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My sons, make your attack with hightowering rocks... [and I will] bestow Hebe on [the Gigas] Porphyrion as a wife, and give Kythereia [Aphrodite] to [the Gigas] Khthonios, when I sing Brighteyes [Athene] the bedfellow of Enkelados, and Artemis of Alkyoneus..
— Gaia

The Gigantes (singular Gigas), somtimes translated as Giants, are a race of great strength created by Gaia to take revenge on the Olympian Gods for the Titan's imprisonment. Their war would later be known as the Gigantomachy.

Because the Gigantes couldn't be beaten by gods alone and required the aid of a mortal, the Olympians enlisted Hercules to aid them in their battle. While the gods subdued the Gigantes, Hercules finished them off with arrows coated in Hydra venom. Finally, the Gigantes were defeated, and the survivors were buried beneath the earth, where they were said to be the cause of earthquakes.