Women never show themselves in their natural form.
— Fujiko Mine

A cat burglar with divine beauty and the unrequited love interest of Arsène Lupin III, Fujiko Mine has made her name known for stealing various treasures from hapless men, or women, utilizing her charms and sexual appeal. Fujiko usually joins Lupin's capers for her own interests and often double crosses Lupin and his gang, even though the later always sees it coming, when her life is on the line or to get close to the enemy; however, in the end, she always comes in to save them from a sticky situation as atonement for her betrayal.To Fujiko, getting treasure is a lapse of luxury for her, and is willing to do anything to get whatever she wants, when she wants.

Battle vs Catwoman (by MrPacheco101)


Winner: Fujiko Mine

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