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They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn't want to be broken.
— Bobby Sands

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) was an Irish republican revolutionary paramilitary organisation. It was descended from the Irish Volunteers, an organisation established on 25 November 1913 that staged the Easter Rising in April 1916.

In 1919 during the Easter Rising, the Irish Republic that had been proclaimed and formally established an elected assembly (Dáil Éireann), and the Irish Volunteers were recognised by Dáil Éireann as its legitimate army. Thereafter, the IRA waged a guerrilla campaign against the British occupation of Ireland in the 1919–1921 Irish War of Independence. This would eventually result in the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, which allowed Ireland to form their own independent republic, the Irish Free State and later the Irish Republic, on the condition that the heavily Protestant Northern Ireland remained under British control.

Though this treaty statisfied a large portion of the IRA, who would reform themselves into the National Army or form various poltical parties, one faction desired complete Irish independence and refused to recognize the Anglo-Irish Treaty. These anti-Treatyites continued to wage guerrilla war in Northern Ireland. The IRA would see a slow decline in membership over the years until 1969, where it split up into the Official IRA and Provisional IRA due to abstentionism and differing views on how to deal with the increasing violence in Northern Ireland. Both factions would spawn many splinter groups, some of which are still active today.

Battle vs. Marine Raiders (by Urbancommando77)[]

IRA: 10 MR: 10

A group of raiders are advancing into a destroyed british army outpost. Minewhile in the building across from the outpost, an IRA sniper fires two rounds into a soldier. One into his leg and the other through the tailbone. The soldier yells in pain "Ah!!!". The soldiers try and help him but he goes into a coma before he can be helped. The sniper fires another round into him.

MR: 9

The soldiers advance into the building. The US sniper sees an IRA loading his AR-18 and fires a round into him, The rebel falls and groans before dying.

IRA: 9

The rebel sniper reloads his G3 and runs downs some stairs to find the dead rebel. He runs back up the stairs and grabs his AR-18. As he runs down the stairs the marine sniper sees him and fires a round into his leg. He groans and runs back up the stairs but the soldier follows him. The rebel fires a few rounds into him. The soldier falls and faintly says into his radio "Up here guys...the rebels are up..." Hes cut off by the rebel firing another round into him.

MR: 8

Another rebel bursts from a room and ignites the room with his flamethrower. He doesn't hit any soldier though. A marine fires a whole clip of a BAR into the rebel and his oil pack.

IRA: 8

The soldier charges down the hall dodging flames. A rebel pushes him down and fires four bullets from his AR-15. As he runs the soldier gets up firing his BAR. Meanwhile the sniper sees two other soldiers walk out of the building. The soldier fires at them but misses. One fires his tommy gun at him but it doesn't have the range. The two soldiers run into the outpost across the street. Meanwhile the rebel being chased finally gets shot by the BAR wielding marine as he chased him.

IRA: 7

The sniper races down the metal staircase, but meets the soldier with the BAR. The soldier empties his clip at the rebel but misses all but one shots because the rebel ran up the stairs. The rebel plants a nailbomb on the staircase. As the marine runs up the stairs he trips it, sending nails, tacks and small little broken metal pieces into him.

MR: 7

The sniper pulls out his AR-15 and runs down the stairs and across the street to the outpost. Meanwhile the two marines are searching the outpost when a rebel jumps out firing his hi-p but misses most shots. One of them opens fire with his tommy gun.

IRA: 6

The soldiers see the sniper sneaking up with an AR-15 and open fire but the rebel leaps into a door, breaking it. The soldiers follow and fire. The other guy pulls out his carbine and fires at the rebel. The rebel keeps running though. He pulls out his hi-p and shoots the carbine wielding soldier.

MR: 6

The sniper runs and jumps out of a window. Another rebel follows him and the tommy gun wielding soldier follows too. The rebel fires his hi-p into the soldier.

MR: 5

The rebel runs in the back door of the building. Meanwhile a marine places a landmine and chases the sniper rebel. A rebel sees him and chases him, but the rebel trips the landmine, but was so fast it only blows shapnel into his back.

IRA: 5

The marine keeps following the sniper, looking for him. The marine pulls out his M1911 and shoots his leg. Meanwhile three rebels at the outpost charge across but one trips a landmine.

IRA: 2

The sniper sees his captian but he has a combat knife in him. The soldier following him sees him and shoots the captian.

IRA: 1

The other four soldiers run down the staircase wielding combat knives or an M1911. He bursts into a room and places another nailbomb. The soldiers burst into the room but trigger the nailbomb.

MR: 2

The rebel bursts from the table he was ducking under with his KA-bar and impales a soldier in the leg. The soldier groans and stabs the rebel in the arm. The rebel shouts and thrusts his knife in the soldier neck twice.

MR: 1

The last marine pushes the rebel into a chair. He pulls out a combat knife and cuts the rebel in the arm. The rebel slashes the soldier in the arm and pushes him out the window.

MR: 0

The rebel roars "Ireland!" in victory and walks off.

Winner: IRA

Expert's Opinion[]

The raiders may have been trained, but the IRA's weapons and guerilla style tactics against a better trained enemy won them the day.

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Battle vs. Viet Cong (by Jar teh marksman)[]

IRA: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellowYellowYellow

The battle starts as 4 IRA members are inside a warehouse, checking their weapons. One IRA member is standing on the rooftop, keeping a watchout. 5 Viet Cong members approach from behind the warehouse. Suddenly, one notices the IRA member standing on the top. They split up, as 4 go to raid the warehouse, and one goes around another way. The one that is going around the other way, notices a ladder leading to the top of the top of the warehouse.

The IRA member on top suddenly hears a noise. He turns around, to find himself falling to the ground after being pushed off.

The other 4 Viet Cong soldiers break into the building. One starts spraying his RPK, hitting one IRA member. Not long after, he is hit and killed with an HK21.

IRA: GreenGreenGreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellowYellow

The IRA member pushed off of the roof, slowly regains conciousness. Trying to ignore the pain, he gets back up, AR-15 in hand. He notices the 3 unknown soldiers vacating the premisis. He sees his other soldiers, and follows behind the Viet Cong. One IRA member turns around a corner, and torches a Viet Cong member. Shortly after, another Viet Cong member pulls out his AK-47, and delivers a few rounds straight into the IRA member's chest.

IRA: GreenGreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellow

As the 2 Viet Cong soldiers retreat back, one IRA member readies his AR-15 to take a shot, he is butt-ended by a Mat-49, and then mowed down.

IRA: GreenGreen

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellow

One IRA member finds himself in a jungle-like area. As he hears shouting from behind, he starts running. A Viet Cong member starts following behind, Tokarev in hand. The IRA member hears the shouting getting closer, so he turns around, and starts firing his AR-15. It hits the VC in the leg. Just as he thinks he's successful, he falls and gets impaled on Punji Stakes.

IRA: Green

Viet Cong: YellowYellowYellow

The VC limps over to see the dead body of his enemy. Just when he turns around, he's decimated by the Webley.

IRA: Green

Viet Cong: YellowYellow

The IRA hears movement, and ducks into some bushes. He spots 2 VC. After they pass by, he jumps up, and shoots one in the back with the AR-15.

IRA: Green

Viet Cong: Yellow

The remaining VC notices, and tries to shoot him. It doesn't succeed, because the IRA member has already disappeared. The remaining VC then slowly advances out of the jungle. He enters a building, but then is grabbed and thrown down to the ground. He grabs the leg of the IRA, and trips him up. The remaining VC gets up, and tries to step on the IRA. He rolls out of the way, and jumps up. Seeing that the VC is standing in the doorway, he pushes him back outside, closes the door, detonates a Nail Bomb, and blows the VC away.

IRA: Green

Viet Cong:

The IRA opens the door, and looks down at his kill. He pumps his fist into the air, and calls out "IRELAND!!!" in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believe that the IRA won because of their better weapons and training.

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Battle vs. Revolutionary United Front (by Samurai234)[]

IRA: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

R.U.F: Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown

In the Jungle of Sierra Leone, 5 R.U.F. rebels in a truck are driving after taking out some military personnel. They see a warehouse and decide to head in, thinking it's empty. Unaware to them, the warehouse is actually the hideout of the IRA. As the truck approaches one IRA member, armed with a HK G3 Sniper Rifle, fires at the driver of the truck. Brown (5-4)

The truck soon crashes, and the R.U.F. members exit the truck. However, they soon come under attack by hidden IRA members with their AR-15s. One of them is killed. Brown (5-3) One R.U.F. fires his RPG at the building, but doesn't kill anyone. Soon, they decide to enter the building. As one R.U.F. member opens a door, he runs into an IRA member with a flamethrower. He smirks and sets the African Rebel aflame. Brown (5-2) Another R.U.F. member sees this, though, and uses his Galil to shoot the Flamethrowers gas tank, causing it to explode and kill the Irishman. Grey (4-2)

Meanwhile, another R.U.F. member places an IED by a door. He tries to get the IRA's attention by shooting his Sterling Submachine Gun. Two IRA member hear this and approach the door. However, as they open it, they set off the IED and kill themselves. Grey Grey (2-2) Another IRA man walks down a hallway, but runs into a R.U.F. member with a Machete. The Irish man draws his Ka-Bar in self defense, but the R.U.F. member only laughs at him. They soon duel, but the IRA member is at a huge disadvantage due to his much shorter blade. Soon, the R.U.F. member manages to cut him in the neck. Grey (2-1) He laughs and walks off, but suddenly something explodes and kills him. Brown(1-1) Nearby, the last IRA member smirks, holding the detonator to a nail bomb he placed there. He then pulls out his Browning Hi-Power pistol and looks for the last R.U.F. member. He spots him with a Makarov Pistol. They fire at each other until they lose sight of each other. Suddenly, the R.U.F. member sees what looks like the shadow of the IRA member in the hallway. He enters the room and fires, but he finds he just shoot a dummy. The real IRA member points his pistol behind his head and pulls the trigger. Brown (1-0)

The Irish man raises his fist in the air and yells "Ireland!"


Expert's Opinion[]

The IRA had the spirit, the will-power, and the discipline to easily dominate over the African warriors. Plus they had the greater experience fighting a more well-trained foe.

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Battle vs. Chechen Rebel (by MovieStuff65)[]

IRA: 12345 Chechen Rebels: 12345

Five Chechen Rebels are planning a raid on an Irish army base. They are at the front gate when a shot rings out. The rebels take cover as the IRA sniper tries to find a target with his G3S/1. The Chechen sniper aims his Dragunov SVD and misses the IRA fighter. Neither sniper manages to get a hit with their rifles. The leader of the Chechen Rebels yells loudly in Russian, "Fuck this." He lifts his RPG-7 and blows the IRA sky high.

IRA: 1234

Chechen Rebels: 12345

The sniper abandons the SVD for his Borz SMG. He breaches the door to meet the IRA leader with a remote control. He starts to run when the Pipe Bomb explodes and kills him.

IRA: 1234

Chechen Rebel: 1234

As the rest of the IRA burst into the room, the Chechen Rebels open fire with their AK-101s. An Irishman falls.

IRA: 123

Chechen Rebels: 1234

The IRA leader aims his AR-18 and kills a Chechen Rebl before he orders the men to fall back.

IRA: 123

Chechen Rebels: 123

The rest of the Chechen Rebels advance cautiously. An IRA rebel aims a G3S/1 sniper rifle at him and gets a headshot.

IRA: 123

Chechen Rebels: 12

The Chechen leader quickly aims his Borz SMG and kills the IRA man.

IRA: 12

Chechen Rebels: 12

The dying man aims draws his MAC-10 and kills the last Chechen regular with him.

IRA: 12

Chechen Rebels: 1

The two remaining IRA rebels search a hall when the Chechen leader jumps out of a closet and stabs the IRA regular.

IRA: 1

Chechen Rebels: 1

The IRA leader draws his KA-BAR knife and makes a thrust. The Chechen Rebel dodges this with ease and feints a slash. He then tackles the Irishman. He knees him in... a place. As the Chechen holds the Hunting Knife at the throat of the IRA soldier. the man says this, "What the bloody hell is wrong with you?! You don't knee a guy in his bollocks!" The Chechen merely shrugs and slashes the Hunting Knife across the Irishman's throat.


Chechen Rebels: 1

The Chechen leader yells "Chechnya!" in victory.

Winner: Chechen Rebels

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts agreed that despite the IRA's long campaign against the United Kingdom, the sheer better weaponry of the Chechen Rebels and their more brutal fighting style won them this battle.

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Battle vs. Home Army (by Goddess of Despair)[]

Polish home army (PHA)-7 Irish republican army (IRA)-7

The PHA team approaches the abandoned market, fruits in baskets but no people spotted. The poles spot a building in the distance, ruined with a Nazi flag. It hung on the building, like a motionless demon, until the wind blew the foul flag. Suddenly the IRA exits the building examining the environment.  They spot the poles quickly, and the leader detonates the nail bomb hidden in a watermelon near the PHA.  Two rebels succumb to the explosion. The survivors fled for cover, as rifle rounds flew through the air towards them.  Polish home army (PHA)-5 Irish republican army (IRA)-7

The IRA advanced on the Polish rebels, when one pops up from cover, blasting and IRA operative in the shoulder. He reached for the weapons bolt but was sprayed down by a Thompson.  The Polish leader threw a Molotov over his cover; two IRA members get caught in in the flames. They fall to the ground and slowly burn to death. Polish home army (PHA)-4 Irish republican army (IRA)-4

The poles retreat and split in groups of two, the pursuing IRA do the same. The IRA leader aims his garand as he walks into a store. The man behind him sets down his Thomson, and sets down a nail bomb. As he fiddles with the device, the Polish rebels in the store fire upon the two, killing the man planting the explosive with a storm of bullets. The second IRA member shoots him twice with his garand, once in the shoulder, and again in the head.  Polish home army (PHA)-3 Irish republican army (IRA)-3

The Polish leader pops out of cover with his bechowiec, and fires several rounds, hitting the nail bomb in the process. The explosion sent nails flying all over the store, hitting the PHA in the throat. The IRA operative received the same luck. Polish home army (PHA)-2 Irish republican army (IRA)-2

The remaining rebels are engaged in a fire fight, rounds slamming into everything in the city. The Polish are in cover when suddenly a bullet pierces their cover, hitting one man in the throat. The final PHA member leaped over his cover with his bechowiec and sprayed several rounds into each IRA member. A round hits the man and he falls down next to his Irish opponent. The PHA leader turns to the IRA leader who shows a remote. He presses a button and the two get consumed in the blast. Polish home army (PHA)-X Irish republican army (IRA)-X

Expert's Opinion[]

I ended this in a draw sense I voted for the PHA. I felt that a draw would make sense since the PHA's weapons were older, but the kbk had better range and accuracy then the garand, and the bechowiec had more ammo. The IRA however were more modern.

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Battle vs. Zapatista Army of National Liberation (by SPARTAN 119)[]

  • IRA: Green Green Green Green Green Green
  • Zapatista Army: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Five Zapatista rebels crept through the jungle, planning to attack the base of an arms dealer shipping weapons across the Atlantic to the IRA. One of the rebels raised an RPG-7 and took aim at a group of IRA guarding the latest shipment and pulled the trigger. The rocket flew off through the air, impacting the corrugated aluminum roof of an old warehouse, killing an IRA terrorist on the roof. Green

The surviving IRA ready their weapons and take cover behind anything they can find. An IRA sniper with an M1C rifle scans the jungle, however, a gunshot rings out from a tree about 100 meters distant- a Zapatista with a scoped G3 scored a headshot on the IRA sniper, causing him to collapse to the ground. Green

The muzzle flash, however, gave away the position of the Zapatista sniper. One of the IRA raises an M72 LAW rocket launcher and fires it into the jungle. The rocket impacts the tree the sniper stood in, the blast killing the sniper and one other Zapatista.Darkred Darkred

The IRA that fired the rocket drops the empty tube and picks up his AR-18, before raising his head over the top the create he took cover behind. The second he did so, a bullet impacted his head, causing him to fall the ground, dead. Green

The IRA and Zapatistas exchanged fire with each other. An IRA terrorist with an AR-18 opened fire, cutting down a Zapatista as he broke from cover. Darkred As, seconds later, one of his fellows rests the bipod of his Bren gun on a concrete wall and takes out a second Zapatista as they prepared to assault the IRA position. Darkred

An IRA soldier gets up from behind an engine block and attempts to fire his AR-18 at the Zapatista leader, however, he is caught in the field of fire of a Zapatista RPK gunner and is cut down. Green Meanwhile, an IRA terrorist manages to avoid attention of the Zapatista and flank the RPK gunner, firing his Thompson into his side. The Zapatista rebel falls to the ground, hit several times. Darkred

The Zapatista leader, however, hears the burst of fire that killed his last surviving soldier and fires a burst from his Colt Commando, killing the IRA with the Thompson with three shots to the chest. Green

The Zapatista leader then turns his gun on the IRA leader and pulls the trigger, but he hears only the click of an empty chamber. The Zapatista tries to draw his Beretta from its holster, but the IRA leader fires his Browning Hi-Power several times. The Zapatista leader collapses to the floor, dead, as the IRA leader reloads his pistol and runs away from the scene, trying to make it to the arms dealer and several fellow IRA oversee the transaction, to warn them of the attack.Darkred


Expert's Opinion[]

The IRA won this battle in most part thanks to their much greater combat experience, having existed for a longer time than the Zapatistas, as well as their superior SMG and assault rifle, which counteracted any advantage the superior specialist weapons of the Zapatistas might have given them.

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Battle vs. National Liberation Army (Libya) (by Affectos and WanderingSkull)[]

Location: Unknown Military Base, Libya

The sun beats down upon the long since abandoned military base, since the men stationed there had long since left to try and quell another rebel attack only to never return. Supplies that remain there such as guns, explosives, ammunition, and armor have served as a prime opportunity to resupply and gather new materials for the rebels. The National Liberation Army has sent a small squad to secure the base for use at a later point.

NLA: Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

The squad of NLA troops breaks through the front gate with their weapons pointed as they begin to search for any possible form resistance that may be hidden with the base. Unbeknownst to them, a small squad of IRA troops had also had the same idea to raid the base. The IRA movement has seen the Libyan Civil War as an opportunity to restock their own supplies in their war against Britain. IRA: Green Green Green Green Green

Both forces slowly advance and spread out looking around for the valuable bounties that the base may contain. The group of Libyians enter one of the small houses and spot a grand variety of ammo crates, grenades and the exciting of all was a perfectly good RPG-26. "تلك المتسكعون القمعية ترك لنا مسافات جيدة." said one of the Libyans as he shouldered the RPG-26 and saw the it already was pre-loaded. There enjoyment in the good haul was cut short by the shattering of one of the nearby glass windows. "القرف!" all of the men hit the ground, but as they rasied their heads they noticed that one of their men didn't hit the gound for cover. Yellow The Libyians returned fire by shattering their windows and peaking their weapons from out of the corners.

The group of IRA troops had surrounded the building and continued firing while two of their members prepared to breach the front door. One of the IRA armed with a Thompson providing covering fire for the group was cut down by a short burst from the Libyan carrying a MAT-49. Green

His clip ran dry and as he reached for a new one, he saw the two incoming IRA members and rushed to insert his new clip, but in his haste he dropped the magazine alerting both members to his position. One turned towards the man and let loose a stream of flames that engulfed the man in a dancing inferno. Yellow His screams echoed throughout the building attracting the attention of his comrades who returned their own form of fire towards the two intruders causing one to be riddled with rounds. Green

Taking cover behind a nearby wall the surviving IRA returned fire with his AR-15, "C'mon, you bloody sand people!" as his rounds chipped the cover of his foes. The Libyans returned their own fire and slowly fell back in order to escape the confines of the small building before they found themselves trapped. One of the the men found himself unfortunate in his attempts to escape as a round nailed him in the knee causing him to drop. "نخرج من هنا!" the man shouted to his allies telling them to flee before their enemy managed to reach them which they obeyed.

The man looked at his wound and grimaced as the blood trickled down his leg it became apparant to him that he wouldn't survive this, but he would surely go down with a fight. He began dragging himself to nearby room and he lifted himself upon the small containers. The footsteps had told him that the IRA member was closing in on his location and with a silent prayer the man saw his opponent's silhouette appear. His shout of primal rage caught the IRA's attention, but a little too late as he was pinned against the wall and dropped his AR-15.

The Libyan delivered a swift punch to the man's jaw before he himself felt a sharp pain shoot through his body. A knife was buried up to the hilt in his lower ribs. The IRA member slammed his opponent against the opposite wall and delivered a knee to the man's groin. The Libyan simply smiled as he weakly lifted up a small sphere as the pin hit the ground. The Irish man's face was filled with horror as he realized the events that were about to unfold. "Allah Akbar." escaped the man's lips before the explosion engulfed them both. Green Yellow

The sound of the explosion resonated through the base. "Conor, report!" the IRA member shouted into his radio, but only received static on the other end confirming his suspicions. Both men whispered a silent prayer for their fallen comrades before heading out to search for any other rebels. It wasn't long before they did as rounds crackled off the small shed they had just passed; both men searched for cover in their limited options before settling for a small jeep and returned their own fire.

One of the IRA members made a run for it for another nearby shed and fired upon the Libyans with AR-15, while his partner managed to nail one of them in the shoulder dropping him. "C'mon fháil ar bun ya, fuiliú amadán!" the IRA shouted looking at success. The Libyans were more than happy to oblige as his partner lifted the RPG-26 onto his shoulder and settled his sights on the jeep; the rocket ejected itself from the tube and flew towards the causing to burst into a brilliant fiery-orange launching it like some child's toy. Green

Both Libyans smiled at their success and began moving towards the small building with pistols in hand. As they closed in upon the shed they heard a shuffling behind the door and opened it. Both men burst inside and looked at the small empty one room building with the window open. A look of confusion crossed both of their as they walked further into the room and began to investigate it. One of the men looked upon the table noticed a device with caused his eyes enlarge in fear. "انها مصيدة." he said to his ally causing both make to mad dash for the door before the bomb went off and ripped one of the men apart with shrapnel. Yellow

The final NLA member was blown forward due to the force of the explosion falling upon his front, struggling to to regain his footing. His arms attempting to push himself up until a foot stepped upon it and began to crush it. A scream of pain escaped the man's lips as he observed the IRA member standing above him before a swift kick connected with his jaw. The fell onto his side and went to grab the sickle on his side before kick to the ribs left him reeling in pain.

The IRA pulled the Browning Hi-Power from his holster and lowered himself to ground level, looking at the fallen man who lay before him. Pressing the barrel against him temple of his head, he gave a small smile before a round escaped and blow out a side of the man's head. Yellow

Lfiting himself up and slightly dusting himself off the Irish man shouted, "Ireland!" before saying a slient prayer for him comrades. Their sacrifice had allowed their resistance to capture this base and weapons inside to use in their war against Britain.

Deadliest Warrior: IRA

Expert's Opinion []


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Battle vs. Somali Pirate (by Yetimonster)[]

No battle written.

Expert's Opinion[]

The IRA won due to them having the more modern and accurate weaponry along with them being more organized.

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Battle vs. Russian Mafia (by BattleGames1)[]

IRA: Green x 10

Russian Mafia: Red x 10

So you Irish 'soldiers' think you are better than us Russian mobsters, eh? And that gives you the right to demand more from us because you are in the middle of a war here? Sorry but we are not your care packages. If you want new guns to play with, go get them somewhere else!

Immediately after hearing those words, the IRA negotiator quickly whipped out his Browning pistol and shot the brigadier out of seething rage (Red x 9). In return, one of the brigadier's bykis raised his own rifle, ready to fire it only to have a bullet zip into his head (Red x 8). As the other byki ducks for cover, the IRA negotiator (who also happened to be the leader) runs out the door of the warehouse, switching his Browning for the Armalite.

Outside the base, the IRA soldier holding a still smoking Barrett sniper rifle rushed down from his post on the hill to notify his comrades of the operation's commencement before scurrying back up top. He peered through the scope in subtle excitement as he witnessed the truck carrying his fellow soldiers smash through the front gate to the surprise and anger of the Mafia. He continued to fire his Barrett on the oncoming mobsters, laying down each shot suppressively.

Down on the ground, the Boeviks continued to engage the Irish soldiers with their rifles, weaving through tight corridors and hopping into empty buildings and crates as they do so. One particularly brave Boevik hides on the second floor of an office and begins to lay down some suppressive fire on his own using the Dragunov - eventually capping down one unlucky Irishman (Green x 9). Noticing this from up his post on the hill, the Barrett-wielding Irishman tried to aim his sights at the sniper but could not get a clear vantage. Moving from his position, the sniper drew out his MP5A4 in case he ran into trouble. As he moved down from the hill and onto the truck, the Russian sniper continued to force the Irish troopers to head for cover.

The lead soldier, unbeknownst to the mobsters, snuck back to the truck and got out the dreaded nail bomb that his Army was infamously known for using. Tucking it away into his coat, the lead soldier joined his team as they continued firing at the mobsters. Each gang exchanged gunfire that rang ceaselessly through the air and each managed to cap one of their foes - one with just a single painless shot (Red x 7) from the AR-18, the other with a barrage of bullets (Green x 8) from the AK-74. Seeing this gunfire tactic not working in their favor, one Boevik crawled away to get their secret weapon. Meanwhile, the IRA soldiers broke rank from their gunfire to try something new too. As the lead soldier barked orders at his men, the Russian sniper from before fired at the group killing two soldiers in the process (Green x 6).

Seeing this happen, the Irish sniper tried to aim his Barret at where the Russian sniper was. Unfortunately, his movement was already picked up by his rival as a scope flare and thus the Russian mobster immediately dodged the oncoming wood-shattering shot. Moving to another window, the Dragunov man tried once more to look out for the Irish sniper but as he got close to another window, another sniper bullet pierced the wall and scraped him on the cheek. Unable to return fire, the Boevik made a daring move and jumped through the window on the opposite side of the room and disappearing from the sniper's point of view.

As the sniper duel was raging, the Russian mobster from before arrived back onto the site of the battle with an RPG rocket, loaded and ready to move. Noticing that the Irish soldiers were now in hiding in one of the dockyard buildings, the mobsters decide to play dirty and split up into groups ready to counter the ambush. One group of three, armed with Vityaz SMGs and the RPG circled around the supposed office building, hiding behind a group of nearby rusty crates. The other, armed with another SMG and 2 AK-74s, circled around to the front, hoping to distract their supposed ambushers.

Hiding in wait inside the single-storey office building, the 4 IRA soldiers (including the leader) patiently held their breath as they waited for their bait. Suddenly a large explosion detonates near one soldier (Green x 5) and the others are showered with splinters and other rubble. As the chaos began, the Russian mobsters stormed the area in the hopes of catching their targets off-guard. Indeed they have but as if by some miracle, the remaining 3 soldiers make a hasty retreat into the pile of abandoned crates and refuse.

Meanwhile, as the 2nd team continued to swing back to the front line to join their comrades, they are suddenly confronted by another Irish soldier wielding the equally dreadful LPO-50. In a matter of moments, the soldier lets loose with his new toy and torches the unlucky mobsters to death - one of them dying before he could even plunge into the icy cold water below (Red x 4). As the flamethrower smugly looked at his charring work, he is suddenly gripped tightly from behind by a pair of burly hands. It is the Russian sniper who slits the Irishman's throat open with his hunting knife (Green x 4). Tossing his bloody hunting knife aside, the sniper ran off to provide support to his fellow comrades.

At the same time, the 3 Irish soldiers are joined by their fellow sniper. Each exchanged an angry sentence about the death of their mates and what their next plan of action is. With a shared nod, each of the soldiers was directed to somewhere they could shelter themselves from the onslaught. Unfortunately, as the Irish sniper moved to his position, he found himself in the sights of his Russian rival - and with one pop to the neck, the Irish sniper fell to the concrete (Green x 3). This drew ire from the lead soldier who stood up from his cover and wildly fired onto the mobsters, managing to kill one (Red x 3), until his AR-18 ran out of ammo. Knowing this, another brave Irish soldier quickly dived for the sniper's MP5A4 and tossed it to his superior. By the time they turned back however, the mobsters already disappeared - supposedly hiding in cowardice from the fury they have unleashed.

As the Irish soldiers advanced through the menagerie of crates, the lead soldier suddenly dives in front of his subordiantes in fear - an RGD-5 grenade has just rolled onto the floor and is heading their way. Before the two soldiers could actually react, they are suddenly blown away by the grenade blast (Green x 1) leaving the leader all alone with renewed vengeful vigor.

Scouting ahead to look for the Ruski bastards who killed off his support, the leader suddenly came across two of them. With a shout, the leader began to sprint as fast as he could to a safe distance. Reasoning it would be better to play on their own terms, the leader took out the nail bomb in his coat and smiled at his own brilliance.Just moments after the IRA leader shouted at them, the Russian mobsters ran as fast as they could to where the leader stood patiently. As they drew closer, they gunned the figure down... only it wasn't the leader but one of their own soldiers dressed as the leader. Standing dumbfoundedly as to where their target could be, the leader smugly appeared before them atop a crate wielding a remote control in his hands. Before the mobsters could react however with bullets, the Irishman reacted more quickly with a press and then a loud boom as the nail bomb he planted earlier explodes (Red x 1).

Hearing this from afar, the remaining Russian soldier cautiously sheaths away his Dragunov and takes out his Makarov pistol. At first he hears faint illusory clanking around him to suggest someone was moving. However as his senses continued to play tricks on him, the IRA leader yelled and hopped down from above, disarming the mobster and strangling him to the ground. With enough strength to match, however, the mobster quickly kicked the Irishman back and recovered his standing. From then on the two were locked in a melee that consisted of staggering punches and kicks that would've certainly almost killed them. With each block and strike, the melee became more and more intense. Then, just as it appears that the mobster was winning with his Irish foe caught in a choke-hold, he felt a searing blade penetrate his back multiple times in rapid succession. The IRA man had used his KA-BAR when he wasn't looking (Red x 0). As the grip on his neck loosened, the IRA man picked himself up from the ground, dusting himself down before making his way out back towards the van.

Winner: IRA

Expert's Opinion[]

The Russian Mafia may have been brutish and violent gang that towered over their Irish enemies physically but the IRA were a full-on rebel army that packed superior weaponry, tactics, training and combat experience over the Ruskis which sealed them the win. If you think this battle is unfair in any way, shape or form, you can go ahead and do a rematch.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here

Battle vs. Medellín Cartel (by Deathblade 100)[]

Medellin Cartel:RedRedRedRedRed

IRA: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

A camper van pulls up next to a shipping yard. Five IRA guerrillas emerge; four armed with AR-15 Assault Rifles and one with an LPO-50 Flamethrower. They move up to the main warehouse. Inside the warehouse five Medellin Cartel thugs are stashing away cocaine packages. As the IRA approach, one of the Medellin Cartel puts a box in the boot of a car. One of the guerrrillas raises his AR-15 and shoots the thug in the head.Red The gunshot attracts the attention of the other Cartel members. Two start firing their M60 Machine Guns at the IRA, killing one.Blue

The IRA split up and scatter through the yard. One of the cartel fires his Mini Uzi as he pursues one of the Irishmen through a shipping container. As the IRA member gets out of the container, he sets a Nail Bomb on the wall and detonates it from a safe distance as the Cartel member runs towards the exit. The bomb explodes, riddling the landscape with shrapnel and killing the thug.Red Another thug turns a corner and shoots the IRA soldier with his Uzi.Blue

Another Cartel armed with a Machete runs towards an IRA fighter. The IRA fires a steel ballbearing from his slingshot, wounding the Cartel member. As the thug closes in, the Irishman tries to unsling his AR-15 only for the machete to cleave through his arm and into the neck.Blue As the cartel thug pulls the machete from his victim's neck, an IRA guerrilla fires a shot from his AR-15 into the Colombian's head.Red

The freedom fighter enters the garage of the warehouse, takes cover behind the car in the garage and opens fire with his assault rifle as a cartel thug fires his Uzi in return. A shot from the AR-15 hits the cartel in the stomach, fatally wounding him. As the IRA fighter walks up to the thug, the Colombian clicks a button on a remote control detonating the charge of dynamite in the boot, killing both combatants. RedBlue

The explosion attracts the cartel's boss to the scene, who smiles at the carnage. Believing the last IRA member to be dead, he walks off out of the warehouse only for the IRA leader to walk out of a shipping crate behind the thug and fire his LPO-50 flamethrower at him.Red

As the Colombian's screams finally stop, the IRA leader raises his LPO-50 in the air and yell "Éire!" (Ireland!) in victory.

Winner: IRA

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Medellin Cartel were ruthless, they could not compete against the better trained and determined IRA, as they had actual combat experience and not just shoot-outs with police and rival gangs. To see the original battle, votes and weaponry, click here

Battle vs. Lord's Resistance Army (by Wassboss)[]

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen: IRA

BrownBrownBrownBrownBrown: LRA

He watches from the bushes as smoke rises from the centre of the outpost. The man is dressed in camouflage and he holds an assault rifle in his hands, a pistol hanging off his belt. He doesn't move as another man moves up beside him, dressed in khaki, and follows his gaze to the smoke trail.

"I thought this place was abandoned" he says.

"Clearly it isn't," the man replies "and by the looks of things there would appear to be more than one person." He points his rifle at the window on one of the buildings. The other man looks and sees a figure standing in the window, his back to the men.

"What do you want us to do," the man in khaki asks.

"Kony will not like the idea of people being this near of our encampment," the camouflaged man says "we must go in there and eliminate them." The other man nods and gestures with his hand back towards the jungle. Three more men appear out of the undergrowth, all armed and dressed in khaki. The man in camouflage rises and the other men copy him and together they make their way out of the forest and into the clearing that surrounds the barracks. The leader drops to a crouch when the reach the outer fence and gestures with his hand for the other men to come near. "We go in silently," he whispers when they get close enough "we kill anyone we come across quietly and efficiently. With any luck they won't even know we're here until it's too late." The other men nod and the leader pushes open the gate with his hand and slides through the gap and the rest of the group follows.

The group makes it's way methodically throughout the compound, checking through the various outer buildings until they are sure that the coast is clear. They then move through the inner gate to continue their search, eventually coming across a group of large crates. The leader points to the crates and the man nearest to them takes the top off the nearest one. He looks inside and beckons to the leader to take a look. He walks over and peers into the crate, spotting several firearms. "What the hell is going on here" he whispers.

"It looks like whoever is here is stocking up on weapons," the other man says. As he does a man rounds the corner, wearing a balaclava, a cigarette clasped between his lips. He spots the group and stops, the cigarette dropping from his mouth and hitting the floor. He tries to reach for the radio in his shirt pocket but one of the men shoots him twice in the chest with his AK-47, dropping him. Green

Inside the main building, 4 men sit around a table, covered from end to end by a map of the United Kingdom. The blinds are drawn and the only light comes from a several candles which are scattered about. At the head of the table sits an elderly man, his hair white and his features wrinkled and is also notable for being the only person no wearing a balaclava. He is studying the map and he takes 3 pins from a tray next to him and gets up, circling the table and placing the pins in 3 locations. London, Liverpool, Belfast.

"These are the places we are going to attack," he says, his voice an heavy Irish accent. "We need to show these fucking imperialists that we ain't kidding around. They think they've won just because they've forced out of our country" he continues, spitting on the ground in contempt. "They don't know jack shit about who we are and what we stand for but this will show them that we mean business"

"But how are we supposed to get back into Ireland" one of the men asks.

"There's a boat leaving for the port of Liverpool from somewhere across the Sudanese boarders" the old man replies. "The Sudanese Rebels that kindly directed us to this base have also offered to transport us and our goods to the port and get us on that ship."

Just as he says this the tranquil peace is broken by the sound of gunshots and the 3 younger men immediately jump to their feet. "What the hell was that" one of them says and they all look towards the older man, who is still sat calmly in his chair.

"It looks like we've run into some trouble lads" he says and slowly rises from his seat. He walks over to a crate in the corner of the room and opens the lid to reveal a plethora of weaponry.

"Let's show them the Irish spirit" he says with a smile.

"What do you do that for," the leader hisses at the man.

"He'd seen us, he was about to raise the alarm," the man protests.

"You should have used your Uzi," the leader snaps "at least that was silenced. Every person in the area will have heard those gunshots." Just as he says this, he hears the unmistakable sound of breaking glass and instinctively ducks as the sounds of gunfire rings out across the area. The rest of the LRA members follow suit, crouch walking behind the cover of the crates. A couple of the men peer out over the top of the cover and manage to spot a man in the window of the far building, before more gunfire forces them back behind cover. They wait for the gunfire to stop before returning fire with their AK's forcing the gunman to move out of the window to avoid getting hit. The leader catches something out of the corner of his eye and just about manages to move around the side of the crates before a barrage of bullets strikes the man standing next to him.Brown

The LRA troops turn to face the new threat and open fire, forcing the Irishmen to duck around behind the cover of a low brick wall. The man in the window continues his cover fire which prevents the LRA from being able to aim accurately without risking getting shot. "Get rid of that damn shooter" the leader yells to one of the men who takes the RPG-7 he has been carrying off his shoulder. He waits until the gunfire stops before stepping out from behind cover, firing off the RPG. It flies in an upwards arc towards the window, just as the IRA member steps out from behind cover. He barely has time to blink before the projectile hits him full on, destroying him in an explosion of fire and shrapnel. Green

Unfortunately this move leaves him way out of cover and he is soon shredded by the gunfire of the IRA members.Brown The two groups, now evenly matched, begin a cycle of coming out of cover, firing off some shots and then ducking back down to avoid a barrage from the opposing men. The LRA catch a lucky break when one of them manages to hit one of their opponents in the arm, making him drop his gun and leaving his right arm severely crippled. "FALL BACK" shouts the IRA leader and the Irishmen back away from the wall, covering their retreat with gunfire until they are safely round the side of one of the buildings. The LRA leader waves for his men to give chase and they oblige, running off in the direction of the IRA with the leader not far behind. As the round the corner of the building they spot a man dart through the doorway of the next building along and make a beeline for it. The first two men dash past the first building but as the leader passes the door of it he hears a sound from inside of the structure. He stops suddenly and goes back to the door, peering through the glass window but the lights are off inside and he can't really make out anything. Drawing his pistol he slowly pushes open the door and enters the building, the door swinging shut behind him.

Meanwhile the other two LRA members have reached the far building and charge through the door, stopping as they reach a corridor with a staircase at the end of it. They draw their weapons and begin to edge towards the stairs, stopping before each of the doors to make sure there is nobody behind it. After painstaking scouting they eventually make it to the staircase and begins to ascend them. They reach the top and find themselves in yet another corridor but this one has only one door, right at the end. They head towards it but just as they reach it an IRA member bursts out of the door, a flamethrower strapped on his back. He pulls the trigger and flames burst forth from the nozzle, lighting the nearest LRA member up. He screams in agony and stumbles towards his team mate who backs up to avoid the flames, leaving his comrade to fall to the floor in a smouldering wreck.Brown

The Irishman continues to advance on the LRA man, a big grin plastered on his face as he sees the fear in his opponents eyes. He soon finds himself backed up against the stairs at the end of the corridor and his panic rises as he realises there is nowhere left to run. He suddenly remembers that he is still holding his Uzi and sprays it wildly at the wall of flames but it doesn't seem to be having any effect. He closes his eyes as the flames are about to reach him but he feels the immense heat disappear and he opens them to see the IRA member lying face down on the floor, his back peppered with exit wounds from the bullets Green. He wipes his brow and breathes a sigh of relief, lifting the Uzi to his face and kissing it gratefully. He lowers the weapon just in time to see an old man standing in the doorway at the end of the hallway his pistol raised. He goes for his own pistol but he is too slow and the man shoots him several times in the head.Brown

The man lowers his own pistol and checks his clip seeing that he still has seven bullets left. He heads towards the staircase, passing the bodies of the LRA members and bowing his head in respect to his fallen friend. "There's still one of those bastards left," he mutters under his breath.

The LRA leader moves carefully through the darkened room, his pistol raised and ready for any attacks. He reaches a wall and runs his non-gun hand over it, looking for a light switch. He finds it and flicks it downwards, lighting up the room to reveal that it's a dining hall. He looks around a finds himself stood next to the open door to the kitchen, going through the doorway to find a series of food preparation stations. As he steps further into the kitchen he is thrown off his feet by an unseen force, landing on his side of the floor, his pistol flying from his hand. He scrambles to his feet and comes face to face with his attacker, who is holding a knife in his left hand and advancing on him quickly. The LRA leader reaches behind himself, hoping to find something to defend himself with. His hand closes around the handle of something and he swings it forward wildly, forcing the IRA member to take a step back to avoid being hit and get into a defensive stance. The LRA leader notices that his opponents right arm is dangling by his side and realises that it is the man who was hit in the arm earlier in the fire fight. He grins at the man, unnerving him, before advancing with the cleaver swinging. The IRA member tries to fend him off as best he can but his injured arm puts him at a distinct disadvantage against his African adversary. The LRA leader stops swinging and instead lunges forward, shoulder barging the Irishman into one of the working stations. He swings feebly at him with his injured arm but the LRA leader laughs at the attempt and swings his cleaver downwards, gashing his opponents throat with the blade. He bends down as the blood spurts out and sticks his mouth in the stream, gargling it and the last thing the IRA member sees is the bloody smile of his killer.Green

Once he is finished the LRA leader exits the building, stepping out into the sun. He immediately feels something whisk past his head and he ducks down, spotting the last IRA member storming towards him with his pistol firing. he returns fire with his Colt. The two men duke it out for a few seconds with the LRA leader managing to hit the Irishman in the shoulder and leg, making him wince in pain. They both run out of ammo at the same time and the LRA leader takes out the still bloody cleaver and advances on his injured opponent who hurriedly takes out his KA-BAR. The LRA leader is too quick for him though and his swipe connects with the older man's side, leaving a deep gash and making him drop to his knees. The African grins evilly with his bloody teeth bared but the old hand is not intimidated by the display, surprising him. "Tell me who sent you here and who knows I might even let you live" he says.

"I'm not going to tell you nothing you flea ridden scumbag" the old man says defiantly and the LRA leader smiles at his courage.

"Fine then have it your're way" he says and begins to raise the cleaver when the IRA leader lifts his hand up to stop him, making him pause.

"Okay, I will tell you something" he says and the LRA leader smiles, lowering the cleaver.

"Go ahead."

"Never underestimate a wounded man"

The LRA member frowns but before he can do anything the IRA leader lunges forward with his KA-BAR, plunging into his opponents chest. He looks down, bewildered, before dropping his weapon and clutching at his chest. The old Irishman draws the blade out slowly and the LRA leader falls to the groundBrown. The IRA leader winches as the pain hits him, managing to muster up enough bloody saliva to spit on the corpse of his foe.

"There's nothing that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn't want to be broken" he whispers and limps back to the headquarters.

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a fairly easy victory for the IRA. The LRA was not much more than a bloodthirsty personality cult and didn't do much fighting themselves, preferring to send in child soldiers to do their dirty work. The IRA were better organised, better trained and were more experienced in combat and they also had to superior weaponry to boot.

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Battle vs. Khmer Rouge (by 1298god)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.]

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Waffen-SS (by ReyesRebels)[]

The battle starts in an urban warehouse, abandoned by the inhabitants. Five I.R.A soldiers enter the building. The brigadier opens the door and signals his men to move in. The waffen S.S Hauptsturmführer sits in a chair, tied up and with a bag over his head. The IRA brigadier sees this and smiles. He rips the bag off and punches the captain. “Where is the bomb!” he shouts and hits the captain again. “schrauben Sie” the captain replies. Four Waffen s.s soldiers enter the building. One of the IRA volunteers goes out to investigate. As he turns the corner, he is burned by the Flammenwerfer 41.

The other IRA troops rush out to see what happened. One of them shoots the flammenwerfer nazi exploding the tank on his back and the IRA soldiers scatter. One of them plants a nail bomb on a door. A nazi stops and stares at it. He hears the beeping and realizes it’s a bomb. But it’s too late. The IRA soldier with a detonator picks up his AR-15 and runs. As he runs outside. The Waffen SS sniper picks him off. The sniper goes in the building and peeks around a corner. He sees a door. He enters the door and finds his leader. He cuts the ropes binding him and gives him and stg-44. They run out but and IRA soldier shoots the soldier with a Webley. The captain pumps 7 rounds into him. . Outside an IRA soldier kills a nazi with an MP28. The other IRA soldier opens a door and peeks down a hallway, but behind the door the Waffen SS captain grabs him and pushes him into the wall. He knees the IRA soldier then punches him in the face. He Takes His STG-44 and strangles him. He keeps strangling him. Until he chokes up blood.

The IRA leader sneaks around with his slingshot. He sees a bouncing betty on the ground and shoots it. It explodes. He goes in the storage room and picks up an LPO-50. He sneeks around looking for the last nazi. The Hauptsturmführer pops out and fires a shot from his Stg-44. It misses. And he runs. He picks up his dead comrade with the flammenwerfer’s mauser-c96. The I.R.A captain shoots flames at the captain. The captain adds the attachable stock to his gun. He fires a burst. The jumps out and fires 3 shots in the IRA captain. He slumps down and a pool of blood surrounds him. The captain shouts: “DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Expert's Opinion[]

The SS won the fight due to their training, which made them look at enemies like sub-humans. This means they are more likely to kill without remorse. Although the IRA are well trained, they didn't stand much of a chance without the opportunity to use their usual tactics (guerilla warfare) and weapons (car bombs).

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared invalid because the Waffen-SS was given a Flammenwerfer 41 despite never using it.

Battle vs. Viet Cong (by Omnicube1)[]

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen IRA

DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred Viet Cong

Five IRA members are in Vietnam and are demanding a captured Viet Cong operative to them the location of his leader. He refuses and the IRA members torture him with jumper cables. Suddenly, a bullet rips through the jaw of one the IRA operatives. Green One IRA sniper raises his M1 Garand M1C and targets a Viet Cong marksman wielding a Dragunov SVD. The snipers fire at each other but miss. The IRA squad hear screams and come under heavy fire from the Viet Cong. The IRA team leader raises his Browning Hi-Power and finishes off the Viet Cong captive. One IRA member fires his AR-18, killing a Vietnamese assailant. Darkred But one of his comrades raises his Uzi and kills off the Irishman wielding the rifle. Green An IRA operative shoots his Thompson M1921 and wounds the Viet Cong squad leader. While downed, he raises his Stechkin APS, switches it to full-auto, and releases a torrent of bullets at his assailant. Green The two remaining Irishmen fall back into the jungle. The Vietnamese leader yells for his men to fan out and search for them. They pair up and creep through the jungle. Two standard Viet-Cong grunts hear a click. They look-up and see that an IRA member above them has lit the rag to his Molotov Cocktail. He smirks and hurls the incendiary device at them. The two grunts are set ablaze. Darkred Darkred The Viet Cong leader aims his AKM rifle and kills the Irishman wielding the Molotov. Green Suddenly, two rounds hit the chest of the leader. He falls to the ground and bleeds out. He draws his Stechkin APS and demands in Vietnamese for his assailant to come out. Another bullet flies and lands itself into the forehead of the squad leader. Darkred The remaining Viet Cong sniper waits for his target. He immediately sees his enemy and fires the last round in his Dragunov. The round hits the IRA sniper in the right chest, causing him to fall to the ground. The Viet Cong operative walks up to him and smiles at him. He pulls the pin of his F1 Grenade and shoves the grenade down the bullet wound of the IRA member. The Vietnamese sniper walks away and smirks when he hears the sound of the grenade detonating. Green


Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that Viet Cong won due to having more reliable weaponry and using their skills to ambush the IRA and defeat them.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was disregarded because the Viet Cong were given an Uzi, a weapon they never used.

Battle vs. Sayeret Matkal (by KevlarNinja)[]

(This first part I put to build up to the battle, so bear with me. Oh, and I just picked random Irish first and last names, so don't think I'm pointing fingers or anything...)

In a Irish pub, which has IRA meetings in the back room, five members of the IRA, Darren Moore (the owner of the pub), Shawn Kelly, Patrick King, Kevin Duffy, and Brian Power, are haveing a meeting. Darren, who is also there leader, is showing a map he got off the Black Market of a base in Israel, which he plans for them to steal from. As he finishes describing his plan, he asks if there are any questions. The rest of the rebels eye each other with unease. Finally, Brian asks "It's a good plan, but is it right? I mean, the Jewish have been thought enough without us coming in and stealing from them." Darren explains "I know, I know, but this is a one time only thing. And, not only will we have lots of new weapons, but the British might take us seriously." "OK." answers Patrick. They all raise there fists in the air and shout "FOR IRELAND!" As they leave the room for some Guinness, we zoom out to a room in Israel, were agents from MOSSAD (Israel's version of the CIA) have heard the whole thing via a bug in the wall of the pub. One agent says "I told you the IRA were up to something." A second agent says "Ken, thank god for MI6. We better tell the base......"

(Here is the battle)

IRA: 12345

Israeli Commando: 12345

The IRA have made it to the base, and Kevin is hacking into the security from a laptop, well the rest of them guard from the outside. It's so far been easy, too easy. From a room not to far from the laptop room, five Commandos are watching from a hidden camera. There the only other people in the base except for the IRA, for safety. The squad's explosive expert is waiting for him to almost break in. Suddenly, the explosives expert (who is a internet fan) presses a butten, which makes the words 'EPIC FAIL' apper in red on the screen, which shocks Kevin before the explosives expert sets off the Semtex in the laptop.

IRA: 1234

Hearing the explosion and seeing Kevin's severed head roll out of the room, they find out why it was so easy; it was a trap! As they run for safety, the Commandos run out of the room, and Patrick shoots the explosives expert in the head with his Browning Hi-Power.

Israeli Commando: 1234

The two teams split up. The Commando Leader shoots Brian with his Micro Galil.

IRA: 123

Meanwhile, across the base, a Commando and Darren fire back and forth. The Commando goes into an elevator, but Darren throws a pipe bomb into the elevator, killing the Commando.

Israeli Commando: 123

Another Commando tries to kill him, but he hits him in the left eye with a slingshot.

Israeli Commando: 12

Back across the base, the second Commando backing up the Commando leader kills Patrick with his Glock 19.

IRA: 12

The two Commandos soon run into Darren and Shawn. Shawn kills the other Commando with his AR-15.

Israeli Commando: 1

The Commando leader shoots Shawn with his Glock.

IRA: 1

Darren trys to take the leader's life, but, with all his planing, Darren did not count on one thing: Krav-Maga. The leader kicks Darren in bettween his legs, and as he falls to the floor, muttering in pain something that ends in "-nker", the leader stabs him in the head with his KA-BAR.

IRA: 0

The Leader holds up his bloodly knife in the air and shouts "FOR ISRAEL!!!!".

Winner: Israeli Commando

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a rather easy win for the Commandos, as this was basically special forces versus terrorists, and in almost all cases, the former has beaten the latter.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


Battle was declared unfair due to the vast difference in training, logistics, and experience.