete with Kyoko's superhuman speed and agility, and superior experience.