Citizens of the Valley of Peace! It is my great honor to present to you... Tigress! Viper! Crane! Monkey! Mantis! The Furious Five!
— Shifu at the Dragon Warrior Tournament
The Furious Five are a group of supporting characters in the Kung Fu Panda series, who are world-renowned martial artists studying under the tutelage of Master Shifu. The group are idols to a young Po, who dreams of becoming one of their ranks, however when the aspiring panda was declared the Dragon Warrior, he discovered that the group has a number of flaws, and failed to treat him with respect as fellow martial artists at first. While the group is diligently trained and surpasses regular human feats of strength and agility, they ultimately have no methods of combating warriors of superior martial arts skill and strength such as Tai Lung, and eventually it was discovered that it was Po's outside of the box thinking and obtuse combat style that had what the group was truly lacking.

After the events of the first movie, the Furious Five would go on to help Po in his endeavors to fight off threats to peace and decency, now backing him as long-time friends that see him as an equal, if not a superior. While they may joke in the following movies about his clumsiness and lazy attitude, they realize he has an inner strength and skill that surpasses their limits for reasons they still don't understand.

Battle vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones and Master Splinter, alongside Po (by Sport Shouting)

The 4 Ninja Turtles, Splinter and Casey Jones walk through a Chinese city. They pass the Furious Five's training center. Po and the 5 see them and attack. They throw throwing stars at Casey as he charges after them, killing him.


Mantis and Splinter fight. Splinter hits him with the 3 section staff to wound him then steps on him to kill him.

Furious Five- 5

Donatello and Michelangelo corner Viper. Viper hits Michelangelo and knocks him down but Donatello slices through her with the Ninjato.

Furious Five- 4

Tiger and Crane run outside of the building. They hide behind cover. Donatello is spotted carrying Mikey and they are both killed by Curved Swords.


Crane is spotted running back into the building by Raphael and killed shortly by Nunchakus.

Furious Five- 3

Po and Monkey split up. Monkey battles Raphael and Monkey knocks Raph down with the Gun Staff. As Monkey attempts to kill him, he hits his head with Nunchakus and Monkey falls dead.

Furious Five- 2

Leonardo and Splinter split up to find Po and Tiger. Tiger spots Splinter and sneaks up to him with Metal Pans. Tiger swings the pan but Splinter dodges. He uses a Bo Staff to defend himself. Tiger lands a good 2 shots on Splinter's head as he dies.


Leo and Raph find a sewer and hide in it. Po and Tiger jump in and see the 2 brothers running away. The Curved Sword and Nunchakus meet. Raph blocks Tiger's slashes and lands a shot on the leg to distract her then a headshot to kill her.

Furious Five- 1

Po immediately runs toward Tiger's dead body. He kicks Raph back and picks up Tiger's sword. He slashes it to cut Raphael's head in 2 and he laughs.


Po breaks for cover. Leo sees him and uses Ninjutsu to attack. He is heard by Po swinging his Ninjato and Po dodges. Po Wheel Kicks Leo, sending him back. Po can't see where Leo ended up. He walks toward the spot where he believes Leo is. Leo then jumps up and cuts Po's stomach and head in half killing him. Leo laughs and walks away.

Furious Five- 0


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Rematch vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alongside Po (by So-Pro Warrior)

The Final Battle

Po and the Furious Five: Orangex6

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Greenx4

Manhattan, New York City...

It was another cold, cloudless, and quiet night in Manhattan of New York City. The night lights brightened up the streets and buildings, the few vehicles that drove through the night flashed their headlights on their way to their destinations, and the alleyways and campsites inhabited by the homeless of the city had their barrels for fire lit aflame to keep themselves warm for the night. Just then, out of nowhere a mysterious blue portal materializes on top of a building, one by one six figures, one that looked like a panda, one a tiger, a snake, a pray mantis, a monkey, and a crane flew out from the portal before it closed itself. The six figures landed on the ledge of the rooftop as their eyes could be seen staring out into the massive and bright-lit city which was alien to them.


Below the Streets...

It has been a year since the incident involving their "other-selves" from another universe and the whole incident with a multiverse of them's. Since then, thing's had been pretty normal for the Turtles, or in Raphael's terms "boring". With the complete defeat of the Shredder for good this time as well as being on good terms with the Foot and Karai, the only problem they had to face from time to time was that of the Purple Dragons and their leader Hun, which of course wasn't much with the Turtles always coming out on top in the end. Their Lair was rebuilt, everything that was lost or damaged in the attack replaced and the Turtles were just going through another night of doing what each of them do. Leonardo was meditating, Raphael was training himself by kicking and punching a punching bag, Michelangelo was watching TV, and Donatello was working on...stuff.

Raphael delivered another jumping roundhouse kick to the punching bag, breaking it off its chain and sending it crashing to the ground. "You know. Have I told you guys how bored I am?" Raphael asks aloud so the rest of his brothers could hear him.

"Only every single day for the past couple of months" Leonardo says while still in his meditating position.

"Yeah, well what can I say. Its true. Seriously, fighting just Hun and his dragons is getting really boring. I miss the good old days when, oh you know we actually had a challenge" Raphael says walking over to Leo and standing a few feet away from him. 

"Really? I actually don't. It just means we get to have fun while kicking the Purple Dragons butt every single time" Michelangelo says turning his head to look at him with a humorous smile on his face. 

"Yeah, well I don't want to have fun. I want to have a challenge" Raphael says. 

"Ever heard the saying careful what you ask for Raph? 'Cause that could apply to you right now. You may want to have a challenge, but if you do and you end up getting your shell handed to you, then you're going to be regretting what you said really soon" Leonardo says. 

"Ah~ I don't care about that stupid mumbo jumbo saying junk. If I get my shell kicked, then that means that the challenger is going to be twice as fun to kick his butt next time" Raphael says. 

"Yeah, if you get lucky enough to survive the first encounter" Donatello says stopping what he was doing so he could say it.

"What Leonardo and Donatello says is true Raphael. You may say now that you want to have a challenge, but when the time does come for your "challenge" to appear, it may end up being something that could potentially be worse then anything you and your brothers have ever faced before" Splinter says walking into the room from his own.

"Oh come on Sensei you can't be serious. We've faced the Shred-head, armies of aliens, and so much. What could possibly be out there that could be worse then them?" Raphael asks.

"You never know my son. There are many mysteries out there not just here on Earth, but out there in the vastness of the universe, especially, not just our own" Splinter says.

"Hey guys!" Donatello calls out attracting everyone's attention "I don't know what's going on. But this scanner I created to pick up any strange energy readings just went off" Donatello says looking at his machine which was making a strange beeping sound while also showing on the screen the location of where the energy reading was coming from. 

"Do you know where?" Leonardo asks standing back up with haste. "Yeah" Donatello replies. 

"Alright, finally some action!" Raphael says slamming his right fist into his other hand.


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