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Not just the Eldrazi, and not just Zendikar. Never again, not on any world. This I swear: For Sea Gate, for Zendikar and all its people, for justice and peace, I will keep watch. And when any new danger arises to threaten the Multiverse, I will be there, with you three beside me.
— Gideon's Oath

The Gatewatch are a rag-tag coalition of planeswalkers, or mages who have the ability to travel between universes. The group formed to fight and eventually destroy the Eldrazi, a race of monsters that fed of the lifeforce of entire worlds, and at the behest of Gideon each member vowed to fight off any other threats to multiple worlds. The group proceeded to travel between the planes of Innistrad, Kaladesh, and Amonkhet, taking part in the politics of each plane and attempting to take apart threats to the well-being of the multiverse, such as the remaining eldrazi titan Emrakul, Tezzeret's Interplanar Portal, and Nicol Bolas, a powerful dragon planeswalker. The group had reasonable success while active, and recruited two more members outside of the original four, a necromancer from Dominaria (Liliana Vess) and a leonin healer from Alara (Ajani Goldmane).

After a brutal defeat at the hands of Bolas on the plane of Amonkhet, several members separated from the group, breaking their oaths formally and magically. Nissa left due to the manipulation of the group through Liliana and the activities leaving her away from her plane, and Chandra left due to similar feelings and a desire to improve herself, leaving Gideon, Jace, and Liliana as the only remaining active members.

Battle vs. The Heroes of Maple (by Dargoo Faust)[]



Expert's Opinion[]

Experts couldn't properly reach a conclusion, as while the Gatewatch suffer from a plethora of problems as a team, and many of their members are directly countered by the Heroes, their use of power nullification and binding make this a coin toss, or a contest of "who uses their powers first".

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