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It is by my hand, You will rise from the ashes of this world.
— Immortan Joe

Immortan Joe is the tyrannical leader of the War Boys, a cult of pale-skinned warriors in future post-apocalyptic Australia. Joe runs the Citadel, one of the last "safe" locations for humanity, complete with vegetation grown on mountain tops and a fresh waterfall controlled by the Immortan, who occasionally opens it up for the poor and unhealthy citizens of the Citadel to fight over. When his top imperator, Furiosa, steals the War Rig, a heavily armored and powerful semi-trailer, Joe realizes she has also taken with her his precious Wives, five women selected for breeding. This begins a large-scale road war, with Joe bringing the entire War Boy army along with his allies from Gas Town and Bullet Farm along for the chase.

Immortan Joe drives his own custom vehicle, The Gigahorse, the flagship vehicle of the War Boy armada, armed with a whaler's harpoon and a flamethrower.

Battle vs. Commandant (by Cfp3157)[]

No battle will be written.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Commandant and his soldiers were deemed more experienced, healthier, and better equipped for foot soldier combat than what Immortan Joe and his war boys could accomplish.

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