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Just watch me I'm going to live right to the bitter end!--I'll live a hard life of a warrior!...
— Zechs Merquise (piloting the Gundam Epyon)

OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon was a mobile suit created by Treize Khushrenada during the time he was placed under confinement by the Romefeller Foundation. The Gundam Epyon, eschews cowardly long-range weapons in favor of chivalrous close combat. However, when the suit becomes a part of White Fang, a pair of vulcan guns are added to the head. Its main weapons are a segmented, whip-like heat rod mounted on a shield, and a powerful beam sword whose energy is supplied by a direct connection to the Epyon's generator. It was also installed a modified version of the Zero System known as Epyon System in the cockpit, making this suit a powerful opponent. The Epyon can also transform into a "mobile armor" mode (referred to as dragon-mode) for high-speed flight and cruising in space. The unit resembles a mythological dragon in this mode, however its primary weapons are inaccessible save for the Epyon Claws which are used as landing gear in this form.

Battle vs. Sousuke Sagara (by FilBox101)[]


Winner: Epyon Gundam

Expert Opinion[]

Zechs has fully mastered the Epyon system, and this system allows him to predict hsi opponent's moves and full arsenal. The Epyon is also made up of stronger and more durable materials, faster, and ocne it gets up close, the Arbalest doesn't stand a chance. Arbalest may be driven by a better and more experienced pilot, but the Epyon is just more advanced through and through.

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