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My journey has ended! This planet shall sustain me until it has been drained of all elemental life! SO SPEAKS GALACTUS!
— Galactus

The entity now known as Galactus began life as Galan of Taa, a space explorer who lived in the universe existing before this one. During the end of this universe, Galan was contacted by the Universal Sentience, which told him that both would die, but a joint heir would survive them into the next universe. The Sentience gave Galan its power, which gestated within him for countless billions of years. Eventually, this gestation ended, and Galactus was born. Galactus now roams the universe, consuming the life-forces of worlds for his own survival. Although some may see Galactus' actions as cruel, in truth, Galactus is above the concepts of "good" or "evil", more akin to a natural force like a hurricane or earthquake.

Battle vs. Sargeras (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

On a distant planet in the Twisting Nether, a Burning Legion force commanded by Sargeras has succeeded in destroying a massive civilization. Sargeras steps up to the top of a hill to survey the damage, when he catches sight of another giant figure setting up a strange machine: Galactus has come to devour this world.

Seeing Galactus as an enemy, Sargeras charges in with a roar, raising his dark sword, Gorribal. Galactus sensed him coming and dodges the strike, although the machine is damaged by the sword strike. Galactus retaliates with a punch to Sargeras' head, but the demonic flames surrounding the Dark Titan burn Galactus. Sargeras swings again, with Galactus leaping back to evade.

Galactus raises his hand and blasts Sargeras with energy bolts. Sargeras is staggered by the mighty blast, but is far from defeated. Raising Gorribal, Sargeras begins a mystical incantation, sending a bolt of fel magic at the Devourer of Worlds. Galactus manages to raise a forcefield just in time, but has grown angered by Sargeras' continued resistance.

Raising his arms, Galactus starts to tear the sword from Sargeras' hands. The Titan tries to resist, but eventually loses his sword. Galactus siphons the energy of Gorribal into himself, before rearing back and firing a massive energy blast at Sargeras. The Dark Titan stands helplessly as the beam approaches, only now realizing that Galactus had been holding back the entire fight. The blast utterly annihilates Sargeras, wiping him out in the blink of an eye. His battle over, Galactus returns to his work on his world-devouring machine, as the other Burning Legion commanders stand by helplessly in shock.

Winner: Galactus

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