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I am the Seven Satrapies
— Gavin Guile

Gavin Guile, actually Dazen Guile, is the protagonist of the Lightbringer Series, having successfully replaced and usurped his brother. His is a Prism, which is a religious leader and the head of state. He takes his illegitimate nephew under his wing, grooming the boy to replace him. He fights against a rebellion by Drafters driven insane by their powers, and is rendered powerless by the machinations of their leader. He is captured and made a galley slave, his captors unable to recognize him.

Battle vs Luso Clemens (by Leolab)[]

Gavin: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
Luso: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

Gavin Guile and four Blackguards are walking in Luthadel at night, and encounter Luso Clemens with four members of Clan Gully. “Spread out, all of you. Karris, Ironfist, cover me,” Gavin commands. The four spread out, all having their rifles loaded and at the ready. Luso gives similar commands, and Adelle, Cid, and the two other members of the clan keep a wary eye on the Blackguards, swords, stave, pistol, and hand cannon at the ready. “Hostiles!” Ironfist shouts, “Light up!” All four Blackguards take out bright white signal flares, brightening the night around them and causing the Mist to retreat.

Recovering from the blinding light, the moogle member of Clan Gully levels his pistol at Gavin. Before he can fire, however, Karris quickly drafts a blob of Red Luxin and, after the Moogle is covered in the sticky substance, lights it by drafting sub-red. The moogle shrieks and dies, engulfed in flame. Darkred. The other members of Clan Gully have recovered, and the bangaa fires his hand cannon at one of the Blackguards, wincing at the scent of burnt flesh and fur. It hits dead on, the massive bullet making it seem like she exploded. Blue. The remaining three Blackguards open fire with their flintlocks at the bangaa, and he falls to the ground, with a bullet wound in each eye and the throat. Darkred. While his comrade falls and bleeds, Cid charges the three Blackwatch and slashes at one with his longsword. The guard barely manages to draft himself one from Blue Luxin in time to block Cid’s blow, but the luxin shatters under the force. Cid dismembers him before beheading the unfortunate warrior. Blue.

Gavin, meanwhile, has drawn his bayoneted pistol and is parrying Luso’s strikes. Cid finds his next target, Ironfist. However, the massive blackguard sidesteps the charging warrior and hamstrings him with his Longsword. Karris and Adelle, meanwhile, are having their own duel. Karris drafts spears of Green Luxin coated with Red, and tries throwing them at Adelle, who merely dodges and calls down lightning, fire, and ice on Karris. Noticing that she is in trouble, Gavin quickly aims and shoots one of his pistols, which hits Adelle just under the shoulder. The move leaves him open to Luso’s next strike, which grazes his arm. Ironfist picks Cid up by the throat, and gives him two punches to the face before slicing open his stomach with his Longsword. Darkred. Gavin, having holstered his pistols and is now holding a sword drafted from Blue and Green Luxin, faces Luso in a proper sword duel.

Ironfist steps in, and the fight is now two against one. Gavin, however, is not skilled enough to coordinate attacks and parries with Ironfist. This gives Luso an opening to strike the blackguard, gashing open his throat. Blue. Adelle, wounded, bleeding, and seeing Karris walking towards her, sees she has no choice and casts lightning, killing them both. Blue. Darkred.

Gavin drafts Yellow in front of Luso’s eyes, blinding him. He then stabs both bayonets into Luso’s eyes, twists, and shoots both pistols, blowing open the back of Luso’s skull. Darkred. Gavin pulls out the bayonets, cleans them off, and leaves the bloody aftermath of the fight behind.

Winner: Gavin Guile

Expert's Opinion[]

Gavin had a large technology advantage over Luso, as well as having better-trained backup.

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Battle vs. Waxillium Ladrian (by Leolab)[]

Gavin Guile and several of his Blackguards arrive in the outskirts of Elendel, unsure as to what to do. One of the inhabitants, dressed in a hat and a duster comes towards them, looking a little confused, he starts to talk, "'Scuse me, suh-", but is cut off by the Blackguards drawing weapons on him. They move outward to the desert, thinking that they will try and plan out a course of action.

Wayne returns to Elendel, taking off his disguise and reports to Wax about the new arrivals.

"They're a violent bunch," Wayne says, "They drew guns and swords on me when I approached."

"Looks like Ranette's not the only one who can't stand the sight of your face," Wax says.

"They just can't handle how awesome I am," Wayne replies. "At any rate, I noticed them walking out to the Roughs."

"We follow," Wax said, "I'll grab Marasi and you get the two Coinshots the Conners pushed on us."

Wax: Black2Black2Black2Black2Black2 Gavin: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

Wax and his crew approach the hideout that Gavin's group has made for themselves. A warning was issued covertly to all citizens to clear out of the area. He splits up his forces; Marasi would cover them from a distance, the two Coinshots would close in on the building from one side, and Wax and Wayne would approach from the other.

One of the Blackguards stationed on watch warned Gavin about the approaching groups. They decide to hole up in the house and defend. The two coinshots take out handfulls of bullets and throw them, then they Allomantically Push them at the house, but the amount of shot doesn't penetrate the shack. One of the Blackguards shoots him with a musket, hitting him in the femoral artery. He bleeds out quickly. Black2. Another Blackguard attempts to shoot the remaining Coinshot, but the bullet is Pushed away. After several tries, Gavin stops the Blackguard and hands him a drafted bullet, using superviolet strengthened with yellow. The Blackguard aims and fires with the magic bullet, scoring a shot to the head. Black2.

The Blackguards reload with similar Luxin bullets, some hollow and filled with flammable Red Luxin. Thinking they have an advantage, the Blackguards move out of the building and attempt to rush the remaining three, running forwards while dodging rifle fire from Marasi. One of the Blackguards spots Wayne, and draws his Ataghan and Parrying stick. Wayne leaps towards him and starts burning Bendalloy. The rifle shots fired towards the bubble deflect at random angles, missing both combatants. Wayne then faces the Blackguard in a duel. He blocks the initial thrust with one cane, and knocks the push dagger in the parrying stick aside with the other. He ducks under another blow, and they continue fighting, neither getting a good advantage.

Outside the bubble, Wax and Marasi are attempting to kill the remaining blackguards. Unfortunately, Gavin and two one of the other Blackguards have put up a solid wall of Green and Blue Luxin, so neither Wax's revolver shots nor Marasi's rifle rounds are getting through. As this is happening, the Bendalloy bubble drops and the Blackguard fighting Wayne drops dead. Darkred. Wax holsters both his revolvers, and unslings his shotguns. Cocking them, he unloads blast after blast into the wall in front of him, eventually blasting down to the last layer. He taps his Iron metalmind, increasing his weight and Pushing on the bullets embedded in the defensive wall. It cracks and breaks, and the shot spreads out amongst the four remaining Blackguards, hitting several non-lethally. Marasi takes the opportunity to shoot one of the Blackguards through the heart. Darkred. Realizing he's outnumbered, Wax fills his Iron metalmind and Pushes hard off of the bullets in the ground, flying away from the engagement. He meets up with Wayne, who puts up a Bendalloy bubble around the pair.

"I barely have enough health left in my Goldmind to stave off a mortal wound," Wayne says, "Also, I've got one. You?"

"None; you're beating me this time," Wax says, "And you know what to do if you're injured."

Wayne lets the bubble drop, and charges at Gavin, wrapping them in another Bendalloy bubble. The Prism drafts a sword out of Luxin and engages Wayne in a duel. Wax Pushes towards the remaining Blackguards, but one of them shoots Marasi, eliminating his covering fire. Black2. When he looks over to Wayne, he sees his friend bleeding from a wound in the stomach. Wayne winks at Wax and crawls over to Marasi. Black2.

Wax takes out one of his shotguns and shoots the ground in front of him. He fills his Metalmind and Pushes as strongly as he can off of the shot in the ground. He flies high overhead, and can see blue lines indicating sources of metal leading from him down to his foes. He takes out a vial and downs some Steel flakes (fortified with whiskey), and strongly taps his Metalmind and flares Steel downward. The three remaining have all their weapons and ammo crushed into the ground by the force, which warps them to uselessness. Wax then starts to fill his Metalmind and, when he nears ground, fires a shot from his other shotgun and Pushes on the shot. As he hits the ground, he draws his Revolvers and empties them at the two remaining Blackguards and Gavin, killing all of them. DarkredDarkredDarkred

Wax spots a shimmering in the air, and runs off to find the town doctor. He comes back to find both Wayne and Marasi injured but not dead in Cadmium bubble created by Marasi, which gave him enough time to find someone to treat their wounds.

Expert's Opinion[]

Wax won due to the superiority of his weapons, his magic system, and the Mistborn series in general.

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