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In a place with no law, the strong take what they want, and the weak are their slaves, their play things... And no one is stronger than me.
— Evil Cole

Evil Cole MacGrath is the alternate universe evil equivalent to Cole MacGrath, who decided to embrace his inner demons after the Ray Sphere activated his Conduit Genes in Empire City, granting him electric-based super powers. While the "Good" Cole worked with the police and his friends to retake Empire City from the gangs and stop the evil Kessler, Evil Cole chose instead to dominate the city himself, taking control of everything piece by piece, and murdering anything that stood in his way. His ex-girlfriend Trish, instead of helping him and admitting that she always loved him when he failed to save her from Kessler, only spited him and told him that she thought he was a horrible, shameful monster- only furthering his descent into brutality and rage. After killing Kessler and wiping out the First Sons, Evil Cole had complete control over Empire City- not even caring that his reign would be opposed by the government, and that it had cost him all of his friends and loved ones.

When The Beast arrived in Empire City, Evil Cole was unable to defeat it, and was severely weakened, forcing Lucy Kuo and his best friend Zeke Dunbar to retrieve him and take him to New Marais to heal and get stronger powers. During his time in New Marais, Cole only became aggressive and brutal- gaining violent new powers, including fire-based powers from his new girlfriend Nix. Ultimately, when The Beast made Evil Cole an offer to wipe out the human race in order to create more Conduits, he accepted- something that infuriated Nix and Zeke, while Kuo approved. Cole and The Beast began a path of destruction through New Marais, wiping out the entirety of LaRoche's rebellion with barely an effort, before Cole snapped Nix's neck. Finally, Evil Cole was forced to strike down his best friend, destroying the only device that could stop them. The Beast admitted that it was unable to go on after New Marais, but it transferred it's power in Cole- effectively making Evil Cole The Beast himself. Declaring war upon the human race, Evil Cole began to conquer the planet, ruling over the Conduits with Kuo at his side.

Battle vs. Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) (by MovieStuff65)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Evil Cole

Expert's Opinion[]

Evil Cole had more variety, more power, and more experience with his powers, sealing an easy win.

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Battle vs. Tyrant King (by Killermoves)[]

Evil Cole was sitting ontop of a rooftop, looking at a city that he is hungry to conquer. He sent lightning bolts which blew off many infrastructures and military outposts in an attempt to conquer it. The Evil King heard the commotion and set out to investigate. He saw Cole hurling lightning bolts at his kingdom.

"Who are you? Leave now or suffer the consequences."

"Yeah screw you. Don't you know who I am? I'm the motherf----ng BEAST!"

Cole then throws a bunch of Lightnign Bolt at the Evil King, which merely bounced off his armor. The Evil King then shot his pistol and hurled a fireball whcih Cole easily dodge. "Heh, pathetic!"

Evil Cole then sent out spikes and fire balls, which Evil King easily dodged. Evil King then used his force push to knock Corvo away before summoning a snow storm on the Beast. Cole was pissed. He then turned into a firebird and launched himself at the Evil King. Then, he summoned a large ionic vortex that thoroughly destroyed whatever the place they were fighting on.

But ALAS! The Evil King was nowhere to be seen.

And before Evil Cole can react with an Ionic Storm, the Evil King impaled him on his sword. "H-how?..."

"My time spell which you never see coming. I was never there when you showed off your powers. And now you are dead."

The Evil King then threw Evil Corvo's corpse on the ground and yelled in victory!

Expert's Opinion[]

Evil Hero of Brigthwall was victorious due to his better weapons and variety of powers, which compensate enough against Cole's powers which rely mostly on destruction and brute force. Cole can only use one element at a time while the Evil Hero can combine two elemental powers into one, and his time stop was a perfect counter against Evil Cole's speed and agility.

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Battle vs. Static (by Night Child 13)[]

Static was flying on his disc on a daily patrol around the city. So far all had been quite and he though he would be able to relax today. Suddenly there was a call on the police frequency.

"Attention all units. Attention all units there is a deranged superpower attacking the police station. Requesting all units in area to respond. Repeat all units in area..."

Wondering who would be brave and or stupid enough to attack the police station Static quickly hurried over. When he got there he saw that the police station was destroyed and that the cops were in a shoot out with the criminal and were losing badly. Suddenly there was a explosion and all the cop's hands and feet were cuffed to the ground. As Static sees this he realizes that the criminal is looking at him.

"Who the hell are you?" The criminal asks.

"The name's Static. Static Shock and who might be I addressing?" Static replied thrown of a little by the mans blunt attitude.

"The name is Cole MacGrath and this is my city now so get lost before I make you." Cole says concentrating electricity in his hands.

"Is that a fact, well lets see what you got." Static replies as he starts launching lightning bolts at Cole.

Cole begins to dodge and starts launching his own lightning bolts three at a time. This forces Static to start manuvering on his disc so he doesn't get hit. Suddenly Cole's lightning bolts turn into little balls of electricity. Not sure what they do Static continues to dodge until he hear a explosion behind him. He turns just in time to see one of the balls explode before he forced to turn his attention back to Cole. All of a sudden Cole stops attacking and before Static can even question why a ball on the bottom of his disc explodes and causes him to land on the police station cuffed to the roof top with his disc twenty feet away and cuffed to the roof as well with the wind knocked out of him. As he regains his breath he absorbs the electrical cuffs and rolls over onto all fours and sees Cole use a electrical tether to pull himself up onto the roof.

"What's wrong kid can't handle a real challenge?" Cole taunts.

"I'll give you a challenge alright." Static replies coming to his feet.

"You're not even worth my time." Cole says as he creates three liquid spikes that solidify and transform into three creatures.

"Aww you didn't tell me your family reunion was today I would have broght a gift." Static jokes.

"Kill him." Cole says starting to lose patience.

The three creatures all rush at Static at the same time forcing him to back up and put up a barrier. Using the barrier to his advantage Static throws his own electric balls blowing up two of the creatures. As he searches for the third one Cole launches five fire balls at once destroying Static's shield but the backlash nearly knocks Cole off the roof. Turning to fight Cole Static is suddenly knocked onto his stomache by the third creature. The creature begins to wail on Static causing him to grunt in pain. Just as the creature lifts both hands to hit Static, Static elbows it in the face causing it to fall off of him. As Static gets up he launches a electrical bolt and vaproizes the creature. As he turns to face Cole he is hit on the head by Cole's amp. Cole then hits Static again causing Static to stagger backwards. Cole charges and jumps in the air intending to hit Static from an air attack but Static uses his electricity to get rid of the cuffs on his disc and launch at Cole's back causing Cole to over shoot and fly off the roof landing on the road. As Cole moves to get up Static flys down on his disc and uses a electrical beam to bend a near by fire hydrant and short circut Cole causing him to lose conscienceness.

Taking a breath of relief Static glides over to Cole who shoots his eyes open and catches Static with a electrical lasso. Before Static can figure out what is going on he is being whipped to the side off his disc. Cole then jumps and attempts to pound Static with the amp but Static manages to roll out of the way and turn his hands into tasers. Before he can even swing Static realizes this as a mistake as Cole moves in and Static can't reach him. Being force to dodge the onslaught Static tries to draw his bo but every time he grabs it he lets go so Cole won't hit him. Getting annoyed Static slides down his goggles and causes a bright flash blinding Cole. Using this Static starts to punch Cole with his taser fists causing Cole to lose ground. Taking all the hits he can put up with Cole launches ash and dust into the air blinding Static. Using this as a distraction Cole takes a swing at Static knocking him off his feet allowing Cole to run inot a nearby alley. Rolling out of the hit Static grabs his bo, discards his jacket and gives chase to Cole.

Coming out of the other side of the alley Cole spots train tracks on a platform and climbs the beam holding it up. Meanwhile Static just coming out of the alley himself sees Cole climbing and runs up the stairs. Once on top of the tracks Cole jumps on a rail and begins to grind away from Static collecting power as he went. Static seeing this electricutes the rail in front of him and begins grinding after Cole. Suddenly Cole feels weak and his grinding stops. Looking around he sees that he is in a constrution zone to finish a second track. Looking back and seeing how close Static is he jumps off the track and shoots fire from his hands and feet giving him the appearnce of a phoenix, flies toward the construction zone, a plan already forming. When Static sees where Cole is going he stops where Cole jumped off and is confused. He can feel the lack of energy so why can't Cole? Believeing this to be a mistake on Cole's part Static jumps off the tracks and follows Cole into the Constrution sight.

Once Static is at the sight he can no longer see Cole, so being careful he puts a shield around himself then continues on. Cole watching from a distance sees Static put up his shield and not wanting to fall for that a second time launches five fire balls at Static which explode at his feet causing him to fly forward and knock the shield off. As Static gets back up on his feet he turns around in time to see Cole chargining at him with is amp raised. Static launches a bolt at Cole but Cole blockes it with a piece of wood he found and reaches Static to strike forcing him to put up his bo just in time. For a little bit Cole is confident he is going to win as Static gives ground until he steps into a pot hole losing causing him to lose his balance. Using this Static takes the offensive forcing Cole to give ground until he falls backwards. Not relenting for a second Static continues to strike with his bo forcing Cole to keep using the wood as a shield. Finally the wood satrts to splinter from the blows and Cole realizes he has to do something fast. Using his foot he sweeps Statics feet out from under him and riding his own momentum gets up and slams the amp into Static's temple jsut enough to knock him out.

'Hmm I could wait for the kid to wake up and offer him to join me. Who knows he might agree. Or he could finish me off in which case I should kill him now.' Cole thinks. Coming to decision Cole kneels down using his arm and legs to pin Static to the ground. With his other hand Cole grabs his face and drains the life out of Static. It only takes five seconds.

"See ya." Cole says as he walks away laughing.

Expert's Opinion[]

While both were amazing and capable fighters the fact that Cole had fought stronger oppents and had two more powers than Static did wonders for him. And with the ability to summon Spikers this put Static at a number disadvantage as well as a power disadvantage. While Static was used to fighting many enemies of various powers he rarley fought any enemy with more than one power.

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