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Battle vs. SCP-096 (by Aaron Siegel)[]


For the first time in the SCP Foundation’s history, the world was close to becoming aware of the Foundation’s true nature, as well as the true nature of the universe that they resided in.

A dark haze enveloped New York City, as a once prosperous and legendary site of human activity now was separated from the sounds of every day activity. Cars lay silent, some even destroyed, their torn steel strewn about on the ground. Buildings stood like dark monoliths, cracks and holes present in the silent towers that reached to the sky. For the first time since the dawn of American society New York, New York was absent of its ever-so present citizens. The city was not absent of sound however; in fact, the city was filled with numerous sounds to behold, sounds that would have been never thought of to reside in the city. Gunfire echoed through the streets now filled with empty cars and broken asphalt. Feral roars of a beast—no—man shouted in reply, following with the destruction of an entire city block. Soldiers bearing the mark of an organization unknown to the residents of the world hopelessly tried to restrict the Hulk’s onslaught on the city. Little did they know that they were only provoking the angry being, who was all-too familiar with the government trying to impede his rage. Tanks of advanced manufacture were effortlessly torn to pieces and bullets produced by the finest rifles the world could offer bounced harmlessly off of the deep green skin that surrounded the mass of muscle. Even Mobile Task Force Omega-7 had to leave its post at a major SCP-Containment site to contribute even the smallest of advantages in what seemed to be utter defeat in the Foundation’s eyes.

“Tom, you alright?!” A member of Omega-7 screamed to his comrade, who had seemed to had fallen underneath a newly formed pile of rubble.

“Yea… don’t worry about me Aiden!” Tom croaked out, barely breathing underneath a slab of concrete. “How the hell are we going to take this thing down?”

“No idea Tom, we’ve thrown almost everything at him, he even took down 076 in two minutes” Aiden replied in an annoyed tone.

“Really? That was supposed to be our winning card after 173 got sent flying three thousand feet into the damn air!” Tom managed to pull himself out from underneath the heavy piece of street, getting back on his feet.

“Yea, even with the blindfold on the monster, it only bent the thing’s neck a good two degrees before being pounded into rubble!” Aiden said hopelessly.

“Well, what’s our plan now? Nuke the city?”

“Definitely not. Foundation wants to keep secrecy, remember?” replied Aiden, “A nuke’ll mean we’d have to give even more amnesiacs to millions of witnesses, and give them a new freakin story to remember, might even have to start another World War…”

“Heh, it’s like the Foundation never runs out of damn amnesiacs,” Tom joked with a slight laugh. “Then what are we going to do to stop it?”

“Well, we only have one back-up plan before sending in the 'big guns'.” Aiden said, “We’re currently executing Procedure 554-PeekABoo…”

“And I thought Montauk sounded silly when I heard it”

“…So we’re sending 096 after it”

“That should be enough to take out the green bastard.” Tom responded

“Hell, the Shy Guy almost killed the liz-” Aiden was cut off by the ear-splitting sound of bestial anger, progressively getting louder every second. The Hulk made his way around the corner of a block, sprinting on all fours towards the flimsy soldiers, blood from some beat up Foundation agents covering his fists.

“Oh, for fu-”

“HULK….SMASH!” The hulking man roared as a dozen small pieces of metal bounced off of his fists, before he left their producers broken and beaten on a small pile of rubble. The man roared in triumph as he turned to find more weaklings to exert his strength upon. After seconds of near-blind destruction and searching he managed to find a flimsy, shaking, and scrawny man in an orange jumpsuit. With countless guns to his head, coming from the remaining Foundation operatives, all the man was able to helplessly sputter out was:

“H-Hey….l-look here!”

The Hulk was never a scholar himself, being nearly devoid of intelligence in his brutish form, only registering the picture of what seemed to be a scrawnier man being held above the helpless D-Class. He then rushed to the man, who hastily put down the image and tried to make his escape before being punctured by two swift bullets.

Almost directly after that, feral, yet oddly human howls of despair and sorrow filled the city from an unknown location as Foundation Soldiers tried to keep their near-invincible opponent at bay until their ‘weapon’ came to finish what they started here.


The Foundation soldiers didn’t put up much of a fight; The Hulk almost noticed the lack of pure hatred coming from a typical attack from General Ross. Foundation-grade battle armor was laid about on the broken and battered streets of Manhattan like freshly torn pieces of tin foil, and the broken bodies of the soldiers within were strewn about everywhere else along the street. Yet it was not silent, for a noise still remained in the dark empty valley of buildings. This noise was not of the men who fought the Hulk, for their beaten bodies layered the long-abandoned cars and buildings. The noise was not of the city’s electricity, for the ever-so-present lights of the streetlamps were as dark as the starless midnight sky that loomed above the green warrior. This sound filled New York City, form its empty unlit streets to the barren shells of its buildings. It was that of pure human despair, crying as if it came from one who experienced more than loss or pain, one who experienced pure, raw terror. However, soon enough, silence engulfed the city for one last time…

The weeping stopped.

The screaming started.

The pale man barreled towards its target with an inhuman jaw stretching open and elongated arms flailing in front, ready to kill.

The Hulk barely had time to process that image before it leaped towards him and tackled him. He had even less time to send a fresh green fist right into the creature’s abdomen, with the familiar tearing of flesh, and the unfamiliar lack of cracking bone. As an unstoppable force was sent right into 096’s torso, it clawed helplessly at the green Avenger’s arms, tearing away what meager scraps of flesh it could before it was sent straight into the nearest building.

“GET—YOUR—HANDS—OFF—HULK, BIG MOUTH MAN!” The Hulk roared, noticing the green blood oozing from the newly inflicted wounds on his biceps.

Almost as soon those words roughly left the Hulk’s mouth, the heavy pile of dust and rubble that 096 was covered in burst open in an explosive shower of blood-covered steel and stone. It once again sprinted towards the Hulk, no different than before, yet now its flesh was strewn about the cracked concrete remains of the building it crashed into. In a flurry of red, white, and green, the Hulk once again sent the SCP whizzing through the skyline of an almost post-apocalyptic New York City.

And it got up again.

And it rushed towards its foe.

This pattern rushed on for many a minute, as the Hulk’s veins were clearly visible on his body, some oozing thick, green blood from the wounds inflicted by the crooked claws of his foe. White bone, almost as white as the former skin of the Shy Guy was clearly visible throughout its body, now that almost everything else was gone. Its thick red blood painted the cracked asphalt of the street, as well as its small uneven lumps of meat laying among the rubble of the newly crushed buildings.

For one last time, the SCP ran for the Hulk, and for the last time, the Hulk ran towards the SCP, his blood almost boiling in pure rage. This time, however, the pale man had no chance to tear at the Hulk’s flesh, as it was cut short of its hunt, being stopped completely by the immense grasp of the Hulk’s fists. Its hands were immovably and forcibly planted near its bloody and barren ribs, and its legs scratched loudly against the crumbling stone that it was now planted on.

“NOW….YOU MAKE HULK MAD,” The Hulk tensed his muscles, the pale man screaming and still trying to claw his way out of the dense green fists. “NOW, HULK WILL SHOW YOU WHY HE’S THE STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!” The Hulk thrust but a little of his rage-powered strength and sent the being flying through the air, its hands only being able to helplessly tear at high wispy clouds and not the green thick flesh of its “prey”. In barely any time, the Shy Guy was tumbling though the black endless void of space, its screams of hatred to be never heard of again.


Expert's Opinion[]

While SCP-096 was far more durable than the Hulk, it lacked the raw offensive power necessary to take down the green avenger, who also had the offensive capabilities necessary to beat 096 into submission. Couple that with the Hulk's better intelligence, experience, and improvised weapons, and that helps put him above the Shy Guy's non-sapience and lack of weapons other than its hands. So the Hulk barely escapes this battle, suffering immense injuries from a force close to his own.

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The battle was disregarded because the original author thought it wasn't fair.

Battle vs. Galen Marek (by Thebiguglyalien)[]

Starkiller rode in his personal ship, the Rouge Shadow. His pilot Juno Eclipse was taking him to meet his newly formed Rebel Alliance against the Empire.

"Juno, how much longer until we reach Corellia?" Starkiller asked.

"We're not going to Corellia," Juno informed him, "Bail contacted us. They've spotted Imperial ships in the area."

"We have to go help them!" Starkiller exclaimed.

"No, they can escape. We have to worry about you! If they discover you are still in contact with Vader, they will never trust you!"

Starkiller gave in reluctantly, knowing she was right. "Then where are we going?"

"I'm rerouting to Drall. We'll stay low for a while."

"Okay. But not for too long."

Juno opened her mouth to respond, but she was cut off by a bright flash, and their ship rattled.

"What was that?!" Starkiller shouted.

"Imperials are shooting at us! They think we're a rebel ship!"

"Get us out of here Juno!"

"They've shot our hyper drive propulsion system! I can't risk going into hyperspace!"

"Juno, go now!"

Juno, unsure of whether this was a good idea, started up the hyperdrive. It stuttered for a moment, but they quickly shot into hyperspace. Starkiller went into the back room to meditate. A few moments later, he came back in.

"Juno, cut hyperdrive. We need to land somewhere."

"We have a problem! It's not turning off!" The ship continued to fly through space at the speed of light. After several seconds, Starkiller came to his senses, and called upon the Force to stop the ship. But it wasn't enough. Though he was able to slow the ship, it was in direct collision course with a planet! Starkiller braced himself, and mentally gripped the ship so tight, it started to creak as it came down. It landed in a forest.

After the initial shock, they managed to find their way to their seats. "Juno, where are we?"

"We're well out of the galaxy! We're on an uncharted planet. I believe the air is probably breathable."

"Probably? That's reassuring." Starkiller said unsure. Putting aside his worries, he opened the door, and stepped outside of the ship. He spotted a man marveling at his ship. "Hello? Where are we?"

The man stared at him as if he was some sort of alien. "Umm... Central Park?"

"What planet is this?"

At this point, the man looked like he was going to feint. Juno stepped out of the ship. "Where are we?"

"Apparently, Central Park."

"What planet is this?"

"Yeah, I'm still working on that. It appears the natives speak Galactic Basic."

"Starkiller? What's that?" He looked, and there was a massive figure coming at them. "A rancor?"

"No, that's much too large to be a rancor." It was coming in at incredible speed, its massive figure casting an enormous shadow in front of it. It jumped into the air, and smashed in front of them, leaving a crater. The Hulk glared at them.

"BIG SPACE THING NO MATCH FOR THE HULK!" At this point, the man did feint.

"They've got some interesting wildlife here Juno!"

"Noted! If you don't mind, I'm going back to the ship. Maybe some of it can be repaired." Juno hurried out of harms way. Starkiller drew his lightsaber.


The Hulk smashed his fist down into Starkiller, but wasn't fast enough. Starkiller had quickly dashed to the other side of the Hulk. "Stop, 'Hulk'. I don't have time for this!"


"Yeah, good luck with that."

The Hulk swung his entire body into his new foe, but Starkiller had already launched himself out of the park. Hulk bent his knees, and than shot himself hundreds of feet into the air. He came back down a few feet from Starkiller.


Starkiller's hands began to glow. Then, out of nowhere, powerful bolts of lightning webbed around the Hulk. Starkiller smirked as the monster bent down. But then, he was forced to jump as the beast had come flying at him!

"This is one planet..." He said. He had never met a creature that could take a direct lightning blast. As Starkiller touched back to the ground, the Hulk barreled at him again. This time, he was ready. He force gripped a car, and launched it at Hulk. It hit the monster right in the face. It seemed dumbfounded for a moment, but quickly recovered. It charged at Starkiller yet again, but this time, he held his ground. He lifted one of the tall buildings off of the ground, and threw it like a spear at Hulk. It crashed onto the monster, impaling him into the ground. However, Starkiller knew better than to believe it dead. He readied his lightsaber, and slowly approached the crater Hulk laid in.

Suddenly, the building flew upwards, and the Hulk jumped up from underneath it.

"What is this thing?"

The Hulk than grabbed the tip of the skyscraper, and swung it at Starkiller like a baseball bat. Only quick reflexes and a strong connection with the force allowed Starkiller to stop the building in mid-air. Hulk wondered what was going on, and then realized he was floating there.

"Hulk is not a birdie. Why is Hulk flying?" The stunned monster stared down at the ground, wondering why he wasn't on it. Starkiller, feeling the monster's wish, decided to grant it. He waved his hand, and the monster hit the ground so hard, he flew a hundred feet under. However, this was still not enough. Hulk leaped right back out.

"Monster? Hulk? Why are you attacking?"

"Puny man DIE! HULK SMASH PUNY MAN!" Hulk jumped at him again.

"What a sophisticated answer." Starkiller stood his ground as the Hulk barreled at him yet again. At the last second, Starkiller repulsed everything around him with such force, even a skyscraper toppled.

"Hulk can not hit puny man!"

Starkiller activated his transmitter. "Starkiller to Juno. Come in Juno."

Silence for several seconds. But then, "This is Juno, what's your situation?"

"This thing is unstoppable!" Starkiller said as he jumped up to avoid another attack.

"Hold out. You saved the ship from the worst. I should be able to get it operational. Just give me more time."

"I'll try, Juno." He focused his full attention to the Hulk, who was holding a lightpost.

"TAKE THIS PUNY GLOW SWORD MAN!" Hulk threw the lightpost like a javelin. Starkiller almost laughed at the creature's face when he willed it to turn back around in midair. It struck the Hulk right in between his eyes.


The Hulk, intent to keep his promise, launched himself at such speeds, Starkiller was unable to dodge in time. Hulk slammed him through several walls, and threw him into the ocean. Hulk walked up, prepared to finish Starkiller. He looked into the water, but Starkiller was nowhere to be found. Then suddenly, a bright red blade came through the Hulk's chest! Starkiller caught the thrown lightsaber, and brought it down into the Hulk again. Hulk was swatting at Starkiller, but he was simply too fast. The blade went in again, and again, and again. The Hulk was on his back, still roaring in pain and anger.

"Stop struggling, Hulk. I'm not going to kill you if you don't resist."

Starkiller bent over the Hulk to examine the damage. There was only one problem. The slices were already healing to scars! Hulk got up, and gave Starkiller a look of pure evil. Then, his muscles expanded, making him even bigger. Starkiller backed up, aware of the gathering people he assumed was local law enforcement, or military. He raised what appeared to be their primitive blasters into the air, and threw them all at the Hulk. Some went off with very loud blasts, but this only angered the beast further.


Starkiller dodged as a car was thrown at him, and landed on Hulk's back. He took his lightsaber, and brought his arm down. But he was stopped by a large green fist. One that knocked him into the ground. Starkiller, incredibly frustrated, launched himself into Hulk with the Force, and cleanly cut through the Hulk's neck. He jumped off the Hulk as his body fell to the ground. Starkiller then proceeded past his decapitated opponent, and walked past the relatively unfazed New Yorkers back to his ship.


Expert's Opinion[]

Though Hulk is strong enough to destroy most opponents, Starkiller's connection with the Force was simply too strong for the Hulk to beat. Any attack Hulk made had little to no effect on Starkiller. Though Hulk's durability held him out for some time, Starkiller's lightsaber was a simple solution that left Hulk outmatched.

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Battle was declared unfair due to Hulk's regenerative healing factor.