A Flamethrower is a weapon that shoots flames, or more properly, flaming fuel such and gasoline or napalm, typically used to clear out bunkers, caves, trenches and other fortifications. Flamethrowers were invented in the by the Germans during the First World War and saw extensive use in the Second World War, especially in the Pacific Theater. Flamethrowers were also used in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, but by the 1980s, they had been retired from the arsenals of most countries. An average flamethrower has two tanks filled with fuel (gas, napalm, etc) on the users back, linked to a fuel hose that runs to an igniter after the user opens the fuel valve and pulls the trigger. Flamethrowers are against the Geneva Convention because it's a cruel way to die. One drawback of the flamethrower is that someone can shoot the users tanks, marking them explode and lighting the user on fire. Also, the fire made by the weapons could ended up trapping the user. Finally, much like guns run out of bullets and bows run out of arrows, a flamethrower, at some point, is going to run out of gas and need to refuel. Among gamers, it is a favorite because, like the RPG, it can do a ton of damage in a cool way. In some video games, there have been flamethrowers that, instead of having tanks on the users back, have the tank under the nozzle and in held like a minigun. In South Africa, an anti-car theft system put on your car that shoots flames at would-be car thieves is available.

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