大风起兮云飞扬,威加海内兮,归故乡;安得猛士兮,守四方。 (Blows as the wind, thrives as our empire. I shall settle down and let the world's roughest soldiers guard my beloved land .)
— Liu Bang, the founder of Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty (Chinese: 漢朝) was formed after it's predecessor, The Qin Dynasty ended due to revolt. The Han Warriors used great weapons and tatics to defeat their enemies. They were also experts fighting from chariots.

However, The Han Dynasty ended in 220 when Cao Cao's heir Cao Pi pressured Emperor Xian into abdicating the throne in his favor, establishing Cao Wei eventually, in response, Liu Bei established Shu Han, while Sun Quan established Eastern Wu, and the three regimes coexisted for decades until each was destroyed by the Jin Dynasty under the Sima clan.

Battle vs. Hittites (by Samurai234)

In a Chinese wasteland, a Han warrior is preparing to go into battle. He grabs a shield and a Dao sword and enters in a chariot. Before he and the charioteer can leave however, a chariot carrying a Hittite Warrior and a charioteer is advancing toward them. The two warrior's chariots charge at each other, swords in each of the warriors' hand. As they pass each other, the two warriors clash swords. Realizing this accomplished nothing, the Hittite hides his long sword and switches to his bow and arrow. As the Chinese chariot is about to turn, the Hittite fires an arrow, and hits the Han warrior's charioteer. The Han warrior sheaths his Dao, throws his shield at the ground, and jumps out of the chariot. The Hittite fires another arrow, but the Han Warrior deflects it with his shield. The Han warrior runs to a cart holding his other weapons. He quickly pulls out his Repeating Crossbow and charges at the chariot. He fires three shots from the crossbow, two are deflected by the Hittite's shield, and one hits the charioteer, killing him. The Hittite exits the chariot and fires his last arrow. It hits the Han warrior, but doesn't kill him due to the Han warrior's armor. The Hittite then pulls out his axe and charges at the Han warrior. The Han warrior tries to dodge the Hittite's strikes, but the Hittite slams the axe into the shield, disarming the Han warrior. The Han warrior quickly grabs his Monk Spade and knocks the axe out of the Hittite's hand, causing the Hittite to pull out his spear. The Han warrior swings the monk's spade around wildly, and manages to disarm the Hittite of his shield. The Hittite counters by stabbing the Han warrior in the leg. The Han warrior karate chops the spear in half, astonishing the Hittite. He then kicks the Hittite in the head. The Han warrior unsheathes his Dao and the Hittite unsheathes his longsword. The two clash swords, with the Han warrior gaining the edge due to his martial art skills. As he tries to strike the Hittite, however, the Hittite manage to stab him in his side, greatly injuring him. Just as the Hittite prepares for the final blow, the Han quickly pulls out a Deer horns knife and blocks the sword strike before countering with a stab in the stomach. The Han warrior quickly retrieves his sword and slashes the Hittite in the jugular, killing him. The Han warrior swings his Dao and yells in victory.

Winner: Han warrior

Expert's Opinion

The experts thought the reason the Han warrior won was because he had a great long range advantage, where as the Hittite was more deadlier up close.

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Battle vs. Persian Immortal (by KevlarNinja)

RedRedRedPersian Immortal

BlueBlueBlueHan Warrior

Out on a chinese field, a Han Dynasty charioteer and two Han warriors are eating a small meal, when they hear trumpeting. The walk over to see two Persian Immortals, with their own chariot and charioteer, who's blowing the war trumpet. The lead Immortal commands the other to jump on the chariot, which he does. The Han leader does the same. In their own languages, the leaders shout "Charge!" The second Han warrior aims his Repeating Crossbow, hitting the Persian charioteer in the eye.

RedRedPersian Immortal

With the charioteer now dead, the Persian chariot starts to swerve to the right. The Immortal picks up his bow, quiver, and spear and jumps off just in time. The chariot crashes and splinters into a thousand pieces. The Immortal fires just as his leader catches up. The Immortal fires an arrow up into the air. Meanwhile, the Han charioteer stops and looks up into the sky. The arrow flies down and goes right through the charioteer's neck.

BlueBlueHan Warrior

The Han warrior jumps off, and charges the Immortal with his Qiang, well his leader watches over. The Han Warrrior tries to stab, but the Immortal dodges and knocks the Han over with his spear's counterweight, knocking the warrior to the ground. He turns the spear around and stabs the Han warrior in the chest.

BlueHan Warrior

The Han leader charges and picks up the Qiang spear and uses it to impale the Immortal.

RedPersian Immortal

The Han Warrior pulls out his Dao and the Immortal, his Akinake (sword). They charge at each other. They duel for a little while, but the Han chops through the Akinake with his Dao. He tosses his sword aside and pulls out some Deer Horn Knives, well the Immortal unsheathes his Guard's Dagger. The Immortal swings his blade, but misses. The Han kicks him in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. The Han warrior proceeds to stab the Immortal multiple times in the chest.

Persian Immortal

The Han holds a bloodly knife in the air and yells in victory.

Winner: Han Warrior

Expert's Opinion

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Battle vs. Germanic Warrior (by Samurai234)

In a large forest, a Han Warrior is walking back to his camp. He was supposed to go a battle, but his chariot was attacked by a Turkish warrior also in a chariot. Up ahead, a Germanic Warrior is walking across the forest, looking for another opponent after he defeated a Arab soldier. The Germanic Warrior notices the Han Warrior and hurls a Fransisca Axe, but it misses and hits a nearby tree. The Han, alerted by this, grabs his Repeating Crossbow, and fires 4 arrows at the German. The Germanic Warrior tries to duck behind his shield, but one of the arrows managed to hit him in the shoulder. Luckily, his armor prevented the arrow from piercing his skin. The Germanic Warrior hurls another axe, which hits the Han Warrior’s shield, rendering it useless. The Han Warrior grabs his Qiang, and charges at the German, who has his boar spear and shield. The Han Warrior tricks the German into opening himself, and stabs him in the leg. The Germanic Warrior roars in pain and uses his spear’s side prongs to disarm the Han. The German smiles, and runs in to finish his opponent off, but the Han manages to grabs the spear and throws the Han Warrior to the floor, causing him to lose grip on his shield. The German pulls out his Seax knife while the Han pulls out his butterfly swords. The German tries desperately to block the Han Warrior’s strikes, but the Han manages to get a strike on the German’s stomach. The German retaliates by slashes the Han in the arm. The Han unsheathes his Dao, while the German unsheathes his Grosse Messer. The two both clash, weapon-on-weapons, until the Han finds an open spot on the German. He thrusts forward and stabs the German in the neck. Blood splurges out as the German breathes his last. The Han raises his sword in the air and yells in victory.

Winner: Han Warrior

Expert's Opinion

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