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Throughout my life, the moments, and people who have defined me... They have all been illuminated by sparks.
— Guts

Born under a tree and found my mercenaries, Guts would go on to live the life of a struggler. Being raised my mercenaries and taught nothing but how to fight, Guts would eventually run into and become a member of the band of the hawk after losing a fight with its leader Griffith. Over time, Guts would find a family in the Hawks and become best friends with Griffth, helping him forge his path towards the throne of midland.

However, due to a growing conflict within himself, Guts would leave the Hawks and be forced to fight Griffith, who he would defeat. Guts would eventually return too the Hawks, but by then things had devolved into chaos. Griffith, now a crippled wreck and filled with anger towards Guts, would decided too give up his humanity and join the demonic Godhand, sacrificing the Hawks and giving Guts the brand of sacrifice, a mark which attracts demonic spirits too his position.

Guts, doomed too hell when he dies and hunted day and night, took up a mission of vengeance. He swore to kill Griffith and the rest of the Godhand, and any Apostle or demon who got in his way on the hunt. However, Guts would come to have a change of heart and wished to do his best to help fix and protect the few people left close too him, chief among them being Casca, his former lover and surviving sacrificial victim, now insane from what she experienced.

With the help of people he’d met, Guts would arrive at the island of Elfhelm, where Casca’s mind could heal and where they’d both be safe, with Guts having formed a new family like bond with the fellow members of his party along the way.

Battle vs. Conan the Barbarian (Weird Tales) (by Lunathemoon123)[]


The brutal battle had been raging on for near 3 hours by the time the Aquilonian forces decided to flee. They effectively been outflanked by the warriors of Midland, their numbers having been crushed and lines shattered. While their attempts at resistance were valiant and brutal, the battle was clearly unwinnable, with most of their soldiers having been ordered to flee through the mountain passes from which they came.

It was during the time when the Captain leading Conans battalion would come to him. "Cimmerian!" the officer cried to him as the group ran. He knew that Conan was his best soldier, and he also knew that his chances of out running the platoon on their tail through the mountain passes would be impossible unless someone held the line for the rest. "Ai!" Conan called back. "I'll need you too hold the back line as the company flees". The Cimmerian Scoffed. "Do you really think I'd let myself die fighting an unwinnable battle" he said before spitting at the feet of his captain. Holding back his anger, the Captain held for a moment before speaking. "If you don't hold the line then we're all dead. And if you survive, when I'll double your pay until".

Conan knew he wasn't going to win this argument. "Ai. It is a good day to die" he bellowed before slowing his pace to take to the back of the group. After only a short while longer, the group had made it too the narrow pass, beginning to march in single file. The captain looked back at Conan, who'd taken up a position near is mount. "Your bravery will be remember son". But Conan Ignored him as he drew his sword and ax, taking up a defensive stand and preparing for combat as the line of Midland warriors lumbered towards him. "Ai" he thought, "This is a good day to die".

The Midland soldiers took less then a minute to arrive, the first eager warriors coming screaming towards him. The first three were all young men, not much past 18. "a shame" Conan though as he prepared himself for the attack. The man at the head of the trio, a scraggly red head, lunged forwards with his spear, attempting to pierce Conan through his midsection. Seeing this Coming, Conan redirected the blow with his blade, letting the boy close in before sinking the ax into skull. The second, angered at his comrades death swung at him with an hooked ax, causing Conan the duck the blow and lung forwards, burying the blade of his sword through the man throat. The third, panicked and in fear of the brute who just slayed his comrades tried to run, but fell after the beard of Conans ax caught him around the ankle. "No! Please" he cried as Conan stood over him. "I'm Sorr..." he got out before Conan cleft his head in half with a sword swing. The remaining platoon members, stunned in fear at the savage skill of the Cimmerian stopped in their. The men stood in a circle around him, none having the heart or will to enter the strike zone. "Ha!" Conan laugh, "No poltroon here has the nerve to cross blade with me!". But as Conan taunted, a single figure came to the front of the circle. Guts, to his own disappointment, had only had minimal amounts of action during that days fights, being stationed in the rear guard. Now seeing a foe like this land so easily into his lap, he left like this luck had turned around. He stepped into the circle, drawing his massive greatsword from his back and flicking down his visor. "I'll take you" he grunted.

Sizing up his foe, Conan was impressed. "I know you boy" he spat. "You're the Hawk raider who killed 100 men". Guts didn't react physically, taking a short moment to speak. "You're the Cimmerian savage". Both men looked at each other for a moment, clutching their weapons. And after a short moment, staring and breathing, the two lunged towards each other.


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Battle vs. Goblin Slayer (by Lunathemoon123)[]


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Battle vs Striga (by BeastMan14)[]


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Battle vs. Corum Jhaelen Irsei (by Lunathemoon123)[]


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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Nightmare (by Leolab)[]


Guts, the Black Swordsman, walked past a large cathedral in a desolate area. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck, and puts two fingers up to the Brand of Sacrifice carved into his flesh. He looks at them, seeing blood.

“Heh,” a small laugh escaped from his lips. He enters the cathedral, which is devoid of life.

“Why’re ya goin’ in here?” A voice asks from his pouch. Puck, an elf travelling with him, flies out of the bag and lands on Guts’ shoulder. He looks around in confusion, not seeing anything worth noticing.

“There’s an Apostle in here,” Guts replies, “One powerful enough that I could feel it from outside.” He continues walking, until he comes to a round antechamber. At the sound of a clanking above him, Guts leaps into a sideways roll, dodging the falling cage that would have slowed him down. Puck was not as fast, however, and remained stuck inside the cage.

“Heeeey, Guts, a little help, here?”

“I’ll come back for you,” Guts says, and walks off to find his foe, drawn by the sound of swords clashing to the inner sanctum of the cathedral. The sounds of combat stop as he enters, seeing a man in azure armor with a massive sword facing an altar, while a man in plate armor lies fallen behind him. The Azure Knight turns to face him, flexing his three-clawed right hand.

“You,” he growls, “will be my first sacrifice.”

Battle Part 1: Azure Nightmare[]

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Nightmare whips Soul Edge towards Guts’ neck, charging in to finish the battle in one blow. Guts, however, draws the Dragonslayer in one smooth motion. The two swords that could barely be called swords clash, and Nightmare’s momentum brings him careening past his foe. Guts pivots as the Azure Knight passes, swinging Dragonslayer as he does so in a bid to decapitate Nightmare. Nightmare turns as well, catching Dragonslayer with his claw and brings Soul Edge arcing towards Guts’ head.

Guts ducks under the blow, letting go of the Dragonslayer with his right hand and using it to grab one of the miniature bombs in his pouch. As Nightmare overextends with his strike, Guts strikes the fuse on his prosthetic left arm and throws the bomb into the mouth on Nightmare’s stomach, while bringing his right foot up into a kick to launch himself backwards off of Nightmare’s armor.

The bomb explodes, and Nightmare staggers. Guts charges in with a stab, aimed at the same place. Nightmare recovers just enough to sidestep it and swing his sword like a bat, catching Guts with the flat of the blade. Guts goes flying into a pillar, hitting his back and falling to the ground.

Nightmare walks towards him. “Now, give me… GIVE ME YOUR SOUL!” he yells, reaching out with his claw to absorb yet another defeated soul.

“Sorry,” Guts says, looking up, a small piece of string between his teeth and his prosthetic arm pointing at his foe, “But you can’t have your sacrifice just yet.” He pulls with his mouth, and Nightmare growls in surprise as a cannonball tears through his chest armor. Guts exploits the recoil to spin in a circle, building momentum for a massive strike with Dragonslayer. It shears through Nightmare diagonally, from the left shoulder to the right hip. Guts finishes the job by decapitating Nightmare and driving Dragonslayer through Soul Edge’s single eye.

As he turns to walk away, however, the pain in his brand spikes, sending out a new gush of blood. He turns to see a rift opening behind him, and he gets sucked in.

(End music, if it hasn’t already)

Battle Part 2: Astral Chaos[]

Guts finds himself in the center of a stone platform, seemingly floating in the void. He looks around him, noting similar floating stones ringing the arena, as well as a single eye-like orb in the far distance. He hears a threatening growl, and instinctively brings up his sword in a defensive stance. This saves his life, as a beam shoots forth from his foe and slams into his defense, pushing him backwards about halfway to the edge of the platform.

He looks at the being that fired it, which somewhat resembled his foe before. Where the armor was azure, however, it had been colored a dark red, with what appeared to be fire-filled cracks. It had grown enormously in size, even sprouting wings, and its sword had changed, as well.

“So,” he says, “That’s your true form.”

Night Terror roars unintelligibly and lands opposite him, taking a fighting stance.

Battle Part 3: Pavor Nocturnus[]

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Guts brings his prosthetic hand up, crossbow attached to the top. He fires rapidly, filling the air with bolts. While his aim is accurate, the bolts simply clatter off of Night Terror’s armor. He breaks off this form of attack and meets Night Terror’s “sword” with his own.

Night Terror swings his malformed lump of flesh and teeth with speed that belies his mass, flowing between what appears to be two different styles of combat with ease.* Guts meets his every move with his own sword-shaped slab of iron, reacting with similar speed. The two combatants clash, neither giving ground.

Guts swings in a low sweep, aiming to hamstring his foe. Night Terror flaps his wings and jumps above the blow. Guts reverses the strike, aimed at the now-hovering Night Terror’s torso. Night Terror quickly drops to the ground and ducks, letting the strike pass harmlessly through the fire that comprises his wings.

He dashes forward, slicing diagonally at Guts. The strike connects, and Guts is driven back almost to the edge of the platform. If it weren’t for my armor I’d be dead, he thinks as he regains his footing, and casts a glance behind him. He gets an idea, and turns back to face Night Terror, who lets out another growl and charges at him, bringing his weapon up for an overhand chop.

Guts sidesteps the blow and stabs forward with the Dragonslayer, impaling Night Terror. He lifts his sword up, taking his foe with it, and pivots while swinging it down forcefully. Night Terror is thrown off, slamming into one of the rocks floating around the battlefield. Temporarily stunned, he falls.

Guts starts reloading his hand cannon, keeping watch in case anything else comes. As he drops in the cannonball, he hears wings flapping. He turns to face the sound, seeing Night Terror flying back onto the field.

“Tough bastard, aren’t ya?” he says, grabbing his sword. Night Terror growls and charges back in, swinging with frenzied strength. Guts dodges and counters, only to be parried himself. Night Terror goes in for an overhead stab, which Guts dodges and brings his sword around for another slash. Night Terror then unleashes the power of the souls he’s absorbed in an explosion, staggering the Black Swordsman.

While his foe is vulnerable, Night Terror takes to the air once again, shooting his signature eye beam at Guts, who is hit head on. Heavily injured, he is in no shape to react when Night Terror swoops down and impales him with his horn, flying back up to shoot his eye beam point-blank, obliterating his foe.

Expert's Opinion[]

The match was set up to mimic a Guts v Apostle fight during the Black Swordsman arc. Guts has technique and speed over Nightmare as a swordsman, but Night Terror overpowered him. While Guts relied on tricking and playing on ego to defeat a far stronger enemy, Night Terror's beastial mentality and sheer power nullified this strategy.

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The battle featured Guts as he was during the Conviction arc, who is too weak and ill-equipped to stand a chance against Nightmare. Additionally, Nightmare has access to his ultimate form of Night Terror, which is a massive power-up that Guts has no answer to.