So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf

Gandalf the White, was an Istar. The Istari (Men called them Wizards) took the form of Men, but possessed much greater physical and mental power. For over 2,000 years, Gandalf worked most faithfully against the rising powers of evil in Middle-earth. Gandalf spent the years between TA 2941 - TA 3001 travelling Middle-earth in search of information on Sauron's resurgence and Bilbo's mysterious ring. He spent as much time as he could in the Shire, however, strengthening his friendship with Bilbo and befriending Bilbo's nephew, Frodo, while simultaneously becoming suspicious of Saruman and his alliegences.

Battle vs. Albus Dumbledore (by Thornclaw Braveheart)

Inside the Ministry of Magic's Hall of Prophecies, Albus Dumbledore and several members of his Order of the Phoenix (Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody, and Kingsley Shacklebolt) search for any signs of Voldemort when they hear a thumping noise. Soon, the door at the far end of the hall is forced open as a white-haired old man in a white robe and bearing a white staff enters: Gandalf the White. In a magically-enhanced voice, he shouts, "I come for a Prophecy! The Prophecy of Olorin!" Dumbledore points his wand at the man and responds, "You come for what is not here! There is no and has ever been a Prophecy of Orlorin." {C}Raising his staff, Gandalf casts a telekinetic spell, which causes one of the prophecy orbs to fall off it's shelf and smash. A ghostly figure emerges, speaking: "There shall come a time when the last ship of Mithlond...." Dumbledore waves his wand and the smoke emitting from the broken orb sinks to the ground. Gandalf walks forward. "I am Mithrandir, or Gandalf the White they call me in the North. Fight me if you must." Shacklebolt makes a humphing sound as Dumbledore turns to his fellow wizards. "Go to Grimmauld Place," he mutters, "And let me fight this person, whomever he shall be. I feel as if we have met before."

"We're not leaving you behind!" says Black.

"Go! One old man won't stop the Order!"

Moody turns to the wizards and nods. Almost at once, they Apparate out of the Hall. Dumbledore points his wand at Gandalf again and confronts him. "If I must fight you, I will."

"Are you a servant of the Black Eye?" Asks Gandalf. "Are you for him or against?"

"I know naught of this Black Eye," says Dumbledore, "and if I did, I would surely not be for him at all!"

Gandalf thinks through whether he should kill this person or not, when Dumbledore waves his wand and Gandalf flies through the air, Stunned. However, he recovers quickly and thrusts the air with his staff, sending Dumbledore flying. Standing up, Gandalf decides he doesn't need his sword right now and activates his light shaft, which blinds Dumbledore as he looks at it. Squinting, Dumbledore points randomly in the air and casts a Disarming Charm, but it simply bounces off one of the Hall's ceilings. Swinging his staff, Gandalf casts another spell, and Dumbledore is thrown to his side. The Headmaster of Hogwarts casts Expelliarmus, and it meets Gandalf's light shaft as the two spells connect in a fury of energy. Tendrils of magic strike out of the line connecting wand and staff, as suddenly Dumbledore swerves his wand to the side and the connected spells both crash into one of the racks of prophecy orbs. The entire rack shatters ad orbs continue to hit other racks, and in a domino effect the orbs continue to crash as Gandalf, aware of the danger, backs into the room he was just in. Dumbledore pursues, and when he enters, he realizes he is in the Time Room. Whipping his wand around, Dumbledore casts a Reductor Curse at a clock hanging on the wall, causing it to split into multiple fragments. Ducking under a glass container, Albus waits as Gandalf is struck by a piece of wood, but it has no lasting effect. Dumbledore appears from behind the case and casts a Stunning Spell on Mithrandir, who crumples to the ground, but then grabs his staff and casts his light shaft again. Dumbledore falls back, but then shakes the blinding light off and the two wizards exchange a flurry of spells once more until Dumbledore uses the Reductor Curse to smash a clock that falls right above Gandalf, but at the last moment the White Rider creates his bubble-like shield around him and the clock disintegrates on the shield. Using telekinesis to throw a Time Turner at Dumbledore, the Chief Mugwump blocks with his Shield Charm as Gandalf suddenly leaps over a wrecked glass box and draws Glamdring. Dumbledore realizes he left his weapon back in the Hall of Prophecies and casts a Summoning Charm, and an old hat flies into his hand. Dumbledore tucks away his wand and reaches into the hat, pulling out a spectacular sword. As Gandalf strikes, Dumbledore drops the hat and parries. The two exchange blows until Dumbledore is hit on the leg by Gandalf's staff, then cut on the upper arm by Glamdring. The Sword of Gryffindor cuts through part of Gandalf's robe, but the white wizard then kicks Dumbledore back and sees another door. He notices something strange in it, and so distracted is he that he almost misses deflecting Dumbledore's strike.

Noticing where Gandalf was looking, Dumbledore kicks him in the leg and leaps into the entrance, then walks forward into the Death Chamber. Gandalf stares at the floating rag in the middle of the chamber, with images of falling into an abyss, falling into a lake, chasing a fire demon up an endless staircase, and finally casting down the demon from a mountain peak and passing away from wounds flash through his mind. Tears float down his face, but then he casts telekinesis, and Dumbledore is thrown back some more. Bleeding from this injury to his chin, Albus picks up Gryffindor's Sword and tucks it in his belt. He then draws his wand and fire emite from it. Gandalf climbs up to the veil in the center of the Death Chamber and is about to stick his hand through the archway when an unseen force makes him stop. He turns to Dumbledore, and suddenly the two are encirclced by fire. Dumbledore ends his spell as the inferno engulfs the chamber, and he turns to Gandalf. "You should never have come. You would have lived yet a little longer if you remained wherever you came from."

Lifting up both staff and sword to create his Shield of Istari, Gandalf replies, "If you are so certain of my demise, then prove it!" Raising his wand, Albus Dumbledore casts a Reductor Curse, which weakens Gandalf's Shield but fails to penetrate. Grunting from the strong blow, Gandalf holds his shield firm as Dumbledore creates his fire lasso and repeatedly slashes at the shield until he sees the bubble of power flicker, then disappear. Taking advantage, Dumbledore runs forward, but Gandalf lifts his weapons again and brings them together, smashing the staff on the ground as it cracks. The floor cracks as well, and suddenly the entire room crumbles into itself as Dumbledore hurriedly Apparates out of there. However, Gandalf abandons his broken staff and, right before the Headmaster leaves, grabs ahold of him and they exit together, all the while struggling for control of Dumbledore's wand.

Somehow Gandalf gets Glamdring stuck somewhere and uses both hands to wrestle the Elder Wand out of Dumbledore's grasp, then suddenly thinks of somewhere in Middle-earth. Abruptly, the two wizards end the Apparation spell as they end up standing right at the edge of the broken bridge in Khazad-dum. Dumbledore, shocked at his surroundings, fails to see that Glamdring was impaled in his stomach. Gasping in the pain, he steps back, and Gandalf grabs the sword and pulls it free as Albus Dumbledore falls into the abyss below. Gandalf sheathes his sword and looks at the Elder Wand. "Hmm...not bad..." Walking away, he waves the wand and Disapparates.


Expert's Opinion

Although close when it comes to magic, Gandalf's superior close range weapons and brute force of his spells prove stronger than Dumbledore's mostly non-lethal spells. So when it comes to master wizards, once again, NOTHING BEATS THE LORD OF THE RINGS!

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Battle vs. Davy Jones (by CuchulainSetanta)

On the way to the Undying Lands, the ship carrying Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, and Elrond encounters an unnatural storm. Gandalf, sensing something is wrong, sends the others below. His fears prove to be well founded, as another, larger ship rises out of the sea. On the deck of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones sees Gandalf and sneers menacingly. He pulls out Norrington's small sword, holds it aloft, and gives a battle cry.

Seeing Jones' show of force, Gandalf readies Glamdring and his staff, leaping over to the enemy ship. As Gandalf lands on the deck, Jones picks up some nearby chain-shot and throws it at the wizard. Using his staff, Gandalf deflects the chain-shot, and he charges the Lord of the Sea. Jones charges as well, and the two begin exchanging blows with their weapons. Gandalf, with two weapons in hand, soon gains the upper hand, and stabs Jones in the chest with Glamdring. Jones cries out in pain, but then, to Gandalf's surprise, begins to laugh. He slams Gandalf away with his crab claw before pulling the sword out and tossing it aside.

Jones pulls out his claymore and rushes Gandalf again. Gandalf, caught off guard, struggles to block the massive claymore with just his staff. He gathers his magic energy and blasts Jones with a lightning bolt, but again, the Flying Dutchman's captain just laughs it off. Gandalf begins to worry he may not survive this battle, when he senses another energy source on board the ship.

Dodging Jones attacks, Gandalf rushes to where he senses the dark energy, finding it in the form of a strange chest. Gathering his final energy reserves, he focuses it into a powerful shockwave, just as Jones readies to strike the wizard down. The shockwave rips the chest apart, revealing a still-beating heart inside, which is set aflame. Jones grips his chest in pain, before falling to the deck, dead. Checking to make sure his foe is truly down this time, Gandalf raises his staff, a beacon of light shining from its top.


Expert's Opinion

As an immortal, Davy Jones already had a large advantage going in. However, Gandalf's supporters pointed out the wizard had a lot more magical skill than Jones, a factor that ultimately brought him to victory.

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Battle vs. Voldemort (by Sport Shouting)

Voldemort, Nagini and 3 Death Eaters walk through an abandoned forest. Gandalf and 4 Hobbits appear about 70 yards away. Gandalf and Voldemort look each other in the eye before Voldemort bellows


1 Hobbit is struck by the spell and is killed.

Gandalf- 4

Gandalf sends his hobbits in. A Death Eater wielding the flaming broomstick and a hobbit wielding the long sword clash weapons. The hobbit lands a blow through the stomach of the Death Eater.

Voldemort- 4

Voldemort sends Nagini after a hobbit. Nagini bites through the hobbit as he falls dead.

Gandalf- 3

Gandalf calls his men to him as he begins to retreat. Voldemort and his troops start laughing and chase them. They arrive in the middle of chaos. A spell is cast from Gandalf that kills a Death Eater.

Voldemort- 3

The Staff and Flaming Broomstick clash. The Staff wounds the Death Eater and dies chasing Gandalf.

Voldemort- 2

Voldemort casts Crucio at a hobbit but misses. He then casts Imperio and makes the hobbit smash himself repeatedly into a tree.

Gandalf- 2

Nagini slithers up to a hobbit. The hobbit thrusts the long sword through Nagini killing him. Voldemort feels the effect immediately

Voldemort- 1

The last hobbit sneaks up behind Voldemort but steps on a twig and is noticed. Voldemort hits the hobbit in the head with the flaming broomstick and the hobbit is dead.

Gandalf- 1

Voldemort runs after Gandalf. As he comes up a hill to get him, Gandalf yells


Voldemort falls and holds on for dear life as the ground opens up. Gandalf hits Voldemort's hands with his staff and Voldemort falls to his death.

Voldemort- 0


Expert's Opinion

Gandalf won due to his unlimited "horcruxes" and more fighting experience.

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Battle vs. First Enchanter Irving (by Greenberet69)

Gandalf: BlueBlueBlueBlue


At Hobbinton Gandalf along with 3 of his mages are overwatching the evacuation of the hobbits because of the war between Middle-Earth and Thedas. First Enchanter Irving along with 3 of his senior mages have entered the area as orders to investigate the palce. One of Gandalf's mages sees Irving and his mages and sees them as a threat and so fires a ball of fire at Irving and his mages. Irving hears it and tells his mages to raise their Shield Spell but one of the mages doesn't get the spell up and his burnt to a crsipRed. One of Irving's mages reacts and fires his own fireball hitting the same mage that fired the last fireballBlue. Gandalf and his mages rush to confront Irving and his mages with Gandalf using his magical kinesis to knock one if Irving's mages back and quickly moving in and stabbing him with GlamdringRed. Another of Gandalf's mages uses magical kinesis to knock back Irving but Irving quickly reacts by using Arcane Bolt and striking that mage in the stomachBlue. Irving and his last mage work together and the mage uses Cone of Cold to freeze Gandalf's last mage and then Irving uses his Staff of the Magister Lords to smash him into piecesBlue. Gandalf then looks at Irving and his last mage and uses his Destructive Blast to open up a crack into the earth. Irving is able to get out of the way but his mage grabs a hold of the ledge and hangs on until Gandalf walks over to him and smashes his hands with his staff making him fall to his deathRed. Irving uses his earthquake magic but Gandalf sees this and quickly moves out of the way and then Irving casts Fireball but Gandalf reacts and uses the Shield of Istari. Gnadlf the nuses his sword and casts his Lightning Strike and Irving at the same time casts Shock and the two powerful wizards/mages are in a deadlock. The deadlock lasts for a minute until Gandalf rolls out of the way and casts the Blinding Light. Irving is blinded and Gandalf quickly casts his Lightning strike and shocks Irving to deathRed. Gandalf sticks his staff into the ground and stares at the sunset knowing that he is victorious.


Expert's Opinion

Both were powerful wizards, but in the end, Gandalf was just much stronger, being able to combat his opponents at both Close and Magical range. The important X-factor that also won it for Gandalf was more combat experience. Irving may have been powerful and the leader of The Circle of Magi in Fereldan, but he just didn't have the comabt experience and close range weapons to counteract those of Gandalf.

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Battle vs. Flemeth (by Greenberet69)

In the Misty Mountains Gandalf is travelling to the Shire to visit his Hobbit friends Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin. All of a sudden he sense a strange but powerful presence and heads off to investigate. The strange presence turns out to be Flemeth who flew to Middle-Earth to escape from the Templar-Mage War. She starts walking when a voice calls out to her.

"Excuse me but I have a feeling you are not from around here." Gandalf says

Flemeth turns around to see a man in white garment staring at her. She notices his staff and automatically sees him as a mage and takes out her Broomstick. Gandalf prepares his Staff and takes out his sword Glamdring. Flemth casts a spell and turns into a giant spider and charges at Gandalf. Gandalf uses his staff to hit away Flemth who recovers in mid air and fires a web at Gandalf who cuts it with his sword. Gandalf then casts a Magical Kinesis but Flemeth is able to dig her Spider Feet into the snow deep enough to hold her ground. She then shapeshifts into a bear and charges at Gandalf. She rams Gandalf in the stomach which sends Gandalf sliding back but he recovers and casts his smaller power of the Destructive Blast and blows Flemeth back. Flemeth gets back up and quickly shapeshifts into a swarm of bugs and flies towards Gandalf. Gandalf smirks and blasts fire at the Swarm which burns all of the bugs and forces Flemeth to shapeshift back to her human form. She gets up in pain and notices that Gandalf hardly has a scratch or bruise on him and gets angry.

"Do you not know who I am Mage? I am Flemeth the Shapeshifter no one can stop me!" Flemeth says

She then shapeshifts into her High Dragon Form and roars at Ganalf. Flemeth breaths fire at Gandalf who quickly casts the Shield of Istari to protect himself. Flemeth then swings her tail and hits Gandalf sending him flying back. Flemeth then hovers towards him and fires a fireball at Gandalf who is able to get out of the way but the force of the blast sends him face first into the snow. He looks up to see Flemeth hovering over him and just as Flemeth is about to finish him off a loud screech is heard and Flemeth looks up to see Gwaihir Lord of the Eagles fly at her and ram her away from Gandalf

(Before the Battle)

From behind a rock Gandalf sees Flemeth and quickly speaks to a nearby Moth and the Moth flies off.

(Current Time)

Flemeth looks to see and notice the the Giant Eagle is a friend of Ganalf and quickly decides to fly off but Gandalf mounts Gwaihir and they take off after Flemeth. Flemeth continuously fires fireballs at Gwaihir and Gandalf but Gwaihiris able to dodge them. Gandalf tells Gwaihir to get close enough to Flemeth. Gwaihir speed up and nears Flemeth and Gandalf stands up and casts his Sword of Power at Flemeth which sends her falling towards the ground.

(On the ground)

Flemeth gets up injured and tries to walk way but Gandalf stands in her way. She takes out her Broomstick but Gandalf parries with his staff and stabs her in the ribs. Flemeth staggers back and Gandalf raises his staff in the air


Gandalf rams his staff into the snow of the Misty Mountain. The whole Mountain begins to shake an Flemeth looks down to notice the groun start opening up. She tries to run but she is to injured with the stab to her ribs and before she knows it, she soon falls down through the hole and screams until her screams are heard no more. Gandalf plants his staff on the ground and stands in victory


Expert's Opinion

While both were powerful Mages, Flemeth didn't have as many powerful spells as Gandalf since she only had shapeshifting magic, and the magic helped her change into animals but could only attack up close whereas Gandalf dominated with his Staff and Sword Glamdring. Gandalf won because of his more powerful spells and dominated up close.

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Battle vs. Kratos (by Greenberet69)

On Olympus Kratos stands at the top and watches as the rest of the world burns in agony as he has completed his revenge and killed all of the Gods of Olympus and killed Zeus in revenge for his betrayal.

"So you must be the Ghost of Sparta Kratos." A strange voice says

Kratos looks behind him to see a old man in white robes.

"Yes I am Kratos who are you old man and where did you come from?" Kratos replies

"My name is Gandalf I come from a land many miles away from yours across the sea." Gandalf says

"You have brought pain and evil into this world for what you have done Ghost of Sparta." Gandalf says

"How do you know who I am?" Kratos asks

"I was told by a friend of mine who knows the Gods of Olympus." Gandalf says

"You must pay for what you have done Kratos." Gandalf says

"I would like to see you try old man the mighty God's of Olympus and many more have tried to kill me and none not even the all powerful Zeus could stop me and I have had my vengence so if you think you can stop me you are WRONG!" Kratos says

Kratos drops his Blades of Athena to the ground and swings his right Blade at Gandalf. But Gandalf raises his Shield of Istari and blocks the strike and strikes back by firing a ball of fire at Kratos who quickly dodges the ball of fire.

"So I see you will not go down so easily." Gandalf says

"NO ONE CAN STOP ME NOW!" Kratos yells and charges at Gandalf.

Kratos draws Typhon's Bane Bow and fires at Gandalf who raises the Shield of Istari again and the arrows bounce off the shield. Gandalf directs his Magical Kinesis at the Bow and is able to disarm it from Kratos and tosses it over the edge of the cliff. Kratos retaliates by charging at Gandalf again and swings his Blades at Gandalf who ducks under them and charges at Kratos and the two engage in combat. Kratos takes a swing at Gandalf but Gandalf blocks the strike with his sword Glamdring and hits Kratos in the head with his Staff. Kratos stumbles back and stomps his feet on the ground using the magic of Atlas Quake to throw Gandalf off balance and makes Gandalf fall to the ground. Kratos charges at Gandalf again but Gandalf grabs his staff and casts Destructive Blast blasting Kratos back and lands on his back. Both warriors get up and Kratos takes out the Head of Euryale but Gandalf quickly faces away from the head and Kratos starts moving towards him. Gandalf casts the Blinding Light spell and causes Kratos to shield his eyes from the bright light giving Gandalf time to raise his sword in the air and casts the Sword of Power spell out from his sword and blasts Kratos back making Kraots loose the head of Euryale. Kratos gets up to see Gandalf charging towards him but Kratos casts Cronos's rage at Gandalf who gets electrified and falls down. Kratos moves towards Gandalf and is about to finish him off when Gandalf once again costs the Blinding Light spell casuing Kratos to stumble back which gives Gandalf time to get up and casts a Lighting Strike at Kratos who is hit directly and yells in pain. Kratos falls down in pain but still manages enough strength to get up and swing his chains at Gandalf who blocks them using his Sword and Staff. Gandalf gets the chance and as Kratos swings down his right armed blade Gandalf casts the Sword of Power and uses the chain to electrify Kratos. Gandalf gets the chance and quickly charges at Kratos. Kratos is able to recover fast and swings his left blade at Gandalf but Gandalf dodges the strike and drives Glamdring into Kratos's chest. Kratos starts coughing up blood and falls down coughing up more blood.

"Your time on this world ends here Ghost of Sparta." Gandalf says

"No this cannot can this be happening...I am invincible." Kratos says

"You thought wrong Ghost of Sparta." Gandalf says and starts to walk away but Kratos gets up and swings his Blades of Athena at Gandalf who raises the Shield of Istari and blocks the stikes. He then turns around, raises his staff and plunges it into the ground. All around Kratos the ground begins to crack all around him and the ground gives away and Kratos falls from Olympus to the fire below. Gandalf retracts his staff from the ground and walks away.


Expert's Opinion

While Kratos dominated up in close range with his Blades of Athena having the reach compared to Glamdring and Gandalf's staff Gandalf dominated with his better Magical powers that covered both Offensive and Defensive capabilities

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Battle vs. Yoda (Legends) (by So-Pro Warrior)

The Battle for Minas Tirith is over. The forces of Sauron have been defeated but the Men of the West have suffered heavy casualties. Too few soldiers remain of both Rohan and Gondor and with the hobbit Frodo Baggins nearing Mount Doom the heroes of the Men of the West know that if Frodo is to have a chance of destroying the One Ring of Power that they are going to have to draw out the armies of Mordor into battle to give Frodo the chance to reach Mount Doom. While the heroes are in the throne room of Minas Tirith planning out what the next step is, Gandalf however begins feeling a sort of strange feeling coming out from the fields of Pelennor and decides to go see what is going on. Gandalf mounts Shadowfax the Lord of all Horses and heads out into the field to find out what this strange feeling is. Meanwhile in a Galaxy Far Far Away…

On the planet Korriban in the Sith Tombs…

Yoda along with his Kybuck are on the planet Korriban searching in the Sith Tombs. Back at the Jedi Temple while Yoda was meditating he had sensed something strange and powerful with the force and decided to check it out himself. As Yoda and his Kybuck were travelling through the cave a strange glow of yellow light caught Yoda’s attention, the light was emitting from a strange yellow crystal that should not be there. Not knowing what kind of crystal this was Yoda began to use the force to lift the crystal from its stone resting spot and pulled it towards him and having the crystal land into his hand. Yoda then began studying this crystal,

“Strange crystal this is, not a lightsaber crystal or any other crystal I have seen this is, discover what crystal is I must.” Yoda says

Just then the crystal begins to glow again but even brighter and brighter until Yoda and his Kybuck are engulfed in a bright light and they disappear.

On the fields of Pelennor Gandalf and Shadowfax wander through the battlefield that is still littered with the dead bodies of orcs, mumakil, men. The field smells of dead and decomposing bodies as they wander through the field, all of a sudden a strong surge of energy passes through Gandalf and he looks to see a glowing yellow light in the distance which then disappears. Gandalf has Shadowfax gallop over to where the light came from, upon arriving their Gandalf sees a strange creature and on its back a little green creature.</p>

“A goblin?” Gandalf says

Yoda looks around and finds himself in an open field with dead bodies of strange creatures the likes he has never seen before. Yoda then senses something, a powerful force the likes he has never sensed before. His Kybuck then gives off a small growl and sensing his sense of danger Yoda looks in the direction his mount is looking and sees a very old human wearing all white robes. Yoda senses the strong force coming from this human, but cannot through all of his powers feel whether this human is either of good or evil.

“What kind of creature are you? Are you a goblin?” Gandalf yells at Yoda

“Know not what this goblin creature it is, good or evil does your alliance lie?” Yoda replies

“What riddles are you speaking in creature?” Gandalf says

“Riddles not, this way I talk I do.” Yoda replies

Not understanding this creature and telling that this is where the strong feeling of power is coming from and that the strange light happened where this creature stood Gandalf prepares his staff and takes out his sword in fear that this creature could be a strong minion or ally of Sauron. Seeing Gandalf take out his weapons, Yoda takes out his lightsaber and ignites it stunning Gandalf with his weapon as Gandalf has never once seen a weapon that such as Yoda’s. Gandalf orders Shadowfax to charge forward and Shadowfax begins to gallop at full speed, Yoda has his Kybuck do the same and the two warriors and their riders charge at each other with their mounts galloping at incredible speeds. As they close in Yoda jumps into the air rolling upside down while in the air and Gandalf quickly reacts raising his staff above his head and to Yoda’s amazement blocks the lightsaber strike as the Kybuck passes by Shadowfax and Yoda safely lands on the back of his Kybuck. Gandalf has Shadowfax turn around and Yoda does the same thing with his Kybuck and the two charge at each other once again. As they charge Gandalf raises his staff in the air and casts the Blinding Light which blinds both Yoda and the Kybuck, Gandalf quickly lowers his staff under the Kybuck in an attempt to trip the Kybuck but the Kybuck is able to recover quickly from the light sees the wizard’s staff and quickly leaps over both Gandalf and Shadowfax amazing Gandalf. As the Kybuck lands and turns around Gandalf has Shadowfax stop in his tracks and Gandalf dismounts him. Yoda seeing this also decides to unmount his mount and jumps off his Kybuck. Gandalf and Yoda begin to slowly walk towards each other waiting for one or the other to make a move with Gandalf being the first. Gandalf raises his sword into the air where lightning begins to strike the sword. Yoda readies his lightsaber for anything and Gandalf then swings his sword downwards pointing his sword at Yoda and fires his Lightning Strike at Yoda catching him off guard striking him in the chest and sending him flying. However Yoda is able to recover in the air and lands safely on his feet. Gandalf charges up his sword again and uses the Lightning Strike once again but this time Yoda puts up both of his hands and as Gandalf fires the lightning at him to his amazement Yoda is able to use his hands to block the lightning and makes a sphere out of the lightning and then directs it back at Gandalf who quickly casts the Shield of Istari to block the strike.  Yoda then charges at Gandalf who prepares to defend himself as Yoda jumps into the air towards Gandalf and brings his lightsaber downwards. Gandalf blocks the strike with his staff and swings his sword at Yoda who jumps to avoid the strike. Yoda jumps behind Gandalf to try and strike from behind but Gandalf twists around and blocks another strike with his sword. Yoda then begins to jump all around Gandalf with Gandalf narrowly blocking his attacks with his sword and staff. As Yoda jumps over Gandalf to his back Gandalf quickly turns around and as Yoda lands fires a powerful Destructive Blast at Yoda sending him flying back crashing into the ground. Yoda quickly recovers and then pushes both of his hands forward casting the Force Push at Gandalf and sending him flying back and crashing through some wooden debris. Yoda uses the Force Speed to quickly close in on Gandalf but Gandalf quickly recovering casts the Shield of Istari blocking a jumping attack from Yoda’s lightsaber. Yoda tries with all his might to break through the shield to no avail and so flips backwards and pushing his hands forward again casts the Force Push at Gandalf and his shield. All around the shield debris and dirt fly past Gandalf and his shield and soon Gandalf holding with all of his might begins to slowly but steadily slide back inch by inch. Yoda finally gives trying to get past the shield giving Gandalf the chance to lower his shield and then casts his magical kinesis on Yoda and begins tossing him around the battlefield. He tosses Yoda to the right crashing into some wooden debris, then to the left crashing into the ground and finally high into the air and making him crash into the ground again. Yoda painfully gets back up and sees Gandalf standing over him and as Gandalf raises his sword Yoda reacts and quickly casts the Force Wave sending out a strong force of power in every direction sending Gandalf flying into the air and crashing into the ground. Both Yoda and Gandalf struggle to stand up but sensing Gandalf’s powers coming from his staff Yoda quickly uses the Force Pull on the staff and in his tired and beat out state Gandalf is unable to hold the staff and the staff is pulled out of Gandalf’s hands. Yoda has the staff fly in his direction and as it flies towards him Yoda brings his lightsaber downwards and in one fell swipe cuts Gandalf’s staff in half. The remains of Gandalf’s staff roll over the ground coming to a complete stop and then in a flash of light the halves disappear. Yoda holds his lightsaber close to his head with the green light of his lightsaber showing on him, Gandalf prepares his sword Glamdring holding it with both of his hands, for what seems like minutes the two warriors stare at each other waiting for one another to make a move, all around them the wind blows the dirt and the stench of death all around them, behind each warrior their steeds stand at the ready to assist their rider. Yoda makes the first move quickly back flipping onto his Kybuck which causes Gandalf to quickly run and mount Shadowfax. The two warriors and their steads charge towards each other with their weapons at the ready. As the two draw within range of their weapons both Gandalf and Yoda swing their weapon and block each other’s attack in the air. Both Gandalf and Yoda begin swinging their weapons at each other while their mounts begin walking around in a circle to keep the two warriors close to each other to combat, Gandalf swings his sword towards the bottom of Yoda who just jumps over the sword and brings his saber downwards but Gandalf quickly raises his sword to block the strike. Both push their weapons forward trying to gain the upper hand but to no avail for both of them causing them to pull back. Yoda uses Force push to send Gandalf flying off Shadowfax and landing on his back on the ground. Yoda jumps into the air and points his lightsaber down towards the ground pointing it right at Gandalf. Gandalf prepares to accept death. All of a sudden the same yellow light that had lead Gandalf to Yoda begins to glow coming from Yoda and then in a bright flash of light, the Jedi Master disappears. Gandalf looks around him seeing no sign of him and even notices the Kybuck has also vanished. Gandalf gets up badly injured and beat from the battle and scours the battlefield but sees no traces of the two creatures. Wondering about what just happened Gandalf decides to think about it on his way back to the White City and so he mounts Shadowfax and the two gallop towards Minas Tirith to check on what Aragorn and the others have come up with.

Meanwhile back on Korriban…

Yoda finds himself plunging his lightsaber into the ground but with the human no longer there. Yoda looks around and finds himself back in the Sith Tombs and so sheathes back his lightsaber and puts it away. Yoda sees his Kybuck near him and begins to wonder what is going on. Could he of had some type of strange vision? It had seemed to real however, Yoda decides to head back to the Republic Ship and meditate on the events that had transpired. Yoda jumps onto his Kybuck and the two head back to the Republic Ship. Meanwhile unknown to Yoda the strange yellow crystal reappears in the same spot in the rock he had found it in. What this strange crystal was and what its powers were and how it brought these two warriors to fight each other would remain a mystery…

The Deadliest Warrior: Yoda

Expert's Opinion

Both of these two Warriors were very even to the bitter end. But Yoda won this battle because he took the X-Factor of Speed/Agility which helped him win this fight.

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