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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (by Richard Starkey)[]

Eli walked down a road headed west and didn't notice Ezio behind him, Ezio drew both blades and slashed at Eli, only to be blocked by his sword. Eli landed a powerful kick to Ezio's stomach, Ezio dropped both blades and stumbled back then spat out blood drew his longsword and charged. Eli blocked Ezio and the two parryed for a while then Ezio kicked Eli's hand, causing him to drop his sword. Ezio swung at Eli but Eli caught the the blade in his hand, ignoring the pain his punched Ezio straight in the face breaking his nose.

Ezio drew his poisoned blades and attacked Eli but Eli caught both of Ezio's hands and kneed him in the stomach. Ezio dropped both blades and blood dripped from his mouth, Eli bagan to walk away but Ezio drew his Flintlock. But Eli quickly drew his pistol and shot Ezio's hand, Ezio fell to his knees and Eli retrieved his sword.

Eli crouched down by Ezio and Ezio asked him "Who are you?" Eli stared at him for a moment, and seemingly hugged him, but actually ran him through with his blade.

Eli then gathered his things and headed west.

Winner Eli

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The battle has been declared unfair for Ezio because Eli had modern firearms.