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I'll see peace back on Earth if I've gotta murder every one of these animals with my own bare hands!

The Infected, also known as Zombies, are the main antagonists of the Left 4 Dead duology. Despite being referred to as zombies, Infected are not undead and are still alive. However, they are extremely aggressive and lack higher brain functions due to the effects of the Green Flu, a highly contagious pathogen.

Sometime before October 2009, the Green Flu spread globally, causing the world to erupt into chaos. In response, the Civil Emergency and Defense Agency (CEDA) and the U.S. military created safe zones to attempt to evacuate as many survivors to the Caribbean as possible, suggesting the Caribbean islands had not been devastated by the Green Flu.

Most Infected are what is referred to as Common Infected. These Common Infected, as the name implies, are the most numerous kinds of Infected and show relatively little abnormalities compared to regular humans. Uncommon Infected are mostly the same as their common counterparts but wear armor or equipment that protects them from harm, making them slightly more difficult to put down. Lastly, there are the Special Infected, who are considered to be the most dangerous due to their mutations giving them natural weapons and the fact that they retain some of their intelligence, allowing them to make use of ambush tactics.

Battle vs. Zombies (Call of Duty) (by Goddess of Despair)[]

Left for dead-17 (L4D) Call of duty-17(COD)

COD zombies are approaching a warehouse and suddenly one of their normal zombies gets snatched by a smoker. A hunter pounces on the zombie when in range and kills it. Left for dead-17 Call of duty-16

Three denizens rush up to the infected and two get clawed in the face by the hunter. The smoker however gets jumped by the denizen and is clawed to death. The hunter then kills the final denizen. Left for dead 16 Call of duty-13

The hunter turns and claws a napalm zombie, causing it to explode. Left for dead-15 Call of duty-12

A shrieker and a napalm zombie are walking into a room with two smokers on top of crates. The shrieker looked up and screamed at one smoker causing it to fall down and smash its head into the ground. The other smoker grabs the napalm zombie with his tongue causing it to explode, destroying the smoker’s tongue and the shrieker. The smoker turns and is jumped on by a hound that tears out his throat. Left for dead-13 Call of duty- 10

The three jockeys are approaching 4 COD walker zombies and two jockeys jump on the walkers; one dies however the walkers eventually kill all the jockeys. Left for dead-10 Call of duty-11

Two boomers approach George and barf on him, causing him to become enraged. George kills the boomers and the two L4D walkers that charge him. Left for dead-6 Call of duty-11

A boomer and a hunter encounter two napalm zombies. The boomer barfs on the first napalm zombie and the hunter pounces it. The explosion from the two napalm kill the special infected. Left for dead-4 Call of duty-9

The tank approaches the remaining COD walkers and pounds them all. Left for dead-4 Call of duty-6

The last hunter teams up with the last smoker and attack the hell hounds, the first hound is dragged towards the smoker and the hunter pounces the second. The third dog kills the smoker then gets pounced by the hunter. Left for dead-3 Call of duty-4

The tank spots George and throws a crate at him; George smashes the crate with his stage light, sending chunks of wood everywhere. The tank charges at George, who smashes his light into the ground shocking the tank who refuses to stop his charge. The tank punches George in the chest, sending him back into a crate behind him. The crate was smashed and George emerged out of it with wood all over his body. George threw his light at the tank who punched the light sending it to George’s chest. George side stepped and grabbed his light then charged at the tank. The tank prepared to smash George once more but was hit in the neck by the light and was electrocuted to death. George lifted the tank’s corpse and threw it at the remaining foes and the weight of the tank crushed them. Left for dead-X Call of duty-4

Expert's Opinion[]

It was believed that the call of duty zombies were faster and had more advantages. The shrieker could stun many enemies at once instead of only one. The napalm zombie had a more effective blast radius and George had an actual weapon unlike the tank.

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Battle vs. Zombies (Dead Frontier) (by Owen Hardy)[]

Dead Frontier's Team:

Common Infected: Orange X 100 (Including some fat Zombie's)

Uncommon Infected:Yellow X2 (Irriated Zombies)

Bestiary: Red Red RedRedRedRedRed (Bloat, Reaper, Siren, Leaper, Brute, Spider, Long Arm )

Boss: Darkred (TITAN)

Left 4 Dead's Team:

Common Infected:Teal X100

Uncommon Infected: BlueBlue ( Riot and Ceda Infected )

Special Infected:GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen ( Hunter,Smoker,Spitter,Jockey,Boommer,Charger )

Boss: BrownBrown ( Witch,TANK )

Location of the Fight: Mercy Hospital ( Multiple Floor's )

The Battle starts as a Full Moon, Where Dead Survivors are scattered on the First Floor of Mercy Hospital. The Common infected from both sides catch there scent and make their way to the Hospital. As the Left 4 Dead Zombies arrive they notice the Dead frontier ones are not like them. The N4 Virus within the Dead Frontier Zomibe's sense them as a threat and they walk towards them. The Left 4 Dead Common Infected immediately Charge towards them. The Left 4 Dead Zomibes were faster then Dead frontier's and attacked faster as both sides collied.

Orange - 15, (85 Left )

Teal - 8 ( 92 Left )

It soon got even when the Dead frontier Zomibes got into their enraged state as they ran too.

Orange - 11, ( 74 Left )

Teal - 5 ( 87 Left )

But the Left 4 Dead's Common infected were a Stronger horde forcing the Agro to increase causing Uncommon infected to spawn into Mercy Hospital. As the Left 4 Dead Zombie's ran into the Hospital Killing every Dead frontier Common in Sight they see a Irriated Zombie as they ran towards it,it Spewed vomit at them causing them to step back.

Orange - 4 ( 70 Left )

Teal - 6 ( 81 Left )

As they Step back a Riot Zombie and a CEDA Zombie Emearge from the Left 4 Dead Horde Staring at the Irriated Zomibe's and the Fatter Zombies in front of them. The Fat Zomibes attempt to Attack the Riot zombie but his Riot Front Armor protected him from all blows and then Punches them all Down.

Orange - All 5 Fat Zombies ( 65 Left )

The Riot Zombie Then Runs At the Irriated Zombies but the Acid Spew starts to Melt his Armor away from him until it starts to brun him itself but not before taking out one of The Irriated.

Blue - Riot ( CEAD Left )

Yellow - 1 ( 1 Irriated Left )

The CEDA Zombie Along with a Small Group Charge at the Irritated and the Other Dead frontier Zombies in the West Clinic of Mercy Hospital. The Irritated Spews at a Few of them But the Acid does not affect the CEDA Zombie and Knocks it down but the CEDA zombie is also Kill During the Horde Fight.

Blue - CEDA ( No Uncommon's left )

Yellow - 1 ( No Uncommon's Left ).

Orange - 15 ( 50 Left )

Teal - 11 ( 76 Left )

The Left 4 Dead Common infected's appear to have swarmed the Ground Floor But. On the First Floor the Speical Infected and the Mutant Infected Begin to Spawn due the High Amount of Argo.

The Hunter, Smoker, Spitter, Boomer, Charger and Jockey all Spawned at the Elevator sensing Conflict between the Zombies and all spread out around the Hospital.

While the Siren, Bloat, Reaper, Brute, Long Arm, Leaper and Spider Begin to Spawn on the other side of the 1st Floor and also Spread out to find there prey.

The Brute searches the first room upstair where she hears the noise from the Back door getting whacked at, The Common Infected suddenly burst through the first door but are Killed when the Brute Vomits at them.

Teal - 5 ( 71 Left)

But Before She could turn the tide the Spitter Arrive to see eye to eye with the Brute. The Brute is Unfortunately too slow to catch up to the Spitter, The Spitter then turns around and Spits acid on the ground where the Brute is standing on, the Acid Starts to melt the Brute's Feet causing her to fall to the ground where the left 4 Dead Common Kill her.

Red - Brute ( Spider, Leaper, Reaper, Siren, Long Arm and Bloat remain )

In the Next room The Boomer Along with the Jockey Break Down a Few door's to help their horde Charge in, But then they see a Few of the Zombies get throw away to the wall by a Bloat's Hand swing Attack.

Teal - 3 ( 68 Remain )

The Jockey then Annoys the Bloat By Running Around it witch catches it's Attention but cannot hit the Jockey because he is too Fast. The Boomer then goes behind the Bloat and Spews Bile at it, But Since the Boomer cannot move while He is Spew Boomer bile the Bloat turned around then hit him causing him to explode scattering Boommer Bile all over the room, The Long Arm arrive to watch in Horror as the Bloat is Surrond and Scratched at until he also Explode.

Green - Boomer ( Hunter,Smoker,Charger,Jockey,Spitter Remain)

Red - Bloat ( Reaper,leaper,Siren,Spider,Long Arm Remain )

Teal - 10 ( 54 Remain )

Orange - 8 ( 42 Left )

One of the Bloat Bone Shrapenl manage to Hit and wound the Jockey but does not Kill him, The Long Arm then the Runs After the Jockey. The Jockey is Forced to Flee Since only he is in that Room, The Jockey Runs Upstairs where he accidently Rans into a Siren, She Then Yells So Lound casuing the Huner, Spider, Charger and Reaper to hear it and head towards the Spot. The Jockey tries to ran away from the Runing Horde Since the Agro is Rising even more, As the Reaper enter's the Room the Jockey Ducks his Sickel Blade but runs into the Long Arm who smacks the Jock Down to the Ground, Before being able to finish him off the Charger Rams into the Long Arm Killing it along with a Few Common's aswell

Orange - 3 ( 39 Left )

Red - Long Arm ( Siren, Leaper, Reaper and Spider remain )

The Charger then rams at the Reaper, But Before He can Slam him the Reaper use his Sharp Arm to Slice the Charger's Dominat Arm off killing it due to massive blood Loss.

Green - Charger ( Hunter, Spitter,Jockey and Smoker reamin )

The Jockey then gets up from it's wound to run off to the rooftops, Unaware it is being watched by the Spider.

The Smoker climbs to the Roof Tops of the see the witch there sitting on the floor sobbing , The Hunter Also Joins the Smoker on the Rooftops to watch what comes up.

The Spitter Continues to Spew acid at a Few zombies to reduced the Number of Common infected.

Orange - 5 ( 34 remain )

she then notice she need to recharge her Acid so she makes her way to the rooftops along the way she find the jockey so they follow the rest of their Common horde their when they come across The Leaper Wondering around.

The Jockey then Tries to Jump at him but the Leaper Slashes at the jockey Decapitating him in half.

Green - Jockey ( Hunter,Smoker and Spitter remain )

The Smoker then notice the Siren has arrived upstair's, the along with the witch crying near by. The Smoker then walks behind the Witch and uses it's tongue to grab the Siren which causes her to scream very loud. The Yells backfire for the Siren as the Witch starts to get Angry until then rans at the Siren Cutting one of her heads off then and then she non stop slashes at the siren until nothing is left back her one head on the floor covered in blood.

Red - Siren ( Leaper, Spider and Reaper Remain)

The Agro then Reaches it's pinnacle as all Special Infected and Bestiary arrive upstairs and hear the Sudden roar of A Tank near By.

The Tank On the Ground Floor Picks up a Rock and throws it straight at the roof crushing a Few common.

Orange - 4 ( 30 Remain )

The Tank Then Starts to Climb to the Rooftops, even more chaos happens as the Titan Spawn into the Area and begins Ramming his way througth.

Teal - 12 ( 42 Remain )

The Fight continues as The Spitter Attempts to Acid shoot at the Titan but is bone armor prove to strong to be bruned as the Spitter is impaled but the Titans Bone Ram. 

The Tank Arrive on the Roof Tops where the Reaper tries to slash him but it does not hurt him. the Tank then punches the reapers dominat arm the breaking his razor arm and the Squishes his head on the ground with his fist.

Red - Reaper ( Spider and Leaper Remain )

Green - Spitter ( Hunter and Smoker Reamin )

The Huner Then Jumps off the Wall and jumps after the Spider, after a few jumps The Hunter finnaly jumps onto the spider and is about to start Shredding him but the Spider uses two spare of his Eigth arms to Catch Grab the Hunter's arms stoping him, the Spider then use two more of his spare arms to grab him legs the spider then pulls, The leaper then Jabs at the Hunter right throught his chest, then the Spider rips off all Four of his Limbs.

Green - Hunter ( Only The Smoker Remains )

The Witch continues her rampage on the Common horde killing anything in her sight

Orange 25- ( Only 5 remain )

The Tank and The Titan Begin Punching each other as they, The Tank Punches at the Titans Breaking the Tall Sharp Bone on his Shoulder this cause a Knockback as the Titan crashes and lands near a Giant Propane tank.

The Witch then notice her traget was already dead, she then cry's as she tries runs to run away from the building but not before the Titan Grabs her Left leg and throw to the wall near her braking both her leg Bones. As the Witch gets up she runs at the Titan but her broken Leg cases her to trip as her claw pokes into the Giant Propane tank.

The Leaper near by finishes off a few infected chasing him before walking towards the cripple Witch. The Tank Then Notice his chance and lifts up a Rock and throws it at the Titan. The Titan Dodges it but does not notice the rock just hit the Propane Tank Causing a massive explosion along with his side of the Room Collapses into the floor below.

Teal - 30 ( 12 are Left )

Red - Leaper ( Only the Spider Remains )

Brown - Witch

The Smoker Walks up to the Tank as they both watch as the The Side of the Roof the Titan was on falls to the floor below. Just as they found he was done the The N4 Virus within the Titan and the Five Common in the Floor Below  use the Fire to their advantage and Increase their Health, Speed and Damage.

The Tank watches as the corpse of the leaper and the witch fly into the wall behind them.

The Titan Climbs up to the top of the Roof Again but he is now the Burning Titan, Along with Five Burning infected.

The Tank and The Burning Titan Charge at each other trying to push one another.

The Smoker and the Twelve Common infected try to fight off the Five Burning infected cause death on both sides as the fire spreads onto the Common infected and kill them.

Teal - 10 ( 2 are left )

Orange - 4 ( Only One of Him Remain )

The Titan Gains the Upper Hand and Punches the Tank sending him crashing Into the wall.

The Smoker notice the Spider attempts to Attack the Tank But the Smoker uses his Tongue to Grab the Spiders back two Legs and Drag him off him. The Tank then Gets up and Grabs the Spider and detaches the Smoker tongue without hurting it. The Tank then Gets each arm on the Spider upper and lower body and Ripp it right in half.

Red - Spider ( None of the Mutant Infected are left )

Meanwhile the Titan finishes the last of the common infected while that was happening

Teal -2 ( All Gone )

The Tanks throw another rock at them evening the score.

Orange - 1 ( All Gone )

The Tank Continues to Fight back the Titan But is Ram Into the wall by him. The Smoker's Tongue recharges as he uses it to grab the Titans left Arm. but the Titan then Turns around and Charges at the smoker. The Titan the uses his right arm and back hands the smoker off the building.

Green - Smoker ( None of the Special Infected are Left)

The poison Smoke that is left cause the Titan to be Distracted by it giving the Tank the Chance, The Tank Runs at the Titan causing the two to run off the building.

As the Two of them continue to hit each other while there falling the Tank is Ignited by the Titans fire but dodges his Next hit the Tank the does one more punch braking the Bone skin from on his chest. As the Two land on the Ground the causing a massive dust wave along with a hole in the road.

The Tank Gets up and sees that his foe has lost the fire that was on him ending the fight the Tank yells out a massive roar Confirming his Victory.

Darkred - Titan ( Defeated )

Victory: Brown Tank

Victory: Left 4 Dead

Expert's Opinion[]

Even Thougth the Mutant Infected are stronger then the Speical the Tank along with the Common/Uncommon really played in the Figth.

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Battle vs. The Walking Dead survivors (TV series) (by Geekboy27)[]

TWD: Purple Purple Purple Purple


Common: x27

Hunters: x3

Smokers: Green Green

Tank: Brown

Witch: Grey

Chargers: Blue x2

Jokceys: Teal x3

Spitters: Orange x2

Boomer: Yellow

A zombie walks alone through a now wrecked city. It is inhabited by more zombies, and something even deadlier. The zombie finds a dead bird, it snarls and begins to devour the corpse. When sudenly, a crossbow bolt goes through the zombies forhead killing it instantly. Daryl sees the zombies corpse and he pulls the crossbow bolt out of it's head. 

"Clean shot" Daryl comments on his kill. 

Rick stops to think about a strategy "Ok we should head downtown and find the store." 

The group moves quielty, but little do they know they are being watched... 

They hear crying in a building. 

"Someones in there" Michone points out. 

"We can't just leave her there." Glenn says.

They enter the building and see a frail female sitting on the floor of the room crying. She moves her head which exposes her two red eyes, and her sharp claws. 

"Get down!" Rick says sharply. 

"What is that thing?" Andrea asks.

They hear growling and hear the sound of running outside. 

"Rick, we got walkers!" Daryl exclaims. 

"Alright lets go, Andrea cover us from the catwalk!" 

They fire on the zombies below and notice something different about them, they run faster than the normal walkers. 

(x27 Common Infected) 

Andrea shoots a few of them in the head. (x25 Common Infected) One gets close to Michone and they punch her. She slashes them in return. (x22 CI) Glenn guns most of them down. (x18 CI) When all of the sudden, a stetchy tounge grabs Glenn and starts draggin him away. 

"What the? Ah! Help!" 

Daryl shoots the Smoker in the head. Green

"Thanks Daryl."

"What are these things?!" Andrea yells.

They see more of the infected and see their hideous mutations, and what damage they do.

"Ok Andrea we are going below cover us!"

Most of the common infected have been killed and it is quiet. They hear a hiss and sudenly acid is under there feet.

"Ahh this ground burns!" Yells Glenn. The groups shoes have been burned off slightly.

They move before it is to late. And Glenn happens to shoot the Spitter with his pistol. Orange

They hear crazy laughing and something sudenly jumps on Micone. The jockey starts riding her like a horse, but Andrea snipes it before it can do more damage. Teal The Boomer walks up to Rick and trys to vomit on him. RIck shoots him with his shotgun. Yellow But Rick does not know, that the Bommers insides attract the zombies.

(x20 Common Infected aproaching)

Glenn guns five down. (x15) Andrea snipes a few. (x13) When sudenly, she hears a growl. A huner pounces on her and rips her apart. Purple Rick notices the hooded zombie leap at him and he fires on him with his pistol just on time.Black

A Charger apears and charges at Michone. It grabs her and slams her into the ground multiple times. Glenn tries to fire at the Charger, but he is grabbed by a Smoker. Daryl fires a crossbow bolt at the Charger but it does little damage to the beast. Daryl decides to save Glenn then get Michone. Glenn is being clawed by the Smoker by the time Daryl gets to him.

Daryl grabs his knife and stabs the Smoker in the face with the knife. Green Smoke fogs Glenn and Daryls vision as Daryl helps Glenn up.

They run to help Micone, but she is already dead. Purple They hear a large roar and sudenly see a car go flying. The tank comes running at them.

"Rick, what is that thing?" Glenn asks

"I don't know just run and shoot!" They run and fire at the tank. They get on to the catwalk where the tank throws a concrete slab at them. The catwalk begins to fall. Rick gets up to fire at the tank, but it hits him, which sends him falling to his death. Purple Daryl and Glenn get to a rooftop where it seems safe.

"I think we lost them Daryl" A Hunter sudenly jumps on Glenn who begins to maul him. Daryl is about to fire when suddenly, a Jockey jumps on Daryl and a Spitter spits at him. The Jockey makes Daryl stand in the acid. Daryl yells out and then he throws him self off the roof. Purple Teal Glenn also died from the Hunters attack. Purple The Hunter goes to the edge of the roof and then roars in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Infected won because they were tougher, and faster then regular zombies.

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Battle vs Zombies (Plant vs. Zombies) (by Wassboss)[]

The city lies ruined and desolate, with fires raging and the stench of death lingering in the air. When the Green Flu Virus hit the United States nobody was prepared and many died in the initial waves of infected. However soon the military and ordinary civilians began to strike back and while things were still firmly stacked against them there was a sense of optimism and hope that the crisis could be solved. “Humanity can survive a zombie invasion” was whispered by civilians holed up in their homes.

But they couldn’t survive two....

It was only a few months after the Green Flu Virus when new zombies began appearing. They were slower than the Infected but better organised and soon the military found itself besieged from both sides by two wildly different infected and were forced to pull out, leaving civilians to fend for themselves against the raging hordes. Many cities have fallen to one of the two undead masses but despite this the apocalypse is still in its infancy and as they move ever closer to each other until the new zombies eventually find themselves trudging into a city already in the grip of the Green Flu Virus. The largest concentration of either group is about to come into direct conflict and whoever wins this battle will surely be the one to go on to finish off Humanity.

Infected: Yellow x 27

Zombies: Green x 21 

Note: Numbers only reflect the special infected/zombies on each side. Regular troops will not be represented by colours as it would be too time consuming. 

The massive zombie horde shuffles through the city, their groans echoing in the vast expanse. The more specialised zombies are not with them and it is up to the regular zombies to make the initial attack, as instructed by Dr. Zomboss. It’s very quiet, too quiet for a city supposedly under the grip of the Green Flu Virus and some break off to explore side streets and buildings but the group stays mainly intact until it reaches a large city centre in the middle of the city where it becomes immediately apparent why it has been so quiet. There are hundreds of Infected individuals in the area, leaning on walls, stumbling around and some are even sitting down, as if they have been drawn to this space by something. It’s not long before their heightened hearing picks up the zombies wailing and muttering and the snarls and growls begin as the horde rushes the newcomers. The zombies are unaffected by the development and the two forces crash into each other and start attacking.

The initial charge is devastating for the zombies and the first lines and bowled over and stamped on by the mindless raging legs of the infected but as the battle settles down into trading blows it becomes apparent that the Infected are struggling. Their kicks and punches do little to prevent the zombies from attacking and their weaker bodies can’t take as much punishment and many of them fall as the two forces mingle together. Suddenly a roar echoes out and a pair of Chargers rushes from out of nowhere. They latch onto the first zombie they make contact with and bowl through any other zombies in their way, leaving two lines weaving through the horde. They eventually come to a stop and bash their victims into the ground until their limbs and heads fall off, which isn’t long considering how decayed their body is. The Chargers then slink around the horde, swinging at individual zombies with their giant right arms while they ready their energy for another charge.

The Chargers seem to open the flood gates for the other special infected and Boomers, Smokers, Jockeys and Spitters soon join the fray. The Spitters keep their distance, sending globs of acid into the zombie hordes, burning through the soles of their feet and melting them from below. The Smokers also keep far away from the fighting, where they can drag their chosen targets away from the fighting to kill them. The Boomers immediately start spewing their bile over large groups of zombies, attracting more infected from the city to attack the drenched victims. The Jockeys latch onto zombies and drag them away from the main group but their progress is slow and it’s not long before one is dragged of its mount by a pair of zombies, its cackling turning into shrieks as they devour the wretched creature alive. Yellow

Doctor Zomboss watches on a giant screen from many miles away as his zombie horde slowly starts being put on the back foot by the infected. He grimaces as the Chargers make another dash through the zombies, bowling over more of his minions, who struggle to get back up under the relentless attacks of the infected mobs. Sensing the time is right he gives the order for his own specialised creations to join the fight and they make their way towards the city battleground

Meanwhile in the side streets, the zombies that split off from the main horde are having an easy time picking off the few infected that remain. A loud growling turns the head of one such group and as they look around a screeching roar sounds out and a pair of hoodie wearing Hunters leap from the rooftops, landing on two of the zombies. They proceed to rip their guts out viciously but one of them is pulled off by the other zombies before he can finish the job. He swings out wildly with his claws and digs them into the first solid object he can, feeling the zombie’s head crumple. He pushes away the other zombies and circles around them, slashing at them with his claws while waiting for an opening. His companion soon joins him and as another couple of zombies fall to brain damaging slashes they jump onto the remaining pair of zombies and begin tearing away. Engrossed in their attack, neither of them notices a pickaxe and miner helmet poking up from underneath the ground and a Digger Zombies jumps out of the ground and steadies himself behind one of the Hunters. He swings at it with his pick axe and stabs it right through the brain, killing it instantly Yellow. The other Hunter stops his attack on the virtually destroyed zombie and roars in frustration before tacking the Digger to the ground and tearing of its head in a show of raw power. It then prowls off in search of more zombies to killGreen.

Back in the city centre the specialised zombies arrive to help their struggling comrades. First to arrive are the Football Zombies and they are immediately set upon by several of the infected but their tough pads and helmets give them adequate protection from flailing arms and legs. Digger Zombies bury their way through the ground before leaping up in the centre of the battle, composing themselves before lashing out with their pickaxes or joining other zombies in pulling and biting. A pair of Dancing Zombies moonwalk to the edge of the hordes before calling upon their back up dancers to join them. Wizard and Catapult Zombies also appear and basketballs begin to steadily thump into infected targets, while others are turned into sheep which are quickly torn apart by the ravenous undead on both sides. One of the Boomers explodes under the onslaught of basketballs but this only serves to attract more infected to the battlegroundYellow.The special infected soon figure out that these zombies are much more intelligent than the regular zombies and their attention soon switches to them. A pair of catapult zombies are dragged from their machines by smokers and pummelled to death and a digger zombie is slammed into a wall by a charger, allowing a Spitter to puke out some acid to help kill it quickerGreenGreenGreen. A hunter jumps screeching from a nearby building and lands squarely on a football zombie and starts to tear into it. The zombie’s armour is made short work of but before the Hunter can start on the rotting flesh below it is dragged off by the other football zombie and hit with a blast from a Wizard zombie’s staff, turning him into a sheep which bleats frightened before scampering offYellow.

As some stragglers from the main zombie horde shamble towards the main battleground they hear weeping coming from a nearby building. They enter the doorway and spot a pale woman with her head in her hands softly crying in the corner. They advance on her to eat her brains but as they start to pull at her she becomes more and more agitated and her cries give way to growls of anger and frustration. Suddenly she lets out a scream and begins to tear into the zombies, her clawed hands making short work of her attackers. The Witch, not satisfied with killing these zombies, hears the sound of the battle rages on and runs screaming out of the building, ready to fight again.

The battle settles down into a rhythm for a while with standard troops on both sides falling at an alarming pace but the special infected and zombies are at a stalemate as they figure out each other’s moves. An eerie rendition of “Pop goes the Weasel” plays as the Jack in the Box zombies shuffle shivering into the square. A pair of them explodes, destroying a large group of common infected and catching a pair of Spitters in the blast as wellYellowYellowGreenGreen. Reacting to the new danger one of the chargers slams into a Jack in the Box zombie and carries it away from the main horde and a Jockey follows suit, the resulting explosion killing all four undeadGreenGreenYellowYellow. A Smoker wraps its tongue around the Jack in the Box and pulls it away from its holder, who is quickly surrounded and torn apart by common infected and the threat from the exploding zombies is over as quickly as it beganGreen.

A Robo-Cone Zombie enters the main battlefield and lumbers through the battlefield, crushing infected under foot, grabbing them with its pincher arms or occasionally using its metal jaw to dismember any enemy that gets too close. A series of frenzied screams echo from nearby and the Witch claws her way through a group of zombies to reveal a bloody trail in her wake. He red eyes lock onto the machine and she makes a bee-line for it, swiping at it with her claws as she has done with all the other zombies. However the thick steel prevents her from doing any damage and the zombie within is unaffected. The pincher arm locks onto the Witch’s arms to restrain her and lifts her up into the air. She struggles against it in a rage but she cannot escape its grasp and she is stuffed headfirst into the metal jaws which slice and grind her up into nothingYellow.

The loss of one of their heavy hitters seems to spur some of the special infected into action. The three remaining Jockey’s leap onto the top of the Robo-Cone and claw at it, safely out of reach of the grabber arms. A charger circles around and punches it but it can do little more than dent it as the steel armour holds strong. A Spitter appears seemingly out of nowhere and sends a glob of acid hurtling through the air and landing squarely on the front of the Robo-Cone. The strong acid slowly melts away the front window and leaves the zombie within exposed. The Zombie is dragged out by some of the common infected and the charger and jockeys join in to finish it off, leaving the Robo-Cone as an empty, unusable shellGreen.

A Hunter sprints through the crowd as he rests himself ready for another leap, slashing as zombies as he does to whittle down their health. He spots a Wizard Zombie lingering around the outskirts and heads towards it, crouching down to sneak up behind. The zombie is too preoccupied with the battle in front of it and the Hunter waits patiently for the Wizard to send a beam into the crowd of infected before launching itself from the shadows and pinning him down and ripping him to shredsGreen. It is about to sneak off and set up another ambush when a telegraph pole comes crashing down on top of it and crushes itYellow. A Gargantuar lumbers into view and the Zombie’s morale is lifted immediately, it almost seems as if they are attacking faster than they were before. Several groups of infected rush the Gargantuar but they are crushed by the telegraph pole in a couple of swipes. A smoker wraps his tongue around the pole but he has no chance of dragging it away from the grip of the gigantic zombie, who yanks the Smoker towards him and into a waiting horde of zombies which finish him offYellow.

A bellowing roar echoes from somewhere within the city and the Gargantuar turns his head towards the sound in interest. A large stone comes flying out of nowhere and crushes a couple of zombies and in the distance several more are tossed aside as something big crashes through them. With another roar a Tank bursts out of the horde and barrels towards the Gargantuar. The Tank is indiscriminate about any undead that gets in his way and tramples several of the common infected as he mindlessness charges forward. A Jockey crosses his path riding one of the Football Zombies and both are body slammed out of the way and stomped into the groundYellowGreen. The Tank lifts his arms up and brings them down on the Gargantuar, who raises his telegraph pole to block the attack. The Tank grabs hold of the pole and tries to wrench it from his grip but the Gargantuar matches his strength and surpasses it, forcing the Tank back.

It releases its grip on the telegraph pole and takes a step back, what remains of its intellect working overtime to figure out a strategy. It rips up part of the road and tosses it at the Gargantuar making it stagger. Seeing success in this strategy it continues ripping up parts of the concrete and throwing it, each hit weakening the Gargantuar a little more. A Dancing Zombie and his troops surround it in an attempt to stop it but the Tank simply picks them up and uses them as ammoGreen. In a desperate attempt the Gargantuar grabs the Imp from his back and hurls it far into the distance but the tiny zombie is quickly set upon and beaten down by a couple of common infected. Letting out a final cry of frustration the Gargantuar wobbles before crashing down on his back, never to rise again.Green

With the Gargantuar having fallen and the few remaining zombies being slowly picked off by the special infected, Dr. Zomboss sends out the single to retreat. The remaining specialised infected attempt to escape the battlefield but the four boomers jump out from the shadows and cover as many of the in bile as they can. Two are killed by the zombies before they can flee but the other two are saved by the arrival of the hordes that start viciously clawing and kicking at them. The two Digger Zombies are taken down pretty quickly by the horde and the Dancing Zombie doesn’t last much longer, dragged away from his backing dancers by the tongue of a SmokerGreenGreenGreen. The two remaining Catapult Zombies attempt to flee and manage to run down a couple of common infected but one is pounced on by a Hunter and the other falls victim to a pair of Jockey’sGreenGreen. The Football Zombie barges his way through the crowd of common infected only to be met by the hulking figure of the Tank who sends him flying into a building with a single powerful punchGreen. The Wizard Zombie is the last of the specialised infected left standing and he fires beam after beam wildly around him, managing to take out a Spitter and a Smoker before the last Charger slams him into a wall and pummels him downYellowYellowGreen. The standard Zombies are mopped up by the special and common infected and ensuring the city remains in the Infected’s hands.

Dr. Zomboss can only watch as his Zombie Horde is obliterated by the Green Flu Virus infected and he knows his quest for brains is over. The zombies in the remaining cities cannot match the numbers that have been destroyed here and he will have to start anew somewhere else. Their other cities will soon fall and the Green Flu Virus will be free to spread across the whole of the United States and possibly the rest of the world as well.

Expert's Opinion[]

While most expert's agreed that the Standard Zombies were more powerful than the Common Infected what gave the Infected the edge was that they had the more varied and powerful special troops. The Special Infected offered wildly different strategy's and fighting styles as opposed to the Specialised Zombies who were mostly just upgrades on the basic Zombie template. Furthermore the Infected were often much faster and worked together better as a team; a key advantage in a large scale battle such as this. 

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Battle vs. RED Team (by Wassboss)[]

Packed tightly together, RED Team are desperately fending off the mobs of infected as they converge upon them. Solider, Pyro, Demoman and Heavy form the outer rim, blocking off the infected with the Medic in the middle switching his healing beam between the four of them. “I’m fully charged!” he shouts suddenly, his Medi Gun crackling with energy.

“Give it to me Doctor,” the Heavy shouts. Flicking the switch for the ubercharge he turns the beam on the Heavy and the pair are covered in a metallic red shine. The infected are all attracted to the bright shining light and the Heavy pushes forward, Minigun spitting out rounds and shredding the infected as they surround the pair. Soldier and Demoman fire their explosives into the horde to thin it out further and the rest of the team chip in with shots as well, until there is a bloody pile of corpses, scattered around the place. The ubercharge wears off and the Heavy’s minigun revs down as the team survey the carnage.

“What the hell was up with them?” the Scout asks.

“I haven’t got the faintest clue laddie,” Demoman replies.

“Looks like you handled it pretty well,” the Spy says, appearing out of nowhere having disappeared as soon as the horde arrived.

“No thanks to you asshole,” Scout says. “Typical of you to run off hiding as soon as trouble starts.” While the pair bicker, the Medic inspects some of the corpses.

“How very interesting.” he says. “It appears as if these people have been infected by some kind of virus.”

“Virus? What virus make you attack people?” the Heavy asks.

“Well, that I don’t know. I’d have to do further research.” While all this has been going on the Engineer has been tapping into his PDA.

“Now fellas, seems we’ve had a bit of a mix up.”

“A mix up? What kind of mix up,” the Spy asks.

“We shouldn’t have been sent here, the co-ordinates we got were faulty. Good news is they’re sending a chopper to come and pick us up.”

“Oh well that’s not so bad then…”

“Bad news is, the only place suitable for landing is an old airfield. On the other side of the city.”

“Of freaking course, it is,” the Scout says. Meanwhile the Medic, who has continued his examination of the corpses, starts to look a bit worried. “Something wrong Doc?” he asks. “I’ve seen this before. When I was working in a doctor in Germany, we had an outbreak of something called the Green Flu Virus. It’s a pathogen which is transmitted either through airborne means or direct fluid contact with an infected individual. It makes those effected by the virus into violent creatures of instinct.”

“But Doc, we’ve been fighting these people. That means I could be infected. I don’t want to turn into deranged violent maniac,” the Soldier says panicking.

“No need to worry. My Medi Gun helps to prevent the effects of any virus when used. And since you’ve all been healed hundreds of times by me, you’ll have built up an immunity to the virus. You won’t turn into a violent maniac.” He pauses. “Well not any more than usual anyway.”

“Will there be more of these infected?” the Engineer asks.

“Almost certainly. Didn’t you all wonder why this place is so quiet. It’s because everyone has either been infected or killed. We’re probably the only healthy people in this entire city.”

“So just to be clear. We’ve got to get through more of these infected in order to get to our evacuation point?"

“Basically yes,” the Medic replies. “The first thing we’ll need to do is send someone to ahead to check for any infected individuals.” His eyes turn to Scout.

“Woah there Doc. What are you looking at me for?”

“Well you are the Scout.”

“Yeah but come on how is it fair that I have to be the one to go on solo against these freaks. Right guys?” He looks around at his teammates but they either avert their gaze or shrug. “I hate all of you,” he says annoyed. “Don’t worry too much, the infection also weakens the individuals so they shouldn’t be too hard to deal with. So long as you don’t get surrounded that is. Then they’ll rip you to shreds.”

“Way to make me feel better Doc. Where is this stupid airfield anyway?”

“It’s directly north from here,” the Engineer says. “If you follow the roads there should be signs that point you in the right direction.”

“Okay will do hardhat. Wish me luck then guys.” Scout dashes off towards the nearest road north of their position, disappearing around a corner.

“As for the rest of us we should stick close together, that way we won’t be overwhelmed if any more of those infected show up,” Engineer says. “Does anybody need any ammo.” Hands are raised all around and the Engineer nods, pressing a few buttons in his PDA and constructing a dispenser. Each of the mercenaries collects some ammo from the building one by one, until they are fully stocked up. The Engineer then packs up the Dispenser back into a toolbox, lugging it over his shoulder to carry along with him should they need it again. The Soldier leads the way and the others all follow after him, going the direction Scout ran off in a few minutes before.

Feet blurring and eyes shifting about, the Scout weaves through the urban sprawl with deftness. There is debris and overturned vehicles everywhere and more than once he has to clamber over one to continue on his path. He stops before turning a corner, as he’s done with all the other turns, and peeks out to see if there are any infected. Seeing a small crowd of them he ducks back behind cover and slides out his baseball bat. Charging at them, he fells the first one with a well-placed swing to the chest and as the others turn, he bashes their heads in before they can really react. “Hey, the Doc was right these guys are easy to kill,” he says to himself.

A much fatter infected lumbers into view, his flesh all bloated and sores covering his body. “What the hell is that” Scout says. “Whatever you are fatso you’re going to end up like your friends over here.” He runs at the infected and swings his bat into its stomach but unlike the other infected this isn’t enough to put it down. It spews green bile out of its mouth and the Scout jumps back as it splatters all over the ground. “Dude what the hell, that’s disgusting” he says appalled. The infected finishes puking and tries to waddle away. “Oh no you don’t, you ain’t going anywhere lard ass,” Scout says taking out his Scattergun. Getting in nice and close he fire a shot right into the fleeing infected’s back. Rather than blasting a hole in it however it causes the infected to explode, knocking the Scout back and coating him in a thick green bile. “Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew” Scout says as he frantically tries brushing the goo off with his hands.

Wiping a big chunk from his eyes, which was restricting his vision, he hears the sound of footsteps approaching and sees a massive horde of infected rushing towards him. “Oh Crap” he says and backpedals with the Infected chasing after him. He takes pot shots with his pistol but it hardly makes a dent in the infected numbers. Suddenly something jumps onto him and his vision is covered by arms grabbing his face, with laugh ringing in his ears. He feels himself being dragged towards the horde and he tries desperately to shake whatever is grabbing onto him off to no avail. He tries pulling against the creature and it works a little bit but for every step he takes away from the horde it pulls him two steps closer.

He feels a sudden blast of air whoosh over his head and his vision is cleared. Looking around confused he sees the Pyro has arrived and is spewing flames into the infected horde. Looking around for the infected that attacked him, Scout spots a hunched over infected loping towards him cackling like a madman. He fires his scattergun at it but the creature jumps into the air, aiming to drag him off again. Before it can land however a shot rings out and it falls ungracefully to the floor with a bullet hole right through the head. The Sniper lowers his rifle from his face and gives a thumbs up to the Scout and the rest of the team comes in to fight the infected horde.

However, the ruckus has drawn the attention of special infected in the area as well. A Hunter leaps from the rooftops, pouncing on the Soldier. It starts ripping into him but before it can do too much damage a grenade hits it square on, blowing it into smithereens. A Spitter vomits out a glob of acid right where the Heavy is standing and he hops around as the acid burns through his feet. “GREEN PUDDLE BAD” he shouts as a warning his team. The Medic, who had been healing the Soldier from his wounds, is bowled off his feet by a Charger and carried away from the main group. The Sniper tries to shoot it but he is mobbed by other infected who prevent him from taking the shot. The Charger slams the Medic into a wall and starts bashing him into the ground. His cries for help get weaker and weaker and his fellow mercenaries are too hemmed in by Infected to help. Just when he is about to give up hope the air behind the Charger starts to shimmer and the Spy appears. He stabs the infected once in the back, killing it instantly and freeing the Medic. He grabs his outstretched hand and helps him up before disappearing again. Re-Joining his teammates, they are able to eventually fight off the horde, the final few infected being gunned down in a hail of Mini-Gun bullets. With the coast clear the Engineer plops the Dispenser down and the others all refill their weapons while the Medic heals any wounds they had.

“I thought you said that virus was supposed to make those things weaker, Doc?” The Engineer asks.

“I thought it did. Looks as if maybe the virus has evolved and got stronger since I studied it. That makes it even more important that we get to the airfield as soon as possible. Scout I think you should be a bit more careful in future.”

“Oh yeah of course blame me, the guy sticking his neck to make sure the way is safe for you guys,” Scout says. “See how you like being on your own in a city full of zombies.”

“Well from now on try not to fight any infected unless you need to, just come back and warn us so we can be ready.”

“Sure thing Doc.”

“Also, Sniper, are you able to check for any infected using your rifle?”

“Not really Doc. This city is too crowded and I can’t get a good sight line. If there was some vantage point, I could use then maybe I could.”

“Don’t worry Sniper, I can help you with that,” Soldier says and grabs the Sniper round the waist. Firing a rocket at his feet, he launches the pair of them towards a building. Rocket jumping up the side of it, they reach the top and Soldier puts the Sniper down. “You can survey the area from up here.”

“I wish you’d warn me before you do that,” Sniper says grumpily. The Soldier hands him a walkie talkie before he jumps back down to re-joins the other, minus Scout who’d left to continue scouting. The Sniper holds the scope up to his eye and checks the area, seeing a small horde of infected the next street over from the team. “The street to your left has a group of those infected in it.” he says into the walkie talkie.

“Rodger that Sniper, we’ll try to avoid them.” From his vantage point the Sniper watches the rest of the team as they carry on further up the road, turning left further down the road to avoid from the Infected. They disappear from his view and he lowers the rifle and starts moving across the rooftops to keep following them, not noticing that he is being watched….

Crouching low, Scout watches as a Hunter prowls across the alley in front of him. It seems to be looking for a place to ambush from and eventually settles for a darkened doorway leading into one of the buildings. Moving carefully to avoid making any noise, he backs out of the alleyway slowly. He checks down another alleyway which apart from a couple of infected is clear. Nodding to himself the Scout is about to go back and advise the group when his ears pick up the sound of faint sobbing. Curious, he follows the noise until he finds himself stood at the door to a house. Opening the door, he steps inside and through into the living room where the source of the noise is. There is a woman sat on the floor, back to him, sobbing to herself.

“Are you okay there lady?” Scout asks but the woman doesn’t respond she just keeps on crying. “It’s okay I can help you,” Scout says moving closer. “Whatever’s upset you we need to get you out of this city, it ain’t safe here.” He puts his hand on her shoulder softly and her head whips around, her sobbing ceasing and turning into an angry growl. “Jesus Christ what the hell,” he says in horror at her dagger like teeth and blazing red eyes. She swipes at him with her claws and he just about ducks out of the way. Raising his Scattergun, he blasts her right in the chest but it doesn’t even stagger her and she comes for him again.

Dodging another swipe, he runs out of the house and she gives chase and despite his famed speed she is slowly gaining on him. Rounding the corner, he is relieved to see the rest of the Mercs and shouts out in warning. “Guys, there’s this crazy bitch chasing after me.” The Witch storms round the corner after him and the Pyro steps forward to fend her off. A compression blast does nothing to slow her down and a burst of flames only seems to anger her more. Completely ignoring the Pyro, she continues to home in on the Scout and the Heavy and Soldier step in the way to block her off. The Heavy revs up his minigun but before he can fire, she barges past him, knocking him to the ground with her strength. The Soldier fires a rocket at her and this does seem to have an effect but it only staggers her momentarily and lashing out with a swipe, she knock him down too.

She pounces on the Scout and he screams as she starts to tear into him. The Demoman fires off a grenade which hits and staggers her again. Switching to his sword and shield he barges into her making her target him instead. She claws wildly at the targe but it doesn’t have much effect and with a swing of his sword, he separates her head from his body. The Medic rushes over with his medi-gun and fixes it onto the Scout but after a few seconds he shakes his head sadly. “I was too slow,” he says, “He’s dead.” Before they can really process what has happened the walkie talkie crackles into life again.

“Watch out you’ve got trouble heading your way.”

“More infected?” Soldier asks.

“Well not more per say. It’s only one. But he’s a big mean looking bastard.” Just as he says this a car goes flying across the next street. A gigantic muscle bound infected bounds into view, turning it’s gaze on the group of mercenaries before charging at them with a roar.

Safely up on top of the building, the Sniper watches as the Tank attacks. All the Mercs concentrate their fire on it, apart from the Medic who is healing and the Spy, who has once again disappeared. The Tank slams a fist into the Soldier, knocking him aside and goes for the Heavy who jams the Mini-Gun in its face and opens fire. Roaring in pain as the bullets rip into him, the Tank backs up and is driven back further by flames from the Pyro’s flamethrower. It tears up a slab of concrete from the ground and hurls it at the group, who all throw themselves to the side to avoid it. However, the Engineer, whose had been hanging at the back, doesn’t see it until too late and it crashes into him, the dispenser he was lugging about dropping to the floor and breaking.

Sensing a vulnerable target, the Tank homes in on Engie, who shuffles on his back feebly to try and get away. As before the Spy materialises behind the Tank and plunges his knife into its back but this time rather than killing it, all it seems to do is anger the Tank more. It backhands the Spy in the face and he smashes into a nearby wall. The Sniper raises his rifle to shoot it in the head but before he can his rifle is yanked from his grip. Spinning around he sees a tall infected with a severe growths all over its arm and neck. Grabbing his SMG, he fires of a burst of rounds and it explodes, emitting a thick gas.

He coughs and splutters and this distraction is enough for a Jockey to leap onto him. It drags him towards the edge of the building and then, with one more heave, drags him completely off the ledge. Crashing into the ground below, he cries out as he feels his legs snapping underneath him as the Jockey hops away, cackling to itself. He drags himself towards his SMG, hoping to use it to defend himself until the Medic arrives but he feels the ground begin to rumble. Looking up he sees the Tank looming over him. “Bloody Hell,” are his last words as it mashes his skull into the concrete with its fist.

Meanwhile the Medic starts healing up his injured comrades as the Tank wheels around for another attack. Engine throws down a mini-sentry and it assembles quickly, spitting out rounds at the Tank. It makes a beeline for the building, buying the Medic more time. His next port of call is the Spy whose shattered spine is quickly healed by the Medi-Gun’s healing beam. “That is the last time I try and help gentlemen,” Spy says annoyed. The Medic hears the medi-gun crackle and looks down to see the ubercharge meter is filled.

“Heavy! I’m fully charged.”

“Charge me Doctor!” Heavy says and as the ubercharge overflows him, he advances with his minigun firing. The Tank, having smashed the mini-sentry into pieces, barrels towards him and as he gets close the Heavy hears a dreaded noise, the clicking that signifies he’s out of ammo. With the Tank so close he considers going for his shotgun but instead lets out a roar of defiance and throws himself at the infected, grappling with it with his bare hands. The pair match each other for strength as they thump blows into each other and the rest of RED Team help out the Heavy by firing explosives and bullets into the Tank. Having sustained too many injures the Tank let’s out one more growl before crumpling to the ground, just as the ubercharge wears off. “Hmph. This one not baby,” Heavy says cracking his knuckles.

“What the bloody hell was that thing,” the Demoman says.

“Whatever it is, I hope we don’t run into another one,” says the Spy.

“Well if we do at least we’ll be better prepared this time,” Medic says. “Engie, I think we’ll all need to refill our ammo.”

“Well that’s where we might have a problem doc. That big son of a bitch destroyed by dispenser when he hit me with that rock. I had to use the last of my metal to make that mini-sentry.”

“No more ammo?!” Soldier says worriedly. “How are we supposed to get out of this place alive? We’re already down two men.” At the mention of their fallen comrades a grim silence descends on the group. Sure, Scout was an annoying little shit most of the time and Sniper was gruff and distant but they were still a part of the team. Their quiet reflection is interrupted by the muffled speaking of the Pyro, who is pointing excitedly to a busted open window.

“What is it Pyro?” The Soldier says going over to check what the fuss is about. He looks through the window and a big smile comes across his face.

“It’s a gun shop men,” he says excitedly. The rest of the team rush over to find stacks and stacks of guns and, more importantly, hundreds of boxes of ammo.

“I could get some more metal supplies out of these guns,” Engineer says, grabbing a handful of them and setting to work crafting them into usable supplies. Everyone else stocks up on ammo, Heavy grabbing some Mini-Gun bullets from a crate, Soldier and Demoman finding grenades and rockets in the back storeroom and Pyro snatching up some more fuel for his flamethrower. Even Spy, who has barely used his revolver, drops a spare case of bullets into his pocket. Engineer finishes crafting some spare metal and addresses the team.

“From now on we’re going to have to be a bit more careful in regard to our ammo usage. I can’t keep making dispensers for ya’ll and I’d like to keep my supplies for when we need them. Ya’ll got that?” The rest of the Mercs nod their heads “The airfield is only a couple of miles away now, so we should be able to manage on the ammo we’ve got until then. Ya’ll ready?” Again, the Mercs all nod and continue their journey.

After about half an hour of further walking, the remainder of RED Team finally come across the airfield. Luckily, they managed to avoid any major infected encounters, only a few small groups of regular infected and the occasional special infected. They survey the area, which is mostly flat ground with a small air hanger off to the side of the main runway. Engineer plops a teleporter exit down on the runway. “If I set up a Teleporter, the chopper can use it as a visual for where it’s safe to land,” he explains. “I’ll just get in contact with headquarters to let them know we’ve arrived and find out how long till they can pick us up.”

“While you do that, we’ll go and check out that hanger,” Medic says. Leaving the Engineer to his work the others wander over to the hanger. The inside is mostly empty, apart from a fuel tank in the far corner. As they walk through the hanger entrance a Hunter leaps out, seemingly from nowhere. Panicking the Pyro swings his flamethrower around wildly setting the Hunter on fire. This barely deters it and it leaps on top of them, ready to tear into their stomach before a rocket blows it to kingdom come. However, the flames have triggered the fire alarm and a shrill screeching sound pierces the air. The Engineer comes rushing in.

“What the heck are you guys doing?”

“Pyro set off the alarm fighting one of those hoodie wearing sons of bitches,” Soldier explains.

“Aw hell. Well get that alarm turned off quick.” He looks up at the alarm and roughly judging where the wire for the power system is, takes out his shotgun and fires at the ceiling. After a few shots the alarm abruptly cuts out.

“Danke Engineer,” Medic says.

“Don’t start thanking me yet Doc. That alarm will have attracted the attention of just about every infected in this city. We’re going to have to hunker down in here and try to fend them off.” Engie puts down a dispenser in the corner furthest from the hanger door before putting down the entrance for the teleporter down right by the entrance. Once the dispenser is up he starts work building up the levels on both buildings.

“While Engineer sets up, we should make a perimeter to keep his buildings safe. Soldier, Pyro, Demoman and Heavy you four will be the main line of defence. Try and keep the Infected in front of you, don’t be afraid to back up if you think they might be about to overwhelm you. I’ll keep you all healed up; if and when I get an ubercharge we’ll use it to push out. Spy, you can…” He looks around but Spy is nowhere to be seen. “Typical Spy,” he says sighing. “Everybody understand.” The Mercs all nod in agreement. “Good. Are you ready Engineer?” Medic asks.

“Dispenser is fully levelled up,” he replies. He plops a mini-sentry down a little bit in front of his dispenser to cover him and his buildings. “That Chopper will be here in 20 minutes, so we’re going to have to hold them off until then.” The sound running footsteps comes the from the distance, slowly getting louder and louder as a horde of zombies appears from the city. “Here they come,” Heavy says. As the first of them cross the hanger entrance, the Demoman detonates the sticky bombs he had set up in preparation, exploding the infected into a shower of body parts and blood. They are quickly replaced by more infected however they are mown down in a hail of minigun bullets, rockets and grenades. Still they continue to stream mindlessly into the slaughter and it’s not long before the Heavy is out of ammo. “Getting spare ammo from dispenser” he warns the others. The Pyro steps forward and uses his compression blast to push the Infected into the paths of the fire of his teammates, covering the Heavy’s absence until he returns with a full clip of ammo.

This continues for a while; every time one of them needs to collect some more ammo the others step in to fill their gap until they return. Any Infected that does somehow manage to get through the bullets, explosives and flames is quickly gunned down by the Mini-Sentry. Suddenly a Charger appears, barging through the horde and smashing into the Demoman, dragging him into the far hanger wall and starting to pummel him. He tries to pull out his sword to defend himself but it is pressed into his body by the Charger’s hand and he can’t get it loose. The Mini-Sentry fires a steady stream of bullets into the creature but it doesn’t seem to slow it down in the slightest. Engineer advances on the pair, firing shotgun blasts into the Charger’s back to add to the fire power from his sentry and eventually it releases it’s grip on the Demoman and slumps down dead.

“Medic!” He shouts and the German doctor turns his medi-beam on the Demoman as the Engineer lifts him to his feet. Once he is restored to full health, he gives a thumbs up to the Medic and slaps the Engineer roughly on the shoulder before re-joining the fight. The horde is almost whittled down now with only a few dozen Infected coming through the hanger entrance now. Engie’s PDA starts beeping at him, indicating that the teleporter has been damaged. With the horde now thinning out he rushes over to the teleporter entrance and begins repairing it. No matter how much he tries the beeping continues and he realises that something is damaging it from the other end.

“What’s wrong?” Spy asks appearing behind him.

“Something is damaging the teleporter from the exit end,” Engie says. “Could you go over there and stop whatever the heck is doing it.”

“Me?!” Spy say indignant. “I’m an assassin not an errand boy.”

“Look here mister, if we don’t keep this teleporter up the helicopter ain’t gonna know where to land. It also means we won’t be able to evacuate this place as quickly when it does come. So, for the love of god go and kill whatever SON OF A BITCH IS ON THE OTHER SIDE,” Engineer says finally losing his temper. Spy looks momentarily surprised at the outburst before shrugging his shoulders. He uses his disguise kit to disguise himself as a common infected, slipping past the last stragglers coming into the hanger and goes over to the teleport entrance. A small group of five infected are kicking at the building, obviously attracted to the flashing light. Walking up behind them, he takes out his butter knife and stabs the nearest one in the back, dropping his disguise. He dispatches three more the same way and as the fifth turns snarling, he presses his revolver to its head and blows its brains out.

The problem dealt with the Spy strikes a cigar but stops before he can take a puff as the ground begins to rumble. “Screw that,” he says as a Tank comes charging across the airfield and goes invisible. The Tank barely seems to register this, nor the big glowing teleporter and heads right for the Hanger. At the sight of the infected the Mercs spread out more, not wanting to cluster together and give it an easy target. Instinctively the Tank goes for the biggest target, the Heavy, and it slams a fist into him sending him flying back. Moving in to attack him again it let’s out a roar of both surprise and pain as it feels something sharp slide into it’s back. It wheels around to find the Demoman grinning insanely, his Eyelander buried in its back.

“Charge me up doc,” he says and Medic activates the ubercharge. Dodging around the Tank’s attacks he starts laying down sticky bombs around it. Once he has laid down all eight, he detonates them, blowing the Tank to kingdom come and launching him into the air. The ubercharge protects him from the explosive damage as well as any fall damage when he lands flat on his ass. Getting to his feet chuckling drunkenly he exclaims “Oh they’re going to have to glue you back together… IN HELL.”

“Do you think that’s all of them?” Medic asks, just as the sound of snarling and growling fills the air. “Clearly not,” Soldier replies and the Mercs ready themselves for battle again, after refilling their ammo from the dispenser of course. Now that they’ve gotten used to the Infected attack patterns the second wave of them is much easier for them to handle. However, this time the Special Infected arrive in greater numbers. A pair of Spitters fire globs of acid at the tightly packed Mercs, forcing them to spread out and giving the infected gaps to rush into. Another glob of acid lands next to the dispenser, eating away at it. The Engineer hops across the acid, lifting the dispenser over his head and carrying it to safety. “Dispenser movin’ up” he says, placing it down closer to where his teammates are fighting. A Smoker snatches the Soldier’s rocket launcher from him, dragging it into the undead crowd.

“Damn it. Men, I need my rocket launcher back.” Shouting wildly, he draws his shotgun and walks straight into the infected, blasting them aside. The Engineer picks up his sentry, which he had rebuilt before the second horde came, and places it in the gap left by the Soldier to keep the Infected at bay. Battling his way to the middle of the horde the Soldier comes across the Smoker who is trying to escape while his tongue recharges. Blasting him into bits, he retrieves his rocket launcher and rocket jumps away out of the crowd and back to his team. A couple of Boomers who were in the crowd explode under the gunfire, the bile they spewed attracting even more of the infected. A jockey, which has managed to sneak behind the Mercs leaps on the Medic.

“Help me,” he cries out as the Jockey drags him away. Responding to his healer’s cries for help the Pyro fires a compression blast which knocks the Jockey off the Medic, before frying it to a crisp. With the special infected’s assault over, the remaining normal infected are easily dealt with. As the last infected falls dead to the floor, the now familiar rumbling that signifies the approach of a Tank sounds. Like the previous one it goes for the Heavy first but this time the Mercs are ready and the Demoman has placed some sticky bombs down. The explosion from them sends the Tank reeling and they all concentrate their fire on it, manging to kill it before it can recover and attack again.

As the Mercs all stop to catch their breath the sound of a helicopter approaching sounds. They all rush to the entrance, watching as a cargo helicopter with ‘Reliable Excavation Demolition’ written across it carefully touches down next to the teleporter exit. “That’s our ticket out of here boys,” the Engineer says cheerfully. He uses his PDA to destroy the Dispenser, collecting the scrap metal from it before picking up the mini-sentry and heading to the teleporter. “I’m going to set down the Sentry to cover us, ya’ll remember your teleporter etiquette now.” As he says this he steps into the glowing light and exits right next to the helicopter.

Placing down the sentry by the ramp leading into it, he hears the sound of Infected approaching. Looking around he can see thousands and thousands of them, pouring out of the city and heading right for the airfield. “Guys you’ve got to get a darn move on,” he says to himself. The first one through the teleporter is the Heavy, who instantly revs his Mini-Gun up ready for any zombies that come near. Out of the hanger entrance comes the Medic and Soldier, both glowing red from the ubercharge that the Medic had been saving. A few of the faster infected are starting to get near to the helicopter but they are taken out by the Mini-Sentry and just as the Soldier and Medic arrive the Demoman appears through the teleporter.

“Come on Pyro, once you’re here we can all get outta this hellhole,” Engineer says. Suddenly a Charger rushes across the hanger entrance, carrying the Pyro in it’s grasp. “Dang,” Engie says in shock. Pyro somehow manages to free their fire axe and slams it repeatedly into the Charger, eventually managing to free himself. Just at that moment a Hunter appears and before they can react it rakes its claws across their belly, spilling their guts onto the ground. Pyro manages to muster up enough strength to bury the axe into the infected’s head before hurling the axe into the distance and dropping to their knees, grasping weakly at their entrails as they spill out. Cracks begin to appear in the back of the hanger before not one, but two Tanks bust through it, a horde of regular infected following in their path.

“Must save little Pyro,” Heavy says stepping forward but the Medic puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“No Kamerad. We’ll never be able to get to them in time. The best thing we can do for them now is get out of this alive. Honour them that way.” Heavy does not look happy with the decision but he nods his head solemnly.

“What about Spy,” he asks.

“Right behind you,” comes the reply. The Mercs all turn to see that the Spy is already sitting in the helicopter, smoking a cigar. Heavy looks back once more at the Pyro, who is fumbling about with their gas mask. They pull it off, looking straight at the infected approaching them and raising their hand, which has the flare gun held in it. They fire off a shot, but rather than heading towards the infected it arcs over them and the rest of RED Team watch as it arcs towards the fuel tank. They suddenly realise the Pyro’s fire axe, which they threw earlier, had buried itself into the fuel tank and fuel was now leaking out. As the flare gun connects with the tank the fuel ignites, engulfing the hanger, the Pyro and all the Infected inside in a fiery explosion.

The remaining members of RED Team all board the helicopter and the Soldier bangs on the dividing glass window between the cargo hold and the cockpit. “We’re all on board now. Get us out of here,” he orders and the pilot closes up the hatch to the cargo hold and there is a loud bang as an infected runs straight into it. Slowly, the Helicopter rises into the air, leaving the Infected below howling and snarling in frustration at their prey having escaped. On board the Mercs all sit catching their breath, exhausted from their battles. All that is expect for Spy who looks positively well rested.

“Well Gentlemen, that went pretty well I think.”

“Pretty well?!” Engineer says confused. “Spy, we just lost a third of our team back there.”

“Nobody who will be missed,” comes Spy’s retort. “At least we made it out alive.”

“No thanks to you yah skulking’ little snake,” Demoman says. “I didn’t see you doing much fighting back there.”

“I use my many talents when they are needed,” Spy says. “It just so happens my talents weren’t best suited to this particular mission.”

“Yes well, that was apparent,” Medic says sarcastically. Heavy meanwhile is sat stroking his Mini-Gun deep in thought.

“We will honour dead later,” he says quietly. He looks out of the window at the city passing below them and a sense of pride that they managed to escape such a hell hole is the only consolation, on a day of death and destruction.

Winner: RED Team

Expert's Opinion[]

The voters agreed that RED Team would emerge victorious in this battle, albeit with a few casualties. This was largely down to their wealth of experience against the supernatural, as well as against robots and other mercenaries, which helped them to adapt quickly to the threat the infected posed. They also worked excellently as a team, knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and complementing each other well because of it. As for the reasons each member died or survived;

Starting with those who died, the Scout had a good damage dealing weapon in the Scattergun but his role in the team involved him working solo most of the time and this made him easy prey for the Special Infected because of his physical weakness and this also left him vulnerable to being overrun by big hordes. The Pyro meanwhile suffered from having a lack of effective weaponry; his flare gun didn’t do enough damage and the flamethrower was much too close range and if anything, the flames only served to attract more infected to him. Finally, the Sniper who was just not suited to this scenario at all. Being constantly on the move meant his sniping options were limited and his inability to really defend himself in close range meant he was vulnerable to ambushes or being overwhelmed by hordes.

Now we move onto the survivors. Solider and Demoman survived for the same reason, they both had weapons which did lots of damage very quickly which enabled them to take out big hordes and special infected without much trouble. Heavy also had a highly effective weapon in the Mini-Gun and while his slow movement speed made him an obvious target, he was covered by his team well. Engineer and Medic were poor combatants but they survived because of the great support they provided to their teammates, buildings in the case of the Engineer and healing in the case of the Medic. This meant the rest of the team was inclined to protect them and cover for their lacklustre combat abilities. Spy had similar problems to Scout and Sniper, in that his loadout wasn’t very effective against the undead and he was liable to be overwhelmed but he managed to survive because of his disguise kit and invisibility watch, which allowed him to simply avoid fighting altogether.

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