The Heckler and Koch MP5 is a submachine gun chambered for the 9mm round. Since the 1960s, the weapon has been popular around the world and is currently a popular weapon used by law-enforcement agencies, special forces groups, and terrorists. Through the success of the G3 battle rifle, the MP5 was created and the design of the submachine gun was based upon the rifle. The weapon was immediately was adopted by 40 countries several years after it was manufactured and by numerous law enforcement and security organizations. The rate of fire, accuracy, and light-weight of the gun was what made it successful. Their are currently 22 variants of the MP5, the two most popular being the MP5A4 and the MP5K.


  • MP5A2
  • MP5A3
  • MP5A4
  • MP5A5
  • MP5SD
  • HK94
  • MP5K/MP5K-PDW/MP5K Prototype
  • SP89
  • MP-10/SP-10
  • MP5/10
  • MP5/40
  • Heckler & Koch SMG
  • German Sport Guns GSG5 Semi Auto Carbine