Cordillerans are the people of the Cordillera region, in the Philippines island of Luzon. The Igorot form two subgroups: the larger group lives in the south, central and western areas, and is very adept at rice-terrace farming; the smaller group lives in the east and north. The tribal groups formerly practiced headhunting.

Cordillerano, or Cordilleran, is a term used for the people of the hill tribes of Luzon, Philippines, who are residing in the Cordillera and Caraballo mountains. This term became more common after a perceived negative stigma in the term Igorot, which had been incorrectly connected to backwardness and inferiority. In addition, not all Kalinga and Ifugao accept the designation of Igorot.

The Cordillera region of Northern Philippines is the ancestral domain of the Igorots. It comprises the six provinces of Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mountain Province, plus the lone city of Baguio.

Battle vs Mayan Soldier (by Samurai234)

In a dense forest, a Mayan Warrior is taking a scroll, keeping an eye for any enimies. Unaware to him, he is being watched by a Igorot warrior. Thinking the Mayan's head would make a great trophy, The Igorot raises his bow and arrow and fires a shot. It hits the Mayan, but bounces off his armor. The Mayan, in turn, raises his own Bow and Arrow, and fires, but the Igorot blocks it with his shield. The two warriors charge at each other, spears and shields in their hands. They thrust at each other, until the Igorot uses his spear in disarm the Mayan of his shield. Angrily, the Mayan thrusts his own spear in the Igorot's shield, but it ends up getting stuck. The Igorot pulls out his Axe and chops the Mayan's spear in half, causing him to fall over. The Igorot runs into finish him off, but the Mayan pulls out his Maquahuitl and slashes the spear head off. The Igorot holds his shield to defend himself, but the Maquahuitl manages to cut it. The Igorot grabs his axe and tries to fight back, but at one point ends up getting it stuck to a log. The Mayan prepares to end the fight, but the Igorot pulls out his Bolo Knife and slashs the Mayan across the chest, cutting the armor and leaving a large wound. The Mayan pulls out his last weapon, the Sickle, and slashes at the Igorot. The Igorot avoid them, though, and stabs the Mayan through the neck, before swinging the blade up, decapitating the Mayan. The Igorot raises the Mayan's head in the air and yells in victory.

Winner: Igorot Warrior

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Battle vs. Zulu Warrior (by JuanPerez33)

An Igorot warrior is training with his axe and shield somewhere deep in the jungle. Suddenly a spear hits shield square in the middle. Fortunately it doesn't penetrate the hard wood shield. He pulls it out and looks in the direction of the thrown spear. He sees a Zulu warrior chanting and screaming at him.

The Igorot aims his bow and fires hitting the Zulu in the side. The Zulu growls and pulls out the arrow and pulls out his short spear. He charges at the Igorot who fires another arrow. This time however the Zulu blocks it with his shield and carries on running. Once he is in the fighting range of the spear he lashes out at the Igorot while maintaining distance.

The Zulu tries to side step and narrowly escapes the triggered bamboo spike trap. Now more cautious, the Zulu uses the poison spit to try and subdue the enemy only for the igorot to use his shield effectively in blocking the spit. 

The Zulu is undeterred and thrusts forward but this time into the igorots side but his armor keeps the spear from going any further. The igorot then uses his own spear to stab the legs of the Zulu, injuring him. The zande pulls out his wooden club while the igorot discards his spear to use his axe and the two warriors begin to duel. 

The Igorot slashes the arm that holds the club rendering it useless. The zulu now injured from being able to run and fight due to his leg and arm being injured desperatly blocks with his shield. The igorot realizing that his opponent is incapable of fighting slashes across him across the stomach.

The Zulu coughs up blood and the Igorot yanks the axe up cutting through the zande’s right lung. The Zulu collapses and dies. The Igorot warrior shouts in victory and walks off into the jungle.

Winner: Igorot warrior

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Battle vs Celt (by MilenHD)

On flat ground with bushes nearby and few hills nearby, an lost Igorot was trespassing through the area confused where is he? Not far away from the bushes emerged a Celt with long bow in his hands and the two faced each other and the Celt was first as he strung his bow and fired an arrow towards the Igorot, with the arrow getting stuck in the shield. The Igorot retreated, while the Celt aimed for another shot, but he failed to hit him, as the Igorot turned, he aimed his pana bow and fired at the Celt, but his giant shield blocked every shoot of the bamboo bow.

As the barbarian got close with his lancea, he hurled it at the Igorot, missing him. As the Igorot raised his spear and shield, he was pushed by the giant wooden shield of the Celt, who picked his lancea and both tribal warriors circled around each other, the Celt attacked first with a thrust from his lancea, but the Igorot dodged it and retaliated with a thrust from his spear, piercing the Celt's leg, making him groan in pain and after the spear was pulled, part of the Celt's leg was torn. The Celt thrusted his lancea, piercing the Igorot's shield and wounding his shoulder at the same time. As the wicker shield was destroyed, the Igorot dropped his spear and pulled his axe from his waist and swung it around a few times, destroying both the lancea and the shield. The Celt than pulled his longsword and started dueling with the Igorot, each time there a a clink sound when the two blades clashed and after a mighty swing from the Igorot's axe, the longsword was knocked out of the Celt's hands, but he quickly smashed the axe's handle with his burda club.

The Igorot grabbed his spear again and the Celt grabbed his sword again and after few hits, the spear got cut in two by the sword. The Igorot last weapon was his bolo and as he pulled it in the mid of the fight, he gave a loud war cry and started swinging it at the Celt, missing his throat by inches. Then the Celt swung his sword but the Igorot ducked under the slash and tried to slash the Celt's belly, but the bolo was not able to cut through the leather tunic.

As the Igorot tried slash through the Celt again, but this time he kinda succeeded, because the make made contact with the Celt's stomach, but the tunic soaked most of the damage and the bolo got stuck in the Celt's armor. The Celt stabbed the Igorot in the abdomen with his sword. The Igorot spat out blood and felt down dead. Then the Celt knelt down and cut the Igorot's head.

Then the Celt raise the Igorot's head and gave a loud shout in victory.

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The Celt had armor and better weapons than the Igorot, plus he had better physicality and presumably better training.

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