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Gigantor the space aged robot,

He is at your command.

Gigantor the space aged robot, his power is in your hand. Bigger than big, taller than tall, wuicker than quick, stronger than strong! Ready to fight for right, against wrong!
— Gigantor theme song

During the final days of World War II, the Japanese military is secretly developing a superweapon that help save the Japanese Empire. After twenty-seven failed attempts, Dr. Kaneda completes a three-stories high, remote-controlled robot. The robot is officially named Tetsujin 28-go. The war, however, is already over, and Dr. Kaneda dies of heart failure shortly after completing Tetsujin 28. Rather than becoming the military's key weapon, Tetsujin 28 is given to Dr. Kaneda's ten-year-old son, Shotaro. Under the Shotaro's control, Tetsujin is put to work stopping criminals and enemy robots.