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Battle vs. Ivan the Terrible (by Impaler5150)[]

King Henry VIII is in the middle of witnessing a number of executions that he ordered while 4 of his English knights are looking on. Ivan the Terrible manages to get 4 of his Oprichniki soldiers out of the Tower of London before they faced the same fate. One of Henry's knights catches Ivan ans his men attempting to flee, so he fires off the Holy Water sprinkler, wounding the lead soldier. Henry VIII orders everyone into hiding. An English knight fores the breech hunting gun, killing the wounded Oprichniki (5-4).

Ivan orders the bardiche-wielding soldier to attack, but the Holy Water sprinkler also goes at him, but as the Sprinkler soldier goes to stab, he is cleaved at the left chest, flailing it and killing the knight (4-4).

The English knight with the breech hunting gun fires, killing the bardiche soldier with a shot right between the eyes (4-3).

In retaliation, Ivan demands for the paschal soldier to fire at the breech gun holder, shooting him through the chest, killing him instantly (3-3).

Henry VIII initiates himself into the battle, and with his ceremonial sword, hacks at an Oprichniki soldier with the paschal, killing him as he went for the 2nd shot (3-2).

Ivan now joins in, killing Henry VIII's right-hand knight, slicing his face in half with the sablia (2-2).

Each of Ivan and Henry's one remaining men picks up the mid-range weapons, and goes at each other. The Oprichniki guy cuts off the English knight's right arm,but is somehow stabbed dead with the Holy Water sprinkler(1-2)

As the bardiche warrior is down, Henry impales him with the ceremonial sword (1-1).

Ivan the Terrible and Henry VIII finally square off. Both men wound each other with their respective swords, but Ivan was starting to bleed out, so Henry VIII executes Ivan by beheaded him (0-1).

Expert's Opinion[]

Henry VIII was victorious due to his armor and financial and mental stability.

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The battle was disregarded because Henry VIII was given armor made out of copper, something he never had.