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It's overwhelming. I feel as if I am living in an illusion, a dream where all things are possible. Amazing things do happen, I know, but always to someone else, always in some far-off place and time.
— Eragon

The apparent son of the traitorous Dragon Rider Morzan, Eragon was born in secret, with his mother, Selena, leaving him with her brother, Garrow, and his wife, Marion before returning to Morzan's castle. Raised by the two as their own, Eragon would come to discover that they were not his parents when he was young, and he would often ponder his true parents and his purpose in life. His life would be changed forever when he discovered a dragon egg, seemingly one of the last few in existence. The egg, seemingly bonded to him, hatched, revealing a small blue dragon with whom Eragon formed a close bond, with him taking on the mark of a Dragon Rider, the legendary guardians of Alagaësia who had been destroyed by King Galbatorix years prior.

Naming the dragon "Saphira" after discussing it with Brom, the eccentric village storyteller, Eragon secretly cared for Saphira, watching her grow and preparing to ride her, until two hooded strangers known as the Ra'zac arrived in town, tortured Garrow, and nearly killed Eragon if not for the intervention of Brom. The trio fled town, with Eragon swearing vengeance while being mentored by Brom, who revealed himself as a former dragon rider who had gone into hiding after the fall of the order and the death of his own dragon. Under Brom's tutelage, Eragon quickly learned swordsmanship, magic, and much of the history of the Dragon Riders, all while plauged of visions of an Elf woman in captivity. After befriending a mysterious stranger named Murtagh, the group was ambushed by the Ra'Zac, fatally wounding Brom, who gave some dying wisdom to Eragon before being buried in a diamond tomb.

Eragon, on his own, decided to seek out the Varden, the rebel alliance opposing Galbatorix's reign, and in doing so was able to rescue the elf woman, named Arya, from the captivity of Durza, a shade who served the Empire. Upon reaching the Varden, Murtagh was imprisoned and revealed his true identity as son of Morzan, while Eragon continued his training under both the Varden's best warriors and Arya. He subsequently took part in the battle of Farthen Dûr, where an elite force of Urgals and Kull advanced into the mountains where the Varden hid, and fought alongside his new allies, culminating in him slaying Durza and routing the remaining Imperial forces. Following the victory, Eragon agreed to continue his dragon rider training under Arya, who took him to the Elvish capital of Ellesméra.

Battle vs. The Nameless King (by BeastMan14)[]


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Battle vs. Witch-king of Angmar (by Thornclaw Braveheart)[]

This warrior won a Battle of the Year Award

Above the wastelands of Nurn, in southern Mordor, smoke begins to clear as a sapphire-colored dragon and her Rider appear. Eragon Bromsson looks around, seeing nothing, and responds to Saphira.

I have a bad feeling about this place. Nothing living is here, yet I feel like something is watching us.

You're just nervous, says Saphira, and besides, few have ventured this far from Alagaesia.

Eragon mentally sighs. Well, I guess you're right, but we need to be careful.

Eragon and Saphira continue on their flight, but see a black cloud of smoke ahead.

What do you suppose that is? Asks Eragon.

I can't tell for sure, Eragon. It's too blurry, but...


Saphira shakes her head. It's nothing. I thought I saw a...dragon, maybe?

Eragon stares ahead. It's probably one of the memories from the Eldunari.


Inside the black cloud, the Witch-king of Angmar flies his Fell Beast towards Saphira. After detecting them, he plans to eradicate their prescene from Mordor. As he see Saphira fly away from the cloud, the Witch-king shakes his reins, and the Fell Beast immediately flies much faster, speeding through the air, hoping to catch Saphria off balance.

Saphira turns to the right and suddenly sees the Fell Beast flying at full speed towards her. She cries out, Eragon, hold on! and she immediately drops towards the Nurnen wastland, the Fell Beast biting at thin air above her. Eragon, only just managing to hold onto one of Saphira's neck spikes, tries to make sense of what just happened.

What just happened? What was that thing?

I don't know, Saphira responds, But it's coming our way!

Don't dive like that again! Eragon yells mentally. Hands shaking, he reaches behind him and unstraps from a case his hunting bow, and takes out three arrows. Calming himself down, he lays the bow in his lap and waits for the Fell Beast to arrive.

Meanwhile, the Fell Beast comes to a halt some 100 feet away from Saphira, and roars. The Witch-king, with his voice amplified, speaks out to Eragon. "Who are you to enter the Black Land unharmed?"

Eragon shudders after seeing the masked, cloaked figure riding the Fell Beast, and prays that it doesn't have the mental capabilities Galbatorix had. "I am Eragon Shadeslayer, son of Brom, and the leader of the Dragon Riders!"

And I am Saphira Brightscales! Announces Saphira, a free dragon!

The Witch-king immediately screeches loudly, causing both Eragon and Saphira to wince with pain, but Eragon immediately tries to block out the noise and begins a mental attack on the Witch-king. For a moment, all he feels is violent wrath and pain, and the feeling of eternal enslavement, and almost falls off his saddle before managing to attack the Witch-king's mind. Angmar immediately is taken aback by this new assault and also feels faint, but holds up a mental defense. He tries to put mental walls around his mind, and comes back to the physical world and screeches once more, drawing his Longsword. The Fell Beast roars, and the Longsword bursts into flames. Eragon immediately withdraws his mental attack and releases an arrow from his hunting bow, which immediately pierces the Fell Beast's neck, but not enough to kill it. The Fell Beast roars in pain as the Witch-king urges it on, and it clashes head-on with Saphira in a mass of tooth, scale, and claws. Saphira receives a bite on the arm and is scratched lightly, but deals more damage to the Fell Beast, who starts bleeding on the chest. Eragon draws Brisingr and, casting a spell to amplify his own voice, yells out, "Your sword may have flames, but it's not new to me!" Shouting out, "BRISINGR!", the sword with that name also bursts into flames, but these are blue and shine with more power than the Witch-king's. Saphira flies past the Fell Beast and both riders exchange two quick blows that each catches on his blade before they part.

Saphira, can you fly underneath that thing and, when I stand up and stab it in the gut, can you immediately fly upwards and knock the beast dizzy?

Not easy, says Saphira, but not too difficult either!

As both flying creatures prepare to make another charge, Eragon raises his left hand and shouts, "Jierda!" Part of the Witch-king's reins break and he is forces to grabs what's left with his left hand before they fall apart as well. During the distraction, Saphira dives underneath the Fell Beast and begins to soar upwards. Once in range, Eragon immediately thrusts Brisingr into the Fell Beast's belly, ignites the blade, and Saphira headbutts the creature and flies above it. The Witch-king screeches once more, but Eragon blocks out his hearing until it subsides, and attacks mentally once more. The Witch-king, this time, is ready for a counter-attack, but Eragon puts all his frustration into a spear of mental adamant and thrusts it at the mind of the Witch-king, but almost immediately feels nothing. The Witch-king has removes his mind from Eragon's mental vision...for now.

The Fell Beast is urged upwards, and as Saphira and the Fell Beast pass each other, the two riders clash their swords together extremely fast, but then Saphira bits into the Fell Beast's tail and rips a large chunk off. Screeching in pain, the Fell Beast turns around and swipes at Saphira's face, but the dragon moves her head back and pounces onto the Fell Beast's back and dives downwards. As the two dragonoids slam into the Nurnen ground, a huge cloud of dusts erupts as the Fell Beast crumples and rolls down a hill. Saphira jumps off of the supposedly dead creature and roars in triumph, fire emitting from her jaws, but when Eragon looks, he realizes that the Witch-king is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he hears whirling and turns around to see the Lord of the Nazgul with his longsword in his right hand, now extinguished of flames, and a flail in his left hand. Eragon turns to Saphira.

Saphira, I have to face him. Please, just go and make sure that...other thing...doesn't wake up. I don't think it's dead.

Eragon... pleads Saphira

Please! I'll deal with this wraith. If he's about to kill me, then help.

You get yourself in danger too much by doing things like this.

I killed Galbatorix and you helped kill Shruikan. Don't you think I can handle this?

I love you, Eragon.

I know. I know. Eragon bows his head solemnly.

Turning to face Angmar, Eragon unhooks his kiteshield from his saddle and jumps off of Saphira, who rushes over to where the Fell Beast had fallen. Eragon grips Brisingr and advances towards the Wich-king.

"So, what are you, anyway?" he asks.

The Witch-king hisses. "Lord of this place below the Lidless Eye only."

"And who," asks Eragon, "May I ask is this Lidless Eye?"

"When you have fallen, you will lay before him, and before the sun is down!"

"Or will you fall before the sun is down, wraith?"

The Witch-king, who is now within range of Eragon's blade, swings his flail at Shadeslayer's left arm, but Eragon rolls to the side and, extending his right hand and grasping Brisingr with only his thumb clamped to his palm, casts a telekinetic spell which causes Angmar's flail to hurl backwards, catching him off balance. Eragon immediately rushes forward and stabs at Angmar in the chest. Angmar screeches, but does not fall, only steps back and hisses at Eragon.

"How can you penetrate the protection set by the Eye?"

Eragon does not respond except to swing his sword again, this time at Angmar's neck, but the Witch-king deflects with his longsword. Both warriors hold their swords together and ignite them at the same time, orange flames against blue. As they end up face-to-face, Angmar hisses, and emite the Black Breath. Coughing, Eragon disengages and backs up, lifting his shield as Angmar strikes it with his flail, snapping off the lower portion. Eragon curses and casts another telekinetic spell, this time causing Angmar to trip. Falling to the ground amid clanging armor, Eragon leaps up and tries to impale the rising Witch-king in the back, but the Lord of the Nazgul swings his flail, causing Eragon to fall down in an attempt to dodge the weapon.

Angmar fully rises and whirls his flail over his head. Eragon raises his shield to block any blow, and when it comes, Eragon yells out "Jierda!" Immediately, the chain connecting the flail head to the handle rusts and breaks. Angmar looks at the metal bar he's left with and throws it at Eragon, who tosses it aside with a swing of his shield. Angmar holds his Longsword in two hands and swings at Eragon's head, and the two exchange continued blows that seem to last forever, until finally Eragon receives a cut on the waist that goes through his chainmail. Angmar screeches, maybe a form of laughter, but Eragon just grimaces at the scratch and charges the Witch-king. The warriors continue to clash at each other with their blades, until suddenly Eragon feels his mind invaded by a strange presence: The Witch-king is making his first mental attack. Falling to his knees, Eragon cannot prepare a mental shield to block the attack and immediately is overrun by a furious wave of anger and rage. The Witch-king lifts up his sword and prepares for the killing strike, but suddenly, a roaring pain is heard as both fighters turn to see Saphira swiping half of the now-conscious Fell Beast's lower jaw off. Bleeding from a huge bite wound in her side, Saphira then claws at what's left of the Fell Beast's neck and he falls to the ground, bleeding even more than Saphira is. Eragon yells and drops his shield, and rushes towards his dragon, who falls onto her side.

SAPHIRA! NO! You'll be okay, don't worry, you've had worse wounds...

Eragon...I see...BEHIND YOU!

Whirling around, Eragon is grasbed by the throat by the Witch-king of Angmar, who hisses out, "You fool. No man can kill me."

Eragon grunts and tries to wrench Angmar's hand away but it feels like iron. He tries to cast a spell, but his mind is overrun again by angry waves of mental assault, but Eragon mentally screams and creates a huge shield around his mind and, with his left hand, draws his hunting knife and rams it with all his might into the Witch-king's helmet. Screeching, Angmar drops Eragon, who falls to his knees and grabs back Brisingr. Angmar grasps the knife and rips it from his helmet and tosses it aside, then makes an overhead strike at Eragon, who only just deflects it. The two clash their swords together twice more until Eragon casts another curse of telekinesis, causing Angmar to fly backwards and land on his rear, his sword flying away. Eragon rushes forward, but the Witch-king reaches into his robes and draws out a Morgul-knife. Eragon stares with open eyes at the blade and, still holding a mental shield before his mind, slashes at Angmar's sword arm. Angmar jerks his hand back, then leaps forward and rams his knife into Eragon's side...................................................or so he intends to do. Right before his knife comes into contact with Eragon's flesh, Saphira, who has shrugged away the initial pain of her bite, runs forward and strikes Angmar with her wing, sending him flying. Angmar screeches and crumples, but has landed right next to his sword. Picking it up, he thinks about charging Eragon, but suddenly remembers something and turns away, walking into the distance.

Eragon sighs at seeing Saphira alive, but almost immediately crumples to the ground. Vomiting, Eragon looks at his right hand and realizes that it has turned completely black. The Black Shadow has fallen upon him. Looking at Eragon with surprise, Saphira begins to gag in a slightly reptilian way, and slumps. Tears begin welling in Eragon's eyes as he looks at Saphira.


This is it, Eragon. Says Saphira. It's over.

Saphira...I don't want to go. I know you don't want to either.

I know, but it is a path we all have to take sooner or later.

Any way than this! Yells Eragon.

Firnen...I'll wait for him. We both will. We'll get to see Glaedr, and Oromis, and...Brom! Eragon, we'll see your father!

Father...Arya. Eragon's vision begins to blur and in the corners, starts turning black. Arya...if only I could have seen last time......

Eragon's last thought is of his final moments with Arya, both of them standing on Talita when Firnen the emerald dragon lifted her up and brought her back to shore. Eragon Bromsson the Shadeslayer's last feeling was of being carried somewhere, somewhere safe and happy, now that his life had ended.


Expert's Opinion[]

This was the hardest piece of fiction, emotionally, for me to write. Probably because I started reading the Inheritance Cycle as a child and have grown to it and have loved it for almost 6 years. Until now, it was impossible for me to imagine Eragon dying. EVER. In an extremely close fight, the Witch-king's infectious Black Breath and Black Shadow are key factors in winning the day. When it comes to the riders of dragon or dragon-like creatures, nothing beats The Lord of the Rings!

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The battle was declared invalid for buffing the Witch-king's durability.

Battle vs. Kronos (Percy Jackson) (by Seventh ARB)[]

It was a momment of bliss for Eragon... He was ridding atop Saphira high over the Beor Mountains. The air was cool to his skin and he was elated over the ecstasy of being alone with Saphira. He clossed his eyes and listened to the periodic sound of Saphira's flapping wings...

Suddenly the world reeled in front of him and he began to dream of strange things, a boy with pure blue eyes; wearing a white tunic worshipping in front of a golden coffin....


Meanwhile... Somewhere in upper Manhattan, Luke sat in front of a Golden Coffin. He whishpered "Sir, Can it not be delayed?"


A roar errupted from inside the Coffin, its voice was like that of a thousand blades screeching through metal at the same time. Luke shivered.

You took that blade from me as a promise that you will not forget your duty when the time comes, do not let me believe otherwise.

Luke looked towards Backbitter which was lying towards his left. The two metals fused together gave it a look of cruelity beyond human imagination, but still Luke found himself attached to the blade.

He answered back "No Sir, I will not forget my task; Never will I forget it; Never"

Thats better. Do not shame this great responsiblity. Not many are capable to recieve this...

"No Sir. I am grateful you chose me"

Then Let It Begin

"So this ends here" Luke thought as he oppened the Golden Coffin inside which lay the Titan Lord.....


As soon as the memory of that strange event ended in Eragon's mind, his head began to reel... Like in case of Arya's imprissonment in Gil'ead, Eragon knew that the memory he just witnessed was not just a dream, it was reality. But he knew that the boy could not be anywhere in Alaggaisia.

Little One....

Saphira snorted as she dove inside the clouds... There is no cause to fear...

But the words of a certain profecy ringged in his mind

Someday You Will Leave Alaggaisia Never to Return....


15 days later, ten leagues south of Farthen Dur...

Eragon was ridding Saphira peacefully. Suddenly he heard a great clap towards his west. Three furlongs to his south he saw a dragon like being flying around. He was drowned in curiosity and so he went two inches closer to the strange oraganism. At first he thought he was a fanghur but then he noticed his extre long serpentile body, green spit stuck on his fangs and...... the rider on his back.

He looked closer and saw that it was the same boy who he had seen in his dreams....but something was wrong. He seemed to radiate some sort of power, and his eyes were not blue, they were the colour of pure hot gold....

Eragon shouted "Who may you be and what may your motives be?"

The boy, Luke he was, shouted back, in the same voice that had earliar come out of the Golden Coffin... Sharp and shrill, like metal cutting metal....

"I am Kronos, The Lord of Time, King of the Titans at Mount Othyrs, Son of Oranos and Gaea herself.... And my motive is to wipe off all demigods off the face of earth, and destroy every facet of civillization... And if you stay in my path, prepare to die"

Then his voice changed back into that of the boy, sounding quite afraid "Luke, I am Luke..."

His eyes turned bluish for a second and then disappeared again under a veil of gold...

He is possesed Saphira. And I know not what he meant about demigods but I can not allow every pchycothic peice on Alagaesia to ruin the "facets of civillization." Eragon conveyed to Saphira

I agree, little one. Let us teach him to fear our blades and fangs...

Eragon shouted back at Luke...

"Kronos or Luke, whatever your name may be, prepare to face the wrath of Firesword Argetlam Shur'tugal Kingkiller Eragon Shadeslayer Bromsson and the fangs and tail of Saphira Brightscales"

"And you prepare to see your destruction by your greatest foe, that is me, Kronos and also the poisonous sting of the Lydian drakon"

And the battle began........

Luke took out a strange device from his pocket and began to chant a prayer in a language that seemed older than the time of the gods. Eragon did not know what he was up to, but he did know that it would deliver him no profit. So he and Saphira charged towards the Drakon, covering the distance between the two faster than anyone could imagine.

100 feet left

Luke started to chant faster

75 feet...

Even faster

50 feet...

And luke completed the chanting... suddenly a blindening flash erupted from the device in luke's hand and soon afterwards, the scenery of Alagaesia began to fade, and in its place, the New-York city began to appear...

Eragon cried in dismay, he knew his time to leave Alagasia had come, and that he would never return there again...

In his anger, he jumped from saphira's back and landed atop the Drakon, behind Kronos. He wrestled him out of his seat and both of them fell downwards in an amazing speed. Even as they fell, Eragon drew out Brisingr and slashed wildly across Kronos's neck. This attack could kill any opponent, may it be human, Kull, dwarf or elf. But it had no effect on Kronos. Eragon just felt as if his blade had striken a block of steel.

He then shouted Letta and soon he was hoovering in midair, twenty feet above the strange city's strangly tall towers. He remembered the city from the dream he had 15 days ago. He then hurd a soft thud as Kronos hit the hard ground about 70 feet below him.

No man could ever survive that

Eragon thought as he slowly glided and landed upon a building looking upwards where Saphira battled the Lydian Drakon.

The Drakon constantly whipped his tail at Saphira, but she dodged them all. However she appeared more tired and slower after every assault and ultimately, the Drakon hit her across her left foreleg. She growled in pain and attacked the Drakon with renewed feriocity, but the Drakon dodged and then dug its teeth into Saphira's neck. Saphira howled in pain once more and below her Eragon did the same, as he shared her pain. Angry that the strange Dragon-like-beast had dared to hurt her rider, Saphira let out a flare of blue flames towards the Drakon engulfing it. After the fire dissapeared, all that remained of the Lydian Drakon was ashes spread into the air.

Saphira howled again, this time in the happines of their Victory...

Little one, we killed them...

Yes we did, know let me heal you, Saphira, you are hurt...

Saphira slowly glided lower towards Eragon and did not complain as he said Waise Heil. Almost in an instant, the pain dissapeared and Saphira growled in relief...

"If you thought that you had seen the last of me, than you are totally wrong"

Eragon turned around, Brisingr in hand, as he recognised the metal-on-metal-screeching voice of Kronos...

"How ?"

He barely had uttered that word as Kronos charged at him, weilding Backbiter. He slashed at Eragon but he simply blocked the blow with Brisingr.

the two sswordsmen kept of fighting for minutes but ultimately, Kronos lost his balance and fell down. Eragon quickly stabbed at his heart, shouting Brisingr but astonishingly, the flaming blade simply got deflected without leaving a scratch on Kronos.

Eragon was so surprised that he did not notice Kronos' blade press Brisingr on its flat and started to twist it, along with Eragon's wrist. Only when the pain was irresistable that Eragon noticed this and then, to relief himself from the pain, he quickly released Brisingr. After disarming Eragon, Kronos quicly kicked off Brisingr from the roof of that building to the streets below. He then kicked Eragon backwards.

Eragon fell down and saw Kronos ariving towards him...

"Die Demigod"

Kronos prepared to give the final blow but suddenly Saphira dived in from above and drove her claws against him...

But Kronos did not even face a scratch... He just swung his blade leisuringly and time literaly slowed down.

Kronos easily swung Backbiter and stabbed it into saphira's eyes, immediately killing her...

Eragon shouted in angony as he felt "a part of himself die"

He quickly shouted in hatred for the murderer in front of him and made him realise the guilt of what he had done...

The time magic dissapeared as Eragon made the Emphaty spell, and in his grief he drew out Tinkledeath and wildly slashed at Kronos. Kronos took out his schythe and started to parry his shots.

Eragon shouted Jierda, throwing Kronos some 50 feet backwrds, and falling down towards the ground. Eragon also jumped downwards and started shooting arrows at Luke but none hit him, or it so seemed.

the two fell on the ground together. Eragon seemed dazed, but so did Kronos. Eragon summoned the energy from Aren and Beloth's Belt and shouted all of the twelve death words. Kronos howled in pain but the spell did not kill him, the waters of the styx protecting him. He than did the titan Flare, stunning Eragon and pinning him to the ground. Though he apeared dazed, he gathered enough energy to pick up his scythe and stabbed eragon in his chest...

Eragon felt intense pain at first and then, black....the world turned black.

Kronos shouted in Glory as his enemy lay dead in front of him...

Winner: Kronos

Expert's Opinion[]

Eragon was a better warrior and was even stronger, but his blows, nor magic could not harm Kronos since he had bathed in the waters of the Styx. and so Kronos lives while Eragon dies...

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The battle has been declared invalid because Eragon was given a normal and magic bow which he never used at the same time and Tinkledeath which he never used.

Battle vs. Percy Jackson (by Samurai96)[]

Percy Jackson is training at Camp Half-Blood while the other Demigods are away. His pegasus Blackjack is in the nearby stable eating when all of a sudden Percy feels that somethins is wrong. He looks up into the sky to see a giant blue thing and thinks that it is a bird. But a better look and he soon sees what he thinks is a dragon. In the skies above Eragon and his Dragon Saphira are soaring through the air

"Saphira what happened" Eragon asks

"The last thing I remember we were scouting the grounds near my village for signs of any Urgals and then a blue thing appeared in front of us and now we're here."

"I don't know Eragon but something feels very different about this place" Saphira replies.

On the ground Percy calls to Blackjack

"Blackjack looks like we got trouble must be another one of Kronos's minions" Percy says

"I'm on my way Percy!" Blackjack replies

Percy mounts Blackjack and they take off to face the unknown enemy. Both Eragon and Saphira sense something and as Eragon looks down he is almost hit by something. Saphira turns around and they see Percy Jackson on Blackjack wielding Riptide and a Shield.

"Who are you?" Eragon asks

"The name's Percy Jackson perhaps you've heard of me?" Percy replies

"No I have not should I" Eragon replies

"It doesn't matter you won't remember once I've dealt with you"Percy says

"Blackjack lets get him" Percy says telepathically

Blackjack flies towards Eragon and Saphira and so Eragon takes out Hunting Bow and fires a arrow missing Blackjack and Percy.

"Saphira lets deal with these two" Eragon says telepathically

"Right Eragon!"

Both riders and their mounts fly towards each other at top speed and so Eragon prepares Brisingr and Percy with Riptide. Both riders collide swords but deflect each other as they fly past each other. The two try again but with the same results, Percy prepares his Javelin and tells Blackjack to try again this time when they fly towards each other Percy waits for the right moment and then tosses his javelin and Eragon barely dodging it and his armor protects him from getting any injuries.

"Saphira take care of that flying horse" Eragon says

"Gladly" Saphira replies

Saphira flies towards Blackjack and Percy tells Blackjack to dodge but as he does Saphira spews fire and is able to burn Blackjack's right wing. Blackjack yells in pain.

"Blackjack are you alright?" Percy asks

"No my wing is burnt I can't feel it" Blackjack replies

"Quickly head to the ground near the River I will heal you!" Percy says

Blackjack flies with trouble to the river but is able to make it without Saphira attacking them. Blackjack lands and Percy quickly runs towards the water. He hears a roar and sees Saphira flying towards his location. He uses his magic and as Saphira gets near he sends a blast of water her way. Saphira collides with the water and is sent flying through the cam grounds crashing through some buildings and Eragon is sent flying losing his weapons while getting tossed around. He gets back up and sees Saphira badly hurt but with no serious injuries.

"Saphira are you alright?" Eragon asks

"I'm alright Eragon" Saphira replies

"Saphira stay here and rest until you feel able to help me I will deal with this boy!" Eragon says

"Be careful Eragon this is no ordinary boy he must of used Magic to control the water" Saphira pleads

"I will be you know I will" Eragon replies

Eragon finds his weapons but is only able to find 3 arrows for his bow and he heads out to confront Percy. Percy has prepared his weapons in case and has even found an extra Javelin. He heals Blackjack and just then sees Eragon in the forest he grabs his Javelin and tosses it once again missing hitting right behind Eragon who responds by taking out his Bow and takes aim with his first arrow. He fires but just then Percy takes out Luke's Shield and blocks the shot. He pulls out Riptide and charges at Eragon who takes out another Arrow and fires once again blocked by Luke's shield. Eragon prepares and as he takes aim he yells out


Percy sees as Eragon's arrow emits a blue flame and fires it. He prepares his shield and as the Arrow strikes him the force of the blast blows Percy back. Percy becomes dazed but is able to get up and sees Luke's Shield trashed from the blast and discards the item. He grabs Riptide and gets up. Amazed that the boy survived a blast like that and out of arrows Eragon takes out Brisingr and charges at Percy. Percy uses his water magic and shoots some bursts of water at Eragon but Eragon dodges it and counters with Kvistr and sends vines at Percy who chops them with Riptide.

"So you can use magic to huh?" Percy asks

"What do you think!" Eragon replies

Both collide with their swords and continue to exchange blows. Percy slashes at Eragon's lower leg and penetrates the armor and is able to slash Eragon but when Eragon notices it he doesn't feel pain. Thinking he must be imagining it he continues to fight and is able to cut across Percy's stomach and cuts Percy but he continues to fight. As the two continue to fight Percy is able to knock away Eragon's sword and tries a chop at his head but Eragon rolls out of the way and takes out his Staff and blocks Riptide as Percy takes a strike at him. He knocks Percy away and then hits him in the stomach hurting him a lot more because of the cut. Percy is knocked back to the water and stretches out his hands to the water. In amazement Eragon sees as water goes up Percy's arm into his body and heal the wound. Percy gets back up and as Eragon prepares to strike he is hit in the head by a hoof from Blackjack who has come to help Percy and in the process breaks Eragon's staff. Eragon turns around to see Percy ready to stab him with Blackjack hovering over him.

"Tell Kronos when you see him he will have to do better then a demigod and his dragon to take me down!" Percy says

Eragon stares in confusion and then Percy drives Riptide into Eragon. Eragon with his eyes close prepares to feel pain but then notices nothing. He opens his eyes to see Riptide in his chest but yet he doesn't feel death or anything. Percy is surprised and pulls out Riptide to see no blood on it. Eragon looks to the spot and sees his armor cut through but no stab mark or any signs of him being stabbed.

"Wait are you a demigod?" Percy asks

"I have no idea what a demigod is!?" Eragon replies

"Then your a mortal" Percy says

"What's wrong your sword can't hurt whatever a mortal is?" Eragon says

Percy steps back quickly and then says

"While I can't kill you Blackjack can. Blackjack! finish him" Percy says

"With pleasure" Blackjack replies.

Out of nowhere a strong gust of wind blows back Percy to the ground and as he and Eragon look up they see Saphira charge at Blackjack and grab his body in her mouth. She flies towards the other side of the river and drives her teeth into Blackjack while tossing him around and then throws him against a tree. Saphira turns around and roars at Percy.

"BLACKJACK!!!!!" Percy yells as he hears Blackjack yelling in pain.

He uses his magic to create a Water Trident and charges at Eragon who is able to grab Brisingr and protect himself from Percy. He kicks Percy back and seeing how his Trident is made of water uses Adurna and Percy sees as his Trident converts back into water and fall to the ground. Percy tries to use his magic but Eragon says Deloi moi and a earthquake roars and a big crack opens up and the water falls into it. With no weapons Percy grabs Riptide so he could at least defend himself.

"It is time to end this!" Eragon says

He yells Brisingr and his sword lights up in blue flames. He charges at Percy and Percy tries to defend himself but Eragon gains the upper hand and says Garjzla letta. Percy then loses his sight and can't see anything and before he can say anything Eragon drives Brisingr into Percy's stomach and falls down dead. He looks up to see Saphira walk over to Blackjack who is still alive and stares in horror as Saphira begins to devour him. While Saphira is feasting on Blackjack Eragon looks at the body of Percy and yells

"FOR Alagaësia!!!!"

Expert's Opinion[]

Eragon was victorious because of his Better Close, Long Ranges and his better Mount. With Riptide not being able to kill Mortals that was a big problem for Percy. The inaccuracy of his Javlin and his Mount who couldn't do a lot where Saphira could breath fire and Blackjack couldn't is what brought the downfall of the demigod. And brough the victory to the Dragon Rider

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Match was declared invalid due to a composite Eragon being used, and successfully challenged on fairness grounds.

Battle vs. Caspian (by The Deadliest Warrior)[]

Prince Caspian is alone in an abondoned Telmarine camp, attacking the straw practice dummies with his pike and longsword. Nearby, resting against a tent flap, lay his crossbow and mace. As he slashes the targets to pieces, an arrow suddenly zips past him and embeds itself into the dummy. Wheeling round, Caspian flinches as another arrow zooms up and bounces off of his armor. Across the field, Eragon Brommson is scowling at him, longbow in hand. While the dragon rider aims, Caspian dives to the ground, grabs his crossbow, and fires from the knee. The bolt misses Eragon by a few inches. As the prince is reloading his crossbow, Eragon abandons the bow, grabs his quarter staff and sword, Brisingr, and charges his defenseless opponent. Caspian stands up and fires another shot but Eragon blasts the incoming missile with his magic, taking the bolt up in a column of flame and reducing it to ash in mid-flight.

Caspian stares, shocked, and Eragon whacks him down the head with the staff and slams the butt of the staff into Caspian's stomach. Prince Caspian comes back to his senses and thrusts the pike forward. It goes straight into Eragon's leg. Eragon growls and whips out Brisingr, slashing the pike clean through its wooden body.

As the dragon rider's sword bursts into flame, Caspian takes his mace and longsword out. With a quick but heavy blow, he bludgeons Eragon's leg, knocking the boy down. Caspian raises his longsword for the finishing blow, but Eragon quickly recovers and stabs the Narnian deep in his chest, the firey blade penetrating plate armor and coming out the other side of Caspian's back. Caspian drops his weapon, hands still over head, and slides forward, impaling himself even further on the sword.

Eragon pushes the dead prince off of him, pulls out Brisingr, and shouts in victory. Inside his head, a female voice, his dragon, Saphira, whispers, "Well done, Eragon."


Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that Eragon's magical weapons and abilities really overcompensated for Caspian's slight technological advantage, which gave the dragon rider his winning Edge.

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Declared invalid due to the nerfing/buffing of Eragon.