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Book'em, Danno.
— Steve McGarrett to Danny Williams, before arresting a criminal

Five-0 is the titular task force from the 2010 reboot of the Hawaii Five-0 television series. It is a specialized Hawaii Department of Public Safety special state police major crimes task force in Hawaii founded by ex-Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett and Governor Pat Jameson and is currently headed by ex-Marine Lincoln Cole. The task force answers only to the Governor of Hawaii and has full immunity and means. The team investigates crimes ranging from terrorism to kidnapping, murder, and robberies.

In 2010, McGarrett returned to Hawaii to bury his murdered father and was approached by Governor Jameson, who asked him to create a task force. He was initially hesitant, but eventually accepted, recruiting Donno Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, and Kono Kalakaua to form the first iteration of the task force. They would later name their task force "Five-0", after a jersey McGarrett wore in high school.

Five-0 would investigate and solve multiple high-profile crimes, earning Five-0 great renown. The task force gradually grew over time, though both Kelly and Kalakaua would leave Five-0 in 2017 to pursue a law enforcement career in other states. McGarrett took a leave of absence from Five-0 in 2020, transferring command of the task force to Cole.

Battle vs. Project Militia (by KevlarNinja)[]

GreyGreyGreyGreyGreyProject Militia


In Hawaii, Dr. Pickman has opened a new lab. He is doing some paperwork surrounded by two members of the Project Millita. In the area surrounding the lab (which includes a valcano), two more Milita members are keeping watch. Meanwhile, Steve McGarrett, Danno, and three police officers are sneaking up to make a bust. One officer sneaks up behind a Millita thug and fires his taser gun and the thug falls to the ground, screaming in pain. McGarrett, Danno, and the officers run out of cover, shouting "Five-0, hands in the air!" McGarrett turns to Danno and tells him, "Book'em, Danno." Just as Danno is about to cuff the thug, something rushes past his head. It hits a nearby tree. Danno pulls it out, and says "It looks like a dart." Danno turns and sees the second patrol guard, reloading his Tranq gun. Danno shouts "Weapons free!" and an officer armed with a HK416 kills the other guard.

GreyGreyGreyGreyProject Militia

The group runs toward the lab. Dr. Pickman and his guards hear them and pick up there weapons. One of the guards run outside and kills an officer with his M4.


Another officer kills the thug with his MP5A3.

GreyGreyGreyProject Militia

Meanwhile, the thug who was tasered has caught up and shoots the MP5A3 officer in the back.


Another officer armed with a HK416 kills the Uzi thug.

GreyGreyProject Militia

Dr. Pickman and his remaining guard run out toward the valcano. The gaurd kills the last officer with his M4 carbine.


Danno and McGarrett fallow Pickman and his goon up a trail to the top of the valcano. McGarrett, who's armed with a MP5A3, empties his last clip into the goon.

GreyProject Militia

Dr. Pickman starts firing randomly behind him with a Glock-23, but every shot misses. He stops dead in his tracks at the edge of the valcano. He turns around. Danno shoots him with his Kel Tec PF-9. Dr. Pickman falls to his death at the lava inside the valcano.

Project Militia

McGarrett pats Danno on the shoulder and says "Good work, Danno."

Winner: Five-0

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Battle vs. Afterlife Battlefront (by IslamLEGION)[]


Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean


Five-0 Headquarters

Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, and Kono Kalakaua are standing around the table, discussing about the case.

"So far we have the series of bombing and murders all over Hawaii," said McGarrett "but somehow the culprits just gone out of thin air everytime we chase them"

"Yeah, the only evidence we could find is this," said Danny as he drops the emblem on the table. Kono takes it and examines it.

"Judging by the emblem, it must be the Shinda Sekai Sensen," said Kono.

"Shinda Sekai Sensen?" asked Chin Ho.

"The terrorist group famous for targeting anything religious. It appears that they want to destroy all religions in the world." explains Kono.


Main Battle[]

Five-0: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Shinda Sekai Sensen: Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange


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Battle was invalidated due to nerfing the SSS' immortality.