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I've covered wars, you know!
— Frank West

Frank West is a famed freelance photographer and journalist that has covered an extensive list of world events, wars, and other large stories. As his career fizzled out, however, West stumbled upon his next big scoop during a trip to the Willamette Shopping Mall. Locked inside during a zombie outbreak, Frank became the sole hero, rescuing trapped civilians from the various psychopaths and zombies throughout. While there, he also became a key player in stopping the plot of Carlito Keyes, the terrorist responsible for the Willamette outbreak. Although unable to save Keyes, Frank and Keyes' sister Isabella are able to rescue all the other survivors before the military can cleanse the area. Frank nearly escapes, but his helicopter crash lands into the mall and he is barely saved. Isabella manages to create a cure for the now infected Frank, and the pair escape Willamette and reveal the government's participation in previous zombie-related incidents.

Some years later, Frank is present at the Fortune City outbreak. Frank rescues Chuck Greene, a motor cross contestant and the one blamed for the outbreak, from a horde of zombies. Although initially untrustworthy, Frank allows Chuck to help him prove the guilt of the Phenotrans, a pharmaceutical company that seeks to raise a profit via a temporary cure for infection. The two manage to infiltrate a Phenotran facility and free a captured Isabella Keyes and clear Chuck's name, although they are unable to find evidence linking the Phenotrans to the outbreaks or obtain the permanent cure they'd developed.

Battle vs. Jason Brody (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Frank walks through a jungle in the Rook Islands, Barrett M82 in hand. Spotting Jason Brody standing on a beach, having just gotten out of a boat. Frank assumes Jason to be one of the pirates that inhabit the island, and fires, narrowly missing Jason.

Jason picks up an RPG-7 from the boat and takes aim at the place where Frank took the shot. Frank dove out of the way the rocket exploded, blowing down a tree. Frank shot back using the M-203 under the barrel of his modded M4.

Jason dove into the water as the boat he was using exploded behind him. Bullets splashed into the water around him as he swam around, behind a large rock. Frank walked out onto the beach, M4 in hand, expecting Jason to be behind the rock.

Suddenly, a burst of fire from an Ultimax 100 LMG narrowly missed Frank. Frank tried to return fire with his M4, but found he was out of ammunition. Frank instead drew his Micro Uzi, firing a burst at him, not scoring any hits, but forcing Jason to dive out of the way, dropping Ultimax as he did so.

Frank reloaded as Jason drew his Colt M1911 and prepared to fire, however, Frank was too quick for him. Frank had just finished reloading had Mirco Uzi just as Jason has raised his gun. Frank fired a 3-round burst into Jason, hitting him once in the head and twice in the chest.

Frank retrieved his modded M4 and Barrett and reloaded his gun, before moving off the beach, onto a trail in the jungle.

Expert's Opinion[]

The expert's believed that Frank's experience fighting special forces would give him an edge over Brody, who only fought pirates and mercenaries. Frank's superior strength and slightly greater training also contributed to this outcome. Also, I chose Frank as the winner as the (only) voter erroneous declared Jason the winner, claiming he had fought special forces, when it was in fact Frank who fought special forces, so I'm assuming you'd agree that the guy who actually fought spec. ops troops wins.

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Battle vs. Rick Grimes (by MovieStuff65)[]

“Mr. West, are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Frank finishes loading his “Broken Butterfly” revolver. “Son, you don’t have to worry. I may be older than the rest of you lot, but I’ve covered wars.” He smiles smugly as he finishes preparing his gear. “Okay Mr. West, pick you up when we get some info, got it?” The soldier opens the hatch for West. “Wish you luck. Don’t get eaten on us.” Frank just looks at him, glasses obscuring his eyes. “Compared to Willamette and Fortune City, this ….” Frank just leaps out the back of the plane. “IS A VACATION!!!!” “Dad, STOP!!!” Carl yelled in fear as Rick fired randomly at a group of survivors. “Y’ALL STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!” He turns back to Carl. “Don’t you worry, Carl. Everything is gonna be alright. These bad men can’t hurt you. Not as long as I’m here.” The three other survivors cower in the corner. “Please sir, we’re just looking for supplies.” Rick angrily aims his Python at them. “DON’T YOU TOUCH MY BOY!!?” He then proceeds to tie them up. He holsters his Python, picking up his Machete nearby. He furiously hacks into the survivors, their screams echoing out Carl’s own sobbing. Blood comes out of their various wounds profusely; spraying fine mists of pink all over his shirt. “Don’t worry.” Carl just stares at his father in terror as he goes to a watchtower.

An hour later………

Rick sits in the watchtower, wiping the sweat from his brow. From his pocket he removes the picture of his wife, Lori. “Lori.......” He looks out into the field and sees a lady with black hair, wind blowing through her dress. Rick stands up, yelling loudly, “LORI! LORI!” She doesn’t turn around, simply pointing upward. Rick just continues to yell her name, his sanity still waning away. Finally, he snaps out of it and sees the helicopter. The hell is that? Rick asks himself. He looks through the scope of his rifle, seeing Frank preparing his gear. Frank West stood in a field of tall grass. He slings his Merc Assault Rifle over his back, his Sniper Rifle in hand, and his Broken Butterfly on his hip. “Shit, this ain’t Woodbury.” Frank surveys his surroundings, his eyes unseen behind his glasses. “LORI!! LORI!!!” Immediately aims his Sniper in the direction of the yell, but sees nothing but a large prison. Maybe there are some survivors holed up in there. He begins the steady jog to the prison.

Grimes studies the man jogging towards the prison. Hmm. This guy doesn’t look too bad. Maybe he’s just a survivor from that Woodbury group. But then he sees the rifle in West’s hand, and then his sanity cracks. That motherfucker’s coming for my son. I can’t let Carl die. Rick loads a bullet into his Remington, and closes the bolt. He doesn’t take his time, and launches a bullet into the dirt, sending Frank to the ground. Ah dammit it’s, another sniper psycho. Let’s see if I can nail this bastard quick. Frank looks gets his sniper rifle ready, and returns fire. Rick is surprised that he missed, and a sniper battle ensues. However, the lighter weight of his rifle allows him to quickly advance towards Rick. Rick continues to try and shoot Frank, but he just misses. Frank gets to the gate, but is surprised to see Rick open fire with his M4A1. Bullets fly as Frank performs a dodge behind cover. Glad I took those wrestling lessons. He throws aside his Sniper Rifle and grabs his own Merc rifle.

He quickly gets up and fires a burst, but sees nothing. West continues to explore the prison, always ready to return fire from the insane cop that attacked him. Eventually, he walks into the equipment room of the prison. Rick stands hiding in a locker, his Machete in hand. Frank sits on a bench, taking a drink from a large cup of soda he found in the kitchen. Guess I’m not gonna see him for a while. “So, you think you can just barge into this prison and try to kill my son? If so, you got another thing coming.” Frank just turns around. “Dude, what the hell are you…” is all he gets to say as Rick swipes down with his downwards with his Machete. The thick blade slams into the very spot where Frank was sitting as he quickly dodges the strike. However, the blade slices through the barrel of the Merc, rendering it useless.

Frank searches the room, trying to find something to use against Rick. Come on Frank. You’ve fought people who needed to improvise. That crazy C.U.R.E guy, the store manager, and even that clown with the chainsaws. Concentrate, Frank. Now ain’t the time for a trip down memory lane. Instinct takes over, and Frank lands a solid punch right to Rick’s nose. As he stumbles back, Frank runs over to get a bat and swings. The blow sends Rick to the ground, grasping for air. Frank swings the bat down to Rick, but Rick barely rolls out of the way. Rick stumbles out of the room and into the cafeteria.

Frank throws his bat aside, and draws his Broken Butterfly. He runs into the room, moving from cover to cover as he tries to find Rick. Dammit, why can’t this asshole fight like a man? “Looking for me?” Frank immediately turns around and fires a round. The shot misses Rick as he returns fire with his Python. However, Rick is able to keep Frank down because of the faster rate of fire with his revolver. As Frank reloads, he feels the cold barrel of a gun pressed against his head. “I finally got you, you bastard.” Frank prepares to accept the inevitable as Rick pulls the trigger. Click. “Guess I ain’t the only one out of ammo.” Frank spins around, fists flying. Both collide with Rick’s ribs, cracking more than one. Frank begins to run through the prison, trying to find anything he can use as a weapon.

He stops to take a breath, looking around. Dammit Frank. That psycho cop’s going to kill me if I don’t find anything. Frank looks around to see a metal door. Above it is a sign, written on it Armory. “Well, that’s convenient.” Frank walks into the armory, grabbing a Remington. He loads some shells into the gun and runs back to the cafeteria. “You got to be kidding me.” Suddenly, bullets fly all around him, and he sees Rick firing away with his Glock. “It’s time to end this.”

Frank returns fire with his Remington, ejecting shell after shell in the direction at Rick. Two miss, but the final one lands right in Rick’s leg. He falls to the ground, grabbing his wound. “Listen. Whoever you are, let’s just fix you up and talk things out. I don’t want to hurt you.” Rick looks determinedly into Frank eyes. “I won’t let you hurt my son. I’ll die for him.” Just like that, he loads a fresh magazine into his Glock. Frank quickly fires a round into Rick’s head, killing him. “I’m sorry.” Carl has been watching from a distance for most of this fight. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Carl runs up to Frank, thanking for freeing him from his psychopath father. “Kid, let’s get out of here.” Frank pulls out his cell phone. “Hey, this is Frank West. I need to get out of here. I have a kid with me.”

Expert's Opinion[]

Frank West barely managed to snag a win here because of the fact that he was more experienced in combat than his opponent. Frank has fought special operations soldiers and psychopaths that simply defeats Rick's experience against zombies and the armed civilians of Woodbury. Another key factor was that his mental health was not as nearly destroyed as Rick's was. Despite the fact that Rick had better training, Frank's experience and health allowed him to be victorious.

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Battle vs. Ash Williams (by Utter noob)[]

Frank grips his baseball bat tightly as he moves through the warehouse. A zombie approaches him holding a hunk of meat but Frank makes short work of the creature with a slam to the head. “What’s that?” a guard says hearing the sound. Frank doesn’t have time to pull out his spiked bat and instead slowly sets it down. He ducks as the guard rounded the corner with a Remington. Frank felt on the floor and lifted up a machete. He quickly rushed at the man and hacked off his head with the weapon. The Remington falls to the ground and fires a round off, hitting a zombie behind Frank and a crate nearby Ash. Ash readied his boomstick as he turned the corner to see Frank holding the Remington. Ash fires a round at Frank, but he misses and Frank shoots a blast from his Remington.

The shot grazed Ash’s hand causing him to drop the boomstick. “Ah shit.” said Ash as he took cover as Frank cocked his shotgun. Ash looked around and spotted a lone stick of dynamite and he smiled to himself. “This should do it.” He said as he grabbed the explosive and threw it around the corner. Frank dropped the shotgun and ran from the crate he was behind and dived away from the explosion as Ash lifted a nearby Winchester rifle.

He fired a round at Frank but missed and hit a guard behind him in the leg. Frank ran up to the guard and grabbed his uzi “Sorry pal.” He said before kicking the man back. He turned and sprayed the weapon at Ash who ducked under the barrage of ammunition behind a crate. Ash popped up and fired a round into Frank's arm, causing him to drop the uzi. Ash aimed his Winchester for the killing shot and said “This is gonna hurt.” When suddenly a zombie clawed his back. Ash yelled in pain and he hit the zombie with the butt of the rifle and turned, unloading several rounds into the creature as Frank killed the injured guard with a nearby cement saw.

Ash felt for his pocket to load another round into his winchester. He turned to see Frank with a cement saw. Frank tried to slash Ash with the saw, but Ash blocked the attack with his Winchester but the saw began to cut through the rifle. Ash kicked Frank back, making him drop his weapon. Ash dropped the rifle and drew his broadsword he “borrowed” from one of the knights. Frank felt on the ground for a weapon as Ash closed in. “Come on, come on, something. Anything!” he thought to himself. Frank grabbed a can of spray paint and aimed it at Ash’s eyes. He sprayed it, causing Ash to raise his arm to prevent it from blinding him. Frank dropped the can and ran over to a sledgehammer as Ash pursued with his broadsword.

Ash tried to thrust with it but Frank knocked it out of his hand with a sledgehammer. Ash quickly hit Frank in the face with his metal gauntlet. Frank responded by kneeing the man in his groin. “AH!” yelled Ash in pain as Frank slammed the sledgehammer down onto his gauntlet, breaking it off. “Oh come on I just made that.” Complained Ash. Ash hit Frank in the face with his other hand and grabbed a chainsaw off of the ground. He mounted it onto his arm as Frank recovered and picked up a sickle.

Ash slashed vertically, Frank parried with the sickle but the force behind the attack managed to loosen his grip and he dropped it. Ash thrusted with his chainsaw, but Frank side stepped and kicked him back. Frank looked around and tore out his spiked baseball bat from a zombie as Ash recovered.

Frank charged at him and swung his bat as Ash blocked with his chainsaw. The spiked bat got stuck in the weapon and the blade refused to rotate. Ash kicks Frank back and dismounts his chainsaw. He rushes towards Frank and hits him in the jaw; he then swept Frank off of his feet. Breathing heavily, Ash said “Look reporter boy, I have a story that may be interesting for you.” He began. “I’m a photographer,” interrupted Frank “And what do you mean?”

“Well there is this book called the Necronomicon…” Ash began.

Expert's Opinion[]

Both combatants are skilled, but Ash was barely able to take the victory here. Ash has the better combat experience and his long range winchester accuracy combined with the pure stopping power of his boomstick was enough to overpower Frank. The battle is close, but in the end the weapons Ash has are able to hit harder. Ash Williams is the deadliest warrior.

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Battle vs. Chuck Greene (by Wassboss)[]

Frank west is walking through the mall, having just saved several survivors from a zombie horde. Suddenly a bullet flies past his head and he turns to see chuck greene standing on a balcony above, assault rifle. “Hey I’m not a zombie” he shouts but chuck takes no notice and fires another bullet from his Assault rifle. Frank dodges to the side and shouts again “Listen i don’t want to hurt you, please just come down and we can talk about this”. “No” says chuck angrily and almost manically “you just want to hurt me”. “No i do-“starts frank but chuck opens fire on him, forcing frank to take cover behind a shop counter.

Frank waits for the sound of chuck reloading before peeking out round the side of the counter. He sees that running away is impossible because chuck will just riddle him with bullets. Using his pistol is useless as the chuck is too far away. Suddenly he notices a humvee parked in the middle of the mall, with a machine gun on the back. Glancing back at chuck, who is still reloading, frank makes a dash for the car. Chuck is caught off guard and by the time he has fired his rifle frank is already safely behind the car.

Chuck shoots all the wheels of the car and shouts manically “Now you can’t go anywhere”. “Wasn’t planning to” frank shouts back and jumps onto the car, grabbing the mounted machine gun. He opens fire on chuck, who is forced to jump from the balcony to avoid the oncoming barrage of bullets. “I knew you were trying to hurt me” says chuck and fires another shot scraping his arm. Seeing he is now a sitting duck frank jumps out of the car and takes out his Blacktail.

“Come on” he says starting to get annoyed “you shot at me first”. Chuck looks confused but snaps out of it and gose back to being crazy “That was because i knew you would hurt me”. “What that makes no sense” says frank who is now confused. “Your face makes no sense” says chuck who raises his rifle and pulls the trigger. Click, Click. “Dammit” chuck shouts throwing his rifle on the ground “Piece of crap”. He takes out his Six shooter and gets ready to fire but frank is too fast and fires a single shot, striking chuck in the arm. “Aw crap” he says but still keeps hold of the gun.

He points it at frank and fires all six bullets, all of them missing. Frank aims his gun more carefully and fires but this time chuck dodges the bullet. He quickly loads up a single bullet and kicks the Blacktail out of franks hand. He then puts the gun too frank’s head and says smiling “Looks like I’ve won"

Frank tries to reason with the crazed chuck “Please don’t kill me what happened to you anyway”. Chuck keeps the gun to franks head but looks down solemnly. “Well” says frank sympathetically. “Well one day i was fighting off a horde of zombies” chuck says sadly “One of them got too close he bit me and i was infected”. “Well then why are you not a zombie” frank questions. “Turns out I’m sort of immune to the virus”. “What do you mean sort of” frank asks. “Well i don’t become a zombie but the virus makes my head all screwed up, i go crazy and i can’t stop myself”. Frank sees the sadness in chuck’s eyes and says calmly “I have a cure”.

Chuck looks at him. “No you don’t there are no more”. Frank smiles “There is i have the last one. I’m supposed to give it to someone on the other side of the mall but i think you need it more”. “Really” chuck questions “thanks”. “Now if you could just put the gun away”. “Wait a minute” says chuck his sadness turning to anger “How stupid do you think i am”. “What do you mean” says frank shocked at this sudden change in temperament. “You’re trying to trick me once i put down that gun your gonna kill me”. “What no” says frank shocked “i just want to help”. “Tell it to the devil” says chuck and prepares to shoot. Frank thinking fast takes out his katana a places it between the gun and his face just before chuck fires.

Chuck throws his six shooter away and grabs two chainsaws and a canoe paddle. Fastening them all together before frank can even move, he has made a paddle saw. He swings the paddle saw at frank but he easily dodges it. He tries to cut the paddle in half but chuck pulls it away and swings it again but franks catches one of the chainsaws with the katana, getting it caught in the spinning chain. Frank tries to pull out his katana but it won’t come out. Chuck pulls on his side but it is firmly stuck.

“You don’t have to do this” says frank trying to reason with chuck “you can just walk away and I’ll let you go off to do what you want”. “Whatever old man” chuck says and yanks hard on the paddle, dislodging the katana. Frank lunges forward and slashes across, slicing the paddle saw in half. Frank points his katana at chucks chest and says “I’m telling you just come with me and i can help you”. “What happened to letting me go” says chuck. “You’re too dangerous to be loose in the mall I’m gonna get you fixed”. Chuck looks at frank and says “Why did you say you would let me go then”. “I just said that so that maybe you would take your guard down and-“

“And you could kill me, i knew it” says chuck accusingly. “I was going to say restrain”. “No you weren’t” shouts chuck angrily “That’s it I’m not listening to a word you say”. Chuck ducks down and punches frank in the stomach winding him and causing him to drop the katana. Chuck then runs off and gets some boxing gloves and some nails, while frank grabs a sledgehammer from a nearby DIY store. Chuck returns with his newly made Tenderisers and smiles at frank. “What are you gonna do with that pops build me a wall”.

“No” says frank “This”. He swings the hammer in a downwards arch smashing the concrete floor where chuck was just standing. “Whoa” shouts chuck, obviously surprised by the power of the sledgehammer. Frank swings the sledgehammer at chuck but he moves to the side and frank completely misses, leaving himself wide open. Chuck sees his opportunity and jabs forward with his gloves hitting frank in the stomach. Frank clutches his stomach in pain and chuck hits him in the chest causing him to fall down winded and injured. Chuck grabs the sledgehammer from his hands and holds it above his head. “Say your prayers” says chuck ready to smash frank’s skull in with the hammer.

“Not just yet” says frank and hooks both of chucks legs with his and trips him up. Chuck falls to the ground and frank stands up. “Nighty-night” says frank and knocks chuck out with a punch to the face. Frank pulls out a needle with the zombie vaccine in it and sticks it in chucks arm, curing him. A few minutes later chuck comes round and sits up dazed and confused. “What ,where am i” he says clutching his head “i should be in fortune city”. “Well you’re in the Willamette Park view Mall”. “Who are you” says chuck “I’m frank west” says frank putting out his hand. Chuck shakes it and they both turn to find a horde of zombies, shuffling slowly towards them.Chuck and Frank look at each other and smile. Frank picks up the sledgehammer and chuck grabs a nearby Metal pole. Exchanging glances they charge into the horde. Winner Frank west

Expert's Opinion[]

Frank won because his close range weaponry was very effective at doing lots of damage and his long range weapon had a higher rate of fire and he could keep chuck from attacking him with his rifle.

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Battle vs. Nathan Drake (by MovieStuff65)[]

In a hidden temple in the Utah desert, Nathan Drake let out a grunt as he slugged his rifle over his shoulder. He plopped down at the entrance in exhaustion, and took a quick swing from his canteen.

"God, I hate deserts. Like, a lot."

In quick reply, a cloud of sand splashed across his face and distracted him. Cursing to himself as he stood back up, Drake proceeded to enter the temple. Lighting a nearby torch, the explorer found himself in awe as the dark tunnel gave way to decorative ruins.

"Wow, I'm actually impressed."

In the center of the room laid his prize- a clear orb, covered in ancient language not recognizable to him. Walking up the steps, Nate couldn't help but marvel at the sphere's design. This was why he didn't at first notice the other man who'd just entered the room- Frank West, camera and equipment in hand.

"Woah, Buddy." Frank yelled, putting his camera away and drawing the Boomstick. He cautiously approached a surprised Nate, who raised his hands.

"That, is mine."

The journalist quickly reached the same level as Drake, each on one side of the altar. Drake calmly placed his hands behind his head.

"Listen, I don't want any trouble."

Frank lowered the gun slightly. "Good- now I'll just go ahead and leave with-"

Nate swiftly grabbed the barrel of the Boomstick, dragging him towards Frank.

"I want that to happen even less!"

Before Nate could throw a haymaker at his attacker, Frank head butted Drake away. He then took a wide swing with the Boomstick, the prongs of the pitchfork barely scratching Nate's stomach. His shirt tore slightly, but Nate easily avoided the blow. As he started reaching down for his rifle, West pumped the shotgun underneath.

Frank pulled the trigger, pellets slamming into the pillar beside Drake. The adventurer grabbed the sphere and started sprinting down the steps, firing his rifle behind him.


West quickly took cover behind the altar, tossing the Boomstick aside. Preparing the Real Mega Buster, West emerged from cover to see Drake approaching the exit.

"Oh no you don't!" Frank yelled, firing two shots from the Buster. The blasts slammed in front of Nate, who stumbled down from the force of the blast. Turning around as he laid prone, Drake emptied his clip at the altar as he struggled to stand back up.

"No good, this is not good." He sprinted away behind another pillar, loading another magazine into his AK-47. He emerged from cover and fired a burst at the exposed Frank. He smirked as he saw the journalist let out a grunt of pain.

"Take that, ya-"

His taunt was interrupted as Frank fired the Buster again, hammering away at Nate's cover. The sheer impact knocked Drake back to his knees, and he heard a victorious cheer.

"What was that, kid? C'mon, I've covered..." Frank's own victory was cut short as a grenade landed at his feet. "Oh crap."

Rolling down the side of the altar, Frank was still knocked back by the explosion. Getting on his hands and knees, he saw the Buster wrecked from the blast.

Dusting himself off, Frank looked to see Nate climbing the wall to the upper level of the temple. Frank drew his Colt and fired two shots at Drake, who fumbled to draw his own Beretta.

Turning around and grasping his handhold, Drake aimed his signature pistol and randomly fired back in his opponent's direction. Climbing back to the top, he looked down to see Frank running towards him.

"Kid, you gotta be kidding me with this crap!" Frank yelled, much to Drake's amusement. Lighting a Molotov, Frank vainly chucked it up to the upper floor. He smiled as he heard Drake's surprised yelp, with the flames licking at the edge.

Frank grunted in effort as he started climbing as well, almost losing his grip several times. After several key minutes that felt like much longer, Frank lifted himself above and laid down briefly, but heard the pump of a shotgun.

Drake had aimed his SAS-12 at Frank, who lay there motionless with his pistol and camera in hand.

"You're gonna hand over that gun now, Mr..."

"West." Frank replied, taking a snapshot of Drake. The bright flash stunned him briefly, and Frank fired away with his Colt point blank. "Frank, West."


Drake rubbed his eyes with one hand as he shoved the barrel of his shotgun downward. Reacting instantly though, Frank chucked his empty sidearm directly at Drake. The improvised missile slammed into his shoulder, Drake stumbling back more out of surprise than pain.

As Frank stood up on his feet and lifted an unlit torch, Nate briefly stopped. "Did...did you just throw your gun at me, Frank?"

West immediately swung his torch like a bat, knocking the shotgun away from Nate. "I did, actually. I didn't get your name, kid."

In response, Nate threw a haymaker right into Frank's jaw. He then kicked him into a wall, and flung himself at West. "Nathan Drake."

Angered, Frank grabbed Drake's holster and used it as a grip, chucking Drake away. The explorer landed with a thud, but right beside his shotgun. Grabbing the firearm, Drake suddenly felt a jolt of electricity coursing through him.

Turning around, Nate looked in confusion at the strange gun Frank had drawn now. He watched as Frank fired another bolt of lighting, which missed Nate but ruined the shotgun it hit.

"That's a lightning gun. You have a lighting gun."

"Pretty cool, isn't it?"

"I'll, I'll give you that much." Nate conceded, before unholstering his WES-44. He quickly aimed and fired, blasting a hole in Frank's thigh.

"You son of a bitch!" Frank yelled in pain, dropping the lighting gun and clutching the wound. He heard the hammer pull back again,though, and leaped forward with a yell.

The two eventually got into a grappling match, with Frank trying to wrestle the revolver out of Drake's hand and pin him down. Looking around, Frank saw a nearby rope likely used by previous explorers. Grabbing it, Frank wrapped it around a struggling Nate's neck as an improvised garrote.

"Sorry to do this kid..." Frank said, tightening his grip as Nate started to slow down. " was you, or-"

Frank's apology was interrupted as Nate slammed the barrel of his revolver into his forehead. Leaping back in pain, Frank could barely react as Nate shot him point blank in the chest. As Frank's vision blurred and he got down on his knees, Drake tiredly stood up and looked down in victory.

"It's fine, I guess all things considered."

Drake then kicked him in the head, knocking out the defeated Frank. Surveying the wound and letting out a sigh, Nate calmly slid down and sat. Frank seemed like a good guy, and he'd wake up with enough time to get help for his bullet wound.

Leaning his head back, Nate took a brief moment to relax in victory.



Several hours later, Nathan Drake stood cleaned up in his client's tent. Stiffening up as he entered, Drake handed the orb over. His client in turn accepted, handing over a briefcase.

"My thanks, Mr. Drake."

"Don't worry about it." Drake said, preparing to leave.

"Aren't you going to check it, Nathan?"

Nate shrugged. "I trust you. Plus, that thing is pretty harmless and just cool to look at."

The client laughed dryly as he walked out with Drake, putting on his wide-brim hat. "That it is, I suppose."

"Mind if I ask why you were so interested in it, Mr. Kumar?"

Offering his hand as a final exchange, Lloyd merely shrugged. "We won't be seeing each other again, so let's skip formalities. My name's Lloyd, and my interests in this particular artifact are...personal."

Expert's Opinion[]

While Frank West's weapons hit with a significant amount of power and flare, Drake's arsenal of tried, tested, and reliable weapons allowed him to compensate. Frank was also much more creative, but this hardly mattered to the more experienced, intelligent, and athletic Nate.

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Battle vs. Survivor (ZDay) (by BeastMan14)[]

No Battle Written

Winner: Frank West

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Jack (The Last Stand) (by WanderingSkull)[]

Fourtune City has been truly losted and is being taken completly over by the hordes of zombies wandering around looking for their next meal. In this chaos, a lone survivor wanders around the city looking for a safe haven to escape the infected. This man has a long beard and long hair combaination and his eyes give the off the feeling of a true survivor this man is Jack survivor of the Union City incident. After walking for a few more minutes he comes to a stop seeing a store nearby he proceeds to entering the store his trusty AK-47 lifted up and ready to kill whatever infected had entered the store. Upon entering he sees nothing and walks around his weapon still rasied to make sure nothing gets the drop on him.

"Finally, a place to rest for once." Jack says to no one in particular. He sits down puts his weapons on the ground and pulls out a box of crackers and proceeds to eating them."The military should've been here by now. Hopefully, they'll come soon we don't want another Union City Incident on our do we I know I'm going through that again." Jack says to himself and continues to eat.

About three minutes away from the store....

A man in a suit wanders througout the infected streets of Fortune City with camera in hand. He sees a crowd of infected walking around and raises his camera to get a shot."Not bad." the man responded before walking away from the crowd of infected looking for any survivors if any were still alive that weren't trying to kill him. This man is Frank West the photographer who fought through the hell that was Willamette and revealed the truth behind it. But, this truth wasn't without a price he was bitten. Although, he should count himself lucky if wasn't for Zombrex he'd was sure his head would've been blown off his shoulders by know.

Frank continues walking around till he stumbles upon a store and decides it would be best if he rested a moment before continuing. "Should propably take a break unless I want to die from exhusation. Who knows this place might have something to eat and drink besides burritos and orange juice." The photographer chuckles to himself and enters the store.

And thus would start the biggest battle in Fortune City......

Jack immediatly on his feet and pulls out his G17 once he hears the door open and begins walking towards the entrance. He reaches the front and and sees a man with a camera and blood over his shirt he lowers his Glock 17 when he sees the man isn't armed and begins to speak."Nice to see a friendly face for once." Jack says.

"You don't look to bad yourself compared to everyone I've met so far. By the way my name's Frank. Frank West." Frank responds and puts out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Frank my name is Jack." Jack responds and takes Frank's hand and shakes it.

"What no last name or are you just being shy. But you sound familar have I met you before or something." Frank says."I do have one but prefer not to use it. And as far as I know we've never met each each other before." Jack responds and lets go of Frank's and begins to open his mouth when he hears a beep from Frank's watch. "Why the hell is your watch making that noise not like you need to tell time anymore?"Jack says looking at Frank's watch questioningly.

"Sorry for the noise, it's just that it's a warning that I should I take my medicine soon as in about 30 minutes." Franks answers his question and begins pulling out his zombrex case to take the shot soon."Your infected?' Jack is startled by learning this and goes to grab to his Glock when Frank tells him not to worry that he still hasn't turned yet. "Sorry just not used to seeing anyone who's infected that not trying to take a chunk out of me."Jack says lowering his weapon again. "It doesn't matter chances are I'd do the same thing to you if you were the one infected.' Frank responds and proceeds to open his Zombrex case only to see nothing inside.

"Looks like your out." Jack says with a serious tone and begins to raise his pistol at Frank."I'm sorry I have to do this I thought we were going to be good fri-" Jack is cut off when a fist connects with his face. Jack stumbles backwards letting go of his gun and looks at Frank who is pulling out his own pistol a M1911A1 and points it at Jack. "Sorry pal but I can't just try and let you try and kill me. People before you have tried and failed." Frank says aiming the pistol at the downed man.

"Well it looks like this ain't easy for either of us." Jack says staring at Frank before kicking him the stomach and grabbing his pistol to turn around and firing at his target. Frank recovers quickly enough to duck behind a counter that prevents the rounds from hitting and returns fire of his own. A round just barely manages to miss Jack's head he gets behind cover of his own and both fire their bullets at each other. Until, an audible click is heard from Frank's side indicating he has run out of ammo. Knowing, he now has the advantage Jack begins walking towards the counter and continues to fire.

Frank reloads a new magazine into his pistol and fires randomly above the counter. He then makes a break for the door before Jack can return fire. When he gets there a round grazes his arm and he holds his arm in pain as he continues to make his way down the street. Jack continues his pursuit not willing to let go of a man who shot at him get away so easily trying to fire at Frank once more he hears a click coming from his pistol and curses to himself. He reloads his pistol and remembers that he left his AK behind returns to the store picks it up and continues his pursuit.

Frank knowing he won't be able to hide forever as he runs down the streets enters a room he has left some weapons inside he pulls and smiles to himself now he was ready to finish Jack. Jack also returned to his own base camp grabbing some of his own weapons and ammunition and loads himself up ready to take on Frank and any infected that get in the way. Both Jack and Frank begin looking for each other ready and armed to the teeth ready to kill each other.

Jack wanders aims at an infected and blows it's head off then pumps his Mossberg takes aim and fires at another one that was getting too close. As he makes his way around the city he finds himself in front of a hunting store and enters looking any equipment that may be inside. As he enters he looks around until he a loud noise is heard followed by an iguana standee getting it's head blown off. Jack turns around to see Frank putting his own shotgun at him and pumps. Jack runs to narrowly escape a shell going in his direction at returns fire. Both continue to fire and chase each other throughout the store until both are down to their final shell. Jack hides behind a cornor and waits until he sees the barrel of the Remington and fires his last round into it. Jack makes a quick break for it and hides in the store.

Frank wondering where he went picks up a baseball bat on the ground and begins to look for him. He hears the sound of chainsaw and manages to dodge the swing from Jack' weapon and backs away as Jack lifts his chainsaw. Jack swings downward and misses only to get his chainsaw stuck in the ground. While he tries to take it out Frank takes advantage of his moment weakness and swings his bat to hit Jack in the side and cause him to lose his grip on the bladed weapon. Jack knowing trying to retrieve the weapon would be suicide gets up and puches Frank across the face causing him to stumble backwards and leaves the store but not before taking a few bear traps with him.

As he runs away he decides the first floor has become to stay and he needs a height advantage if he disires to survive. He scans his surroundings and spots a staircase can runs towards it pulling out of his G17 in case any zombies are around. Jack reaches the top of the stairs and downs to zombies that were waiting for him there and looks down to see Frank nowhere. Jack is confused by this and and continues to scan the downsatirs wondering exactly where Frank is. He gives up his search and begins to walk back to his base needing more of his guns and weapons in case he sees Frank again.

Jack reaches his base he puts away his G17 back in it's hollster and grabs his UMP.45 and gets to work on laying down a three bear traps down. He goes back to his small barricade he calls a base and checks the amount of ammo he has left in his weapons. As he does this he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his shoulder and sees a bit of blood come from the wound he looks and sees Frank pointing an Micro UZi from a distance. Jack gets behind cover and loads a clip into his UMP and returns his own SMG fire.

Frank is not hit by any of the rounds and jumps behind cover of his own and both return fire at each other daring the other to waste their rounds first. "Looks like I found your place and a few weapons left. I brought some weapons myself to this fight." Frank says towards Jack.

Jack hears his gun click empty and begins to reload when he hears moaning in the background. He peaks his head from his barricade and sees trouble coming the noise they've been making brought a horde of infected heading towards there location. Frank also takes notice of the incoming horde, he grabs his camera aims towards the horde and snaps a photo. "Fantastic." His voice displays utter horror and amazment as looks towards the corpes coming to eat.

Both men look each other in the eye and agree to a temporary truce with saying a word. Frank runs into a nearby Kiosk and jumps inside,while Jack grabs all of his remaining weapons and reloads them checks his barricade and seeing no damages except a gun wounds shoulders his AK-47 and looks to the hungry horde.

For a moment everything seems silent to Jack as he looks towards the zombies and whispers something. "God if your still out there make sure I don't get killed." Jack whispers and fires his AK-47 not wanting to let them get get any closer.

Frank looks towards Jack one last time and then he looks down at a fallen mirror on the ground and sees his skin having changed color and knows his time will be up he aims his M4A1 and fires.

The horde is quickly closing even with the death of some of them at the hands of the two men. Jack and Frank continue their attacks on the horde unwilling to take a moment worth of rest except to reload. Jack isn't worried about his gun jamming due to the reliablity of the AK he's more worried about how much ammo he has left. Then a sound is heard the infected are setting off the traps he left scattered around the ground. This makes his killings much more easier as he can focus on easy headshots. He looks towards Frank and hears him yell something about his gun jamming. He then sees Frank jump into the horde after pulling out some weird bladed weapon off his back and he begins to slice away at the horde and with this Jack continues his own assualt.

Bodies hit the floor as he moves the Reaper towards the next group of infected not wanting them to get to close he continues to attack never wanting to give in the infection spearding throughout his body. As he fights he feels the virus slowing and breaking him down but he doesn't give in. The infected that get close to him when he's not looking are quickly shot down by Jack. All is good in the fight until Frank is grabbed by an infected and forced to let go of his weapon just to escape. He backs away until his foot is captured by a bear trap and unable to move as the infected begin to surround him he closes his eyes and accepts his fate knowing he won't survive.

Jack is down to his last clip when he sees Frank stuck in one of his traps and having no escape from the infected surrounding him he just looks at Frank. The infected grab Frank and begin their feast on him and he does nothing to stop them. Jack looks around his base for anything when he sees it a gas tank. He grabs the tank and throws it towards the horde when it gets close enough in midair Jack fires a few rounds from AK and is blown back from the expolsion.

After the smoke clears he gets up although a wobbly at first and looks for what remains of Frank among the piles of infected. Then he sees him a zombie trying to escape from the bear trap and kill him and he just sighs and then speaks.

"I'm sorry it had to end this way Frank. But I'll make sure your story never dies." Jack says to the hungry corpse and then proceeds to shoudering his and fires one round into the skull of Frank West. He looks at the body of the fallen hero and kneels down and takes his camera and puts it around his neck.

"I hope I can make it out of here and make whoever caused this pay." Jack says as he walks away from the battlefield and makes sure his G17 and AK are ready for anything that may come. As he walks away he notices a man in yellow mortocycle jacket nearby and walks towards his direction shouting a welcome towards him.


Expert's Opinion[]

Jack snatched the victory as his arsenal had more ammo, in the case of his G17, hit harder, in the case of the UMP, or gave him more options, in the case of the traps. Jack simply was able to overcome Frank's craftiness with the options provided to him while Frank's experience was hindered by his lesser weapons.

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