The Inca Army was a multi-ethnic army charged with defending the sovereignty of the Inca Empire, expanding its borders, and putting down rebellions. It was also often used for political purposes, such as executions or coups.

As the Incan Empire grew in size and population, the army did the same. At the height of the empire (under the reigns of Tupac Yupanqui and Huayna Capac), the army grew to approximately 200,000 men.

The militaristic nature of the Incan monarchy caused great emphasis to be placed on the army and the position of the common soldier. Soldiers were given food and clothing and state aid was also provided for a soldier's family to ensure that agricultural production did not suffer due to the absence of a productive worker. For these reasons full-time soldiers were held in high regard and they even occupied their own position in the socio-political pyramid.

When the army returned to Cuzco following a successful campaign they were received by women and children as heroes in a ceremony held in their honor. The ceremony took place in the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco and consisted of exhibiting the plunder and parading the prisoners as a symbol of the victory.

Battle vs. Ancient Egyptian soldiers (by Samurai234)

In a valley an Incan warrior sneaks around, looking for enimies. up ahead, he sees a egyptian warrior walking across. The Incan pulls out his sling and loads a rock on the sling. he fires the sling, but misses the egyptian. The egyptian looks up and sees the incan who fires his sling. The incan fires another rock, but the egyptian blocks it with his shield. the egytian pulls out his Bow and Awrrow and fires an arrow, but the incan warrior blocks it with his shield. The Incan warrior charges at the egyptian warrior, war lance in hand. The Egyptian warrior grabs his shield and spear. the two warriors struggle for a while, but the Egyptian warrior has a slight edge due to his shield. The egyptian warrior stabs his spear in the incan warrior's arm, injuring him. He tries to finish the incan warrior off, but the incan dodges the spear, and breaks the spear with his axe. the egyptian warrior pulls out his Kopesh curved sword and the two swing thier weapons at each other, until the egyptian manages to hook and the Incan warrior's axe from his hand. The incan pulls out his truncheon and disarms the egyptin warrior of his shield and sword. he prepares to finish him off, but the Egyptian warrior pulls out his dagger and slashes the Incan in the hip. he then retrieves his Kopesh and slashes the incan in the neck. The incan falls dead as the Egyptian yells in victory.

Expert's Opinion

The Experts thought the the reason the egyptian warrior won was because even though the incan warrior had better armor, the Egyptian's Bow and arrow was able to defeat the Incan's sling. the egyptian warrior's shield was also a big factor, as it' large size was able to stop the incan warrior's projectiles.

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Rematch vs. Ancient Egyptian soldiers (by Samurai234)

In the South Amerrican Jungle, an Incan Warrior is scouting around the the field. He spots a Egyptian Warrior walking across the field. The Incan loads a rock on his sling and fires it. The rock misses, and the Egyptian is confused. The Incan jumps out of the brush and charges at the Egyptian Warrior with his War Lance. The Egyptian fires sevral arrows at the Incan, one of which hits the Incan in his chest. The Incan pulls the arrow out and sees the Egyptian charging at him with a Mace. The Incan puts up his lance to defend himself, but the mace breaks the lance's tip off. He uses the broken lance to knock the mace out of the Egyptian's hands and throw him to the ground. The Incan charges at him with his Axe. The Egyptian thrusts his spear at the Incan, but the axe breaks it. The Egyptian rolls out the way of the axe and pulls out his Khopesh. The two clash, until the Egyptian is able to use the sword the hook the axe out of the Incan's hands. The Incan pulls out his last weapons, the knife and the Truncheon. The two clash again, with the Incan laying in a strike with his club. The Incan tries to do a slash with his knife, but the Egyptiann is uses his Khopesh to remove it. The Incan growls in anger and lays a hit on the Egyptian's shoulder. The Incan runs into make the last blow, but the Egyptian pulls out his dagger and thrust it in the Incan's chest. He then recovers his Khopesh and slashes the Incan in his neck. The Egyptian gives a shout of victory before walking off.

Winner: Egyptian Warrior

Expert's Opinion

The Egyptian warrior was victorious once again due to marginal superiority in arsenal, as well as being a more versatile warrior all-around.

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Battle vs Jewish Zealot (by MilenHD)

Under the searing sun of a hot rocky desert, a lone Jewish Zealot had raised his shield to make shadow and protect himself from the sun. As some clouds were moving a covered the sin for a while, he let down his shield and saw a Incan Warrior, who was aiming his bow and arrow right at him. The Hebrew pick up a rock and as he covered behind his shield, he hurled it at the Incan, missing him. The Incan fired his bow and was blocked by the Zealot's shield.

The Zealot grabbed his spear from the ground and charged forward at the Indian. The Incan pulled his hacha and his first swing was a miss, the second swing chopped the Jew's shield in half, but before he can deliver the third blow, he was pierced in the leg, above the knee with the iron spear. The Incan felt down, dropping his hacha axe and as the Jew prepared to deliver the final blow, the Incan pulled his tumi knife and sliced the stomach of the Hebrew, making him to step back and give the Incan time to get up and equip his wooden shield. The Jew threw his spear at the Incan and missed him. The Zealot pulled his khopesh and as he swung, he managed to scratch the wooden shield and with the second swing he knocked the tumi knife and sliced a little of the Incan's middle and pointer finger, while the Zealot was preparing for the final blow, the Incan lifted his shield blocking the blow and swinging his truncheon, landing at the Jew's stomach knocking him down.

The Jew got up fast and with his khopesh he pulled the shield away, but his iron helmet also took a devastating hit from the truncheon and Zealot collapsed on the ground, still alive. The Incan raised his truncheon for a final blow, but the Hebrew grabbed his spear, which was nearby and tried to stab the Incan, but the Incan swung his truncheon and broke the spear in half.

The Zealot grabbed his sica and his tried to pierce the stomach of the Incan, but failed. After another swing he wounded the Incan chest and cut through his armor. As the Incan touched his wound, the Zealot was going to finish him, except that the Incan turned and swung his truncheon with full force, breaking the Jew's jaw and smashing his neck. 

The Incan raised his bloody club and gave a mighty war yell in victory and pain.

Expert's Opinion

While the Jewish Zealot has guerrilla tactics and better metal, the bow and the army discipline of the Incan warrior gave him the edge in x-factors. In terms of weapons, the Jew had superior melee weapons, but the bow was the twin hooks of this match, and the Incan while had weak armor, he was still more protected than the Hebrew.

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