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The wicked creature, grim and greedy, was at the ready, savage and cruel, and seized in their rest thirty of the thanes.
— Narrator, Beowulf

Grendel is a monster and one of the three major antagonists feutured in the epic poem Beowulf. He was a direct descendant of Cain, the Biblical first murderer, and the son of a woman even more monsterous than as himself. Grendel was known for frequently raiding Heorot's hall as retaliation for disturbing his slumber. He would eventually be slain by the peom's protagonist, the titular Beowulf.

Living in the marshes of Denmark, Grendel grew annoyed at the loud singing and celebration coming from the great hall of Heorot. One night, Grendel could take it no more, ventured into Heorot, and slew 30 men before leaving. Every night after this, Grendel would return, killing more and more, until King Hrothgar sent word of his plight to his neighbouring kingdoms. His call was soon awnsered by Beowulf.

When he arrived in Denmark, Beowulf told Hrothgar to arrange another feast in Heorot to draw the monster in. That night, when everyone was asleep, Grendel arrived once more to kill the revellers. This time, however, Beowulf engaged Grendel. After a bloody battle, Beowulf succeeded in ripping one of Grendel's arms off. Grendel stumbled back into the swamps to die, and Beowulf hung the arm in Heorot as a trophy. Grendel's mother was furious at the death of her son and killed Hrothgar's most loyal warrior, Æschere, as revenge in Beowulf's absence, prompting the Hrothgar's men and Beowulf to rally against her.

Battle vs. Wendigo (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

In Denmark, Grendel pulls himself out of the swamp and stalks towards the great hall of Heorot. However, as he approaches, he is puzzled by the lack of noise coming from inside the hall. Grendel throws open the doors, and is surprised to see another massive shape hunched over a dead warrior, devouring him. Sensing Grendel's presence, the figure turns, revealing itself as the fearsome Wendigo. Seeing Grendel as a threat to its prey, the Wendigo lets out a bloodcurdling roar and charges the other man-beast.

Grendel prepares himself for the Wendigo's charge, and, as it approaches, slams his arm into the Wendigo's head, knocking it down. Quickly regaining its senses, the Wendigo grabs onto Grendel's leg and bites it, causing Grendel to roar in pain. Grendel kicks the Wendigo several times in the face, finally making it let go.

The Wendigo rises to its feet and charges Grendel again, grappling with him. The two monsters wrestle, both evenly matched in terms of strength. However, glancing at his surroundings, Grendel forms an idea. Pushing the Wendigo away from him, Grendel picks up a large table, slamming it into the Wendigo. The monster is knocked down again, and Grendel slams the table several more times onto the Wendigo's head, splattering the floor with blood. With his enemy finally killed, Grendel drags the Wendigo's corpse back to his lair to feast.

Winner: Grendel

Expert's Opinion[]

Although he may have lost to Beowulf in the original saga, Grendel had plenty of advantages over his foe. The foremost of these was his superior intellect, allowing him to formulate strategies over the more savage Wendigo.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Halloween Battle Royale (by Oshbosh)[]

A mysterious force was passing by. It took warriors from countless mediums of horror fiction. It didn't care who.' It just wanted them. They were all transported to a dark forest unknown where. The battle was about to begin.



Hellboy was walking through the forest. "Now where the hell am ?" He grumbled. Suddenly, he heard twigs snapping. Hellboy drew his Samaritan. Meanwhile, 5 walkers were in the forest. They then smelled human flesh. They go and follow the smell. Jack Torrance is in the forest wondering how he got there. He then stops and hears footsteps. He waits and see's the 5 Walkers. Jack looked so surpridsed, he didn't relize the Walkers coming. He took out his Fire Ax and hit one of the Wlkers in the head. Walkers: 4. He then hits another Walker with his Croquet Mallet, but it cause's no affect. One of the Walkers bites Jack and he screams in agony. The Walkers then proceed to eat Jack's corpse. Fighters: 6. Pious is looking around the dark forest. He use's magic to make light to find where he is. He then hears a scream. He follows the scream to where it came from. Grendel is also walking through the forest. He then comes across the Walkers. He rips two of the Walkers with his bare strength, leaving two Walkers left. Walkers: 2. Kaede is walking throught the forest when she finds the 2 Walkers and Grendel. She use's her vectors to cut the Walkers into a pile of limbs.Walkers:0. Fighters: 5. Pious finds Kaede and Grendel. He is about to attack them but Jason comes out with a Speargun and fires at Kaede. She quickly use's her Vectors to stop the Spear. He then throws the Meat Cleaver at Grendel, but it bounce's off as Grendel laughs. Jason the goes at Pious with his Machete but Pious counters with his Gladius. Pious then takes out his Colt M1911.45 pistol and shoots Jason, but t does nothing.Pious knows that mere weapons will not kill him and was about to use a Magickal Attack, but Hellboy comes out with his Big Baby and shoots at Jason, yelling "Take this, mask wearing moron!" Jason turns to Hellboy but Kaede decapitates Jason. Fighters:4. Pious leaves, but not before using Summon Zombie, Summon Trapper and Summon Horror to summon a zombie, a trapper and a Horror. "Have fun!" Pious laughed as he sat back to enchant his weapons, prepare damage fields and shields.Hellboy then goes after Grendel as Kaede deals with the creatures the liche summoned. Hellboy takes out his Samaritan and fires at Grendel, but realizes that it does nothibg. Grendel aghs as he says "Foolish mortal. Don't you know I can't be harmed by mortal weapons?" Hellboy responds by saying "Yeah, i've read Beowulf. I know all about you." He readies his Right Hand of Doom and charges. Kaede used her MP5 to shoot down the creatures. When it dosen't work, she used her Vectors to throw trees at the creatures and slices them up. Hellboy had won a fist fight with Grendel, and rips off his head.Fighters:3. Hellboy comes face to face with Kaede. Kaede uses her vectors to gash Hellboy across his arm. Hellboy fires his Samaritan, and it goes through the vectors and through her chest. She attempts to stop the bleeding when a M78 Grenade Launcher goes into her mouth and Hellboy fires it and blows up Kaede. Fighter: 2. Hellboy then finds Pious. "Time to end this." Hellboy grumbles. "Face me, and you shall surely perish!" Pious responds, taking out his Gladius. Hellboy charges with his Red Right Hand of Doom. He punches Pious, but that only serves to break his shield.He takes out his Samaritan, but he finds out that he has no ammo left, nor in is Big Baby. Pious use's Sanity Draining and Hellboy loses control. Hellboy tries to fight, but Pious use's Magick Attack and finishes off Hellboy. Fighters:1. Pious walks up to Hellboy and yells "Fool! I spit at thee. The Darkness shall be...Eternal!"

Winner: Pious Augustus

Experts Opinion[]

The voters believed that Pious's magical abillities, years of expieriance as a Centurion and overall better tactics won him this Battle Royale. Next battle, the Daleks invade Voya Nui as a part of Invasion of the Daleks.

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Battle has been declared unfair due to a power imbalance between the warriors.