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I don't see him as human, so I'll have no trouble chopping him up or crushing him to a pulp.
— Fuminori Sakisaka

Fuminori Sakisaka was a medical student at the University of Tokyo who sustained brain damage during an auto accident, causing hallucinations resulting in him viewing the world as covered in blood and gore and people as horrific monsters shaped like amorphous, tentacled blobs of flesh.

He is further destabilized when he meets an alien who introduces herself as Saya. Despite her horrific appearance Saya appears as a normal cute girl to Fuminori because of his hallucinations. They later fall in love with each other and under her influence, commits a number of murders as part of her mission to turn the human race into her species and began engaging in cannibalism after he discovers his taste for human flesh.

Fuminori's ultimate fate varies on the decisions the player makes throughout the story. He either gets cured of his condition and shortly after turning himself in to turn the police and end at an insane asylum, killed along with Saya by his former psychiatrist Ryouko Tanbou and friend Kouji Tonoo or lives to see Saya spread her spores across the world transforming the human race into her species causing him to view them as human again.

Battle vs. Rena Ryuguu (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Rena Ryuguu walked into a mysterious house in a neighborhood in Tokyo. The house appeared to be abandoned, the storm shutters were always close, and a faint but foul smell like rotting meat emanated from the place. Rena decided to investigate the house, ringing the doorbell and getting no response, she entered the house.

Rena's nose was assaulted by a strong smell like rotting meat and saw that the walls, the floors, the ceiling, even the furniture were all covered in streaks random paint colors, mostly greens and yellows, as though the place had been painted by a madman. Whats more, Rena saw a trail of a thick mucus-like fluid along the floor, as though a giant slug-like creature had been crawling through the building. In the kitchen, Rena thought she could hear sounds like... the sqeulching noises such a creature would make.

Rena felt a chill go down her spine as she walked into the kitchen, drawing her nata as she went, clutching the blade with both hands. She walked into the doorway to the kitchen, looking into each of the corners, there was a trail of mucus, but the thing that had been in the room had moved on. In front of the refrigerator were several bones of unknown origin. The refrigerator door was marked with the same mucus as the floor. Rena slowly opened the door...

And let out a scream of horror as she saw what was inside. Chopped up pieces of human flesh, a severed hand that was in the center of the lower shelf, surrounded with intestines like some grisly sort of garnish, as well as a partly-consumed head that from what was left of it, look male, and numerous other body parts were inside the refrigerator.

"Who ever lived in this house was a cannibal... or wait, what about that mucus... was the thing in this house... not human...", Rena thought.

Rena's thoughts were interrupted by the same squelching sound she heard earlier.... was right behind her. Rena turned, nata in hand, to see a terrifying creature, that looked like an amorphous blob of flesh, with numerous tentacles and a mouth lined with razor sharp teeth.

Rena raised her nata and struck the creature several times, determined to end its life. The nata sliced deep into its flesh, severing a tentacle, wounding it but not killing the creature. Suddenly, the door to the house opened and Rena heard footsteps behind her, followed by a male voice yelling "What did you do to my Saya!"

The wounded creature responded in a high-pitched, scratchy voice that sounded like words, though Rena could not understand them. Rena turned just in time to block a strike from a butchers knife by a man in his early 20s. Fuminori Sakisaka saw a nata-wielding "monster" standing over the bleeding body of Saya, who looked completely human to him. Saya had lost an arm and had several gashes across her chest and face. "What did you do to my Saya!?", Fuminori yelled.

As Saya responded, "Don't worry, I'll regenerate from these wounds within a couple minutes".

Fuminori charged with his knife at the "amorphous blob of flesh and tentacles" that was Rena Ryuguu. The monster used the nata in its hand to block his strike. Fuminori made another thrust, but the "creature" countered, creating a shallow gash in his side, before making downward strike that Fuminori blocked, but his knife was knocked away.

Rena kicked away the knife and charged at the maniac... and his pet... thing had tried to kill her. The man retreated, opening a side door in the hall, which appeared to lead into a garage. The man came out armed with a long-handled axe. Fuminori swung his axe at Rena, but missed, smashing a hole in the wall and break knocking out a metal pipe. The pipe appeared to be old and disconnected as it fell out of the wall without spraying any water.

Fuminori made a downward swing at the "monster" armed with the nata, knocking the weapon out of its tentacle. The creature recoiled as Fuminori took a second swing, wounding, but not severing it arm.

Rena screamed in pain as the axe struck her upper arm. Thankfully, the blade had only cut through the flesh, but it had broken the bone. As the axe hit, Rena dropped her nata, which Fuminori kicked away. Rena ran back, towards the kitchen, but tripped over the metal pipe. Rena grabbed the pipe with her good hand and blocked an axe strike, before rolling backwards into the kitchen and getting up.

The Fuminori rounded on the pipe-wielding "creature", raised his axe. The "creature" went in, aiming a blow with the pipe at his exposed face, but missed, instead hitting him in the chest, breaking a rib. Fuminori ignored the pain and swung his axe down on the closest thing the "creature" had to a "head". The "monster" that was actually Rena Ryuguu fell to the floor, dead.

As Fuminori stepped over to his prey, Saya got up, her wounds healed. "See?", she said smiling, "I'm just fine."

Fuminori then retrieved his butcher's knife and began to prepare "dinner".

Expert's Opinion[]

While Rena Ryuguu was strong for her age, Fuminori was considerably older and physically larger than her. This allowed him to physically overpower her in melee combat, giving him the victory.

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Battle vs. Dexter Morgan (by MrPacheco101)[]

Fuminori Sakisaka and his companion-the mysterious young girl known as "Saya"- escape from their nemesis Koji Tono and Ryoko Tanbo in Tokyo, Japan to Miami,FL in order to live out a "peaceful" existence together.

Several months later a string of gruesome murders plauge the sunshine city of Miami; each crime scene leaving a severed human limb laying on the ground covered in some kind of liquid secretion and a horrifying story to tell. The Miami Metro Police Department are left stump on what to do, but it seems these killings have sparked the interest of America's favorite serial killer next door who happens to be leading his own private investigation on the matter. What connections do Fuminori and Saya have in the murders? What terrifying secrets will Dexter uncover? One thing is for sure, whatever Dexter uncovers...will be something beyond his control.

Optional Soundtrack Playlist:

[An abandoned looking house off the everglades.]

A black cat is seen walking across the railings- silently pressing its feet against the peeling white paint- in search of something, swaying its tail side to side. Earlier a strange, intoxicated scent hits the feline’s sensitive nostrils; leading to its designated location. The creature hopes it is something sweet to fill its belly, or maybe a nice juicy mouse to gobble on. Unbeknownst to the creature someone… or something is watching it from afar. A soft screeching sound is heard, causing the cat’s ears to move on contact; the feline turns around to see where the sound was coming from and finds the patio door slightly open for some odd reason. Thinking it as an open invitation, the cat jumps off from the railings to check what’s inside the barren looking home. The sly creature enters the house slowly- putting one paw after the other against the old, creaking wooden floorboard- so its presence will not be detected. The cat looks around the presiding area; the intoxicating scent still lingers in the feline’s nostril becoming ever so present. Suddenly a large shadow slow begins to cover the feline intruder. The cat turns around and…

A loud eerie shriek is heard.


Young Fuminori Sakisaki is seen driving across a paved dirt road in the Everglades; the former medical student had just back from a 2-day “hunt” in the city. His eyes grow tired of seeing the endless road of flesh and blood, the only thing dwelling in the young man’s mind right now is getting back home so he can see his beloved “Saya” once more. “What’s on the radio today.” Fuminori said to himself. Fuminori turns the fleshy knob on the radio from side to side-causing the entire blood soaked fleshy inside of the car to shake from the vibration of the static- hoping to find something to make the long trip back home more bearable; the young Japanese youth puts it on a very popular station around Miami, and hears the eerie, gurgled up sound of what’s suppose to be English. “Hmm.” Annoyed, Sakisaka changes the channel again, only to hear the same gurgled up language from before. Fuminori then turns off the radio. “It’s always the same thing.” He said. After 20 minutes of driving Fuminori arrives at the abandoned house. “Home at last.” He said with a smile, looking at the twisted mounds of red flesh he calls home. Fuminori gets out of the car and opens the trunk, filled with black heavy duty garbage bags covered in specs of blood; He opens up one of the bags, revealing them to be filled with globs of jiggling jelly green flesh. “This should be enough to last us.” Fuminori said.

Fuminori opens the front door and takes a step inside the dust- filled place. “I’m home.” He called out.

“Welcome home Fuminori-san.” A gurgled up voice said. The young man turns his head to the side to see where the voice is coming from; a large, blob like figure is seen standing in the shadows. “Yes I am…” The figure slowly starts to step out into the light ”Saya.” Revealing itself to be a young girl in a plain white dress with long blue green hair and yellow eyes, her mouth is smeared with some kind of green liquid. The young man gives Saya a weird look.

“What is it?” She asked, in a nice, soothing voice.

“You got something there.” He said, pointing around the mouth. Saya touches her mouth and sees specs of green greed fluid around her finger. The young girl’s cheeks turn to a bright red, embarrassed Saya quickly wipes all of the green fluid away. Fuminori starts to chuckle causing Saya to chuckle also. “ Sorry… I had myself a little snack before you came.” She embarrassingly explained. “It’s alright.” He said with a smile. A short moment of silence fell upon the two lone figure. “Well… If you’re still hungry I brought some of those fresh things from my trip, in fact there’s a lot in the trunk.” Fuminori said, breaking the silence. Saya gives him a warm smile and nods. “Yes, I would love to.” She said.

Fuminori and Saya are seen feasting on the fruits he had harvested, their teeth tearing into the blob like flesh. The two didn’t mind about cleanliness, in fact the entire dining table is covered in the globs sticky green fluid.After finishing up his meal Fuminori looks at Saya. “ How’d you like it?” he asked. Saya takes a huge gulp of the rest of her meal. “It’s delicious!” She exclaimed. Fuminori chuckled. “Glad to hear it.” He said: then came the silence. Suddenly a sly smirk appears on Saya’s face. “You Fuminori-san…” She said in a soothing eloquent voice, trailing her fingers around the table.

“What?” He asked.

“It’s been such a while.” She said.

“What do you mean” Fuminori said, confused on the situation. Saya’s sly grin sudden becomes wider. “Well, ever since we left Tokyo Fuminori- san…” She gets up from the table and slowly walks towards the young man. “We never have been intimate in such a long time.” She climbs on top of the young man’s lap her, staring at him seductively. Fuminori’s cheeks suddenly turn a shade of red. “Well I…” Saya pressed her fingers against his lips’ silencing him. “Don’t say anything.” Saya began. “Let us recreate the world, let’s turn it into aparadise.” She then presses her lips against his lip, wrapping her long slender tentacles around the young man’s neck- catching Fuminori by surprise. He then embraces his young lover, caressing her large, blob like body with his arms ever so tenderly. All of Fuminori’s despairs of living in this gruesome, horrid hellhole washed away; for now…all Fuminori wants to do is be with his beloved Saya.

Forever and ever.


Tonight’s the night.

Dexter is seen grabbing his father’s trunk from his closet, opening it to reveal his bag of knives. He picks up one of the blades, running his finger along the smooth bladed edge before putting it back.

My Dark Passenger is dying to be out again and tonight… I will appease his thirst.

Dexter then walk towards his bedroom window, staring at the blood red moon hanging in the pitch darkness.

Tonight’s a very special night also. It’s the night of the blood red moon. I wonder why it blooms on this evening out of all the others. Is it because some random trajectory in the atmosphere that causes moon to glow a certain color? Or is it just a certain night where all the monsters come out to play. Even though I want to learn of this world’s mystery, the only thing I desire the most is to know is… what is he doing tonight?

Dexter flashes back to the time where the time he saw that man. Six o’ clock a.m. police get a dispatch at a public park where a male jogger found a piece of severed arm laying across the concrete sidewalk. Detectives Joey Quinn, Angel Batista, and Deborah Morgan arrive thirty minutes to the crime scene while Vince Masuka and the rest of the forensic team follow several minutes later. Dexter on the other hand arrives a lot later.

The three detectives stand around the crime scene.

“Another murder by The Cannibal. Same M.O. Same sick display.” Angel said.

Deborah looks at the high amount of bloodstains around the severed limb. “Seemed like the sick-f—k didn’t mind making a bigger mess than before.” She remarked.

Vince picks up the severed arm with his gloved hands. “ The victim appears to be female.” He said looking at the slime-covered arm. “See.” Vince points to the victim’s fingers. “Blue-violet…kinky.” He said with a chuckle. “Geeze Vince… do you have to make a gruesome sound perverted?” Deborah snipped, causing Quinn to snicker. Vince gives Deborah a mean stare. “Alright you two. Calm down and get back to work. We have to find who did this. Quinn get some information from the jogger who call, be sure to get whatever information you can. ” Angel said, Quinn obliges and walks off. Masuka and Deborah both muttered something under their breath.

Dexter looks at blood spatters all around the vicinity.

For serial killers the ritual and kill are the most important things to their lives. In fact it’s the only thing that makes the complete inside, but these murders are beginning to make re-think on what I know.

Dexter looks at blood patterns with an odd curiosity.

All these kills look so…sloppy. The blood patterns look so disarray and free. As if he did this in the moment. This one was done in the park, a very public place where there can be witnesses. So far these kills do not make a profile on what to find on this guy.

“Dexter.” Angel said.

“Hmm?” Dexter said, coming out of his thought.

“Mind telling us what happened here.” The Cuban detective said.

“Oh right. The victim was standing over here.” Dexter points to the area where there was little to no blood. “The killer came up from behind and knocked her down there.” The blood analyst then points to the area where the blood spatters start to become more apparent. “He then repeatedly slashed over and over again with a knife. Blood spattering over here and there.” Dexter points to the west where there are long stands of blood hitting grass and to the east where the blood spatters across the tree. “And judging by the rigid marks on the stump of the limb, he probably used the same knife he killed the victim and used it to dismember her piece…by…piece.” He said.

“Well I guess our guy didn’t mind getting messy.” Angel remarked, causing Dexter to slightly chuckle. “Yeah.” He said. “Hopefully we’ll get this son of a b—tch and bring him to justice.” Angel said.

I agree with you on that Batista, only instead of him going to court he’ll be laying on my table.

“Totally.” Dexter said with a fake genuine smile.

Sad to say that this one wasn’t as clean and proper like my other victims.

Something catches Dexter’s eyes; he turns his head to the side and sees someone standing from afar. He focuses his vision towards that image, revealing it to be a young man, mid to late 20s, short brown hair, and ruffed up clothing. Although the eyes…

Those eyes…

The one thing that caught Dexter’s attention were the man’s eyes. They looked so blank, so distance, so…cold. As if the world he lives in was a burning hellhole. And than it hit him.

That’s it

It hit him like a ton of golden bricks falling from the sky.

It must be it.

He feels so sure that this is the answer he seeks. To him… this is the solution the insolvable problem. Or simply… This was his Dark Passenger giving him the signal that another predator is in the midst.

“He’s the killer.” Dexter mumbled. Suddenly the man turns his head towards the blood spatter analyst’s direction. “Shit!” Dexter turns his head away, hoping that the man didn’t catch a glimp of his face. He then turns his face back into the same direction and finds the man gone.

“He vanished.” Dexter said. Hopefully he didn’t catch my face.

Ever since that day, I’ve followed that man for several weeks. His name is Fuminori Sakisaka, a Japanese immigrant who moved to Miami, a man who wants to live to good ol’ American Dream, or simply someone who’s hiding a very dark secret.

Dexter is seen typing on his laptop.

I’ve searched for some information on our friend Mr. Sakisaka and found something quite interesting.

Dexter then clicks on a link, leading him to a newspaper article.

Two weeks after Mr. Sakisaka’s departure a newspaper on his daily route finds the Sakisaka’s residence front door wide open. He takes a look inside and quickly calls the police. 20 minutes later, Police arrive on scene and discover something quite unusual.

Dexter then clicks on the image of the residence living room.

Police found the walls covered in some kind of slimy substance, quite similar to the substance found on the severed limbs of The Cannibal’s victim.

Dexter clicks on the photo of the bloodstained refrigerator.

Not only that the police also found pieces of human flesh stored in the refridgerator. Guess Mr. Sakisaka wanted to keep some leftovers.

“That’s all I need.” He said with a smirk.

[Dexter flashes forward to the present time.]

“There’s no time to waste.” Dexter grabs his bag of tool and heads towards the front door.

He maybe hunting for new victims tonight, so I must get him when he’s off guard and nothing will stop me from doing what needs to be done.

Dexter’s hand were on the knob. Suddenly he hears the cries of a child, stopping him from turning the knob. Dexter then turns around and walks towards a bright yellow room; Dexter’s son Harrison Morgan is seen standing inside his crip, sucking on his two fingers while staring blankly at his father. A warm smile appears on the killer’s face.

Except for maybe a little bedtime story.

Everglades, midnight.

“I’ll be back in 30 minutes.”

Fuminori steps outside and locks the front door. He walks over the steps and reaches into his pocket, grabbing his pair of keys; he opens the door to the car and starts it, driving off into the long winding dirt road. Unbeknownst to the foreign killer, a SUV is seen hidden under a pile of green leaves where Dexter lies there… Waiting. The socioapath’s eyes followed the car until it became nothing.

He’s gone. Time to move.

Dexter pulls out his lock-picking toolcase and opens the car door. He puts the picket in the door lock. Dexter starts to play with pick, toying it around in different directions until suddenly… a click.


Dexter puts his picket in the case and puts it in his pocket. He turns the knob clockwise and slowly opens the door. Dexter then takes a step inside the pitch-black room; Suddenly a strong smell hits the killer’s nostrils, causing him to cough violently.

That smell. It’s…horrible

“Jesus Christ!” He blurted out as the stench entered his lungs. Dexter gets on his knees and covers his mouth with his hand. Dexter then calms down and takes a deep breath after his body got used to the stench.

I’ve never coughed so bad since I changed Harrison diaper for the first time, but that smell… where is it coming from?

Dexter gets up and reaches for his right pocket, grabbing a small flashlight and lights it up. He then flashes it up the cobweb covered staircase.

So far all I can tell is Mr. Sakisaka isn’t really a…

Dexter flashes the light inside the living room and finds the entire place covered in thick, gooey green/yellow slime tracks. “My God.” The blood-spatter analyst stares in aw and shock at what he discovered. He then takes a step inside to take a closer look.

I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Dexter presses his gloved hand over the slime track on the couch. He presses the slime with his index finger and thumb. “It looks like the secretion found in the bodies.” An evil grin appears on his face. “He is the killer I’m looking for.” Dexter said.

I’ve always imagined a killer’s mind to be filled hate, lust, rage, and disorented. To see it come alive though, is a real… fascination.

Suddenly the same strong smell hits Dexter’s nostril again, causing him to cough slightly.

That smell…

He then flashes his light at the entrance to the kitchen.

It’s coming from the kitchen.

Dexter soon enters the kitchen and flashes his light to get a better view of the place. The tile floor, chairs, and table were found covered in the same slime tract found in the living room. He soon flashes the light at the refrigerator, and finds it covered in blood.

“Blood.” Dexter said.

And most likely human.

He puts his hand on the handle and slowly opens the door, causing it to slightly creak. Dexter takes a look inside and finds a… human head placed on a plate covered in it’s own blood. The blood spatter analyst then finds a human hand in one of the cupboards, fingers inside the pockets, and intestines put inside bowels. “He’s been keeping them cool.” He said to himself.

It’s seems Mr. Sakisaka had found a new way in getting a new food source.

Dexter looks to the right and sees a small child’s hand within the clumps of human flesh.

And it appears children are excluded either.

A gesture of disgust and rage appeared on the serial killer’s face.

I hope Sakisaka catches a good meal because it’s going be his last.

[Squeegle. Squeegle]

What was that?

Dexter hears a squeaky noise coming from behind and turns around.

Someone is here.

He flashes his light at the entrance to the living room and catches something shiny. The serial killer walks towards the shiny object and flashes the light on it more, revealing it to be a slime tract.

A slime track?

“It’s fresh.” Dexter said. He flashes the light more, revealing the slime track to be leading in some kind of direction. Dexter follows the slime tract to the staircase; he then flashes the light up ward revealing to tract to be leading him in somewhere upstairs.

Whatever this trace is leading me to, I’m going to find out soon enough.

Dexter slowly walks up the stairs step by step before reaching the upper floor. He flashes the light at the slime track, leading him to a door covered in slime.

The trace ends here. I wonder what will be inside.

Dexter places his gloved hand on the knob and turns it. He slowly opens the door, revealing it to be… an empty bathroom.


Dexter flashes the light over some parts of the bathroom, revealing them to be spotless and clean. “There’s nothing here.” Dexter said.

Could it be that this slime track was some kind of ruse? Or was it some ki-

Something suddenly wraps itself around Dexter’s neck and starts to squeeze. “Urk.” The serial killer begins to gasp for air as the thing around his neck starts to squeeze his neck harder. Dexter looks above him and sees a black mass with a visbly large eye staring at him.

“Please don’t struggle.” The thing said in its gurgled up language. “It will all be over.” The thing’s tentacle arm tightens even more on the serial killer’s neck.

Dexter didn’t bother listen to the thing’s words or to even know what it looks like, in fact the only thing on his mind now is getting out alive. Dexter pulls out his knife from his pocket with his free hand and cuts the thing’s tentacle off, causing its grip to come loose. The creature screeched in pain as greenish blood spew from the wound; Dexter falls to the ground in all four, coughing as fresh air flows into his lung. The serial killer hears a slumping noise coming from behind and slowly turns around…

The black mass from the ceiling stood up and began to take form, tentacles wiggling all over its body. The rest of its outer appearance is covered by the shadows.

Dexter looks in awe and shock over the sheer size of the 6-foot tall being.

I didn’t care what it looks like.

The creatures slowly began to crawl towards the fallen serial killer, who slowly scooted back.

I didn’t want to know what it was.

“Resistance is futile. Just except your fate.” The creature gargled up.

The only thing I want to do now is kill it.

The creature opens its mouth wide- revealing its row of razor sharp teeth- and spews out some kind of greenish-blue liquid. Dexter shifts to the left, causing the liquid to hit the tile floor. With his knife in hand, Dexter gets up and charges at the tentacle being. He raises the blade up in the air and stabs the creature, causing it to squeal in pain. Dexter pulls out the knife and starts stabbing the thing multiple times, plunging the knife deeper and deeper into its pulp-like flesh. Green blood gushes out from the wounds. Dexter raise the knife once more to plunge into the creature’s flesh, but is caught by surprise when the creature grabs his arm and throws him against the wall.

Dexter slumps slowly onto the ground, his arm supporting his fall. Dexter slowly lifts his head up and sees the creature slumping towards him-His knife still stuck in the reature's flesh- Green blood drips from its fresh wounds.

How is it still alive?

Dexter then felt something he had never felt in his entire life…fear.

How can it still walk?

His eyes widen in terror as the creature came closer and closer.

No…stay away.

“Pleased don’t be afraid. It will all be over soon.” It said in a gargled up English. The creature’s large, yellow-colored eye stares at the serial killer, sending chills down his pine.


All of a sudden Dexter lunges at the creature and pushes it away, catching it by surprise. The creature stumbles back and falls onto a puddle of green-blue liquid it spewed out earlier.


The creature screeches in pain as the green-blue liquid contacted with its pulpy flesh, causing in it to burn and bubble. Taking his chances, Dexter quickly rushes outside as his opponent writhers in pain and closes the door. Sweat drips from his body and quickly soaks into his shirt. He leans against the door and takes a huge breather. “What just happen?” He said to himself as he fumbles his hand over his short, brown hair.

Was that thing I fought real or an illusion?


Before he could recount the events that happened, Dexter snaps into the real world by a loud scream. He lifts his head and sees an ax coming right at him. “Oh sh-t!” Dexter quickly moves to the left, causing the axe to plunge into the wooden door. He turns his head to the side and sees his victim Fuminori Sakisaka wielding the axe.

It’s him.

The Japanese man pulls the axe out of the door and turns to face Dexter. His eyes looked wild and intent. His hair is all wild and unkept; his hands grip tightly over the axes wooden handle, intent on killing the tentacle monster that stood before him.

“What have you done to my SAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!?????” He screamed.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dexter calmly responded. “The place looked abandoned and I need a place to stay. I didn’t know there were people here.” He slowly reaches for his left back pocket, but realizes it’s not there.

Shit. Not now.

“You’re lies won’t fool me. I know what you freaks are up to.” He said insanely. “You’re trying to take my Saya away. Well…it’s not gonna happen. NOT EVER!”

What is he talking about?

“Now DIE!” Fuminori lunges at Dexter and takes a swipe at him with his ax, but Dexter quickly moves to the side causing him to miss. Fuminori quickly recovers and attacks the tentacle being once more. Dexter grabs part of the ax’s handle before it could hit and tries to pry it away from the maniac foreigner. The two killers are soon caught in a desperate struggle to see who will get the ax first.

“Die you freak!” The Japanese man yelled at the tentacle beast as tries to pull the weapon from its slimy tentacle grip.

“You first.” All of a sudden Dexter pushes himself and Fuminori off the second floor, causing them both to tumble down the staircase. The two killers crash into the ground hard, causing the ax to be tossed to the side.

Dexter slowly picks himself up from the ground, groaning each time he moves a muscle.

Bad idea.

He turns his head to the side and sees Fuminori doing the same thing. Fuminori also turns his head to the side and sees his tentacle beast opponent staring at him. They are soon caught in a timeless moment as their eyes met one another.

Not moving one inch of their body.

Their eyes staring deeply into one another, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

At the last moment Fuminori quickly dashes to the kitchen with Dexter following in pursuit.

Can’t let him get away.

Fuminori quickly enters the kitchen with Dexter not too far behind; he grabs a butcher knife from the knife holder and turns around, slashing the tentacle beast in the chest. Leaving a small gash in the middle of the chest area. “Gah!” Dexter gasps in pain. He puts his hand over his chest and sees the blood from the chest wound smeared all over his fingers.

Fuminori then tries to stab his opponent in the stomach, but Dexter grabs him by the hand and twists his arm. Causing Fuminori to drop the knife onto the ground. Dexter then punches Fuminori square in the gut, causing the delusional killer to gasp in pain. The serial killer lift his opponent’s head up and slams it against his knee. Breaking Fuminori’s nose. He grabs the Japanese man by the collar and throws him against the refrigerator; Dexter walks towards his beaten opponent. Seeing his adversary coming close to him, Fuminori quickly elbows Dexter in the stomach from behind. Dexter groans in pain. Fuminori quickly turns around and punches Dexter in the face. He follows it up with another punch in the face before pushing him against the table; Dexter quickly falls to the ground. Fuminori picks up the butcher knife and walks to his fallen opponent who is slowly trying to get up.

Dexter turns his head and sees Fuminori standing behind him, knife in hand and his face all in a bloody mess.

“You could’ve just left. You could’ve left us alone, but no. You just had to keep us away forever!” Fuminori raises the knife in the air. “So now…you die!”

Not a chance.

Dexter takes hold of the chair he was leaning on and slams it into his’ opponent’s left side, catching him by surprise. “Umf!” Fuminori tumbles to the ground by the surprise attack. Dexter grabs his garrote in his right pocket. He walks up behind his fallen opponent and tries to wrap the garrote around the opponent’s neck, but Fuminori quickly turns around and slashes Dexter in the cheek

“Gah.” Dexter staggers back against the table.

Fuminori gets up from the ground and turns to face his nemesis. “Graaaah!” The crazed man charges at the serial killer and tries to stab him in the chest, but Dexter grabs his hand mid-way. Fuminori tries to push the knife into the killer’s chest, but gains little to no progress in the struggle. Suddenly, in a turn of event Dexter pushes himself against Fuminori, leaning the blade towards his direction instead. All of a sudden Dexter pushes himself and Fuminori against the wall.

Fuminori’s eyes widen as he felt the blade slide into his chest. His breath suddenly cuts shortly afterwards. Slowly, Fuminori loses grip of the knife stuck inside. He slumps his head, dead.

It’s done.

Realizing his opponent was now in the afterlife; Dexter loosens his grip on the knife and lets the deceased Fuminori slump onto the ground. Dexter stares at the corpse of his fallen enemy for a brief moment before picking it up.

Dexter opens the front door and carries Fuminori’s corpse over his shoulder to his parked SUV hidden behind the bushes. He opens the trunk and throws the dead body inside before closing it.

That takes care of that, but…

Dexter turns around and looks at the old, brood looking house standing before him.

There’s one thing I must find out.

Dexter takes a step inside the house and grabs the axe lying on the floor; He looks at the tall, crooked staircase with strange curiosity. He slowly walks up the steps- creaking and splintering each time he put his foot down- not knowing what will be up there and enters the second the floor. Dexter stops walking and stares at the bathroom door. The mark from the ax still remains on its tattered frame. He turns the knob slowly and opens the door. The serial killer’s eyes widen in shock.

I was right…

The creature lied there twitching. Mortally wounded from stab wounds and severe acid burns caused by its acidic saliva. Its lumpy burnt flesh heaves up and down from its heavy breathing.

It was no Illusion. The thing that I fought is as real as the blood and flesh attached to my own body, but what is it? And how is it connected to Sakisaka.

Dexter walks up to the fallen creature, ax in hand. The creature looked up with his half-lidded eyes and sees Dexter standing in front of it.

“Are you the one called Saya?” He asked.

The creature breathed heavily before answering. “Where’s …Fuminori-san?” It gargled faintly.

“That’s not important at the moment. If you want to know his whereabouts I suggest you answer a couple of questions. Now… are you Saya?” He said.

The creature hesitated before answering. “Yes.” It gurgled.

“Good. Now… What are you? Why are you here?” Dexter asked.

Saya takes a deep heavy breath before answering. “My time…grows very near. As much as you want to know… what I am and why I’m here…the time I am now given… will not feed your growing desire.” It gurgled once more. “Now please… tell me where’s my Fuminori?’ it asked.

Why does it care for Fuminori’s welfare than its own? Could it be… that they’re lovers?

Dexter stood there silently for a moment before answering the creature’s question.

“He’s gone.” Dexter said coldly.

A sense of shock and disappointment appear over the creature’s eye before the feeling of acceptance washes it away. “I see.” The creature said solemnly. “Then please…do me this one favor.” The creature slightly coils its tentacle over Dexter’s leg.

“Kill me.” It pleaded.

Dexter is shocked to see the creature pleading him to take its own life away, rather than pleading him not to do it.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because… at least we can finally be together peacefully in the afterlife than we did as we lived.” It gurgled.

Dexter hesitated for a moment.

To think… a creature seen through nightmares could have more human emotions than I couldn’t obtain in a lifetime. It makes me think if I’m the real monster people should be afraid the most.

Dexter makes his decision.

“As you wish.” He obliges.

Dexter raises the axe up in the air. “Rest in peace.” And lets it fall down. Blood spatters over the bathtub.

Nobody must know.

Dexter walks towards a door located in the kitchen, revealing two gallons of gasoline hidden at the bottom.

Not Batista.

He pours the gasoline all over the living room and kitchen.

Not Deb.

Dexter pours some of the gasoline over the staircase and second floor.

Nobody must know.

Dexter then makes a trail leading to the outside before the final tank gallon becomes dry. He throws away the tank gallon and reaches for his pocket, grabbing a set of matches. He takes one out and lights it.

For who knows what dire consequences may come if what was here to be discovered. Good thing there isn’t a hell. Otherwise it would’ve broken loose.

Dexter throws the light at the trail of gasoline, causing it to set aflame on impact. The trail of flames follows into the house, setting everything inside ablaze.

Dexter watches the house burn slowly as the flames reach towards the crimson, red moon in the pitch-black sky.

Better to let the unknown stay unknown.

Winner:Dexter Morgan

Expert's Opinion[]

Dexter Morgan won this match in spite of the longer reach of Fuminori's axe due to his superior training and experience. Specifically, Dexter had martial arts training, while Fuminori mostly just attacked violently, but not with any particular tactics or technique. Dexter also took a distinct advantage in stealth, as well as a slight edge in intelligence.

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