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You try to compare us...? You made a choice, General, based on your own goals and morals. As did I. We may both seem traitors by our outside appearance, but that is where our common ground ends.
— Gregor Hakha

Gregor Hakha is a young half Helghast who works for the Colonial Intelligence Service in the ISA as a secret agent. Prior to his defection, he was a trusted aide and friend to General Joseph Lente, the mastermind of the Helghast invasion of Vekta.

At one point, Hakha even served as Chief of Staff to Lente. Holding the rank of Colonel, Hakha defected to the ISA shortly before invasion of Vekta, opposing the authoritarian nature of Scolar Visari. He was immediately marked for assassination by the Helghan invaders of Vekta. Shortly atfer his ISA bodyguard was struck down, he was rescued from certain death by Captain Jan Templar, Sergeant Rico and Shadow Marshal Luger and worked with them in defeating General Lente.

When the mortally wounded Lente seeks to spite him by telling Hakha that Lente had ordered his brother killed on Helghan, Hakha promptly executes him with a shotgun shell. As for Hakha's other relatives, it is known that his mother is Helghast and his father Human.

He is an expert in Helghast weaponry and technology, as possesses strong technical and espionage skills. He also heals faster than an ordinary human.

Battle vs. Legion (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

No battle was written.

Expert's Opinion[]

Legion won this Battle due to taking all of the X-Factors and having the Better Weapons

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