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The H-44-class battleship was a proposed German battleship design first proposed in 1935, originally designed to be armed with 15-inch guns similar to the Bismarck-class battleship. However, when the US designed the South Carolina-class battleships armed with sixteen-inch guns, the Germans redesigned the ship, designated H-39 to carry similar sixteen-inch guns.

After the start of World War II, Adolf Hitler put a halt on the H-class construction until the end of the war. The design for large vessels, however, continued, culminating design H-44, armed with eight massive 508mm (20 inch) main guns.

Battle vs. Design A-150 Battleship (by SPARTAN 119)[]

1947, an alternate universe where the Axis won WWII, Indian Ocean

In the Indian Ocean, two massive battleships steam towards each other, from the east sails the Japanese Design A-150 Battleship HIJMS Oda Nobunaga, while from the west sails the German H-44 Battleship Grossdeutschland.

At a range of about 48 kilometers, the two ships turn broadsides to each other as alarms order men to their battlestations. The Grossdeutschland turns its four double turrets, each carrying two 508mm guns towards the Nobunaga. The Grossdeutschland 20-inch guns let off a thunderous roar as eight shells flew towards the Japanese warship.

The shells splashed in front of and behind the IJN vessel, none of them scoring hits. The HIJMS Oda Nobunaga turned its three turrets on the Grossdeutschland and fired, launching six 4000-pound shells. Five of the shells fell short, however, one of the rounds hit its mark, disabling the Grossdeutschland's forward front turret.

The Grossdeutschland retaliated with its six remaining 508mm guns. This time, all but one of the shells hit their mark. explosions rocked the Oda Nobunaga from the superstructure to the stern of the battleship, destroying the stern turret of the ship and setting a massive fire.

The Grossdeutschland moved into the kill, evading fire from the Nobunaga's two remaining turrets and firing again, silencing one of the forward turrets of the Japanese battleship.

At about 12km, the Grossdeutschland fired off several torpedoes at the burning wreck of the Japanese battleship. The torpedoes impacted below the waterline, exploding in a splash of water and creating several breaches in the Oda Nobunaga's hull. The A-150 battleship listed to one side and sank beneath the waves.

WINNER: Design H-44 Battleship

Experts Opinion[]

The H-44 won this battle with its greater number of primary guns, as well as its heavier secondary armament, including torpedoes. However, as formidable as both these designs would have been, they were, like all battleships, made obsolete by aircraft and submarines before they were built.

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