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The treasures of this world are mine to be had. No matter what they may be, all of it is mine for the taking.
— Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh, also known as the King of Heroes, is a Servant from the Fate franchise, first appearing in the visual novel Fate/stay night. When summoned under the Archer-class, Gilgamesh represents the arrogant tyrant he was before embarking on his adventure rather than the wise king he became later in life. As the first hero to ever exist, most heroic myths are based on his. This is reflected in the fact he can access almost every Noble Phantasm through his own, the Gate of Babylon, making him one of the most powerful Servants. He is loosely based on the hero from Sumerian mythology of the same name.

Gilgamesh was created by the Sumerian gods to ensure the Age of Gods wouldn't fade, but he rejected this role. Ruling over Uruk, Gilgamesh grew increasingly tyrannical and was eventually confronted by Enkidu, who sought to punish him. The two fought to a draw, becoming friends afterwards. Their friendship wouldn’t last, as Enkidu was killed while fighting the Bull of Heaven sent by Ishtar. Fearing his mortality, Gilgamesh began to look for a way to become immortal but failed. Humbled by the loss of his friend and his failures, Gilgamesh became a wise king who ruled Uruk until his death.

Having accomplished great deeds in life, Gilgamesh's essence ascended to the Throne of Heroes, becoming the first Heroic Spirit. He was summoned into the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War as an Archer-class Servant by Tokiomi Tohsaka but later changed allegiances to Kirei Kotomine. During the conclusion of the war, he regained a physical body and decided to bring humanity under his rule once more. This plan was ultimately foiled in the Fifth Fuyuki Grail War, during which he was killed. He was resurrected when Rin Tohsaka accidentally fused all outcomes of the Fifth Grail War into one timeline. Deciding it was best to keep a low-profile, he changed himself into a child by consuming the Herb of Immortality and became the Servant of Kirei's daughter, Caren Hortensia. When Angra Mainyu attacked, he turned back into an adult to aid in the defence of Fuyuki. He was also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru to aid them in the Grand Orders.

Battle vs. Loki (Comics) (by Appelmonkey)[]


Winner: Gilgamesh

Expert's Opinoin[]

Despite Loki's cunning, magic and intelligence, Gilgamesh took the win, becease of his large amount of weapons within the Gate of Babylon, the power full blasts Ea can create, and Endiku (wich was specifically meant to keep gods in place). So in this battle of royal, godly jerks Gilgamesh is the deadliest of the two.

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