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With laws shall lands be built
— Icelandic Police motto

The Icelandic Police can trace its origins to 1778, when the first traces of industry started to appear. In the times before that law had been enforced by individuals as allowed by Althing and later by syslumenn (sheriffs) and other Royal proxies.

The first Icelandic policemen are considered to be the morningstar armed nightwatchmen of Reykjavík who were commissioned primarily to deter prisoners, housed in the Reykjavik prison, from breaking into the Innréttingarnar.

In 1803 the first proper policemen were commissioned in Reykjavík as it became a free town or kaupstaður. The first police chief was Rasmus Frydensberg, the town mayor, who hired two former soldiers, Ole Biørn and Vilhelm Nolte, as the first policemen. It was not until shortly after 1891 that policemen were hired in most of the other areas of Iceland.

In 1933 Alþingi passed the Police Act which provided state participation in financing of police forces. This was done mostly in response to the threat of a communist revolution, whose capabilities had become apparent in violent attempt to force the decicions of the Reykjavik city council, where a large part of the police forces went out of action as a result of physical injury. The act also authorized the Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical affairs to call out reserves in critical situations.

In 1972 the state took over command of law enforcement in Iceland, creating the National Police and in 1977 State Criminal Investigation Police started operations under a special Director. The State Investigation Police took over investigations of criminal activities that previously were under the control of the Reykjavík Criminal Court and police commissioners in the Greater Reykjavík Area. National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police was formed in 1997 and State Criminal Investigation Police was decommissioned.

Battle vs. National Police of Colombia (by Appelmonkey)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Red Army (by CrowbarofFreeman)[]

Red Army: RedRedRedRedRed


In a fishing town in Iceland the a group of police patrol through the town, when suddenly a Red Army soldier opens fire on a police man, killing one and then a Police member makes a mad dash into an empty house and hides behind a couch and brings an F1 Hand Grenade, a Red Army member kicks down the door and the police member and the grenade hits the Soldier, killing him

Red Army: RedRedRedRed


A red army member sneaks up on a Police man and stabs him, but soon after a police man shoots him, The last 3 police men run by a dock, A police man wrestles a Red Army man into the water coming into the water as well. Then a Police man fights a Red Army man and steals his machete and stabs him with it

Red Army: Red


The final Red Army man tries to run as the Police man chases him and readies his shotgun and kills the final Red Army Member, He yells in exitement as his team won the fight

Winner: Icelandic National Police

Expert's Opinion[]


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The battle has been declared unfair for the Icelandic Police because of the superior weapons, training, and experience of the Red Army.

Battle vs. National Police of Colombia (by The Deadliest Warrior)[]

National Police of Colombia

Green Green Green Green Green Green

Icelandic National Police:

Black Black Black Black Black Black

Five members of the Icelandic National Police are investigating a small district building, unaware that six members of the National Police of Colombia are doing the same. One other Icelandic cop is manning a GAU-19 outside.

The Colombians split up, going into different sections of the building. One spots an Icelandic policeman down the hall and throws an M69 grenade at him. The grenade puffs out iin a big cloud of smoke and the man looks around wildly, confused. The Colombian quickly kills him with a burst of fire from the MP5 submachine gun. Black

Two Icelandic cops spot two Colombians and open fire with their HK-G36 assault rifles, killing one. Green The other Colombian returns fire with his Galil, and the two Icelandic police retreat to an elevator. The Colombian policeman fires until his clip runs out, and by the time he has reloaded the Icelandic police have escaped in the elevator.

As one of the Colombians is passing by the elevator, the doors open and the Icelandic police shoot him. One leaves quickly, and the other is suddenly caught in an explosion that renders the elevator useless and kills him. Black The Colombian who fired the shot, with his MK 19 grenade launcher, hurries off in pursuit after his escaped opponent.

The Colombian sniper is on the roof, aiming down off the building at the gatling-gun-operating Icelander. As the man swivels and exposes his head, the Colombian wastes no time in splattering his brains on the machine he was using. Black The Colombian smiles to himself, but turns around only to find another Icelander aiming his revolver at him. The sniper barely rolls aside and pulls out his Sig Sauer PP26, and the pair exchanges fire until the Icelandic policeman runs out of ammo. The Colombian fires his pistol, catching the Icelander in the neck and dropping him. Black As he examines the body to make sure he is dead, he notices an F1 grenade roll at his feet. The explosion throws the sniper off the building to his death, and the Icelandic policeman who threw it, the chief to be exact, ducks back in the building to check on the rest of his team. Green

The Icelandic sniper aims up through the windows to the floor above and takes a brilliant shot that goes up between the legs of the Colombian policemen who carried the grenade launcher, killing him. Green

The Icelandic police chief, carrying a Mossberg 500 shotgun, runs down the stairwell and engages in a gunfight with two more Colombian cops. They both carry Galils, giving them the range advantage, but the Icelander manages to close the distance and blows a hole in one of the Colombian’s chest before he is wounded by the other Colombian. Green

The Icelandic sniper is sneaking through the building when shots ring out and he falls, riddled with bullets by the Colombian police chief and his MP5 submachine gun. Black The Colombian runs up the stairs when he hears gunshots, and stumbles upon the body of his comrade killed with the shotgun. Sadly shaking his head, he ears another gunshot and a scream of pain cut short. Green The Icelandic chief runs out and is caught off-guard by the Colombian chief, who fires and wounds his legs, dropping the Icelander.

Wincing in pain, the Icelander weakly reaches for his sidearm in his holster, but the Colombian chief steps on his chest and aims his gun at his opponent’s head, fires several times, and stops only when he has runs out of ammo. Black The Icelandic chief’s head is a bloody mess.

The Colombian steps aside, shouts, “Dios y Patria!!!” (God and Fatherland!!!) and walks out of the building, mourning his dead comrades.

Expert's Opinion[]

Those who voted for the Colombians claimed that their superior training and every-day experience with dangerous combat situations would leave them victorious over their opponents, and they were right.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Icelandic Police were given a GAU-19, a weapon they never used.