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A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.
— Fidel Castro

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was a Cuban revolutionary and politician. Politically a Marxist-Lenninist, under his administration Cuba was converted into a one-party socialist state with industry being nationalized under state ownership and socialist reforms implemented in all areas of society.

Castro became involved in leftist politics, subsequently involving himself in several armed rebellions against right-wing governments in the Dominican Republic and Colombia, he went on to conclude that the U.S.-backed Cuban President Batista had to be overthrown. To this end he led an armed attack on the Moncada Barracks in 1953, but this failed and he was imprisoned. Getting out of prison after a year, he traveled to Mexico, and with the aid of his brother Raul Castro and friend Che Guevara, he assembled together a group of Cuban revolutionaries, the 26th of July Movement. Returning with them to Cuba, he took a key role in the Cuban Revolution leading a successful guerrilla against Batista's forces, with Batista himself fleeing into exile in 1959. Castro subsequently came to power and shortly thereafter became Prime Minister of Cuba. He successfully fought off the US-backed Bay of Pigs Invasion and survived numerous attempts on his life.

Battle vs. Josip Broz Tito (by Battlefan237)

Tito: Green.pngGreen.pngGreen.pngGreen.pngGreen.png


Castro was smoking a large pipe-alike cigar as usual, fixing his eyes on a map set on the table inside an abandoned warehouse. The abandoned warehouse in which they're staying in seemed to be a pretty isolated one located in the center of a forest, and it was obvious that this house hadn't been inhabited by human for decades---all pieces of furniture were covered with spider nets and dust, piles of bricks bumped out of the broken segments of a dove. However, though he's sure that the possibility of encountering any rivalry troops in this place was absolutely 0, he still ordered one soldier whom he'd just scolded for goofing around by taking a nap to keep guard of the gate. Most of his fellows thought there's no such need to do so because to have one guard at the gate of such a remote warehouse like this was totally pointless , but Castro insisted that the guard was in need.

Meanwhile, the Cuban rebel who'd just been scolded once again went into daydreaming . He placed his weapon aside and beamed out a satisfied smile as he imagined himself gambling in a Casino. Suddenly, a pair of hands emerged from the bushes behind him and slashed his throat with a bayonetPurple.png. The hands were revealed to be that of a Yugoslavian guerrilla . Tito, the leader of the guerrillas, led his fellows to approach the warehouse. Silently they snuck up to the side door, one guerrilla kicked the door open, holding an M24 Mauser rifle. He aimed it at the first Cuban soldier he saw, and shot him in the chestPurple.png. The Cuban who're in charge of the RPD light machine immediately open the roars of it, killing the M24 soldier immediatelyGreen.png. Another Yugoslavian soldier who took cover behind a piece of iron furniture lit up a pipe bomb , but got shot on the shoulder by one Cuban unleashing his Thompson. In this way, he failed in throwing away the bomb, blowing up himself insteadGreen.png. Knowing that they're no match for the RPD, Tito ordered his two last men to retreat back into the forest. He himself and another soldier managed to rushed out of the gate under the cover of the third Yugoslavian's PPSh-41. The RPD soldier was out of bullets, so he lit up a Molotov Cocktail instead in an attempt to set the first soldier on fire before he rushing out of the gate, but got fully exposed in the range of PPSh. The Yugoslavian shot ten bullets into the chest and head of the CubanPurple.png. When he's about to leave, Castro emerged from the back of a steel shield, shot him in the stomach with his WinchesterGreen.png.

Castro and his last men chased Tito into the forest where a wild shootout began. Winchester rifles roars mixed with Mauser barks, but resulted in pure waste of bullets due to the fact that no one got injured in this mist because both sides were unable to locate the exact point of their enemies. Tito took charge of the MG 34 machine gun secretly hidden in the forest by them a few days ago. The task of luring the enemies was given to the last Yugoslavian.

The last guerrilla soldier shouted out to the rebels in order to reveal his location. Castro ordered his last men to hunt him down. As soon as the rebel emerged, Tito opened fire. However the rebel caught himself into a fight with the last guerrilla by slashing his machetes, which stuck both of them together. Tito, who hadn't been expecting such a thing had no choice but to open fire immediately, killing both men in advanceGreen.pngPurple.png.

Tito took a long gasp, then stood up, thinking that he'd eliminated all enemies. All in a sudden, Castro jumped out of a nearby bush, opened fire with his CM1911. Tito, who's still holding a Ruby pistol, fired back. Castro shot Tito somewhere in his chest- a point that was deadly fatal, but not effective enough to kill one in a short time. Tito managed to fired seven times before falling down due to the lack of strength. Castro walked up to Tito, ready to make the last shot. Tito beamed out a grin, then held up the Ruby again. Castro, who thought Tito was using the same type of pistol which only had seven rounds, got astonished. Tito quickly fired the last two rounds , one hitting Castro on his forehead, one hitting his neck. Castro fell next to his rival, and his eyes immediately descended into darkness in which all signs of passion and life were taken awayPurple.png.

Tito smiled, knowing that he'd got revenged for all of his dead comrades, and died of bleeding shortly after thisGreen.png.

Winner: Tied

Expert's opinion

While both warriors are great guerrilla warriors, Tito's weapon got outmatched by Castro's , but Castro's experience got out matched by Tito's, which resulted in this result.

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Battle vs. Mao Zedong (by LordStaypuffed95)

Fidel Castro: Red.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.png

Mao Zedong: Green.pngGreen.pngGreen.pngGreen.pngGreen.png

It was a clear day in a rural area of the countryside. Mao Zedong and four soldiers of the People's Liberation Army were on patrol in a abandoned town, waking through the rubble of what used to be the center of town. As they round the corner of what used to be a schoolhouse, they notice a group of Cuban rebels in a bombed out market. Mao shouts "反革命分子!快速射擊!" and the PLA machine gunner opens up with his ZB vz. 26, killing a Cuban rebel who was smoking a cigar outside the market before he could grab his M1A1 Thompson. Red.png Fidel Castro and the other Cuban rebels run through the back of the market as Mao and his PLA soldiers follow suit. As Mao and his troops emerge from the rear of the market a Cuban rebel turns around and fires his M1918A2 BAR at the group of Chinese soldiers. Mao jumps behind the corner of the building neighboring the market, and three of his PLA soldiers manage to duck away from the barrage of lead, but the PLA machine gunner is not as lucky, he is hit six times in the chest and falls to the ground dead. Green.png Mao immeadiately moves out from behind the cover of the buildings corner and kills the Cuban machine gunner with his vz. 24. Red.png The chase continues into the nearby forest. Fidel and his rebels stop for a moment after they hear nothing behind them. Fidel looks around to examine his surroundings, and notices movement near some rocks seventy feet away. Fidel aims his Winchester Model 70 and sees a PLA solier readying his Mondragón F-08 sticking out from behind one of the rocks. Fidel takes a shot with his Winchester Model 70 and takes the PLA soldier down with a headshot. Green.png Then a Cuban rebel with an M1 Garand fires on the Chinese position. The M1 Garand weilding rebel empties his rifle, the en bloc clip ejects with its infamous pinging sound, and with this sound the Chinese advance toward the Cubans. One PLA soldier lets loose with his Tsing Tao MP 18 in his charge toward Catsro, killing the rebel with the empty M1 Garand. Red.png The other rebel however, kills the Tsing Tao MP 18 weilding PLA soldier with his M1 Garand, Green.png only to be killed by Mao's other PLA soldier weilding a Mondragón F-08 immeadiately after. Red.png Castro, realizing that his allies are gone, retreats further into the forest. After running through the forest for around ten minutes, Fidel eventually comes across a small, abandoned airstrip. He climbs up the rickety old air traffic control tower's stairs just as Mao and his last PLA soldier run out of the forest. Fidel, now at the top of the tower, aims and fires his Winchester Model 70, killing the Mondragón F-08 weilding PLA soldier. Green.png Mao is in full sprint toward the tower now, ditching his vz. 24 for his Hanyang C.96. With Mao now climbing up the tower's steps, Fidel drops his Winchester Model 70, and pulls out a M1911A1, and ducks down in the small control room at the top of the tower, waiting for Mao. Fidel blind fires his M1911A1 out of the door when he hears footsteps aproaching, emptying the pistol. As he tries to reload the door bursts open, Mao points his Hanyang C.96 at Castro's head, and pulls the trigger. The bullet strikes him in the forhead, killing him instantly. Red.png Mao hoists his Hanyang C.96 in the and shouts in victory "對的人!".

Expert's Opinion

Mao took this fight with ease due to he and his troops having superior training, and weapons that were able to match the firepower of Fidel's weapons.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Adolf Hitler (Real Life) (by Goddess of Despair)

Fidel Castro Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Adolf Hitler Black2.PNG Black2.PNG Black2.PNG Black2.PNG Black2.PNG

Adolf Hitler and his men move about in their camp in Cuba, awaiting Castro’s arrival. Germany could use a new ally to put pressure on the United States. Hitler desperately needed support, for he knew Germany was losing the war, but little did he know that Cuba had allied themselves with the United States. One of his SS men spots Castro followed by his guards. He studies their movements carefully when one lifts his RPD and aims it at the German. The SS immediately opens fire with his MG-42, killing the light machine gunner. Red.png

Castro and his forces quickly sprint for cover behind nearby vehicles. Hitler rushes outside his camp with a walther and demands to know what’s going on as his SS troops rush for weapons. The SS gunner runs out of ammo on his MG42 and begins to reload when small object was thrown at him. It landed next to his sandbags and as he turned to inspect it the grenade exploded, sending his right arm and leg flying off his body. Black2.PNG

Hitler sees the explosion and retreats into his tent with one SS guard as the other two move to engage the threat. They both take up positions behind sandbags as they hear footsteps of approaching hostels. A Cuban soldier advances and immediately gets cut to pieces by the SS troops armed with MP-18. Red.png

“Cover me!” called a SS troop as he dropped his MP-18. He reached into a nearby bag and brought out a Bouncy Betty. He placed it on the ground near him as his comrade watched the environment. “Geschehen, lässt zurückgreifen.” Said the SS as he went back for his MP-18. He reached for the weapon when a sudden burst of machine gunfire hit his comrade in the head. Black2.PNG

The other SS saw the Cuban soldier advancing and quickly drew his walther. He fired three rounds, the first two hitting his chest, the last hitting his head. Red.png

Castro moved forward armed with a machete in one hand and StarPD in the other. He fired several rounds into the SS troops as his last Cuban soldier grabbed his fallen comrades’ RPD. Black2.PNG

The Cuban soldier leg the way into the Nazi camp. He scanned the German tents and quickly identified Hitler’s tent. He led the way as Castro followed slowly behind him. The man walked slowly and stepped on a strange object. He looked down as Castro rushed to move out of the way, until moments later it leaps into the air and explodes. Red.png

Castro stands up as an and walks into the camp, angered. A SS soldier leaves Hitler’s tent armed with a flammenwerfer and aims it at Castro. Before Castro could react he is already caught in flames. He drops both his weapons and falls to the ground, screaming in pain as the flames swallow his body. Hitler exits his tent to see the man burning and as his SS raised his walther he grabbed the man’s hand and said “Lassen thim brennen.” The SS soldier puts away his walther as Hitler goes back into his tent. Red.png

Expert's Opinion

In this battle the long range light machine guns and medium range sub machine guns were important factors for both sides, which played into Hitler's favor. His MG-42 is superior in nearly every statistic when compared to the RPD. The MP-18 and Walther P38 had the superior ammo count over the StarPD and Skorpion. The Flammenwerfer easily dominated the machete thanks to it's greater range. Castro is superior in x-factors, but in the end Hitler just carried more ammuntion with him, and that is what brought him the win here.

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The battle was disregarded because the version of Adolf Hitler used did not match the warrior criteria.

Battle vs. Pol Pot (by ReyesRebels)

Pol Pot: Red.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.png

Fidel Castro: Blue.pngBlue.pngBlue.pngBlue.pngBlue.png

4 Tropas (troops) are moving through the forest. Fidel Castro is sitting in a car, smoking a cigar. He hears rustling in the forest. Pol Pot and 4 Khmer Rouge soldiers are sneaking up behind him. The Tropas see the enemy. One of the tropas opens fire with the Vz.61. Red.png Pol Pot turns around and shoots the tropas soldier in the head. Blue.png Castro hears all the gunfire and ducks down in his seat. Both sides keep launching torrents of gunfire until another Tropas soldier is shot. Blue.png Pol Pot and another soldier run into a cabin, near Castro’s car. A Tropas soldier throws an RGD-5 at Pol Pot. Pol Pot runs but the other soldier, distracted by the Tropas gunfire stays, he is blown up. Red.png A Khmer Rouge soldier pulls out a Soviet machete and sneaks up on a Tropas soldier. He slits his throat, Blue.png but immediatley has five rounds put into him by a Tropas soldier with an AK-47 Red.png Castro gets out of the car and runs to the cabin. In the woods, a Khmer Rouge soldier kills the last Tropas. Blue.png The Khmer Rouge sees Castro in the window and shoots at him, but Castro pulls out a vz.61 and shoots him. Red.png Pol Pot comes out of the shadows and attempts to kill Castro but castro turns around and fires the vz.61, it’s out of ammo. Pol Pot slashes Castro’s arm, but Castro, using the NR-40 parries an attack from Pol Pot and stabs him in the chest. Pol Pot kicks him in the leg then runs. Castro pursues him. Pol Pot chops at Castro, but Castro grabs his arm and snaps it, he then stabs Pol Pot in the throat. Red.png He slumps to the ground. Castro takes out a cigar, lights it and smokes it.

Expert's Opinion

Castro's victory was largely due to the reliability of the AK-47 assault rifle, which was something the Khmer Rouge simply couldn't overcome.

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The battle was declared invalid because Pol Pot was given a Stechkin automatic pistol, F1 grenade, and Soviet machete despite never using them, and a PPsh-43, a weapon that doesn't exist.

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