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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Waffen-SS (by ReyesRebels)[]

The battle starts in an urban warehouse, abandoned by the inhabitants. Five I.R.A soldiers enter the building. The brigadier opens the door and signals his men to move in. The waffen S.S Hauptsturmführer sits in a chair, tied up and with a bag over his head. The IRA brigadier sees this and smiles. He rips the bag off and punches the captain. “Where is the bomb!” he shouts and hits the captain again. “schrauben Sie” the captain replies. Four Waffen s.s soldiers enter the building. One of the IRA volunteers goes out to investigate. As he turns the corner, he is burned by the Flammenwerfer 41.

The other IRA troops rush out to see what happened. One of them shoots the flammenwerfer nazi exploding the tank on his back and the IRA soldiers scatter. One of them plants a nail bomb on a door. A nazi stops and stares at it. He hears the beeping and realizes it’s a bomb. But it’s too late. The IRA soldier with a detonator picks up his AR-15 and runs. As he runs outside. The Waffen SS sniper picks him off. The sniper goes in the building and peeks around a corner. He sees a door. He enters the door and finds his leader. He cuts the ropes binding him and gives him and stg-44. They run out but and IRA soldier shoots the soldier with a Webley. The captain pumps 7 rounds into him. . Outside an IRA soldier kills a nazi with an MP28. The other IRA soldier opens a door and peeks down a hallway, but behind the door the Waffen SS captain grabs him and pushes him into the wall. He knees the IRA soldier then punches him in the face. He Takes His STG-44 and strangles him. He keeps strangling him. Until he chokes up blood.

The IRA leader sneaks around with his slingshot. He sees a bouncing betty on the ground and shoots it. It explodes. He goes in the storage room and picks up an LPO-50. He sneeks around looking for the last nazi. The Hauptsturmführer pops out and fires a shot from his Stg-44. It misses. And he runs. He picks up his dead comrade with the flammenwerfer’s mauser-c96. The I.R.A captain shoots flames at the captain. The captain adds the attachable stock to his gun. He fires a burst. The jumps out and fires 3 shots in the IRA captain. He slumps down and a pool of blood surrounds him. The captain shouts: “DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Expert's Opinion[]

The SS won the fight due to their training, which made them look at enemies like sub-humans. This means they are more likely to kill without remorse. Although the IRA are well trained, they didn't stand much of a chance without the opportunity to use their usual tactics (guerilla warfare) and weapons (car bombs).

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The battle was declared invalid because the Waffen-SS was given a Flammenwerfer 41 despite never using it.

Battle vs. Viet Cong (by Omnicube1)[]

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen IRA

DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred Viet Cong

Five IRA members are in Vietnam and are demanding a captured Viet Cong operative to them the location of his leader. He refuses and the IRA members torture him with jumper cables. Suddenly, a bullet rips through the jaw of one the IRA operatives. Green One IRA sniper raises his M1 Garand M1C and targets a Viet Cong marksman wielding a Dragunov SVD. The snipers fire at each other but miss. The IRA squad hear screams and come under heavy fire from the Viet Cong. The IRA team leader raises his Browning Hi-Power and finishes off the Viet Cong captive. One IRA member fires his AR-18, killing a Vietnamese assailant. Darkred But one of his comrades raises his Uzi and kills off the Irishman wielding the rifle. Green An IRA operative shoots his Thompson M1921 and wounds the Viet Cong squad leader. While downed, he raises his Stechkin APS, switches it to full-auto, and releases a torrent of bullets at his assailant. Green The two remaining Irishmen fall back into the jungle. The Vietnamese leader yells for his men to fan out and search for them. They pair up and creep through the jungle. Two standard Viet-Cong grunts hear a click. They look-up and see that an IRA member above them has lit the rag to his Molotov Cocktail. He smirks and hurls the incendiary device at them. The two grunts are set ablaze. Darkred Darkred The Viet Cong leader aims his AKM rifle and kills the Irishman wielding the Molotov. Green Suddenly, two rounds hit the chest of the leader. He falls to the ground and bleeds out. He draws his Stechkin APS and demands in Vietnamese for his assailant to come out. Another bullet flies and lands itself into the forehead of the squad leader. Darkred The remaining Viet Cong sniper waits for his target. He immediately sees his enemy and fires the last round in his Dragunov. The round hits the IRA sniper in the right chest, causing him to fall to the ground. The Viet Cong operative walks up to him and smiles at him. He pulls the pin of his F1 Grenade and shoves the grenade down the bullet wound of the IRA member. The Vietnamese sniper walks away and smirks when he hears the sound of the grenade detonating. Green


Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that Viet Cong won due to having more reliable weaponry and using their skills to ambush the IRA and defeat them.

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The battle was disregarded because the Viet Cong were given an Uzi, a weapon they never used.

Battle vs. Sayeret Matkal (by KevlarNinja)[]

(This first part I put to build up to the battle, so bear with me. Oh, and I just picked random Irish first and last names, so don't think I'm pointing fingers or anything...)

In a Irish pub, which has IRA meetings in the back room, five members of the IRA, Darren Moore (the owner of the pub), Shawn Kelly, Patrick King, Kevin Duffy, and Brian Power, are haveing a meeting. Darren, who is also there leader, is showing a map he got off the Black Market of a base in Israel, which he plans for them to steal from. As he finishes describing his plan, he asks if there are any questions. The rest of the rebels eye each other with unease. Finally, Brian asks "It's a good plan, but is it right? I mean, the Jewish have been thought enough without us coming in and stealing from them." Darren explains "I know, I know, but this is a one time only thing. And, not only will we have lots of new weapons, but the British might take us seriously." "OK." answers Patrick. They all raise there fists in the air and shout "FOR IRELAND!" As they leave the room for some Guinness, we zoom out to a room in Israel, were agents from MOSSAD (Israel's version of the CIA) have heard the whole thing via a bug in the wall of the pub. One agent says "I told you the IRA were up to something." A second agent says "Ken, thank god for MI6. We better tell the base......"

(Here is the battle)

IRA: 12345

Israeli Commando: 12345

The IRA have made it to the base, and Kevin is hacking into the security from a laptop, well the rest of them guard from the outside. It's so far been easy, too easy. From a room not to far from the laptop room, five Commandos are watching from a hidden camera. There the only other people in the base except for the IRA, for safety. The squad's explosive expert is waiting for him to almost break in. Suddenly, the explosives expert (who is a internet fan) presses a butten, which makes the words 'EPIC FAIL' apper in red on the screen, which shocks Kevin before the explosives expert sets off the Semtex in the laptop.

IRA: 1234

Hearing the explosion and seeing Kevin's severed head roll out of the room, they find out why it was so easy; it was a trap! As they run for safety, the Commandos run out of the room, and Patrick shoots the explosives expert in the head with his Browning Hi-Power.

Israeli Commando: 1234

The two teams split up. The Commando Leader shoots Brian with his Micro Galil.

IRA: 123

Meanwhile, across the base, a Commando and Darren fire back and forth. The Commando goes into an elevator, but Darren throws a pipe bomb into the elevator, killing the Commando.

Israeli Commando: 123

Another Commando tries to kill him, but he hits him in the left eye with a slingshot.

Israeli Commando: 12

Back across the base, the second Commando backing up the Commando leader kills Patrick with his Glock 19.

IRA: 12

The two Commandos soon run into Darren and Shawn. Shawn kills the other Commando with his AR-15.

Israeli Commando: 1

The Commando leader shoots Shawn with his Glock.

IRA: 1

Darren trys to take the leader's life, but, with all his planing, Darren did not count on one thing: Krav-Maga. The leader kicks Darren in bettween his legs, and as he falls to the floor, muttering in pain something that ends in "-nker", the leader stabs him in the head with his KA-BAR.

IRA: 0

The Leader holds up his bloodly knife in the air and shouts "FOR ISRAEL!!!!".

Winner: Israeli Commando

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a rather easy win for the Commandos, as this was basically special forces versus terrorists, and in almost all cases, the former has beaten the latter.

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Battle was declared unfair due to the vast difference in training, logistics, and experience.