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I've beaten every single monster I've come up against. I'm the most famous person in Greece... I'm an action figure!
— Hercules
I can go the distance.
— Hercules

Born to the gods Zeus and Hera, Hercules possed great strength even as a baby. Hades, sensing the threat a grown-up Hercules could pose to his plans to take over Olympus, commanded his minions to take him down to the mortal world and turn him mortal through means of a magical potion. Though they succeeded in the first part they are interrupted by two human peasants, Amphitryon and Alcmene before Hercules finishes drinking and the final drop falls wasted on the ground. In a desperate attempt to kill Hercules the two transformed into snakes and attacked the infant, only for him to beat them back, as the potion was enough to take away his mortality, but not his godly strength. Amphitryon and Alcmene adopt the child, considering his arrival a gift from the gods since they are themselves childless.

It wasn't until Hercules became a teenager that his parents, and Zeus himself, revealed his true origins and that he only could return to Olympus if he becomes a true hero. Thinking that he would need some training first, Hercules went to see Philoctetes a trainer of heroes. Though first refusing to train him, Philoctetes changes his mind after Zeus zapped him with a bolt of lightning.

During his adventures, he saved a woman called Megara, a secret Hades worshipper who related the events to Hades. Angered, Hades send waves of monsters at the hero and even use Hercule's love for Megara against him, but despite his efforts, Hercules was still able to achieve godhood only to refuse it, instead choosing to remain human to be with Megara.

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