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Giygas cannot think rationally anymore, and he isn't even aware of what he is doing now. His own mind was destroyed by his incredible power. What an all-mighty idiot!
— Porky Minch

Also known as Giegue, the "Embodiment of Evil" and the "Universal Cosmic Destroyer", Giygas was an evil alien who intends to sentence all of reality to the horror of infinite darkness. Giygas was an alien raised from infancy by a woman named Maria and her husband George, both of whom were abducted from Earth in 1909. During this time, George studied the alien's PSI powers without their permission, culminating with their escape back to Earth. Once he matured, Giygas was tasked by his people to ensure that PSI never spread onto Earth.

However, Giygas did not want to betray those who raised him, particularly Maria. In the end, he was forced to detach himself from Maria and begin preparations for the invasion of Earth. Sometime before the invasion, Giygas comes across the Apple of Enlightenment, a fruit that shows the future. Giygas learns of his inevitable defeat at the hands of Ness, and so he attacks Earth twenty years before this would occur in order to disprove the prophecy.

Battle vs. Reapers (Mass Effect) (by Lasifer and BeastMan14)[]


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Battle vs. Sans (by LokoDito)[]




(Sans was walking in a snowy field near his home in Snowdin when he felt something different in the atmosphere.)



Spiteful Crow: Squawk!

(Sans came across what looked like a crow. Such crows were common in these forests. But it looked... horrible. Like something had warped it from its original design. Feeling threatened, Sans prepared to fight.)

Sans: Hello...

(Spiteful Crow attempted to peck at Sans's eyes but the skeleton dodged it. Sans then took control of the crow using Soul Manipulation, before bashing it on the ground, killing it.)

Sans: Poor thing...

(Sans looked up and saw more Spiteful Crows coming at him. With no other choices left, he decided to end this quickly.)

Sans: Brrrrrdddddd...

(Giant snake-like jaws appeared out of nowhere and blasted lasers that incinerated all the crows.)

Sans: This is not right. Something is wrong.

(A voice in his head called Sans to go deeper into the forest. With curiosity adding even more bother, Sans did as the voice said. He walked and walked, and came across a giant flesh-like abomination, complete with intestine-like structures on the ground, a giant "womb", and machineries all around.)

Sans: So it is you! You are the one who have cursed the forest!

Giygas: ...

Sans: Well? Are you going to say something?

Giygas: All... y...our... base... belongs... to... us.

Sans: Huh? Is that a threat? Do you think you can conquer my home and enslave us like that?!

Giygas: Why... you... talk... brrrrrrddddd... You... sound... like... P...a...t...rick

Sans: Oh yeah? Bring it!

(Sans attacked first by trying to take control of Giygas's soul. It proved tricky since Giygas was nothing he had ever seen before. So Sans decided to summon bones instead. Bones jutted everywhere on the ground, air, and the screen, hitting Giygas. But Sans's attacks were redirected back to him. Though Sans managed to dodge them, he was surprised.)

Sans: Woah! What was that?!

Giygas: R...e...l...e...a...s...e... Mother... 3... Fire Emblem... sux...

(Sans attempted yet again to attack, this time with a gigantic endless wave of bones. But again, his attacks proved nothing and were only redirected.)

Sans: Damn you...

Giygas: F...r...eeeeeeee.... Me... Need... Big... Mac...

(Sans took a closer look at the machine. And yes, it seemed that something was trapped inside. It could be his target, and the machine was the reason why his attacks were doing nothing. So... he decided to walk forward, press a button, and release the monster. An inhuman screech filled the whole forest, making Sans cover his ears. The whole sky turned red and something monstrous appeared in the clouds, twisting and bending itself.)

Sans: Hmmph! You are just a space fart! Prepare to die!

(Sans summoned gigantic snake-like creatures that shot laser beams at the monster. But still nothing happened.)

Giygas: Vote... Bernie... Sanders...

(Giygas unleashed Psi Rocking which rippled and caused mayhem all around the forest. Sans again dodged that attack but even he knew it was too close. He must not underestimate his enemy.)

Sans: You wanna conquer and eat everything?! Well, eat this!

(Sans used teleportation to try and surround Giygas in all direction with numerous gaster blasters. He fired them all, causing quite the damage that Giygas screamed and twisted.)

Giygas: Chadwick... Boseman... robbed... at... Oscars...

(A powerful green flash of light appeared like a shot of a camera. Again, Sans managed to dodge it, but lo and behold! This monster was getting really really close!)

Sans: I... am... getting... tired. Listen! I can just stop playing and let you be stuck here! I can do that, you know!

(But Sans didn't. He wanted to prove his worth and save his home. He summoned even more gaster blasters and teleported Giygas into their cross sights. The blasters fired, all at once, creating a mini supernova as energy reached the skies. Yet, Giygas was still alive, and Sans had wasted all his opportunities.)

Sans: Damn you... (pant)(pant)

(Giygas summoned a big lightning bolt from out of nowhere. Sans easily dodged it. However, he did not know that the move was capable of hitting a target twice. It was too late for Sans to dodge as he got struck, and that second attack finally killed him.)

Giygas: Flat... earthers... are... dumbasses...

(Giygas earned 400 experience points, making him larger and more powerful.)

Expert's Opinion[]

Even though Sans was a tricky fighter who could have won this battle through his speed and gameplay manipulation, Giygas proved to be too tough of an opponent. Giygas has the reality manipulation to turn the forest against Sans, the devil machine acting as an armor, and the ability to attack twice which can catch Sans off guard. And remember, it was getting caught off guard that killed Sans in his game. Sans is also pretty weak physically, and all Giygas has to do is get one clean shot.

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