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I did not choose this path. It was chosen for me.
— Ezio Auditore da Firenze

A member of the House of Auditore, Ezio Auditore remained unaware of his Assassin heritage until the age of 17, when he witnessed the hanging of his father and two brothers, Federico and Petruccio. Forced to flee his birthplace with his remaining family members - his mother and sister - Ezio took refuge in the Tuscan town of Monteriggioni with his uncle Mario, at the Villa Auditore. After learning of his heritage from his uncle, Mario Auditore, Ezio began his Assassin training and set about on his quest for vengeance against the Templar Order, and their Grand Master, Rodrigo Borgia, who had ordered the execution of his kin.

During his travels, Ezio managed to not only unite the pages of the Codex, written by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Mentor of the Levantine Assassins, but also to save the cities of Florence, Venice, and Rome from Templar rule. He ensured the future travels of Christoffa Corombo to the "New World", liberated Rome from Borgia rule, and prevented the rise to power of Ercole Massimo's Cult of Hermes, helping spread the Renaissance and Assassin ideals of independence and free thought throughout Italy.

Battle vs. Jack Sparrow (by Greenberet69)[]

Life in the pirate city of Tortuga is still the same with pirates and wenches drinking, having fun, and shooting out random shots from their guns. In the Tortuga bar the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow along with 4 crew men from the Black Pearl are gathering up other pirates to join the crew. Jack sitting at the table looks up to notice a strange man in white robes.

"Excuse me mate. Can I help you with something?" Jack asks

The stranger in white walks up to Jack at the table.

"Yes you can." The stranger says

"Well, you like to join my crew mister...."Jack says

"Ezio Auditore da Firenze. And no, I don't want to join your crew Jack Sparrow." Ezio says

"That accent of yours you Italian?" Jack asks

"Yes, I am, now listen to me Jack Sparrow. You may not know it, but you killed two of my men at Port Royale." Ezio says

"Sorry mate, I don't remember killing anyone at the Port except a couple of East India Trading Company soldiers." Jack says

"Exactly. My two men were undercover to find out if this East India Trading Co. was supplying my enemies called the Templars." Ezio says

"Well sorry about that mate, but if you don't mind some people what to join my crew if you don't mind." Jack says

Ezio turns around to the other pirates and says

"Sorry people, but sign ups are closed." Ezio says

"Now what do you think you are doing mate?" Jack says

"You need to pay for your crimes Jack Sparrow." Ezio says

"Sorry mate, but first of all there should be a Captain in there somewhere, second you are outnumbered 5 to one mate." Jack says as his pirates draw their weapons.

"Your wrong Sparrow." Ezio says

"Jack then looks up to notice another person wearing the same white robe as Ezio.

"Who are you mate?" Jack asks

"I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze. I am an Assassin of Italia!" Ezio says

"Right, sorry mate, but got to go now, bye." Jack says

The Assassin with the crossbow fires at Jack but Jack ducks out of the way and the arrow strikes the Pirate behind Jack in the heartBlue. One of Jack's pirates with a Musket fires at the Assassin with the crossbow strikes the Assassin in the chest and makes the Assassin fall to the ground floorDarkred. Jack gets back up and doesn't see Ezio and orders his men out the back door. Jack and the pirates exit the bar out the back door and start heading out of the alleyway when the Pirate with the musket gets struck by an arrow in the backBlue. Jack and the other pirates look on the roof and see Ezio with his Crossbow and one of the pirates fires his Flintlock at Ezio but Ezio gets out of sight and the shot misses. Jack and his pirates head out into the street which is full of people and they start heading back to the Black Pearl. On their way there they are forced to take a detour when the road to the docks is blocked by a huge fight for money. However unknown to them they play right into Ezio's hands and they notice 2 robed men following them. Jack looks up to see a Assassin jump from the roof and tries to assassinate Jack but Jack pulls out his Flintlock and fires a shot and kills the Assassin who falls to the ground deadDarkred,

"Alright mates so you two just stay here and keep those Assassins busy I will just go to the Black Pearl and bring back help" Jack says (Sarcastically)

Jack runs off leaving the two pirates. The two assassins who are in cover move up and one of the pirates armed with a Musket fires but misses and starts to reload while the other pirate who has reloaded his Flintlock tries to find out which Assassin to shoot. Unknown to them however is that the assassins are just to act as cover while Ezio scales onto the roof of the building behind them and as soon as he sees them he gets back and starts running and jumps off of the roof

(Imagine slow motion here)

Ezio draws his Dual Hidden Blades and drives both of them into the necks of the two piratesBlueBlue. Ezio signals his assassins and they meet up and head after Jack. They enter what looks like an abandoned part of Tortuga when one of the Assassins see Jack enter a building.

"Master, over there." One of the Assassins say

The Assassin runs off with Ezio and the other Assassin follow him. The Assassin gets to the door and opens it up and sees a Cannon pointing straight at him with Jack holding the lighter.

"Hello there mate." Jack says

The Assassins eyes widen as Jack fires the Cannon which blows right through the Assassin but Ezio and the other Assassin are able to dodge the Cannonball as it flies through the other buildingDarkred. The other Assassin gets back up and goes into the building Jack is in but Jack is waiting in the corner next to a rope and draws his Cutlass and cuts the rope which causes a chandelier above the Assassin to fall right on top of him, Jack gets over to the Assassin and puts a bullet through his head with his FlintlockDarkred. Jack looks up to see Ezio get up and run towards him and so Jack starts running and exits out the back door. Jack runs into a nearby barn but once he gets inside he doesn't see sign of a back door and turns around but to see Ezio in his way. Jack draws his Cutlass and Ezio draws his Sword of Altair

"Listen mate, we could do this the easy way, or the hard way." Jack

"I don't care what way it is, you have nowhere else to run." Ezio says

Jack charges at Ezio who block a strike from Jack's Cutlass and hits Jack in the face with his fist sending Jack stumbling back. Ezio charges at Jack and the two engage in a long duel, Ezio swings at Jack's head but Jack ducks down and swings at Ezio's leg but Ezio jumps over the sword. Jack swings his Cutlass but Ezio jumps back but Jack is able to draw his Flintlock which he reloaded while running and aims at Ezio

"Sorry mate, I win." Jack says

Jack fires his Flintlock which strikes Ezio in the chest and Ezio falls down. Jack walks over the Ezio's body takes his hat off and kneels down and says

"Sorry it had to end this way mate." Jack says

He gets up to leave but unknown to him Ezio opens his eyes grabs the Sword of Altair and cuts Jack's legs and he falls down in pain.

"Not bad mate, but how did you survive?" Jack says

Ezio shows him the Armor of Altair which the bullet bounced off of. Jack draws his sword and ready to defend himself but Ezio points his hands at Jack's head, Jack is confused until he notices something under Ezio's hand. Ezio fires the Hidden Gun which goes right through Jack's skull and Jack Sparrow falls down deadBlue. Ezio keels down by Jack

"Requiescat in pace" Ezio says and closes Jack's eyes.

Winner: Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Expert's Opinion[]

While Jack had the better experience fighting more tougher enemies then Ezio's enemies. Ezio dominated up close with his better weapons and more skilled fighting up close. Also the important X-Factors of Tactics, Physicality, and Psychological health helped him. But the most important X-Factor of Audacity brought him the win as he was never afraid to fight and never run away from battle.

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Battle vs. Halt O'Carrick (by Codgod13)[]

No battle was written.


Expert's Opinion[]

It was decided to end the battle in a tie due to both warriors having great combat and stealth skills and the victor being mostly dependent on the setting. Ultimately, Halt had the upper hand in dark remote areas where he'd be able to use stealth to his advantage, whereas Ezio would prevail in a thriving city due to his superior street smarts and close-combat mastery.

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Battle vs. Ismae Rienen (by Affectos)[]

No battle was written.


Expert's Opinion[]

While Ismae had a high amount of training and spirituality, Ezio was more trained for battle and while Ismae trained in poisons, Ezio was higher skilled in combat.

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Battle vs. Bayek of Siwa (by MovieStuff65 and Wassboss)[]


Winner: Ezio

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Leliana (by MovieStuff65)[]

Ezio suppressed a grunt of exertion as he reached his hand up to grasp a loose stone, pulling himself up with the natural handhold. The naked eye never could've noticed it, but his Eagle Vision had yet to fail him.

"I'm getting far too old for this," Ezio grumbled as he extended his Hookblade. He smiles at a satisfying click as the hook latches onto the window ledge, and pulls himself upwards. The Assassin drags himself through the window, arriving into a refined and elaborate bedroom. As he rubs the loose pebbles and dirt from his hands, Ezio spares a glance out of the window to the ground below.

Several hundred stories down, the guests of his target congregated in the courtyard, mingling and sharing pleasantries. With a smirk, Ezio activates his Eagle Vision. The world turns into a dark blue hue, save for a single bright yellow drawer. Walking over to the furniture, Ezio pulled open the drawer to see a folded envelope, with the melted seal of the Templars upon it.

"In case there was any doubt..." he mutters to himself, stopping as he hears the quiet snap of a lock breaking. Placing the letter in one of his pouches, Ezio starts to head for the door. As he passes the bed, an arrow flies past his face and slams into the wooden bedpost beside him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Assassin." Leliana says, emerging from the shadows with her recurve bow drawn and aiming another arrow at Ezio's chest. "If you are here for what I think you are, I would recommend you simply walk away." She approaches him, forcing him back to the drawer.

"I am afraid I cannot do that, signora," he says, looking around for an escape route. He pivots towards the door, only for Leliana to match him and block the path. The older man glances at the window, causing the bard to smile.

"Doors are an option, you know."

"On a beautiful night like this? I would not waste it."

"If I had met you at another time, you would've made an excellent bard."

"Such is life..." Ezio says. The two briefly stare at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. "I don't suppose you would be the one to walk away?"

Leliana shakes her head. "Likely not."

Ezio sighs. "Very well."

She looses the arrow, and Ezio quickly rolls to the side to avoid it. As she nocks another, Ezio unholsters the crossbow from his back and pulls the trigger. The bolt whizzes past Leliana, who narrowly avoids it as she leans out of its way. Ezio leaps forward, closing the distance as Leliana starts to draw, Hidden Blade out.

Leliana rolls under his attack, tossing her bow to the other side of the room. Leliana spins and draws her knives as Ezio stands. She thrusts forward, with Ezio to parrying it with his Hidden Blade and causing her to overextend. Ezio unleashes the Hookblade and tries an overhead thrust, only for Leliana to block it with her off hand.

Their blades locking them in place, Leliana quickly starts to sing, magic tinged in her voice. Strangely unable to focus, Ezio headbutts her, putting distance between the two of them. She slips and falls on the bed, rolling to its other side as Ezio raises his arm. She takes cover as Ezio fires the pistol hidden in his gauntlet. The blast echoes in her hearing, forcing her to cover her ears.

Seeing his opportunity, Ezio leaps out the window he arrived in. Quickly climbing down the tower, he looks up as Leliana leans out the window.

"Dammit..." she mutters to herself, trying to vain to spot her opponent in the night. She slings her bow on her back, shaking her head in disappointment as she leaves to find her own target.

Ezio sighs in relief with the scuffle over, before scurrying down the tower and back into the courtyard.

An hour later, Ezio walks up the steps among the rest of the guests. He presents his falsified invitation to the guard, who glances at it and nods. He opens the door, and Ezio walks inside.

Among all the other nobles and attendants, one in particular stood out. Briefly glimpsing with his Eagle Vision, Ezio nodded to himself as the duke glowed a bright golden yellow and red. Forming a plan, he begins to approach the duke, slyly passing between partygoers for cover. To his surprise, the duke turns from his guest and yells towards Ezio.

"Ah, signore Auditore!" he says, opening his arms in greeting. Ezio raises his eyebrow as he is offered a hand, which he grips in a formal handshake.

"My good friend has told me so much about you. I am always glad to meet any guest of Sister Nightingale." the duke says, pointing to his red-haired companion.

Smiling innocently, Leliana bows her head as Ezio approaches. She offers her hand, which Ezio takes and lightly kisses on the knuckle. "It is always good to see her," Ezio says carefully. "It is so rare to make lasting friendships in our work."

Leliana laughs and continues their conversation, greeting Ezio as if he were an old friend. "As I was telling Duke Arnolds, my dear Warden is currently immersed with the work of reconstructing Amaranthine. Being Warden-Commander is quite the task, and adding the management of an entire city doesn't make it easier."

"I would imagine so," Arnolds says. "Although, I hear you will be matching him in status soon. It is rare that I have a guest as esteemed as the future Left Hand of the Divine in my salon."

"You are too kind, my lord." Leliana says. Catching Ezio's confused glare, Leliana smiles and offers him her arm. "Please excuse us, my lord. I have not seen signore Auditore in some time, and I wish to catch up with him."

With the Duke's permission, the two assassins walk over a secluded corner. As a waiter passes them by, she grabs two glasses from his tray. Leliana hands Ezio one as she takes a sip from her's.

"I can trust that these are not poisoned." Ezio says, a wry smile on his face.

"I would not disgrace the Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood in such a way," she replies. He raises an eyebrow, and she nods to the hood that obscured his head. "Your precious order is not nearly as secretive as you like to believe."

He chuckles, taking a glance around the room. He slips into a scowl as he watches the Duke leave the room. Before he can go to follow, he feels a firm grip on his arm.

"You still have time to walk away, Ezio." Leliana says, placing her glass to the side.

"I am afraid I cannot..." he starts to reply, before a faint scent of smoke fills his nose. As Leliana shoves past him, he notices her tucking a small vial into her glove. This is quickly overcome by the burning sensation crawling over his body, his cloak lit as if by magic.

"Guards, guards! Signore Auditore is on fire, hurry!" she yells, causing the whole room to panic and go into disarray. As the guests scramble towards an exit and guards surround him to put the flames out, Ezio lets out an admirable grunt as Leliana winks, following the duke unnoticed to all but to him.

Satisfied that the commotion would keep the rest of the party distracted, and after retrieving her stowed bow and daggers, Leliana quietly climbs the stone stairs as she follows the sound of the duke's voice. As she reaches the top step, the voices stop, with Leliana freezing and straining to listen. A few moments of silence linger, before the conversation continues, further away. She continues her stalking, pouting as the top of the stairs led to a forking hallway.

Before she could determine which path to follow, the clank of metal on stone banged in the staircase behind her. Cursing to herself, she slinks into the shadows, practically invisible as Ezio and several armored guards emerged. "You three, down that hallway! We must protect the Duke!" His companions nod, sprinting down the left hallway. He and the last guard take the middle fork, sprinting, with Leliana steathily following behind.

A few moments later, safely out of the earshot of the others, Ezio makes a show of bending over and grabbing his genuinely sore knee. "Hold a moment, signore," he says, the guard walking over to assist the older man and receiving a Hidden Blade to the gut for his troubles. Gently laying the dying man down, hand over his mouth to maintain silence, Ezio's Eagle Vision tinges the world blue once again, tracks of his target emerging in gold prints on the ground.

He, and his tail, follow the prints, finding themselves at a locked door. He takes a few minutes with the lock, before tossing aside his lockpick set and merely slicing the Hidden Blade through the hole, destroying the lock but opening the door. The Assassin finds himself taking another set of stairs downwards, lit by iron torches, and arriving in a miniature pier of sorts, several guards moving crates while the duke nervously patrolled its dock. Momentarily unseen, Ezio slinks into the shadows, ascending stacks of crates to get into a higher ground position.

Leliana, just as quietly, moves from the opposite side, sticking to the shadows as she tries to find a good spot to begin her attack from. She eventually settles behind a pair of boxes, eyes set on the duke. As she draws her bow, arrow already nocked and laced with a paralytic poison, she fails to spot the crouched Ezio in the crow's nest of their shared target's boat. Surveying the pier with his Eagle Vision, Ezio spots the hiding bard. Smirking, he draws his crossbow and fires a bolt at the crate beside her, shattering the weak object just as she looses her arrow. Aim thrown off, Leliana's arrow instead pierces a guard near the duke.

"The Assassin is here! Defend me, you fools!" Duke Arnolds yells, his half dozen guards swarming on Leliana's position. She keeps her calm, placing arrows in four of the six guards before she draws her daggers. She parries a rapier, sidesteps a greatsword, and knocks both guards off their feet with a sweeping kick. She stabs both guards in the chest before they fall, looking to her target. She frowns in disappointment and frustration as Ezio leaps from the mast directly above the Duke. The Assassin tackles down the surprised noble, plunging his Hidden Blade into Arnolds' throat, executing the same air assassination he's performed hundreds of times in his life.

"Requiescat in pace," Ezio whispers, closing the Duke's eyes and turning to his rival spy. For her part, Leliana merely shrugs before sheathing her weapons. The two share a glance of respect, before both dive into the water just as the Duke's other guards arrive, escaping into the night.

Expert's Opinion[]

While Leliana had developed training and talents for easily placing herself in a position of trust, she relied too much on her spycraft and deception to win this game. Ezio may be older and not as trained in open combat like Leliana, but he had the proper mindset to create his moment thanks to an aggressive, more predatory style. Leliana's reliance on socializing and careful planning put her several steps behind Ezio, who took the simpler, faster path to victory, and was already making his escape plan by the time Leliana was ready to strike.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Dante (Devil May Cry) (by Wassboss)[]

This warrior won a Battle of the Month Award

Dante is walking through a maze underground tunnels, ebony and ivory locked and loaded. Suddenly the tunnels start to shake, rocks falling from the ceiling and shattering on the ground. Dante starts to run through the cavern, barley avoiding the many falling rocks. He finds himself in a large underground cavern. Suddenly rocks explode from the ground, scattering everywhere and smashing off the walls and ceiling. A large creature pulls itself out of the massive hole, almost humanoid but still with a beastly essence to it.

It turns and sees dante standing, hands by his sides, with ivory and ebony in each. The beast snarls and lets out a deafening roar, shaking the cavern. Dante just stands there, smiling in an evil sort of way and lifts up his two guns and pointing them at the giant monster. “Come on then” he says and fires off round after round at the humongous beast but to no avail. The beast is hardly budged and letting out another roar, charges at the demon slayer.

He swipes at him with his massive hands, but dante easily clears it with a quick flip. “Is that all you got” he says and fires another few shots, this time striking it in the head. The beast is still unharmed and swipes at him again, this time sending him flying across the cavern and hitting the wall with a thud. Dante pulls himself to his feet and dusts himself off, holstering his pistols as he does. Taking out rebellion he holds it up to the cracks of sunlight, squeezing through the cracks in the ceiling, the light reflecting off and lighting up the sword.

“Let’s dance” he shouts and charges at the gargantuan demon, dodging swipes from its massive hands. He jumps onto its giant paw and slices into it, leaving a deep wound. The creature roars in pain and tries to grab the tiny human, but dante jumps out of the way and starts running up its arm. He gets to the shoulder blade and hacks away at it, making the creature roar again. He dodges one swipe only to land into the palm of the other hand, which quickly closes around him.

The huge creature holds the demon slayer up to his face and roars, spit hitting dante like a hurricane. “Watch it” he says and shields his eyes from the watery substance. The demon just snarls and prepares to bite him in two. Dante looks franticly around to try and find a way out. He spots a large sharp rock hanging precariously from the ceiling above. Taking out a throwing dagger he stabs the demon causing him to lose his grip. He slips out and taking out ebony fires several rounds at the rock causing it to become dislodged and fall.

The demon growls at dante but he just smiles and points up. The demon looks up, just as the rock hits it going right through its head. The creature screams a most terrible scream, that sends shivers down dante’s spine, but he knows he must get out of there. Grabbing rebellion from the floor (he dropped it after being grabbed by the demon) and runs out towards the only visible exit. The demon, who is still alive, tries to grab him, but dante jumps over his fist and runs through the exit, as cavern and tunnels begin to collapse. The demon lets out one more scream before he is buried under 20 tonnes of rocks and dirt.

Dante carries on running through the tunnels, somehow managing to dodge the collapsing walls. He finds himself in another cavern, but this one is different. In the middle of the cavern, there is a shining light, glittering with all the colours of the rainbow. Dante sheathes rebellion and walks, cautiously, over to the strange spectacle which is still glimmering. Reaching out with his hand, he touches it with his hand and is amazed when it gose through it without his hand sustaining any damage. Dante puts more of his body through the portal until he is completely through it.

Dante finds himself in a large city, with stone buildings stretching as far as the eye can see. There are people selling goods on the paved road, while others walk past carrying goods or children. Some people have stopped to stare at dante but most just ignore him, too busy with their other duties. Dante decides to explore this strange new land, but he only takes one step before someone shouts “Hey you”. Dante turns around to see man, walking towards him, almost marching. He is wearing a red robe, with sliver armour on his body and a helmet which covers his entire face.

“Who are you” he barks almost like an order, his helmet staying completely still when he speaks. “Dante” he says calmly “Just dante”. The guard looks him up and down, and spots his sword, clearly sheathed in his belt. “What is that” he says suspiciously, pointing at the sword. “Oh this” dante answers and taking out the sword says “This is my sword, Rebell-”.

The man suddenly snaps into action “Put the weapon on the ground NOW” he shouts making dante jump a little. “What why” he says looking up and finds himself staring down the barrel of a very primitive firearm. “Okay okay” dante says and let’s go of the sword, which clatters on the ground below. “You sir could be a threat to our city” the man barks, pushing the arquebus nearer to his face “And i must neutralise any threats”. 3 armoured guards step out of the shadows and surround dante, blocking off all his escape routes.

“You there take his sword to make sure he does not use it” the man shouts and one of the guards picks it up and sheathes it in his empty scabbard. The arquebus wielder turns and walks away and the guards push dante after him, something the demon slayer is not happy about. “Hey watch it ugly” dante shouts at the guard who pushed him. The guard takes out his sword and holds it too dante’s face and snarls threateningly “Do you want to live or not”. “Live obviously” dante sighs. “Well then” the guard continues, sheathing his sword as he does “you had better watch your step. He turns back to the mission at hand but realises that the arquebus man is missing.

“What the where the hell did he go” one of the guards says, scratching his head in confusion. “Help help murder” a voice cries out, high pitched and shrill. A woman runs out from an alley way and runs up to the head guard, screaming. “Whoa there what happened” the guard asks calmly, holding the women still and trying to calm her down. “I was walking along when i saw one of those arquebus men marching down the road. I was about to ask him what he was doing when a pair of hands grabbed him and pulled him into an alleyway. I went over to see what was happening and i saw a hooded man crouched over his body, holding a bloodstained blade. I screamed and the person ran off into the streets. Please you have to help me”.

“Okay Okay” the guard says and turns too his men. “I’m gonna see if i can sort this out. Keep your eye on this one i will be back in a few minutes”. The two guards nod and the leader jogs over to where a large crowd is starting to form. “Now don’t you try anything fun-” starts one of the men but before he can finish, he grabs his throat and falls to the ground. The other guard runs too him but, like his predecessor, he also collapses spitting up blood.

Dante walks over to the two fallen men and inspects there corpses. They both seem to have died from no apparent cause. But as dante reaches down to take rebellion from the dead guards scabbard; he notices something shiny sticking out of one of the men’s neck. He takes it out and inspects it; it seems to be some sort of knife. Before he can even blink another knife flies past his face, scraping his cheek and drawing blood.

Dante turns around at lightning fast lightning speed and sees a hooded figure standing in the middle of the road, staring right at him. “Hey you” shouts dante but the man throws another knife at dante who easily manages to dodge it. “I don’t want to hurt you” he tries to explain but the figure throws another 3 knives at the demon slayer. Dante dodges the first two but the third hits him in the arm. “Ah crap” he says and pulling out the knife, throws it to the ground in disgust.

“Fine you want to play that way do you” dante smiles “bring it”. He whips out ebony and ivory and opens fire on the figure, which scrambles away, bullets flying past his head, striking nearby civilians. He jumps behind the cover of a stone wall, the bullets shattering off the wall. This man is no ordinary man however he is Ezio Auditore De Firenze, legendary assassin. He peeks over the side of the wall and sees dante. Cleaning his gun thinking the threat is over. Ezio takes out two knives and dives for the nearby hay bale. He peers through but dante has not spotted him.

Ezio breathes a sigh of relief and readies his knives. He then charges out of his hiding place and throws them, but his aim is slightly off and they do nothing but cut dante’s clothing. Dante whirls round and shakes his head when he sees the man standing a few feet away from him. “Not you again” he sighs and takes out his pistols again. “This time i ain’t letting you go”. With that he fires several shots at ezio who turns on his heels and runs, knowing he can’t beat him in this way. Dante jogs after him, his guns still in his hands.

Ezio turns sharply down a street corner and looks around for anything he could use to his advantage. He spots a crossbow man, standing guard outside a monastery. “Well I’m gonna need it more than he does” ezio mutters under his breath and pushes his way through the crowd, making a beeline for the guard. The man turns to face him, but it is too late. The last thing he sees is the dark inside of a sleeve, illuminated by a shiny blade. The guard slumps over, his eyes rolled back into his head and ezio picks up the crossbow, which is lying at the man’s feet.

Just at that very moment dante rounds the corner and spots ezio, crouched over the guard’s body. He fires two shots at the master assassin, who just manages to roll out of their path. He quickly swirls around and fires a bolt that the demon slayer barley avoids. He then slinks off into the shadows, struggling to load up another bolt as he does so. Dante sprints towards the alley way, but when he arrives his opponent has seemingly disappeared. Dante cautiously side steps through the narrow and very badly lit alleyway, looking around for ezio but not once looking up...

Ezio stands on top of the building staring down at the clueless dante. Chuckling, he takes the crossbow from where he strapped it onto his back, and points the freshly loaded blot at dante’s pale, white haired head. “This is too easy” he snigers and fires the bolt, which whistles almost silently towards the unsuspecting man below. However this is no ordinary man, his ears are trained to hear even the faintest of sounds and a crossbow blot whistling through the air is no different. With a single step of both speed, agility and skill the crossbow bolt, snaps on the wall behind. He looks up to see the shocked ezio, standing in plain view on the roof top.

“Got you now” says dante and opens fire on ezio, the first few shots bouncing off the roof tiles. Ezio comes to his senses and tries to escape, but the roof tiles crumble beneath him, sending him crashing to the ground. He sits up dazed, rubbing his head to try and make the pain go away. He suddenly finds himself looking down the cold, dark barrel of a gun. Dante snigers and is about to pull the trigger when a shout comes out from the alley way entrance. Dante looks around and sees a tall man, in full body armour, standing tall, sword in hand.

“Hey you i thought i told you not to run away” he barks and two more men appear beside him. Dante looks back to ezio, but he has disappeared. Ezio watches him from the rooftop and laughs. “Nice knowing you” he whispers, staying to watch his opponent’s fate. “I’m gonna enjoy this” the head guard say angrily. “Attack”. With that the two grunts run forward, their swords, glimmering in the light. Dante waits till they are too near to dodge and, taking out several darts, throws them at the two guards, piercing their eyes and killing them.

“Well then” the last guard smiles “It’s just you and me”. With a roar he charges at dante, who takes his stance, rebellion in hand. The guard tries to hit him with a downward strike which is easily blocked by dante. He tries to stab forward but again dante blocks and rebuttals with a slash, which cuts through the guard’s neck like a hot knife through butter. The guard grasps his neck and falls to the ground, gulping like a fish as blood spurts out of his neck. “Who are you” he sputters, his life slowly ebbing away. Bending down to look at him dante says in a calm and soothing voice “I’m dante, dante the demon hunter”. With that he plunges the sword into the man’s head, putting him out of his misery. Ezio cures under his breath and jumps down from the rooftop, landing silently behind dante. “Time to finish what is started” he whispers and taking out a knife, sneaks up behind the unsuspecting demon hunter.

Unfortunately he accidently steps in a puddle, making a large splashing noise and alerting dante to his position. Dante whirls around are laughs at the assassin standing before him. “Back for more are we” he says putting his hands on his holstered guns. “You me right now, no firearms just us and our melee weapons” ezio says hoping that dante will except. Dante smiles and takes his hands away from the guns. “Bring it” he sniggers and throws several darts at him, but ezio dodges them with ease. He throws the knife he is holding, but that too fails to land a blow.

Dante takes out rebellion, a holds it up in the air, light bouncing off it making it shine. Ezio brings out his hidden blades, and holds them together in a cross, having the same effect as rebellion. With the showing off over, ezio charges at dante, who readies himself for impact. Ezio stabs forward with his blades, which dante just manages to parry. He swings rebellion at ezio, who catches it with his blades and tries to pull out of dante’s hands. Dante however has a better grip on the sword and regains possession of it . This gose on for several minutes, every time one of them starts to get an advantage the other cancel’s it out with a cleverly timed block or strike.

Ezio however is starting to learn dante’s pattern of attack and tires to intercept it. Dante tries a slice with his sword, which ezio catches in his blades and tries to pull out of dante’s hand. This time instead of trying to forcibly yank the sword out of dante’s hands, tires to remove it with skill. He twists the sword in one direction and when dante responds to this, twists it quickly in the opposite one, yanking it out of dante hand. He tosses the sword aside and swipes forward with his blades, managing to leave two light cuts on dante’s chest. Dante pushes ezio away and picks up a discarded chair, waiting for his moment to strike.

Ezio prepares himself for a jumping attack, and leaps high into the air, his blades aimed downwards. Just as he is about to stab the demon hunter, dante whirls round and smashes him, square on the chest, sending him flying into street by the alleyway. Dante picks up rebellion, which had landed perfectly, blade in the ground, and strolls over to where ezio is lying. Ezio gets to his feet, holding his head, the pain being almost unbearable. Dante throws one of his daggers which hits the master assassin square in the shoulder and he crashes to the floor.

Dante stands over his opponent, the sun shining off his back making him look more badass. Ezio makes one last feeble attempt to salvage this battle and raising his hand, fires the hidden gun inside. However his aim is off and it only scrapes dante’s cheek. Dante touches his cheek and feels the warmth of his blood, dripping out. “So trying to cheat are we” dante gloats and holds rebellion high above his head ready to plunge it into the fallen assassin’s heart.

Before he does however ezio calls out “Tell Ceaser Borgia that he should kill his enemies himself instead of sending trained warriors after me”. “Ceaser Borgia” says dante questioningly “Who the hell is that”. Ezio looks at him confused “But you were sent by him right”. “No” dante says sheathing rebellion and putting out his hand to help ezio up. Ezio takes it and pulls himself up with a grunt, his ankle in extreme pain. “Well i guess this is all a big misunderstanding” ezio says and dante nods in agreement. “Well i had better get back to my own world” dante says “Hope you catch this Borgia guy”. With that the demon hunter turns and walks off, the sun shining off his coat and lighting the street around him. Winner dante

Expert's Opinion[]

Dante won because of his more modern weaponry and his experience fighting much harder foes.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared unfair for Ezio because of Dante's superhuman physicality and more modern weaponry.

Battle vs. Eli (by Richard Starkey)[]

Eli walked down a road headed west and didn't notice Ezio behind him, Ezio drew both blades and slashed at Eli, only to be blocked by his sword. Eli landed a powerful kick to Ezio's stomach, Ezio dropped both blades and stumbled back then spat out blood drew his longsword and charged. Eli blocked Ezio and the two parryed for a while then Ezio kicked Eli's hand, causing him to drop his sword. Ezio swung at Eli but Eli caught the the blade in his hand, ignoring the pain his punched Ezio straight in the face breaking his nose.

Ezio drew his poisoned blades and attacked Eli but Eli caught both of Ezio's hands and kneed him in the stomach. Ezio dropped both blades and blood dripped from his mouth, Eli bagan to walk away but Ezio drew his Flintlock. But Eli quickly drew his pistol and shot Ezio's hand, Ezio fell to his knees and Eli retrieved his sword.

Eli crouched down by Ezio and Ezio asked him "Who are you?" Eli stared at him for a moment, and seemingly hugged him, but actually ran him through with his blade.

Eli then gathered his things and headed west.

Winner Eli

Expert's Opinion[]

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why Eli won.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle has been declared unfair for Ezio because Eli had modern firearms.

Battle vs. Link (Ocarina of Time) (by Drayco90)[]

The high tower of the stone cathedral stood vanguard over the small village below it. The church sat like a castle in the middle of the town, at the top of a hill in order to be the most visually attractive building for miles. The building had been constructed by rich missionaries many generations before, in an extravagant attempt to convert the local ‘savages’ to Christianity. Of course, the church-going people had no idea that a decades ago the Assassin Order had taken over the long-spanning (and long abandoned) catacombs, discovering an ancient artifact within that they knew they had to keep from the Templar.

Ganon’s forces were hitting the kingdom of Hyrule hard, and the royal family knew that if help wasn’t sent soon, they would be over taken by the dark armies. The champion who had held off the forces of Twilight in years past, the mighty Hylian Link set out on the back of his chestnut steed, Epona, to seek out weapons and artifacts that could be used to save the life of Princess Zelda and keep safe the lands of Hyrule.

So the ‘Hero of Time’ had made his way to this quiet little village on the outskirts of Hyrule. The white-cloaked man watched from the top of the bell tower as the green-clad warrior rode in. It was clear to Ezio Auditore da Firenze what the elf-like warrior was here for, and it was fortunate that he had taken a break from his war with the Borgia to come to talk with his fellow Assassins holding the cathedral.

Link hitched Epona at the entrance and strode in to the church, just as the great bell towers began to ring across the empty, sleeping village. Link glanced up at the tower, but there was nothing of note there, save for a single majestic eagle screeching as it flew from it’s perch.

Vast was the exterior of the Church, and Link glanced to and fro. It seemed every person in the village who could walk, and a good sum who couldn’t, had come to services this morning. Link weaved through the crowds and past a cordoned-off stairway leading down into the catacombs below, his hand resting on the Master Sword’s hilt. He was expecting an army of skeletons and pig-creatures standing between him and whatever treasure was hidden within, but he was wholly unprepared for the foe that he actually was to face.

With a loud twang, a crossbow bolt sailed past Link’s ear, pinpointing the brick wall in front of him with a thud. Link turned slightly, seeing a white-robed man at the top of the staircase, a crossbow in his hand.

“You have stumbled onto land owned by the Assassin Order.” Ezio announced to his unwelcome guest “The artifact you seek is not yours to take, signore.”

“…” Link knew he needed all the help he could get in bringing down Ganon, and it’s not as if Assassins were savory characters anyway. Perhaps he would be bringing down the villains of another story in this fight.

Link quickly drew his shield and blocked a second crossbow bolt, unsheathing his Master Sword at the same time. He charged the assassin, swinging the sword. Ezio sidestepped the blow, but was surprised to see a blast of energy burst from the tip. The Auditore snapped his arm back, smacking the Hylian across the face with his crossbow. He fired another bolt just as Link swung his sword at the bow, causing the bolt to miss it’s intended target and pierce through Link’s thin shoe.

With a heroic yell, Link slammed his shield in Ezio’s face, causing the assassin to stumble backwards and drop his crossbow in a daze. Link prepared to stab at Ezio again, but the assassin recovered in time to parry the blow with the Dagger of Brutus. Quickly, Ezio drew the Sword of Altiar and made a swing at the Hylian while he was still blocking the Master Sword with his dagger. Link reared back, only losing a few of his blonde hairs from the speedy swing. Link raised the shield to dodge another swing, but as he did so Ezio leapt into the air, using Link’s shield as a platform he jumped behind the green-tunic wearing Hero and delivering a swipe to Link’s back with the sword.

Link cried out and discarded his shield, knowing the disadvantages it’s weight and size created outweighed it’s positives in this battle. Drawing his Hookshot, Link latched on to Ezio and swung him across the room, allowing the Hylian some breathing room. Ezio slammed into the wall with a crash and slowly rolled down to the ground below. Ezio sheathed his sword and dagger and drew the Condottiero War Hammer, using the weapon to prop himself up off the floor.

At the same time, Link primed a bomb from his pouch and rolled it across the room. The bomb landed right at Ezio’s feet, where it sat there and began to expand and deflate in a slow rhythmic pattern while the fuse burned even slower. Ezio swung the hammer at the explosive, sending it back across the room, landing in the corner where it detonated, causing part of the wall to cave in. Screams from the people terrified upstairs could be heard, and dust kicked down from the ceiling as the people began to run in a mass exodus out of the church.

Ezio charged Link with his War Hammer high, his first overhead swing missed as Link rolled to the right as Link fired a slingshot projectile at the Assassin’s face. Ezio hissed as the shot broke skin directly under his eye, causing fresh blood to slowly trickle down his cheek. While the pain was biting, it wasn’t nearly major enough to slow down his next swing, and the war hammer impacted on Link’s knee. The sharp crack of bone giving way to harsh metal caused the Hylian to scream out in pain and buckle to the ground. Ezio raised the hammer, preparing to crush the writing head of his foe, but as he prepared to bring in back down, Link fired the Hookshot and latched on the hammer, ripping it from his hands. Link grabbed another bomb and slammed it into Ezio’s stomach, limping away deeper into the catacombs as Ezio was caught in the explosion and went sailing across the room.

Ezio coughed and dusted off the smoke from his robes as he recovered from the blow. Focusing his Eagle Vision, Ezio could see Link had gone deeper in the tunnels to find somewhere to recover and get ready for more fighting. Still coughing, Ezio made his way down into the tunnels below. He rounded a corner, and was greeted with an arrow to the chest. He grunted and stumbled backwards, glaring down at Link, who was leaned up against the wall to relieve pressure from his broken leg, the Hero Bow in his hands.

Link turned his head to grab another arrow, but when he drew the string back the Assassin had disappeared. The Hylian began to worry as he looked in every direction for the Assassin, but couldn’t see him in the shadowy corridors. Suddenly he heard a metallic pop, and turned behind him, just as Ezio stabbed him through the forearm with a Hidden Blade. Link gasped out, while the assassin brutally kicked him in the back of his broken knee, swinging him around. The warriors looked each other in the eye as Ezio placed his other hand at Link’s throat, allowing the Hidden Blade to slide out, stabbing him through the throat. Link choked on his blood and began to shake violently for a few moments, before he stopped moving. Ezio reached up, closing the Hero of Time’s eyes and slowly laid him on the ground.

“Requiescat in pace.” Ezio whispered as he began the return trip to the surface. There was no doubt that the M’kraan Crystal would need to be transported to a safer facility now.

Winner: Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Expert's Opinion[]

While the battle was incredibly close, with a final vote of 10 to 11, but in the end Ezio got the edge due to his arsenal being better designed for killing, his agile skills and his ability to scan the enviroment and keep track of his foes with Eagle Vision, plus his ability to blend in with the enviroment easily allowed him to open a number of additional combat options.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


Battle made use of a composite Link.

Battle vs. Batman (Comics) (by Wassboss)[]

Batman is standing patrol on top of Gotham city’s tallest building when he hears a cry for help. He immediately glides down to the commotion. Meanwhile Ezio Auditore da Firenze having just killed his target is about to leave when batman flies down and sends him flying with kick to the face. “Well, well, well” say batman “so you are the guy who has been killing innocent people”. Ezio answers by throwing several throwing knifes at him. Batman dodges them with ease. “So that’s the way you want it” says batman. He then charges at ezio but is met with a throwing knife just missing his head followed by two more thrown in quick succession scraping his shoulder.

Batman getting annoyed now pulls out a baterang and throws it at ezio. It misses him initially but gets him on the rebound. Dazed ezio pulls out the mace of the bull and swings it at batman just missing his head. He then swings it again catching batman off guard and knocking him away. He heads towards him but batman pulls out his grapple gun and takes the mace away from ezio. “Not so tough now are you” says batman pulling out his baterang and throwing it at ezio again. Ezio answers by slicing it in half with is hidden blade. “Try me” he says smiling. Batman gets out his gauntlets and they begin to duel.

After several long minutes of duelling batman starts to get the upper hand. He kicks ezio down and steps on his blade snapping it. Batman stands over him and says in a mighty voice “you were good but not that good”. “Oh” says ezio “it’s not over yet” and fires his hidden gun at batman. It hits him square in the shoulder. The shock sends him stumbling back in pain. Ezio reveals two more hidden blades and charges again at batman. Batman tries to stab ezio with his uninjured arm but ezio easily dodges it. He then gose into a fury slashing at batman with all his speed and strength. Batman dodges most of the slashes but some manage to hit him leaving behind several gashes in his chest. “What do you have to say now you flying rat” say ezio still furiously slashing at batman. “This” say batman and pushes ezio back and runs off into the night. “Well i guess i win” says ezio. He turns around when suddenly he notices the sticky gel attaches to his chest. “Aw crap” he says as he is blown to smithereens.

Batman flies back down after a couple of hours and picks up the remains of ezio’s corpse. He then takes it away and chucks it in the dump. “As i said before you ain’t that good” whispers batman as he glides off into the distance.

Winner Batman

Experts opinion[]

While Ezio brought some good weapons to the fight it was Batman's experience against tougher enemies that won him the battle.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared unfair for Ezio because he is unable to pierce Batman's armor and because of Batman's tech advantage.

Battle vs. Corvo Attano (by Geekboy27)[]


A man stands alone in the night, next to a market as many of the civilians are leaving to their homes. He sees a man motion him into an alley he follows. He walks into the alley to find two other Templars with a dead Assassin at their feet. The man bows before the men. The man's superior places a hand on his shoulder.

"Brother, do you know what your mission is?" The tall man asks

The young man responds

"I must take the assassins robes and go into the throne room of Emily Kaldwin, the child emperess of Dunwall. I must attempt to assassinate her but if I am killed, I will frame the Master Assassin Ezio Auditore."

"Yes very good." The olderman says with a smile

The man takes the robes and leaves.

In Emily's throne room it is night, and a small party is going on. Corvo stands next to the throne of young Emily.

"Corvo, their is a lot of people here!" Emily says

"Yes, they are here to celebrate your new rule as emperess." Corvo responds

Sudenly, a scream Corvo runs over and sees a white robed man running full speed knocking out, and even killing several civilians. He runs to Emily and almost stabs her but Corvo pulls out his Crossbow shooting the man in the leg as he screams and falls down. Corvo walks to Emily.

"Are you ok Emily?"

"Yes I am fine Corvo." Emily says shaken up.

Corvo pulls down the mans hood.

"Who put you up to this?" Corvo asks with a glare.

The man grins.

"Ezio Auditore da Firenze." The man respons

"And where can I find this man Ezio?"

"In Roma look for the Assassins."

The gaurds approach.

"Gaurds, take this man to the prison. I have to find this man Ezio he seems dangeroues and must go against his crime to have young Emily killed."

Corvo puts on his mask and has Samuel take him to Rome. He makes sure to find Ezio so he can make sure he brings no harm to Emily again.

Sam and Corvo get to Rome safely and Corvo is about to leave.

"Becareful Corvo," Says Sam "I read about this guy. He has assassinated noble men that are worse then the men you killed."

"Don't worry Sam" Corvo responds as he heads off to find Ezio.

Corvo finds a poster with Ezio's face on it.

"It's written in Itallian" He says then moves off.

He sees a man with a white robe walk in to an alley, and he follows. He sees the man go down a sewer tunnel.

"Well lets try it" Corvo says as he crawls through.

He gets to an large area wich is made of stone. He sees Assassins guarding the door.

"I am only here for Ezio" Corvo says. He arms his Crossbow with sleep darts. He shoots one of the Assassins, who then falls over.

"What?!" One of the Assassins yell.

Corvo shoots the other one. He goes into the room which is big and very round, and sees Ezio examing a sword.

"Ezio Auditore!" Corvo yells. Ezio turns

"Who are you? Why do you have that mask?" Ezio asks

"These matters do not convern you! Why did you try to kill young Emily?!" Corvo yells back.

"Who's young Emily?" But before Ezio can say anything else, Corvo attacks.

They both grab their swords and they clash. They both take swings at each other a lot. Corvo is able to deflect almost every hit thanks to Pieros uprade. He hits Ezio's sword away and slashes his arm. Ezio brings out his hidden blades as Corvo takes out his knife. Corvo attempts to stab Ezio but Ezio has the upper hand and is able to stab quicker. He stabs Corvo two times in the leg. Corvo pulls out his pisol and attemps to shoot Ezio.

But Ezio is quicker and runs in to the dark area of the room and hides. Corvo looks around. Ezio fires his Crossbow at Corvos leg. Corvo yells out in pain and pulls drops his pistol. Ezio Runs out with his blades and attempts to stab him again. But Corvo grabs his Crossbow and fires it at Ezio. The bolt goes so fast Ezio has no time to dodge it and it hits him in the stomach. Ezio falls down as Corvo tries to get up. The bolt went deep into his stomach and he is slowly bleeding out.

Corvo grabs his sword and stabs it into Ezio's chest.

"For the Emperess!"

Winner: Corvo Attano

Expert's Opinion[]

Corvo won because his weapons were more advanced than Ezios and he had more experience taking down baddies then Ezio. Corvo's sword could easily deflect attacks and his Crossbow had more range then Ezio's

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


Battle was declared invalid due to nerfing.

Battle vs. Saladin (by ILoveBattles)[]

Ezio and six assassins were sent to hunt down and kill an Arab leader who is in Italy to make plans for an invasion. Ezio is first to reach the edge of the building, and signals his assassins to stop. He sees Saladin walking with 6 guards by him. “Saladin, sir, we should move faster. The meeting is in 15 minutes.” A guard says to Saladin. “Fair enough. Do we have a carriage?” He asks, looking around. “Go. Leave the leader alone. He’s mine.” Ezio says to his men. The assassins converge on Saladin’s position. “Get them!” An assassin yells. “What in the-“ A guard of Saladin is cut off by an assassin jumping on him and pushing the hidden blade through his neck.

Ezio-7 Saladin-6

“My good Allah!” Saladin yells as he sees his friend die. All the other assassins get involved and fight the Arabs. One assassin is held up by an Arab soldier, but another assassin is able to chop at his side and kill the Arab.

Ezio-7 Saladin-5

“Kill some of them at least!” An Arab soldier yells out. “Saladin!” Ezio yells in the midst of the battle. Saladin turns and looks at Ezio, only to get shot right above the hip by a crossbow bolt. Saladin falls onto the ground, but is able to crawl into an alleyway and hide. “Fool. Kill the rest of them!” Ezio yells to his assassins. Just after Ezio said that, an Arab soldier parries and disarms an assassin, then slashes him in the throat and kills him.

Ezio-6 Saladin-5

“What in god’s name?” Ezio mutters to himself as he sees the death of his assassin. He unsheathes his Sword of Altair and comes down with an overhead strike on the Arab soldier that killed the assassin. Luckily, the Arab is able to put up his sword and block the oncoming attack. The Arab kicks Ezio in the stomach from the ground, causing him to move backwards. Another assassin goes to help, but an arrow lands in his stomach.

Ezio-5 -Saladin-5

Ezio looks over and sees an injured Saladin from the corner of the alley. “He’s not going to get very far anyway. Kill the others first.” Ezio says to himself. “Ezio, we need help!” A voice came from the battle scene. Ezio sprints to an Arab soldier, but he had already pulled out his Khanjar and stabbed the assassin in the throat.

Ezio-4 Saladin-5

 “What kind of warriors are these men?” Ezio muttered. He runs behind the Arab soldier and runs the Sword of Altair through the back of the Arab.

Ezio-4 Saladin-4

“I’m going to kill you, you Arab bastard!” an assassin yells at an Arab soldier. The assassin parries an attack, but the Arab picks up some dirt and throws it in the eyes of the assassin. “Dirty move!” Ezio yells to the Arab before charging him. The Arab, notified by this taunt, is able to throw Ezio to the ground when he charges. Ezio is able to react by using the Hidden Blade to stab him in the knee. The other assassin surprises the Arab with the stiletto and stabs him in the stomach.

Ezio-4 Saladin-3

“Thank you, friend.” Ezio says to the assassin. “No, thank you.” The assassin says. As they both turn around, they see another assassin get bashed in the face by an Arab Warhammer.

Ezio-3 Saladin-3

“What in the?” The assassin next to Ezio says. The two assassins approach the Arab swiftly, but he keeps them at distance by wildly swinging his Warhammer. “Stay back, you hooded fools!” he yells at them. Ezio nods to his fellow assassin, and he slides to the Arabs feet and slashes his Achilles tendon. “Stay right there.” Ezio says to the Arab. The other assassin looks around, and gets an arrow to the neck for standing up.

Ezio-2 Saladin-3

Ezio looks over to his last assassin, and decides he needs someone to help him. Ezio pulls out his crossbow and shoots an Arab in the side. Ezio walks over to the Arab and points his sword at his neck. “Please…” The Arab says, struggling to breathe. “Why should I?” Ezio says as he cuts the Arab’s neck with the Sword of Altair.

Ezio-2 Saladin-2

“Forgot one thing, hold a moment.” Ezio says. He walks over to the Arab soldier with the slashed tendon. “Having trouble getting up?” Ezio asks. “Shut up and kill me.” The Arab says. “With pleasure.” Ezio says. He pulls out his stiletto and stabs him in the stomach, leaving it in him.

Ezio-2 Saladin-1

Saladin picks up his Khanjar and creeps into the bloody road. The assassin sees Saladin walking towards them and fires his crossbow, but only grazes his arm. Saladin stumbles behind a fountain and sits down to mend his wounds. He hears footsteps though, and throws his Khanjar into the assassin’s head.

Ezio-1 Saladin-1

“Ezio Auditore.” Saladin says as he gets up. “All I hear is your damned name all around this city.” Saladin slowly pulls out his scimitar. “It’s for a reason.” Ezio says. He sees Saladin preparing a surprise attack and times his sword to draw just as Saladin swings his scimitar. The impact from the two blades exerts Saladin’s wound, knocking him back. Saladin takes another desperate swing, and the blade runs off of Ezio’s sword. Ezio goes for a low swipe, and he just barley scrapes Saladin’s leg. Saladin takes a swing at Ezio’s other side, but he is able to pull out his hidden blade and block the attack. Ezio capitalizes by pulling an upward slash and cutting Saladin’s shoulder. Ezio, without looking, trusts his sword behind him through Saladin’s back and out his chest. Ezio pulls out, sheathes his sword and turns around. He rolls Saladin’s corpse on his back to confirm his death, and stands up.

Ezio-1 Saladin-0

Ezio looks around and sees the carnage before him. He goes to all six of his fallen comrades and pays his respects to all of them. He whistles for his horse and mounts it, taking one last look at the corpses of Arabs and assassins. “The most messy assassination there’s ever been.” Ezio muttered to himself.

Expert's Opinion[]

Ezio won because of his more reliable troops who are better trained, he has a home field advantage, and Ezio was a better fighter as well as a better worker with his team, while Saladin usually just stood back and gave commands to his troops.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


Battle was declared invalid due to nerfing.