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The Fijian loved human flesh for its own sake, and did not merely eat a slain enemy out of revenge.
— Dr. Felix Maynard & Alexandre Dumas

The Fijian Warriors or Bati fulfilled the roles of soldiers and bodyguards who served their chief or mercenaries although both were typically the strongest men from the island. They used a variety of clubs, spears, bows, and even firearms if they got them to kill enemy Tribes' Bati but it was what they did with the bodies that made them truly infamous. Cannibalism was popular in Fiji around the time of the Bati and they would eat 'bokola' or human flesh frequently for the purposes of revenge, to celebrate victories, or just to get a meal.

The Fijian Warriors were often responsible for making sure that the defeated peoples, shipwreck survivors, and anyone the chief wanted to eat would be sent to their fate. They were not merely tools of the chief however in these gruesome affairs, children were sometimes trained to use their weapons by testing them on other enslaved children before they became Bati and they would use parts of the environment to kill their soon-to-be meals like 'braining stones' and pools of water. They were still formidable adversaries who had to go through conflicts before getting the chance for their greatest feasts and could trick or sneak up on foreigners along with adopting any advanced weapons they had.

Battle vs. Sawyer Family (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]


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Battle vs. Leopard Society (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

Five Bokola Eaters surrounded a beat-up man with a leopard hood. While they laughed and chatted, one of them noticed a big rock and dared one of his fellows to run the man's head into it. Smiling, he took hold of the hood and took off running while the man yelled in pain.

Suddenly a wooden club flew through the air and hit the bokola eater in the head. The iwisa caused a lethal blow that cracked the man's skull open. The rest of the group was shocked before another one was stabbed in the back with metal tip claws and his throat ripped out with fangs.

The chief reacted quickly and smashed the Leopard Society member with his gata repeatedly breaking bones as the rest joined in. Their friend was dead but at least so was his killer. One went to get his tonga and the other got his bow and quiver.

The other Leopard Society member had fled into the jungle where the others tried to keep him in the middle and gave him an ishlangu. It wasn't long before they heard the Bokola Eaters' shouts and one pulled out another iwisa.

The weapon was thrown at the archer but it missed the entire group and he fired an arrow into the man's eye. He fell down with a horrifying scream as the two groups charged each other. The tonga spearman impaled a member's stomach only for him to fight past the pain and spash his throat.

He soon got an arrow in his neck as well before a gata smashed his skull. Now with only two left, the groups circled each other before the Leopard Society member threw his ishlangu at the archer. The man was hit in the chest but didn't die.

The wounded member swung his spear at the man's throat, slitting it. As the body crashed to the ground, the chief considered his options. He lunged at the healthy Leopard Society member and swung his gata like a madman.

The Leopard Society member found an opening and slashed at the Bokola Eater but he blocked with the gata and kicked the man back. Before he could kill him however, the wounded member thrust his ishlangu repeatedly into his back. Blood flowed out of the man's mouth before he collapsed.

The Leopard Society member got up and thanked his fellow member. They heard other members yelling out to them and the healthy member dragged the chief's body with them as they went to greet the others. They had lost many but at least they would be more powerful now.

Winner:Leopard Society

Expert's Opinion[]

The Bokola Eaters had the better short and long range weapon but a hilariously ineffective mid range weapon. The Leopard Society's ishlangu was a worthy weapon and their greater experience with taking on villages and colonies gave them the win.

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The ishlangu and iwisa are traditional weapons of the Zulu people from Southern Africa. They have no connection to the Leopard Society, which operated in West Africa.