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And thus was that vessel: a single warrior, dark, gloomy, devilish, on the stern of that good ship, and he was laughing roughly, ill-fatedly, so that every one saw his entrails and his bowels through the body of his gullet.
— Extract from The Training of Cú Chulainn about the Fomorians.
The Fomorians were deformed giants who served as the original gods of Ireland. Ruled by the merciless Balor, who was able to kill anyone he looked upon with his single eye, the Fomorians were the enemies of the Tuatha de Danann, newcomers to Ireland. After hearing a prophecy that his own grandson would kill him, Balor ordered his daughter locked in a glass tower. However, with the aid of a druidess, the Tuatha Cian gained access, and fathered Lugh, a sun god and the eventual father of the hero Cú Chulainn. The Tuatha de Danann made war against the Fomorians, but were losing badly because of Balor's power. However, Lugh stepped up with a sling, and, just as Balor's massive eye was opening, hurled a stone with enough force to push Balor's eye back through his head, turning his power against his own troops. The Tuatha de Danann rose to power as a new generation of gods, and the remaining Fomorians were exiled.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Gigas (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

Deep in Ireland, three Fomorians are keeping watch over a border post. Suddenly, one Fomorian bellows loudly to his partners: three massive shapes have been spotted on the horizon. Without warning, a boulder flies into the tower the first Fomorian is manning, toppling it. Luckily, he leaps out just in time.

The culprits behind this attack are three Gigantes, one of which picks up and hurls another boulder at the Fomorians. The Irish giants gather their weapons together and charge out to confront the attackers. Another boulder flies towards them, crushing one Fomorian. (3-2) Roaring in anger, another Fomorian readies a sling and hurls a stone at the Gigante who killed his comrade. It strikes the Gigante in the forehead, stunning him long enough for the slinger to finish him off with a spear thrust. (2-2)

The remaining giants clash, brute strength against spears and axes. The spear Fomorian stabs another Gigante in the arm. Angered, the Gigante strangles the Fomorian to death with his serpent legs, before going to aid his comrade against the last Fomorian (2-1) Just as he arrives, the Fomorian leader decapitates his opponent with a stone axe. (1-1)

The two giants face off with each other, before giving blood-curdling battle cries and charging each other. Both are evenly matched, until the Gigante thrusts his legs forward to try and strangle his opponent. In the nick of time, the Fomorian slices off the legs with his axe, before planting his weapon firmly in the Gigante's skull. Wrenching the axe out, the Fomorian holds it high and gives a loud roar.

Winner: Fomorian

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Declared unfair because of the Gigantes' superior strength and durability.