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When the winds are right, it can smell carrion from up to four miles away.
— Dr. Dawn Porter

The giant komodo dragons were the result of genetic experimentation on an unknown isolated island that resulted in their huge size and altered venom which could turn humans into zombie-like beings. During one of the experiments, the komodos managed to escape, killing most of the scientist on the island.

A military team was later dispatched to rescue the survivors but were wiped out. After the survivors managed to escape the island, the US military bombed it, killing most of the adult komodo dragons, though their offspring survived.

Battle vs. Sharktopus (by KevlarNinja)[]

Komodos: 12

Sharktopus: 1

On a beach on an island, a Giant Komodo Dragon basks in the sunlight. In the water nearby, the Sharktopus is lying in wait. Suddenly, a tentacle reaches out and impales the giant lizard. The dragon hisses before dieing.

Komodos: 11

The Sharktopus walks on shore and devours it's prey. It hears hissing and sees eleven other Komodo Dragons, comeing to stop this intruder. One dragon jumps up and rips an arm off. It tares off some flesh and eats it, before the wriggling arm stabs the dragon in the side.

Komodos: 10

The Komodos attack viciously, clawing and biteing. The Sharktopus grabs a dragon with one of it's arms, holds it in the air, and shakes it violently, snaping the spine.

Komodos: 9

The Sharktopus then bites yet another dragon in half.

Komodos: 8

But then, then Sharktopus grunts weakly and starts to stumble forward. The Sharktopus is starting to succumbe to the blood poisoning from the dragons bites. It finally falls down, dead.

Sharktopus: 0

The remaining dragons rush over to feast. One hisses in victory.

Winner: Giant Komodo Dragon

Expert's Opinion[]

The Komodos won because of numbers and their poisonous bites.

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