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But you bring down one enemy and they find someone even worse to replace him. Locations change, the rationale, the objective. Yesterday's enemies are today's recruits. Train them to fight alongside you, and pray they don't eventually decide to hate you for it too.
— Shepherd

Lieutenant General Shepherd, was an officer in the US Army during the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 eras. He was in command over the US Rangers, Task Force 141, and his own private legion Shadow Company. It is later revealed that he was actually the main antagonist. He had a desire for everyone to know of America's military might by starting a war against Russia. His betrayal is unearthed when he kills two Task Force 141 operatives named Simon "Ghost" Riley and Gary "Roach" Sanderson. He is later killed by another operative from the same task force named John "Soap" MacTavish.

Battle vs. Gabriel Rorke (by El Alamein)

Rorke: Olive Drab.pngOlive Drab.pngOlive Drab.pngOlive Drab.pngOlive Drab.png

Shepherd: Light-blue.PNGLight-blue.PNGLight-blue.PNGLight-blue.PNGLight-blue.PNG

The late-afternoon sun shone down orange, casting long shadows as the four Federation soldiers advanced through the war-torn streets. Gabriel Rorke stood behind them, his eyes scanning the horizon broken by the uneven silhouettes of buildings.

Up in the windowsill of one of these buildings sat a Shadow Company sniper. He identified the targets approaching down in the streets. Picking up his radio, he reported to General Shepherd, who was occupying a building a few doors down. "Gold Eagle, I have visual confirmation on five bogeys. I've got a clear line of sight. Requesting permission to engage." Shepherd's voice crackled back, icy in its determination. "Permission granted. Gold Eagle out."

There was the supersonic crack of a bullet as the round tore through the upper torso of one of the Federation soldiers, who spun on the spot, showering his squadmates with blood. Olive Drab.png Rorke reacted almost immediately, diving behind a dumpster for visual cover. The Federation soldiers were a bit slower, but ducked behind low brick walls and tried to press themselves low to the ground. 

"Did anybody get a visual on the sniper?" Rorke shouted. Nobody had. Shepherd's sniper sat calmly, watching as shadows danced frantically, protruding out into the alley from behind their cover. He lowered the crosshairs of his scope down and, taking wind resistance and bullet drop into account, put a second round into the brick wall. It went tumbling straight into the wall and burst out into the back of one of the Federation troops huddled against it. Olive Drab.png The rest of them were showered with flying debris. They were too panicked to move, though. In frustration, Rorke motioned to his soldiers, but they were beyond control. After a few seconds, though, they regained a semblance of composure. The Shadow Company sniper held his fire, waiting for another opportunity. 

Scanning his surroundings, Rorke noticed a door that led into the building he was pinned against. It had no handle, since it was merely an emergency exit door, but he crouch-walked over and waited. There was a third shot and the sniper claimed another victim. Olive Drab.png It was hard to locate the source because the sniper was using a silencer, so only the bullet's crack could really be heard. Looking back, he motioned forcefully for his last soldier to hold his position. He didn't want the sniper tracking them into a new position.

Climbing the stairs up to the second story of an office building, Rorke was grateful to find drawn blinds on the tinted windows. He could see out, but nobody could see in. He had binoculars, but no sniper rifle. He scanned the horizon and peered briefly into the windows of various buildings. He systematically checked each row of windows before moving down a level and making another quick visual pass. 

The Shadow Company sniper reached down to his radio and buzzed in to Shepherd. "Gold Eagle, I have two confirmed KIAs and another one suspected. I can't tell if there are any more out there." Shepherd's reply was prompt and to the point: "Gold Eagle copies all, I'm sending the squad out now to check the bodies. Cover them while they're out there."

The other three Shadow Company soldiers darted out from Shepherd's headquarters and out into the city streets. They caught Rorke's attention and he watched as they approached the alley where his men were pinned down. He still couldn't locate the sniper, but he was betting that the marksman would be preoccupied with covering his squadmates. Making his way down the office hallway, he emerged out on a fire escape and hopped down to the ground below. Ducking behind a row of parked cars, he crawled over to the street from where the Shadow Company troops had emerged. Unholstering his .44 Magnum revolver, he silently slid into the lobby through a broken window.

General Shepherd stood in a side room, looking at his laptop as he stood over a table. There was the slight tinkle of glass out in the lobby. Shepherd's eyes narrowed as he peered out, catching the tail end of a shadow disappearing as it vanished deeper into the building. He switched his radio to silent, drew his revolver, and cautiously walked out into the lobby.

The Shadow Company soldiers, meanwhile, stacked up on either side of the alley. One pulled the pin on a flash grenade and lobbed it. There was a startled cry from the trapped Federation soldier before it detonated, blinding and stunning him. The point man of the squad darted in while the other two swept either side of the alley. Quickly realizing this man was the only hostile left, the point man lowered his rifle and finished off the Federation soldier with three precise shots. Olive Drab.png The point man started to search the bodies while his other two squadmates took up position on either end of the alley, keeping watch in case other bogeys were nearby.

Rorke climbed up the stairs and emerged out in another hallway. This building was a hotel. Most of the doors were open, though, or at least not closed all the way, and all it took for Rorke to check each room was a gentle tap to push the door open. Four doors down, he found what he was looking for. The Shadow Company sniper was still aiming down the scope as he watched his squadmates in the alley. As Rorke crept up behind him, the sniper reached down for his radio. "Gold Eagle, four confirmed—" He was cut off as Rorke started to strangle him in rage, grunting as he forcefully tried to crush the man's neck in his grasp. The sniper's legs kicked frantically, his hands reaching up to helplessly slide against Rorke's grip. 

"You son of a bitch," came a quiet voice behind Rorke. General Shepherd placed his revolver against the back of Rorke's head and fired, splattering the wall with brains and blood. Olive Drab.png The sniper fell back against the wall, gasping and massaging his neck. "Gold... Eagle... four confirmed kills," he managed. 

"Five," came the general's concise response. "Come down with me for now."

The two men returned to the general's war room on the first floor. Shepherd switched back on his radio. "This is Gold Eagle. I want two full detachments sent up to my position. We've had a small unit encounter and I want to make sure there aren't more bogeys in the area."

Expert's Opinion

Rorke may have been physically stronger, but Shepherd was by far the superior warrior. His advantages in training, combat experience, military strategy, and the superior quality of his troops were all more than enough to lead him to victory over his impulsive and aggressive foe.

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Battle vs. Batman (Nolanverse) (by Necron Jesus)


Expert's Opinion


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Battle vs. Saddam Hussein (by Urbancommando77)

GS: 5

SH: 5

In a small Iraqi town, Saddam sent his men to look at the city that was recentily sprayed with gas. One of the soldiers looked up into the sky to see a pavelow dropping four soldiers in black armor. The soldier climbed to the top of a building and aimed at the men with his RPK. One of the soldiers in black armor saw him and aimed his WA2000. The Iraqi soldier fired with no warning and killed two of the soldiers.

GS: 3

One of the men grabbed the WA2000 and ran to another building. The soldier scanned the area only to see dying civilians. He aimed at the Iraqi soldier and fired a round into his skull.

SH: 4

"Engage the enemy, men!" The shadow company leader yelled. The men charged at the Iraqi soldiers. The shadow company leader pulled his out M4A1 and fired at the soldiers. The two teams were locked in a fire fight. One of the soldiers pulled out his AKM and fired, killing a soldier.

GS: 2

The leader aimed his M4A1 and fired at the soldiers, killing two of them

SH: 2

The two last men fired their assault rifles and killed eachother.

GS: 1

SH: 1

The pavelow landed again and dropped Shepherd off. Shepherd pulled his .44 out and walked towards a small Iraqi base. He blew the door open to see Saddam. Saddam pulled a HP out and fired at Shepherd. Shepherd fired a round into Saddam's arm and pulled his combat knife out. Saddam grabbed a detatched bayonet. The two men slashed at eachother, but missed. Shepherd kicked Saddam in the chest, knocking him down. Shepherd pulled his .44 out and fired a round into Saddam's skull.


Shepherd limped off to the pavelow and flew off to Afganistan.


Expert's Opinion

Shapherd was an ex-Ranger. Both he and his men were better trained than those of Hussein. He was also much more intelligent and mentally stable. Both of these factors made this a victory for Shepherd.

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The battle was disregarded because Saddam Hussein has been disqualified as a warrior.

Battle vs. Big Boss (by Omnicube1)

In an Arabian country, General Shepherd is sitting in his Humvee dispatching orders to his private army, Shadow Company. He takes out his M4A1 and takes it apart and cleans it. He looks up and sees Big Boss wielding a Patriot rifle. Big Boss raises his weapon and releases a shower of bullets at the General, who takes cover behind the dashboard. He quickly pieces together his M4 and fires back. BB craftily dodges the bullets and changes magazines. The General runs for the nearby hills. He takes out his WA2000 and waits for his enemy to pop up. He immediately targets Big Boss and fires his sniper rifle. Two rounds graze BB's arm and chest. Boss swaps his Patriot for the Dragunov SVD. He shoots his Russian rifle at Shepherd. One bullet hits Shepherd's hat causing it to fall off. He picks up his hat and discovers a large bullet hole in it. He throws it away in disgust and pulls out his .44 Magnum Revolver and makes his way down. Boss drops his Dragunov and takes out his M1911 pistol and Stun Knife. Shepherd fires his revolver but misses. Big Boss fires back but also misses. The two warriors run out of ammo and prepare to engage each other in hand-to-hand combat. Shepherd pulls out his knife and charges toward BB. Boss also runs toward Shepherd and the two battle each other with fists and knives. Shepherd punches BB in the stomach and slashes at him. His Combat knife, however, only cuts Boss' uniform. BB then knees Shepherd in the groin three times and stuns him with his specialized knife. While on the floor, he trips Big Boss and stabs his Combat Knife into BB's stomach. Shepherd stands up and spits on his enemy and walks away. BB is still alive! He whispers, "Shepherd." The General turns around and discovers that BB has pulled the Combat Knife out of his stomach! Boss then throws the knife at Shepherd and the blade cuts right through his left eyeball and the General falls to the ground dead.


Expert's Opinion

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The battle has been declared invalid because Big Boss was given a stun knife and the Patriot despite never using them.

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