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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Two-Face (by RaptorHunter)[]

Deep within an old German salt mine, Two-Face and his 4 thugs dig away at the walls with pick axes and shovels. Suddenly, one thug here's a thunk when he hits the rock. He found it. He signals Two-Face and the rest of the gang over, and they all help dig there until they reveal a large wooden chest. As they pull it out, a grin spreads across Two-Face. There it is. As he lays his fingers down on the lock to open the chest, a loud CRACK echoes through the cave. Indiana Jones, bull whip in hand, with four crew mates by his side, says " Ahhh Two-Face... I knew I'd find you here, looking for stolen World War Two Nazi art."

"Jones. You son of a b*tch. Get 'em boys." Two-Face's thugs grab and snap up their Tommy Guns and immediately begin spray firing the mine shaft. Indy and his crew duck for cover, but one crew mate is too late, and drop's to the ground dead. Black2 The thugs and Two-Face head forward, out of the mine shaft, looking for Indy's crew. They appear to be nowhere, until one pops up from behind a rock with his Lewis Machine Gun and riddles a thug with bullets. Darkred one of Indy's crew mates sneaks into the mine shaft, in attempt to steal back the Nazi art. Indy and the other crew mate stay outside, and hide out behind a large boulder. Two-Face and his men split up, sending one toward the mine shaft, and the other climbs up the mountain with Two-Face, in search of Indy. The Two-Face thug down at the mine shaft takes out his flash light, and searches the cavern entrance. He then takes out his double barrel shotgun, opens the hinge, then loads two shots in. He slowly creeps in, carefully looking for anyone. He then hears footsteps down the tunnel, swings, then fires, only to miss. He then feels a slice at his ankles and yells out in pain. Indy's crew mate holds a machete in his hand, and just swung at the thug. He then holds the machete up at the thug's neck, prepared to slit his throat. But then the thug pulls out his gas grenade, pulls the pin, and let's the toxic gas pour all throughout the room, choking both Indy's crew mate and Two-Face's thug. They faint to ground, and the machete clangs upon the rock. Black2Darkred Meanwhile, up the mountain, Indiana and his surviving crew mate hide behind a massive rock. The crew mate peeks around the corner, to see Two-Face and his final thug crawling up the hill. The crew mate signals Indy and picks up an RPG-7 and loads it with the grenade, stands up, aims, and fires towards Two-Face. Two-Face and his thug look up, to see the rocket flying right towards them. In a matter of milliseconds, Two-Face ducks and rolls away, but the unfortunate thug is blown to pieces, his own blood and guts raining upon his master. Darkred Two-Face quickly jumps up from the ground, covered in blood, and whips out his dual .22 semi-auto pistols and fires them at Indy and his crew mate, while the crew mate pulls out his Colt-Python revolver and fires, unfortunately, Two-Face has a much better shot, and a bullet only brushes by his shoulder while he nails the crew mate in the heart with a bullet. Black2 It's down to Indy and Two-Face. Two-Face stares at Indy, his disgusting mutilated face giving a slight scare to Indy. Two-Face lifts up his pistol, aims at Indy, then his silver dollar coin, flips it, but right as it flips up into the air, Indy cracks his whips, strangles Two-Face's ankle, and yanks away, causing Two-Face to tumbles onto his back, and drop the coin. "NOOOOOO!!!!" He yells in agony, distraught from what just happened. He then clicks open his stiletto, and swings at Indy, but the knife is way too short to reach. Indy then stomps on Two-Face's chest, knocking the wind out of him, and the knife out of his hand. Then Indy tackles Two-Face, smashes his elbow onto his enemy's already screwed-up face, then wraps his whip around his neck, pulls as hard as he can, then Two-Face takes his final breath, and chokes to death. Just to be sure, Indy takes Two-Face's stiletto and stabs him in the chest, then walks back toward the cave.Darkred "Not this time Two-Face. Not ever..."

Expert's Opinion[]

Although Two-Face had great weapons, It was Indy's far superior experience that brought him on top.

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The battle was declared invalid because Indiana Jones was given a Colt Phyton, Lewis gun, and RPG-7, weapons he never used.

Battle vs. Rick O'Connell (by Codgod13)[]

O'Connell and thrre explorers are digging illegally in a historical site, looking for way to destroy a mummy, when sudden a bullwhip cracks throuigh the air. "This space is off limits," Says Indy, standing on the edge fo the whole with three OSS members.

"Yeah?" O'Connel asks, and points an M1911 at Indy, "You want to say that again?"

Indy pulls out his Python and points it at Rick, "This space is off limits."

Rick fires a shot at Indy, who jumps back, and a fire fight ensues. One of each team is killed (3-3).

Rick's explorers leaves the tunnel and Indy's group goes to intercept them. One explorer is killed in an ambush, but the other's escape (3-2).

An OSS man is looking around, and sees an explorer. He creeps forward with a machete, but the explorer sees the shadow and turns him into swiss cheese with a PPSh (2-2).

The last OSS man gets in a firefight with the last explorer, each using their respective rifle. The OSS member is shot in the leg, and the explorer runs out of ammo. He walks forward with an M1911, only to be smashed apart by a tommy gun (2-1).

Rick seees the last OSS limping away, and sneaks up behind him. With a qucik stab from his Jian, he ends the man's life.

Indy sees Rick, and starts firing his Python. Rick runs, dodges, and weaves until Indy runs out of ammo. They approach each other, Rick holding a jian and dagger, Indy a bullwhip and machete. The two begin to fight, with neither getting an advantage. Finally, Indy cracks his whip into Rick's eye and distracts him. Using the oppurtinity, Indy jumps in close and slits Rick's throat (1-0).

"I SAID, this place is off limits," Indy says, and leaves.


Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very close battle. While Rick had superior training, Indy dominated in long range, as well as had superior improvisation skills that eventually won him the day.

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Battle was declared invalid due to Indiana Jones being given a Colt Python, despite never using one.

Battle vs. Han Solo (Legends) (by JWarrior89)[]

Indiana Jones stepped through the temple doorway. The object he had been searching for, a small cube-like object, sat upon an altar at the far end of the chamber, illuminated by a beam of light shining from a hole in the ceiling. He started to walk forward, but stopped. The floor was covered with numerous tiles, each inscribed with what appeared to be a different shape.

Glancing at the ground for a moment, he cautiously stuck a foot out and lightly pressed a floor tile that had a triangle on it... and immediately lept back to avoid a hail of darts that shot out from the wall next to him. He should have expected that.

Looking back at the floor, a thought occured to him. He glanced up at the cube, then back at the floor, and cautiously stepped on a floor tile with a square on it. Nothing happened. Grinning, he slowly moved forward, being careful to only step on the floor tiles inscribed with squares.

Reaching the altar, he stopped, examining the cube. He took off his fedora, scratching his head. Now that he was seeing it up close, the cube seemed strangely... machine-like. He could also hear what sounded like a very soft humming noise coming from the cube. Well, he had come this far. There was no going back...

Putting his fedora back on his head, he slowly reached for the cube, wringing his fingers in anticipation. After confirming that the beam of light wasn't going to set off another trap, he grabbed the cube and picked it up. With a cry of pain, he immediately dropped it; it was burning hot. As the cube clattered to the floor, the humming noise became louder, almost deafening. As Indiana clapped his hands to his ears, a small compartment opened up in the top of the cube, revealing a bright blue light. There was a bright flash, blinding Indiana as he threw himself to the floor.

After a few moments, the light faded away, as did the humming noise. Indiana opened his eyes, and slowly got to his feet. He didn't know how it had happened, but he was not in the same temple he had been in moments before. This temple seemed even older, with plenty of vegetation engulfing the walls, and the sound of running water in the distance. He bent down to pick up the cube, which was at his feet.

"Who are you!?" a voice called out.

Indiana's head snapped up, his fingers closed around the cube. Before him stood a man with scruffy dark hair and a black vest. His look of confused apprehension was mirrored on Indiana's own face.

"Have we met before?" Indiana asked, "You look familiar."

"Is this some kind of joke?" Han demanded, "What are you, a Changeling, trying to mess with my head?"

"A... what?" Indiana asked, confused.

Han glanced at the cube clutched in Indiana's hand.

"Ah, I see," he said, "Somebody hired you to find that too, didn't they?"

He pulled out his laser pistol and aimed it.

"Sorry, but I can't let you take that," he said, "That thing's worth a lot of money. There's a price on my head, and if I don't pay off Jabba the Hutt, I'm a dead man."

Indiana's eyes narrowed.

"Well, I don't know who this Jabba is," he said, slowly reaching for his revolver, "but he sounds like a gangster, which means you're not getting... whatever this is. I've dedicated my life to keeping valuable artifacts out of the hands of scum."

"Yes, I'll bet you have." Han replied.

Indiana quickly drew his revolver, but Han shot first. Indiana barely dodged the shot and returned fire, but missed. Han took a few steps back, continuing to fire his blaster pistol, forcing Indiana to dive behind a large stone pillar. From inside his jacket, he pulled out a 1912 Grenade. Han ran forward, but Indiana stepped out and threw the grenade at him. Han dove back to avoid the explosion. As the smoke cleared, he looked up to see Indiana retreating down a hallway. He quickly got to his feet and ran after him.

Indiana Jones quickly stuffed the cube into his jacket as he ran around the corner, gripping his revolver tightly. As he reached the end of the hallway, he turned and fired just as Han rounded the corner, forcing him to leap back. Aiming his blaster pistol around the corner, Han fored blindly, missing Indiana, but still resulting in him retreating into the next room. Seeing he had moved, Han quickly followed.

As Han entered the next chamber, he stopped. There was no sign of Indiana Jones, and the only sound was that of the waterfall rushing over the cliff edge nearby. Holding his blaster pistol at the ready, he slowly moved forward. Suddenly, the cold feeling of a gun barrel being pressed against the back of his head made him stop. How could he have been so careless? He lowered his pistol slowly and closed his eyes. Behind him, Indiana Jones pulled the trigger.


Indiana's eyes widened in shock, as Han's snapped open. Grinning, he spun around, knocking the revolver aside and pistol whipping Indiana in the head, causing him to fall down. Han aimed his pistol, but Indiana suddenly drew his machete, swiping it at Han and knocking his gun out of his hand. Leaping to his feet, Indiana slashed at Han, but Han lept back, drawing his vibroblade. Lunging forward, he struck at Indiana, who blocked the blow. Indiana slashed at Han's head, but Han ducked and punched Indiana in the stomach. He then aimed struck an Indiana's arm, but Indiana blocked the attack.

The two men continued to engage in their swordfight. Suddenly, Indiana slashed at Han, who caught his blade with his own. With one smooth mothion, he twisted the blade out of Indiana's hands, sending it flying over the edge of the cliff. Han then attempted to stab Indiana, who dodged the attack, grabbed Han's outstretched arm, and smashed his elbow down upon it. Han let out a cry of pain and dropped his vibroblade.

Indiana Jones then backhanded Han across the face, knocking him to the floor. Han, teeth bared, grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it in Indiana's eyes. Indiana yelled in shock and stumbled back. Han lept to his feet and lunged and Indiana, tackling him to the ground. Before he had a chance to react, Han delivered a brutal punch to his face. He punched again, but this time, Indiana grabbed Han's fist and kicked him hard in the stomach. Han fell back, and scrambled to grab his pistol, which was lying nearby. Picking it up, he turned to fire, but with a snap, the weapon was pulled from his hands; Indiana Jones stood before him, bullwhip clutched in his hand.

Indiana Jones lashed out with his whip again, causing Han to leap back. As Indiana took a step forward, Han pulled out a small, metallic sphere; a thermal detonator. Indiana stopped dead, his eyes locked on the strange device. He may not have seen such a thing before, but he knew it had to be some sort of explosive. Grinning, Han flipped a switch on the detonator, which began to beep and light up. With no time to lose, Indiana lashed out with his whip again; Han let out a yell as the whip cut his hand, forcing him to drop the detonator.

Indiana's eyes widened as the beeping got faster. Without a second thought, he ran to the cliff's edge and jumped. The resulting explosion shook the very walls of the temple; as he landed in the water, several pieces of the ceiling fell in with him, barely missing him. Indiana quickly surfaced, gasping for breath, and climbed out of the water. Taking off his fedora and wringing it out, he glanced at the ledge above him, but there was no sign of Han. He placeed his hat back on, and pulled the artifact out of his jacket. He examined it for a few moments, then tucked it back in his pocket. Without a word, he walked away.

WINNER: Indiana Jones

Expert's Opinion[]

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why Indy won.

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Battle was declared invalid due to Indiana Jones being given a Colt Python, despite never using one.

Battle vs. Joseph Turok (by Wassboss)[]

Indiana jones is trekking through a swamp, his boot splattered with mud. He has heard a rumour of a strange man who has been living in the swamp who killed a fellow treasure hunter a few months ago. Indiana has decided to find this mysterious stranger and bring him too justice. Little does he know he is being watched...

Turok aims his chain gun at Indiana and prepares to fire. He is tired of being hunted down for defending himself from an attack. Two bounty hunters have already tried to kill him but he displaced them easily. He waits till Indiana stops to wipe the mud off his shoes and fires.

Indiana hears rustling in the trees above him and jumps behind a tree as bullets rain down on him. He pulls out his machine gun and aims it carefully at turok’s position. He opens fire hitting the massive chain gun and rendering it useless. Turok cusses and pulling out his pistol shoots the machine gun out of indiana’s hands.

He jumps down from the tree and fires at indiana who is forced behind a tree again. Indiana unholsters his colt revolver and waits for turok to stop firing before peeking round the side of the tree. He sees turok fumbling with his magazine trying to put it in. Indiana jumps out and kicks the gun out of turok’s hand and fires at turok at point blank range.

However his shot is way out and only scrapes turok’s shoulder. Turok laughs and pulls out his knife and, yelling a war cry, jumps forward and almost stabs indiana in the chest. Indiana throws the revolver aside and pulls out his machete and swings slashing turok’s stomach. Turok shouts in pain and lunges forward stabbing indiana in the leg. Indiana winches in pain and kicks turok pushing him back the knife remaining in his leg.

Indiana swings his sword at turok who dodges out of the way. He then turns and runs off into the brush too retrieve his last weapon. Indiana pulls the knife out of his leg and throws it aside. He wipes the sweat off his brow and limps after him. He follows turok’s trail until in disappears abruptly. He looks wildly around hoping to see his opponent. But he does not think to look up.

Turok is sitting on a branch above indiana bow in hand. He pulls out an arrow and aims at his unsuspecting victim. Indiana hears a whistling sound and lifts up his machete deflecting the arrow. He looks up and sees turok standing above him. Turok shouts another war cry and jumps on top of indiana. They land in a heap on the floor but indiana has lost his machete. Turok sits on tops of his and tries to stab him with arrow which indiana dodges. He then kicks turok in the face and pushes him off him. He gets too his feet and pulls out his trusty bullwhip. He hooks turok’s leg and yanks backwards tripping him up. He then lashes forward with the whip hitting turok in the chest leaving a nasty bruise. He then whips forward repeatedly leaving more bruises on turok’s body.

Turok somehow manages to resist the pain and aims his bow again. He aims for indiana’s chest and fires hitting straight in the right lung. Indiana staggers back and drops his bullwhip. He clutches his chest and fall right into a hidden mine the fall snapping him like a twig. Turok stands up and hollers at the top of his voice. He then limps off to find help for his bruises. Winner Turok

Expert's Opinion[]

Turok won because of his experience fighting much harder foes. While indiana fought the same savage natives and mindless thug’s turok was fighting and beating raptors, heavily armoured troops and the mighty T.rex This round ends on thursday the 10th of march and next round is the first quater final round. Whoop Whoop

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The battle was declared invalid due to Indiana Jones being given a Colt Python, despite never using one.