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Years ago, I did research for a World War II movie. I came across some old Nazi documents. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Element 115, necromancers, raising the dead, real creepy stuff.
— George A. Romero

George Andrew Romero is a special zombie and main antagonist of Call of the Dead, a map featured in the zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops that was introduced in the Escalation DLC. As a zombie, Romero wields a stagelight, which he can use to electrocute his opponents or give his fellow zombies a boost. He is based on the real life movie director who gained fame for introducing zombies into popular culture.

Romero was doing research for a World War II movie when he came across Nazi documents pertaining to Element 115, and was inspired to make a movie about his finds. While directing the film starring Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Michael Rooker, Romero was carried off by a real zombie and infected with Element 115, turning him into a superpowered zombie.

Later the actors would eventually encounter the zombified Romero, who seemed to be still somewhat in control of himself, though was prone to berserker-like fits of rage. Although Romero proved more than a challenge for the group, they managed to fight him off for long enough to escape.

Battle vs. Brutus and Panzersoldat (by Jackythejack)[]

This warrior won a Battle of the Season Award

The streets of Morg City were becoming overflown with rain, as storm clouds rolled overhead. Long ago, these streets held the undead, and four lost souls who had tried their best to survive. Though they fought valiantly, they were ultimately overwhelmed by endless waves of the undead, brought by that horrible key, and the evil sealed within. Now, the city lay completely empty, the only sounds being the dripping of raindrops onto brick roads, and music coming from old speakers. The city was as dead as ever.

From the clouds above, lightning struck. It split the heavens and crashed into the ground, in the middle of what used to be crowded streets. As the flash of light subsided, there stood the imposing, zombified George Romero. He let out a groan as he stumbled forward, clutching a stage light that was blinking rapidly, turning on and off. He looked around, confused.

"The summoning key should be around here somewhere," spoke a voice in his head. A little girl, by the name of Samantha Maxis. He let out a low groan. "You need to find it. We can't let it get in the wrong hands. If it does, father said...look, just find it, Romero."

He gave a nod, and another groan. Neither had a clue where the summoning key would actually be, but they were sure they would find it eventually. Romero stumbled through alleyway and walkways, mumbling to himself. "I'm okay...I'm okay...just keep cool..."

"Looking for this?" A gruff voice, causing Romero to pause and turn towards the source. It was a man in armor. Well, hardly a man, actually. Instead, it was a zombie, with glowing red eyes, and army helmet and a vest covered in smoke grenades. In his hands, he held the summoning key.

"The key!"

"That's right." The warden, Brutus, chuckled softly as he bounced it in his hand. "My master has been looking for this. Can't wait to see the look on his face when I give it back to him."

"Like that's ever gonna happen. Romero, get the key back."

Romero frowned and took a step towards the Warden. Just as he was ready to close the distance, he was interrupted. An alarm rang out through the town, followed by a hideous laugh. From the sky, something else fallen. Hurtling to the ground like a meteor, it landed with a loud crash, kicking up dust and making a small crater in the ground. Both zombies backed away, covering their eyes.

"Oh, and to think I was just about to miss the party!" Another voice, a grown man with a traces of insanity in his tone. "Hello, Samantha. Long time no see, huh? Last time I saw you, you were rotting away in my body. Funny how that works, no?"

"Edward? What are you doing here?" As she spoke, the dust and debris subsided, and there stood a zombie wearing a large mechanical suit. It peered towards Romero through the glass screen that protected its face. A Panzer Soldat, wearing the suit that her father had designed! How did he get his hands on this...?

"Oh, you know me, Samantha. I just love to cause trouble." The Soldat aimed a claw hand towards the summoning key. The claw shot out, extending from the suit's arm, and wrapped around the summoning key. Before Brutus could react, the orb was yanked away from him. "What a shiny, delicious looking relic! I'll be taking this off your hands.

"Over my dead body, Kraut!" The Warden charged forward, tackling into the Soldat. Its grip on the key loosened, and it fell out of its hands. It skittered away, bouncing down the streets of Morg City. Soldat slammed it's claw into the side of the Warden's head, and the two quickly became engaged in a full scale brawl.

"Curse you, Edward!" Samantha exclaimed. "Don't just stand there, Romero. Go kill them!"

"R-Right, right." He moved forward, lifting his weapon above his head with both hands, ready to slam it down onto the Soldat. Before he could, the Soldat waved his other hand towards Romero. A plume of flames shot out, covering the director in flames and catching his jacket on fire.

Romero let out a scream, stumbling back. The fire on his clothes faded quickly, and he didn't receive terrible damages. For a moment, he was still. Then, as soon as he recovered, he let out a loud roar that shook the very ground they were standing on. He slammed his stagelight into the ground, causing electricity to arc towards the Soldat and Warden.

Once the electricity subsided, the Warden moved forward and slammed his club into the side of the Soldat, causing a dent in the armor. It let out a loud cry and stumbled back, narrowly avoiding a swing from Romero. Romero didn't skip a beat and instead slammed the light into Brutus' chest. The Warden bashed his club into Romero's face repeatedly, but he barely even flinched in response.

Dropping his light, Romero moved forward, grabbing at the Warden's torso. Thinking quickly, the Warden reached for the grenades on his chest and pulled the pins. In a second, an explosion of smoke came from the grenades, taking Romero by surprise and causing him to let go. The streets were now covered with the thick smoke, making it practically impossible to see.

The Soldat had only just now recovered his balance. It was unable to see into the fog, but that didn't mean it was going to sit around and do nothing. His claw shot out into the fog, attempting to fish out one of the opponents in the fog. The first grab was unsuccessful, and the second grab followed suit. Third time's the charm, though, and that held true there. It felt its claw grab onto something, and began the process of pulling it in.

As the fog slowly began to subside, the Soldat realized it's hand was coming back to it quicker than usual. It wasn't just pulling something towards it, but the Soldat was actively being charged at.

From the fog, Romero came running in, letting out a roar as he closed the distance on the Soldat. The mechanized zombie aimed its flamethrower arm towards Romero, only for it to be smacked out of the way by the director. Romero took his stage light and slammed it into the protective screen on the mech suit. It cracked almost immediately. The zombie growled and tackled Romero, but the man barely even budged, serving as a wall that completely stopped him.

Romero punched straight into the protective screen, shattering it entirely. His hand wrapped around the neck of the zombie, and he ripped it out of the mechanical suit. The zombie, now defenseless, clawed meekly at Romero's hand. Without hesitation, he slammed the zombie into the ground and stomped on his head, crushing his skull under his heel.

"Awww, seems like our game is over. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Bye-bye!

As the smoke subsided completely, he took a few deep breaths, slowly calming down. He looked around, just in time to see the Warden retreat into a nearby alleyway. He let out a small huff before beginning to follow him. The alleyway itself was cramped, with little room between each wall. As he walked forward, he would eventually spot the Warden, holding a heart attached to a chain as he was seemingly waiting for Romero.

"Well, what're you waiting for?" He grinned. "Come and get me."

"I don't like this. He's planning something...

Romero let out a low growl, looking towards Warden with glossed over eyes. He held himself like a man who was just barely keeping it together.

"I said..." The Warden removed one of the empty smoke canisters from his chest and chucked it towards Romero. It hit him in the face, and he took a step back. "Come get me!"

Romero let out a loud roar, the minor offense enough to put him over the edge, and he charged forward. Warden pulled down on the heart. From the wall, chains shot out, with spikes attached to the end. These spikes embedded themselves into Romero's flesh, causing him to let out a loud cry as he fell to his knees, just in time for the chains to retract and stab into him once more.

The chains would hit him one more time as the trap came to an end. The Warden chuckled and stepped forward, grinning. "Predictable. Now, stand still so I can bash your brains out."

Romero, hands balled into fist, took a deep breath, trying to keep himself conscious. Brutus raised his club up into the air. As it came hurtling down, Romero moved his hand up and intercepted the strike, grabbing at the Warden's arm.


Romero stood up, grabbing at his other arm. The Warden struggled, but he was sufficiently restrained, and Romero took the opportunity to slam him into the nearby wall. A small crater was left in the wall as Romero shoved the Warden's face into it. Afterwards, he lifted him up and slammed him into the ground. What resulted was Romero wailing on the guard with his stage light, bashing into his chest and breaking his ribs and causing the undead to cough up blood.

Brutus moved a hand up to intercept the strike. While successful, it caused electricity to trail down his body. He let out a cry of pain, body spasming from the volts running through his body. After a moment, the shocks subsided. Romero grabbed him and threw him into the middle of the alleyway.

"!" The Warden weakly got onto his knees, glaring at Romero. "You can kill me, but I'll come back...I will be reborn again!"

His threats fell on deaf ears as Romero grabbed and yanked down on the heart. Chains shot from the wall, and pierced right through the Warden's body, causing him to fall limp and silent. Once more, the city was quiet.

"How annoying," Samantha muttered. "Alright, Romero. Let's find that key again."


"So..." Jacky nonchalantly kicked their feet forward as they stared at Romero, who was looking over the script. "What do you think? Pretty cool, right? I figured you'd like it given the-"

"The zombies. Right." He let out a sigh and put the script down. "I don't like it."

"...huh? What do you mean you don't like it?"

"I just don't like it. Seems too...contrived. Nothing was explained very well. Why did Samantha want the summoning key? Isn't that where the Shadowman is normally kept? And how did Richtofen get a monster there? He doesn't even control the Soldats."

"W-Well, uh, I could do a few revisions, I guess."

"You could, but the way I see it I don't think any of them are going to fix the basic premise. This concept just sort of muddles things up. It's a no from me." He handed the script back to Jacky. "Just come back to me when you write a better script, huh?"

"...yeah, okay. Sure." Jacky snatched the script from Romero and began to leave the office. As they did, they began to mumble to themselves. "Write something better? Telling me my writing isn't good? Right. I'll show them something real good. They'll never see it coming..."

Expert's Opinion[]

While people believed the Panzersoldat was a powerful opponent, with the best armor and the most efficient weapons, they found that his lack of intelligence and physical bulk would net him in last place in this fight among zombies. Brutus had bulk and intelligence, but where Romero beats him out is sheer durability and the amount of punishment he could take in all forms, netting him the win this fight.

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